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Should We Really Be Compelled to Depend on the Ruling Regime to Protect Us from Foreign Aggression?

Regarding the “China Spy Balloon” that’s caused such an irrational hysteria, I think the 10th Amendment applies to the states’ own authority to shoot down the China balloon based on enough information showing it is from a foreign regime and potentially hostile. And so governors would act accordingly, in my view.

And there are many people who disagree with that because they are conditioned to believe in the authority of the federal gubmint in Washington to “protect” the people of the states from foreign aggression.

Which gubmint doesn’t do, of course. What the bureaucrats in Washington do is provoke foreigners to act against the people of America, making us less safe and more vulnerable.

So, if you believe that we should all be compelled to be dependent on bureaucrats in the central planning apparatus to protect us from foreign aggression, then you believe in slavery, which is what that is.

Check out Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s books, The Private Production of Defense, and The Myth of National Defense. And these very important items as well: The Production of Security by Gustave de Molinari, and Foreign Aggression by Morris and Linda Tannehill. Those are all Mises Institute links.

I Am Anti-War, Pro-peace

Libertarian activist Thomas Knapp has this article on why he is antiwar, and what he says applies to me, too.

I am not a pacifist or an “isolationist.” Just a non-interventionist. The government shouldn’t intervene in other countries’ business or their conflicts. (And the government shouldn’t intervene in its own country’s domestic business and economic affairs as well.)

Knapp writes:

Non-interventionism is the belief that regimes (or at least some particular regime or regimes) shouldn’t intervene in disputes between other regimes…
…War is organized, violent conflict between nation-state regimes. To be antiwar is to oppose such conflict, period, end of story.

And my antiwar position is, in turn, a product of my position on nation-state regimes as such. In my view, they are simply violent criminal organizations. Their disputes are of a piece with turf wars between mafia “families” or brawls between street gangs – the difference is one of degree, not kind.

Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Vladimir Putin are just Corn Pops or Tony Sopranos with bigger crews and better public relations departments.

They’re no-goodnik psychopath crooks, and my sympathies are reserved for their victims, not for their turf claims or their lame excuses for calling out their hired – or conscripted – guns.

I don’t and won’t support them. Or their wars.

And this means certainly not supporting the U.S. government’s stealing money from the workers and producers of America and redistributing it over to the Zelenskyy parasite cronies, or the U.S. government sending weapons over to Ukraine to further enrich the merchants of death Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, etc., etc.

That does not mean supporting Russia in that current war. There’s no obligation to take sides in other countries conflicts.

By the way, I’ve linked to articles showing how the bureaucrats of the U.S. regime do not support the people of Ukraine, as U.S. bureaucrats are not pushing for diplomatic talks, and they have shown that they oppose diplomatic talks and peace. As I have said before, today’s “liberals” are warmongers, they are pro-war, they are pro-violence, anti-peace.

The China Spy Balloon

The “China Spy Balloon” hmmm, what about the “China Spy Balloon.”

First of all, don’t these big regimes, including the U.S., China and Russia, all have satellites up there already spying on each other’s military installations and missile silos? So what’s the point of having a balloon fly over the U.S. to do the spying that China no doubt has already been doing? Hmmm.

And also, the U.S. regime, military and CIA are keeping track of EVERYTHING in the whole damn world! They would know when China has launched a balloon that’s then heading over the Pacific toward the U.S. So, duh. While the balloon was flying or floating over the Pacific heading closer to the U.S. the Washington regime could’ve told the China regime to make the balloon turn away or it will be taken down. But noooo.

The U.S. regime, military and CIA would have shot down the balloon over the Pacific if they were seriously concerned about it. But they weren’t. So I don’t believe this narrative of the Washington gubmint and their media stenographers. I don’t even totally believe that China launched the balloon, and it’s very possible that U.S. gov created it and made it all up to stir up fear and panic, like they’ve been doing with other matters in recent years.

News and Opinion (Not from Corporate Media Regime Stenographers)

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And Daily Wire ( ‘I Feel Like I Am Leaving A Cult’: Mother Regrets Transitioning Her 4-Year-Old Son

Freedom of Speech on Medical Issues, and the Biomedical Security State

Joseph Mercola has an article featuring his interview with physician Aaron Kheriaty, who was suspended and then fired by his employer, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, merely because he filed a lawsuit challenging vaccine mandates on behalf of people with natural immunity.

And now Kheriaty and some other physicians are suing California and Gov. Gavin Nuisance on that state’s new law banning doctors from giving professional medical advice specifically on Covid that contradicts the official government-approved narrative.

