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News and Commentary (Non-Regime Media Sources)

Laurence Vance ( The Korean War Was a Senseless Waste of American Lives

Alex Berenson ( Joe Biden Is About to Pick the Worst Possible Person to Become the Next CDC Head

Ben Freeman ( How Weapons Firms Influence the Ukraine Debate

Ron Paul ( Republicans Fiscally Irresponsible Act

Benjamin Seevers ( Libertarians Should Reject Memorial Day

Carey Wedler ( The Best Way to Honor Fallen Soldiers Is to Stop Sending Troops to War

Kyle Anzalone ( Blinken Dismisses Calls for a Ceasefire, Says U.S. Must Build Up Ukraine’s Military

Children’s Health Defense ( CHD Scientists Call For Investigation of CDC and FDA Suppression of Evidence Linking Covid Vaccines and Myocarditis

Margaret Flavin ( Biden’s Likely Pick for CDC Director Gloated About Lockdowns

Caitlin Johnstone ( Trump Is Bad Because He’s Similar to Other U.S. Presidents, Not Because He’s Different

Gary Barnett ( Minnesota Insanity Is the Model of the ‘America’ Coming to Your State Soon

Thomas DiLorenzo ( Property Rights, Civilization, and Their Enemies

Eleanor Goldfield ( If the Police Can Decide Who Qualifies as a Journalist, There Is No Free Press

Jeremy Kuzmarov ( CIA Officers Admitted the Agency Ran Drug Traffic During Indochina Wars

Joseph Mercola ( Just Say No to Statins

Jim Hoft ( Postal Service Releases Final Report – Contract Driver Jesse Morgan Vindicated – Report CONFIRMS He Hauled Trailer of Ballots from NY to PA in Late October 2020

Joe Fried ( Jesse Morgan and the 200k Missing Ballots — an Update

Zero Hedge ( ATF: Pot Users Can’t Legally Own Firearms Regardless Of State Laws

More News and Commentary, Pro-Civil Liberties, Anti-War, Anti-Government Theft of the People

Ted Galen Carpenter ( No, It Is Not Possible to be an Imperial Libertarian

Laurie Calhoun ( Turn Off, Don’t Automate, the Killing Machine

Dave DeCamp ( FBI Reopens Probe Into Julian Assange

Jacob Hornberger ( What Debt Ceiling?

Ryan McMaken ( The Republican Debt-Ceiling “Deal” Is Exactly What We Expected

David Stockman ( Speaker McCarthy’s Rotten Deal…

Doug Casey ( The Bankruptcy of the U.S. Government

John Solomon ( FBI Relents, Agrees to Deliver Subpoenaed Memo Alleging Biden Bribery

Laurence Vance ( What Happened to CDC Libertarians?

Max Blumenthal ( British Police Detain Journalist Kit Klarenberg, Interrogate Him about The Grayzone

Thomas Eddlem ( Jack Teixeira, the Deep State, and ‘Captured Media’

Andrew Napolitano ( FISA and Freedom

Carolyn Eisenberg ( One Hundred Years of Kissinger

Ted Snider ( When Spain Sounds Like France (and France Sounds Like China)

Jim Hoft ( Report: Jamie Foxx Allegedly Paralyzed and Blinded Due to ‘Blood Clot in His Brain’ Following Covid Shot, Veteran Hollywood Journalist Claims

Joseph Mercola ( Green Monkey DNA Found in Covid-19 Shots, and The WHO Will Have Authority To Mandate Vaccines Globally (No they won’t. Let’s see them try to enforce it.)

Chuck Baldwin ( RFK Jr., Henry Kissinger And Donald Trump

Douglas MacKinnon ( Why I Believe RFK Jr. Will Be the 2024 Democratic Nominee

More News and Opinion Not from Regime Media

Wendy McElroy ( “Trans Rights” Means Trans Entitlements and the End of Civil Society

Joseph Mercola ( Is This Why Pediatricians Push Vaccines?