The government labels the non-official narrative as “misinformation.” But ironically, it’s the government’s official narrative that is the actual misinformation, whether it’s about vaccines especially the mRNA drug injection, face masks, asymptomatic virus carriers and lockdowns, Covid testing, etc. You name it, the bureaucrats are wrong on facts, science and morally wrong in their harmful fascist orders and diktats.

This is another reason why I link to Mercola’s articles, besides that they are very well written and sourced. If you google Mercola you’ll see how the “fact-checkers” slander him as a “quack,” because his high quality investigative research and reporting uncovers many truthful things about the pharmaceutical industry and the establishment medical cartel, and goes against the government and media’s official narrative on all things medical.

In reality, the bureaucrat “doctors” including Fauci, Walensky, Collins, Murthy, and Jha-Jha are the real quacks, as well as liars and propagandists, and shills for the snake oil salesmen of the pharmaceutical industry.

Connecting the Dots, mRNA Drug Injection, Russia-Ukraine, Hunter Biden Laptop, and More

Alexandra Bruce has some interesting articles that appear on as well as the Forbidden Knowledge website. For instance, this one asks, Why are they killing us? and connects some dots from Hunter Biden’s laptop to the mRNA killer shots to the food factories that have been burned down in the past year.

Here is an excerpt:

… Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday laid out more evidence that US-funded laboratories were working in Ukraine, at least one of which was financed by Hunter Biden. Documents and materials recovered by Russian troops showed that Western pharmaceutical companies operating in territory under Kiev’s control conducted HIV/AIDS research on Ukrainian military personnel.

The commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, presented Ukrainian-language documents referring to HIV infection studies that began in 2019. The list of targeted groups shows service members alongside prisoners, drug addicts and other “patients at high risk of infection.”

According to Kirillov, the Russian military has recovered more than 20,000 documents and other materials related to the biological programs in Ukraine, while interviewing eyewitnesses and participants. The evidence “confirms the focus of the Pentagon on creating biological weapons components and testing them on the population of Ukraine and other states along [Russia’s] borders,” the general told reporters.

Based on documents originating with the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (or DTRA), the Russian military identified eight more individuals involved in the US-funded research in Ukraine. Among the names Kirillov singled out was Karen Saylors of Labyrinth Global Health, previously of Metabiota, a company that was financed by Hunter Biden’s firm, Rosemont-Seneca.

Karen Saylors is also a member of USAID and she conducted bat coronavirus research with Metabiota’s Nathan Wolfe as recently as 2022. Saylors and EcoHealth Alliance CEO, Peter Daszak were co-authors of “Predicting the potential for zoonotic transmission and host associations for novel viruses” along with Zhengli Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2022.

Kirillov said the latest trove of documents, belonging to the company Pharmbiotest, was unearthed in Luhansk early in January, He said, quote:

Read the rest (if you dare)

Again, WHY a Federal Government?

Jonathan Turley: Congress is Set to Expose What May be the Largest Censorship System in U.S. History

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Life Site News: ‘Never Again’ Documentary Takes Deep Dive Comparing Covid Propaganda with Nazi Germany

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And Doug Bandow: Pompeo and the Prince

The Fed Should Stop Imposing One-Size-Fits-All Interest Rates on Everyone

The Federal Reserve is going to continue raising interest rates that apparently everyone in the country must follow and obey. This is coming from Fed chair Jay Powell and all the other Fed people who have no idea what they are doing.

The Federal Reserve shouldn’t have the power and authority to dictate anything including interest rates, or whatever. The Fed shouldn’t exist in the first place!

So, in my very simplistic view of these matters, I think that what we need is a decentralization of interest rates. Let any banks or lending institutions set their own interest rates based on whatever is going on in their local area or part of the country. Am I way off on this? (Murray Rothbard explains interest rates in this article.)

And for more info on all that stuff, see Ron Paul’s book End the Fed, Rothbard’s The Case against the Fed and The Mystery of Banking, and the Ludwig von Mises’s Theory of Money and Credit.

FBI Searching Presidents/VPs’ Homes for “Classified” Docs

Given that the FBI and DOJ went after Trump with a made-up “golden showers” dossier and Russia collusions false accusations, and have been harassing and indefinitely detaining Trump supporters related to its January 6th false flag psy-op, as well as showing support for terrorists burning down pro-life pregnancy centers (by not investigating them and instead investigating peaceful pro-life protesters), I think we can say the FBI is a Soviet-like gang using “law enforcement” to crack down on the Democrats’ political opponents.

So, maybe this whole thing with former and current Presidents and VPs keeping classified documents is really just a political pretext to search the homes and private offices of the aforementioned to try to find some dirt on them for future elections? Discuss.

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The Memphis Police Beating Incident and Government Monopolized Police

I try to avoid writing about police beatings or shootings of presumably innocent people. But even though the Memphis cops beating the black guy (who eventually died) were themselves black, there are still people suggesting that the incident is a result of “racism,” “systemic racism,” or “white supremacy.” So in other words those people making such suggestions are revealing how dishonest they are in this whole “everything is racist” agenda.

Whatever. The race aspect is not important here, in my view.

What is important is that government police by their monopolistic nature are “above the law.” This should not be the case in a free, just and civilized society. No one should be above the law.

But what is it with these government police? Just why were those Memphis cops so hysterical? They were out of control in their total hysteria and nazi-like rage. They were acting like what the late William Norman Grigg would refer to as “Berserkers.” Totally berserk lunatics.

Are those cops on psychiatric drugs (as I recently referred to)? Are they on steroids? Even steroids have been shown to cause horrible side effects, such as rage, aggression, paranoia and delusions.

People need to rethink why exactly it is assumed that the local governments MUST have a monopoly over community policing and security. There should be no such monopoly. Monopolists are not accountable, especially when the people over whom they rule are compelled to use the monopolists’ “services” and MUST obey their rule.

I know, those Memphis cops are charged with murder, but most of the time, such violent murderous government police are not held accountable.

Almost always, if government police are charged with crimes and brought to trial the authoritarian sheeple jury acquits them. And judges and courts rubber-stamp the cops’ authority.

And when a defendant is the victim of a “trumped-up” case or an outright frame-up, judges and courts suppress exculpatory evidence and occasionally make stuff up for government prosecutors to get their convictions.

Giving government bureaucrats the authority of ultimate judicial decision making, as Hans-Hermann Hoppe has pointed out in this article and other speeches, when there is a dispute between a citizen and the government, then of course the government will rule in its favor.

And federally, the courts are controlled by apparatchiks and so the innocent are railroaded and for political reasons while the politically connected criminals get away with whatever they want to get away with. If the apparatchiks don’t like you, if they don’t like what you stand for, if they don’t like your religious beliefs or political views, they will get you. We have seen that in the most extreme way now with all the actions against Donald Trump, and the persecuted “MAGA” supporters from the January 6th fiasco, being held in indefinite detention and solitary confinement.

And look at the kind of bozos and bimbos are on the courts now, like that bimbo judge recently who was questioned by Sen. John Kennedy and who didn’t know Article V and Article II of the U.S. Constitution. As Sgt. Schultz would say, “I know nothing! Nnnnothing!!”

So regardless of the ignorant bimbo judge not knowing the Constitution that she has sworn to protect and defend, as long as she “checks the right boxes,”  Democrats in the Senate will vote to confirm her for U.S. District Court.

For more info, read Murray Rothbard’s book, For a New Liberty (.pdf), chapter 12 on police and the courts. The Libertarian Institute has that chapter here. And David D’Amato has an article about that too at

And for info on why we need to de-monopolize community policing and security away from government control, see my article on police socialism.

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And Mike LaChance: Scientist Tapped By Biden For Intelligence Advisory Board Suffered ‘Acute Mental Health Crisis’ After Trump’s 2016 Win

Have Psychiatric Drugs Been Contributing to Havoc? (Updated)

A lady in Duxbury, Massachusetts has been charged with killing her 3 kids. She then went on to attempt suicide by jumping out of a window.

The lady was apparently suffering from postpartum psychosis, which is an even more severe variation of postpartum depression. She apparently had been given treatment for that. Interestingly, she is a “labor and delivery nurse” at a local hospital.

She had shared her suffering of postpartum anxiety on Facebook in July. So I wonder if her treatment for this severe postpartum condition had included any of the horrible psychiatric drugs. These days, there is a huge chance of that. Although I could be wrong about that.

Such drugs, as psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin has spoken and written about extensively, can affect people’s judgment and behavior, and in a very negative way. However, I am not saying that, if the Duxbury mother cited above has been on antidepressants, anti-psychotics or anti-anxiety meds, that the drugs themselves are responsible for the lady’s alleged murderous behavior. But they sure have been shown to be major contributing factors in such tragedies.

As I wrote in this post about Anthony Bourdain’s and Kate Spade’s suicides, Dr. Peter Breggin has stated that “antidepressants often cause a worsening of the individual’s condition, with ‘crashing’ into depression and suicide.”

As Dr. Breggin notes,

Antidepressants are neurotoxic, that is, they harm the brain and disrupt its functions. As a result, they cause innumerable kinds of abnormal thinking and behaviors, including mania, suicide and violence. In the process, they cause detectable damage to the brain of the child or adult, and also to the fetus of pregnant mothers who take the drug (See Scientific Section 9).