Jacob Hornberger ( America’s Immigration Police State: Warrantless Trespasses, Searches, and Seizures

Ron Paul ( Homeschooling Is Key to Preserving Liberty

Jonathan Turley ( No Laughing Matter: John Cleese Holds Line Against Calls to Cancel Scene in Life of Brian

Igor Chudov ( Bill Gates-Funded AI Chatbots Promoted Covid Vaccines

Jim Hoft (Thegatewaypundit,.com): Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with Lethality Rate up to 40% in Humans at U.S. Biolab in Ukraine

Alexandra Bruce ( Welcome to the Apocalypse!

Anthony Scott ( The Regime Is Terrified of Robert Kennedy Jr. Who Is Polling Higher than DeSantis but Ignored by Liberal Pollsters – RFK Jr. Speaks Out

Brian Shilhavy ( 20,000% Increase in Retinal Eye Damage Following Covid Vaccination

Connor Vasile ( Green Energy Has a Dirty Secret

A Discussion on the Debt Ceiling

The U.S. CONgress has been raising the national debt ceiling for decades. Why is there even a debt ceiling if they keep raising it?

CONgress should repeal the debt ceiling law. You might as well. They steal the workers and producers’ earnings and spend the loot “like drunken sailors” and all that. Frankly, we should repeal and dismantle the U.S. CONgress, because they are a bunch of worthless gangsters and hooligans, in my view.

And now we hear that social spending and military spending are “off the table” in their negotiations. The Rethuglicans like Lindsey Graham never saw a war they didn’t like, and they want to arm Ukraine with U.S. weapons because they really want a war with Russia. They’re nuts. After all, we must enrich Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Boeing at taxpayer expense. The U.S. CONgress is filled with crazed wackjobs, thieves and parasites.

These schmucks don’t care in the least about the national debt and stealing the livelihoods and wealth away from their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But you probably already knew that.

Anyway, Heritage Fellow Peter St. Onge and Robert Murphy of the Mises Institute discuss common issues regarding the debt ceiling.

Articles for Memorial Day

Jonathan Cook ( British Warmongering Is Driving Europe Towards Catastrophe in Ukraine

Eli Clifton ( Jamie Raskin and Rachel Maddow, brought to you by Peter Thiel and Lockheed Martin

William Hartung ( Arms Industry’s Price Gouging Shows How Greed Trumps National Interest

Karen Greenberg ( Blindman’s Buff: America’s Continuing Quest to Hide Torture

Daniel McAdams on Twitter ( Important Thread about DeSantis’ Neocon Spokesperson

Janet Parker and James Oldenburg ( What Can I Do To Prevent Nuclear War? You Can Shout ‘No’ Now

Nick Turse ( Blood on Henry Kissinger’s Hands

For older articles and books, see:

The Private Production of Defense book by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The Myth of National Defense book by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedoms by Jacob Hornberger

Against Annihilation of the Spirit: Let Us All Become Cowards and No, I do Not Support “The Troops” by Arthur Silber

War Is a Racket by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler

Foreign Aggression by Morris and Linda Tannehill

War and Foreign Policy by Murray Rothbard

Reflections on State and War by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The Living Reality of Military-Economic Fascism by Robert Higgs

U.S. Presidents and Those Who Kill for Them by Laurence Vance

Some Recent Tweets I Have Seen

And, last but not least:

More News and Commentary

James Bovard ( The FBI Just Got Caught in Yet More Massive, Outrageous FISA Abuses

Peter Van Buren ( The FBI Is Not Your Friend

Joseph Mercola ( Excess Deaths Are Exploding, Experts Remain Stumped (Duh, “experts.”)

Stella Assange in Australia ( Bring Julian Assange Home

Jacob Hornberger ( America’s Immigration Police State: Domestic Highway Checkpoints

Matt Taibbi ( Durham is Too Late to Stop the Madness

John Whitehead ( Rein in the FBI: Put an End to the FBI’s Gestapo Tactics

Jim Hoft ( Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Calls on Joe Biden to Honor His 1992 Vote and Release the John F. Kennedy Assassination Documents

Jack Cashill ( For Obama, the Cover-Up Was Worse than the Crime

James Howard Kunstler ( Trial by Ordeal

Ben Bartee ( Why Exactly Does the Government Dump Toxic Fluoride Into ¾ of the US Water Supply?

Freedom and Privacy

Doug Casey comments on the death of privacy.

Here are some excerpts:

International Man: In practically every country, the allowable limit for cash withdrawals and transactions continues to be lowered.

Further, rampant currency debasement is lowering the real value of these ridiculous limits.

Why are governments so intent on phasing out cash? What is really behind this coordinated effort?

Doug Casey: Let me draw your attention to three truths that my friend Nick Giambruno has pointed out about money in bank accounts.

#1. The money isn’t really yours. You’re just another unsecured creditor if the bank goes bust.

#2. The money isn’t actually there. It’s been lent out to borrowers who are illiquid or insolvent.

#3. The money isn’t really money. It’s credit created out of thin air.

The point is that cash is freedom. And when the State limits the utility of cash—physical dollars that don’t leave an electronic trail—they are limiting your personal freedom to act and compromising your privacy. Governments are naturally opposed to personal freedom and personal privacy because those things limit their control, and governments are all about control.

International Man: Governments will probably mandate Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as the “solution” when the next real or contrived crisis hits—which is likely not far off.

What’s your take? What are the implications for financial privacy?

Doug Casey: CBDCs are proposed as a solution, but in fact, they’re a gigantic problem.

Government is not your friend, and CBDCs are not a solution.

If they successfully implement CBDCs, it would mean that anything you buy or sell, and any income you earn, will go through CBDCs. You will have zero effective privacy. The Authorities will automatically know what you own, and they’ll be in a position to control your assets. Instantly.

They’ll be able to add CBDCs to the accounts of favored people and subtract from or block access to the accounts of those who aren’t. Digital dollars will be easy to implement since everybody already has a government ID and a Social Security account. Everybody has a smartphone. Soon everybody will have a CBDC account as well. If you lack any of these things, it will certainly ding your oncoming Social Credit Score.

I’ll go so far as to say that Central Bank Digital Currencies and digital “health passports” may be the most dangerous threats to the freedom and independence of the average human being in modern history. They will allow the State to easily control where you can go, what you can do, and what you can own. They’re both very big deals, and they’ll be daily facts of life.

In today’s world, it’s increasingly dangerous to say things that run counter to what’s considered politically correct. If you can’t say something, it’s much harder to do something. And indoctrination through education and the media are making it hard to even think. We will soon be living in a society where you can neither think, say, nor do anything that isn’t PC…

Read the rest…

Covid Protocols Killed More People Than the Virus Itself

The Off Guardian has this article on how the medical establishment and media are spinning the acknowledgement that during Covid the ventilators killed more people than they saved. That fact is just one of the many provable facts of the Covid panic in which government and medical authorities showed their corruption, ignorance and obedience to official narratives.

Writer Kit Knightly begins the article,

A new study from Northwestern University has concluded that the majority of “Covid19” patients put on ventilators were actually killed by bacterial pneumonia, not the alleged virus.

You can read that paper here.

This should not come as a shock to any regular OffG reader – or indeed anyone who tried to keep themselves informed during the “pandemic”. Mechanical ventilation is not a treatment for respiratory infection, and quite often makes the situation worse.

Deliberate, institutional misuse of mechanical ventilation probably killed huge numbers of patients during the so-called “first wave”. We cover this in great detail in our “40 Facts” covid cribsheet.

Predictably enough, though, mainstream talking heads are not ready to admit this, and the Northwestern paper has produced a wave of somewhat fevered revisionism among the dwindling covidiot class.

Ventilators were never recommended for treating Covid, but rather for preventing transmission.

The WHO, CDC, NHS and ECDC all published guidelines instructing healthcare workers to put “Covid patients” on respirators as early as possible, and in every case it was classed as an “infection control measure”.

This is not new information, it was all known at the time.

Further, it was known, that this policy was potentially doing harm, having been reported in mainstream articles (such as this one from Time or this one from The Spectator) as early as April 2020.

But it’s not just the “ventilators saved lives” crowd who are rewriting history, even this new discussion recognizing the role ventilators played in Covid stops several steps short of the truth, characterizing it as a mistake or a panic reaction.

It was neither. It was deliberate policy.

This was recorded by whistle-blowers and becomes glaringly obvious when you consider that, in the US, the CARES Act paid out bonus money to hospitals for ventilating “covid patients”.

So, there are still many people who believe the official narratives regarding Covid, the death rates, the use of the testing kits despite their high false positives, the use of useless masks,the false assertion that asymptomatic carriers are contagious, and regarding ventilators and the deadly hospital protocols, and the useless and dangerous mRNA injections.

Early on in the Covid scamdemic, I wrote on March 1, 2020 that the media and gubmint bureaucrats were exaggerating the severity of Covid as well as the death counts, which they were doing.

And later on March 25, 2020 I wrote:

And now we have people acting like insane lunatics, stores placing tapes on the floor 6 feet apart with “stand here” written on them, people with masks that will not have that much of a preventive effect, people frantically hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer for no good reason, and people calling 911 who are not having an emergency and people flooding the hospitals because they have a cold but are not having difficulty breathing.

And for the next many moths and now 3 years I have written thousands and thousands of words on this scam of a scamdemic.

Later last year I summarized some of my writing on Covid, including my piece on how the scam is based largely on the myth that asymptomatic carriers of the virus were contagious, i.e. lockdowns were totally unnecessary and caused many more problems than they prevented.

And also I had written on the testing kits giving mainly false positives, how the death counts were fabricated while there really were deaths caused by the deadly hospital protocols, the harmful effects of Covid lockdowns, masks and mandates, the mRNA Covid “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine, and how vitamin D and zinc are effective for Covid and other respiratory diseases with studies cited there. You can click on and read those posts if you’re not familiar with the actual truth on these issues. The gubmint has been lying to us about all this.

So, we were scammed with Covid. The whole thing has been a scam from the start. The bureaucrats involved are extremely corrupt and they need to do jail time, eventually. Just read Robert F. Kennedy’s book on the corrupt “Dr.” Fauci. I think the entire medical establishment is more or less entrenched with government bureaucracy and the snake-oil salesmen of the pharmaceutical industry. Don’t get me started on all that stuff now!

Anyway, there are still many people out there who believe the gubmint and corporate media’s false narrative of everything Covid. In some cases statistics such as death counts were intentionally exaggerated by the CDC and by media outlets to elicit higher ratings.

The lies, propaganda, fear-mongering. The people most responsible for the ignorance out there are the lazy, corrupt media, some of whom have no idea how to question or challenge the assertions of bureaucrats and “public health” “experts.” Most of corporate media obediently just act as government stenographers, repeating word for word whatever they are told by bureaucrats. The horrible “news” media are really just another growth of the bureaucracy, of the regime.

More News and Commentary

Jacob Hornberger ( Our Biggest Threat

James Bovard ( The FBI Vetoed the 2016 Presidential Election

Wendy McElroy (Mises,org): Committing Domestic Violence against Men . . . Just for a Giggle

Matt Taibbi ( Durham is Too Late to Stop the Madness

Laurence Vance ( America’s Comeback

Caitlin Johnstone ( Biden Okays F-16s For Ukraine, U.S. Weapons To Attack Crimea

Ron Paul ( Biden’s Running Out of Ukraine Money? Good.

Pedro Gonzalez on Twitter ( Thread: Time to Revisit Warp Speed and Trump’s Relationship with Woody Johnson, Heir to the J&J Pharmaceutical Fortune

Alex Berenson ( On Friendship with Self-Righteous Cowards

John Walsh ( Primers on the Durham Report: Antidotes to Silence and Bias of Mainstream Media

And Ryan McMaken ( Thanks to Sanctions, the U.S. Is Losing Its Grip on the Middle East

More News and Opinion (Not from Regime Media)

Brownstone Institute ( Justice Neil Gorsuch Speaks Out Against Lockdowns and Mandates 

Murray Rothbard ( Essentials of Money and Inflation

Brandon Smith ( The Club Of Rome: How Climate Hysteria Is Being Used To Create Global Governance

Andrew Napolitano ( The Feds and Their Copycats

Jim Hoft ( Anti-Vaccine Dr. Rashid Buttar Has Died

Donavan Lingerfelt ( The Drug War: An Irrational Crusade

Paul Craig Roberts ( The FBI Must Be Held Accountable for Russiagate

John Solomon ( Was the Mueller Investigation Ever Necessary? Durham Report Suggests Not

Daniel Horowitz ( Why the Battle against mRNA Mass Vaccination Is Not Over, Despite the End of Covid Measures

Children’s Health Defense (Childrenshealthdefense,.org): ‘Sad Day for Babies and Mums’: FDA Panel Recommends Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women

Mike Maharrey ( The Feds Need the States to Do Almost Everything

Joseph Mercola ( Booming Demand for Obesity Pill To Solve Junk Food Problem

And Brett Wilkins ( ‘Death to Arabs’ Chants as Far-Right Israeli Settlers, Lawmakers March on Flag Day

Some Recent Tweets I’ve Seen

And, last but not least:

End the FBI, and More…

Ryan McMaken ( End the FBI

Joseph Mercola ( Will Lawsuits Bring an End to Covid Vaccines?

Jonathan Turley ( America’s State Media: The Blackout on Biden Corruption is Truly “Pulitzer-Level Stuff”

Jacob Hornberger ( Immigration Socialism versus Open Borders

Thomas Knapp ( About That “Border Crisis”

Rick Sterling ( Confessions of a CIA Terrorist

The Post Millennial ( IRS Dumps Team Investigating Hunter Biden Tax Fraud after Whistleblower Alleges Cover-Up

Jordan Schachtel ( Biden’s New NIH Director Nominee, Who Was Selected by Fauci, Received $290 Million in Grant Funding from Pfizer

Aaron Maté ( Elon Musk is right: Bellingcat is a Western ‘psy-op’

Ted Galen Carpenter ( On Korea, Joe Biden Is Choosing Every Bad Option

Doug Casey ( On Currency Debasement and Cultural Degradation

James O’Keefe ( Fox News Producer Tells All to Journalist about Advertising Pressures and Pfizer

Will Porter ( Up to 4.5 Million Dead in ‘Post-9/11 War Zones’ – Study

TJ Martinell ( Militia vs. The Standing Army: Does the Distinction Matter?

And Libertarian Party Mises Caucus ( Thread: On the “Killing” of Osama bin Laden

More News and Commentary

James Bovard ( Biden’s Sham Compassion for His Covid Persecution Victims

Ted Galen Carpenter ( Bogus Foreign Policy Narratives Go Unchallenged

Jim Hoft ( UPDATE: Trump Exposes His Accuser E. Jean Carroll’s Previous Tweets

El Gato Malo ( E-Verify Is Deeply Dangerous

John Solomon ( John Durham Releases Final Report, Concludes FBI Had No Verified Intel When It Opened Probe on Trump, and Hunter Biden Case Takes Stark Twist with Allegation of Retaliation against IRS Whistleblower

Jon Miltimore ( How the Media Became the Pentagon’s Plumbers

Jacob Hornberger ( Khrushchev Exposed the Hypocrisy of U.S. Interventionists

William Anderson ( Biden’s New Intersectionality: Where Equity Policies Meet Bad Economics

Connor Freeman ( Washington Wants War with China Served Hot, Not Cold

Laurence Vance ( Libertarian Plan to Simplify Taxpaying Misses the Mark

Stephen Anderson ( In the Event of an Official U.S. Bankruptcy

Ron Paul ( Gun Control Debate Ignores the Real Problems

Ken Silva ( Did the NSA Spy on Devin Nunes?

Joseph Mercola ( James Corbett on Technocratic Control and the Dangers of AI

And Ryan Turnipseed ( The U.S. Followed a Policy of Foreign Intervention Long before World War II