The antidepressant drugs have no specific impact on depression and instead are used off label to treat everything imaginable from physical pain to anxiety and ADHD. People often experience euphoria after starting an antidepressant, but it is short-lived, leaving the individual to try one and then another antidepressant in the hope of re-experiencing this artificial, chemically induced “happiness.” This initial “feeling great” is in reality a danger sign, often signaling the start of an antidepressant-induced manic episode that can ruin lives. Antidepressant-induced mania is largely indistinguishable from spontaneous mania, and varies in intensity from mild to psychotic. It can include bizarre destructive behaviors, impulsivity, sexual acting out, callousness, grandiosity, and very bad judgment. Antisocial behavior is common. Extreme irritability can lead otherwise loving people to become hateful and violent. Loss of judgment can cause ethical people to act like criminals (See Scientific Sections 1-7).

Before I continue, as I have included in my past posts on this subject, if someone wanted to stop taking antidepressants, to prevent dangerous withdrawal symptoms see Dr. Breggin’s book on psychiatric drug withdrawal, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families.

There are many examples now in which notorious killers had been found to be taking psychiatric drugs.

As I have written several times previously, Columbine High School shooter Eric Harris had been on Luvox, an SSRI anti-depressant. And the other Columbine shooter Dylan Kliebold had been taking the antidepressants Zoloft and Paxil. The two committed suicide after their shooting spree. A major study showed that antidepressants can increase the risk of suicide.

And as I also noted in an earlier post, it was not officially confirmed that Sandy Hook School shooter Adam Lanza had been on psychiatric drugs, a parents rights organization sued the state of Connecticut to release Lanza’s medical records, but the request was denied “because ‘it would cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications’.”

A large number of school shootings had been linked to the shooters having been taking psychiatric drugs, according to this article on WND.

There are further examples besides school shootings. For instance, the South Carolina church shooter, Dylan Storm Roof, was on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and the pain killer Suboxone.

The Santa Barbara college shooter, Elliot Rodger, was on Xanax and the pain killer Vicodin.

The Aurora Colorado theater shooter James Holmes was taking the SSRI antidepressant Zoloft and the anti-anxiety drug Clonazepam.

The Germanwings Airlines co-pilot Andreas Lubitz who took down his plane and mass-murdered 144 people had been on Lorazepam, an anti-anxiety drug, as well as an antidepressant.

According to the aforementioned psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, antidepressants have been shown to cause long-term depression and other side effects.

Based on what I have read so far, those horrible drugs such as the antidepressants, anti-psychotics and anti-anxiety meds can affect an individual’s judgments as well as one’s ability to empathize with others. And they can cause other disabling emotional issues, such as aggression, delusional thoughts and paranoid behaviors.

So, I don’t even know if the postpartum depression/psychosis-suffering Duxbury, Massachusetts lady accused of killing her 3 kids had been taking any of those psychiatric drugs. Although given how “doctors” so easily dish out such drugs like candy, it wouldn’t surprise me.

And I wonder if that Cohasset, Massachusetts guy accused of murdering his wife had been taking psychiatric drugs, which in that case may have contributed to his poor lack of judgment. He’s the one who was allegedly googling questions regarding body dismemberment and how to dispose of a body. Yech.

And I’ll bet that the consumption of those horrible psychiatric drugs has skyrocketed just in the past 3 years (yep), thanks to the STRESS that government bureaucrats have unnecessarily and criminally put people under with their Covid lockdowns, school shutdowns, face-gag suffocation mandates and “vaccines.”

So, as with the horrible “vaccines” and other Covid snake oil drugs, and their statin drugs and on and on, I’m sure that the pharmaceutical industry continues to profit from their psychiatric drugs, as do the psychiatric and psychological industries.

The pharmaceutical industry is a racket.

UPDATE (February 3, 2023): It appears that that Duxbury lady accused of murdering her 3 kids was taking psychiatric drugs. Her defense attorney is now saying that “overmedication” is a contributing factor in her behavior. According to the Boston Globe:

When she allegedly strangled her three children inside their Duxbury home last week, Lindsay Clancy was in the throes of homicidal and suicidal thoughts brought on by overmedication of drugs prescribed for mood disorders, anxiety, and psychosis, her new defense lawyer, Kevin J. Reddington, said.

“One of the major issues here is the horrific overmedication of drugs that caused homicidal ideation, suicidal ideation,” Reddington said in an extensive interview Thursday evening. “They [Lindsay and her husband Patrick] went to doctors repeatedly saying ‘Please help us.’ This was turning her into a zombie …the medications that were prescribed were over the top, absolutely over the top.”

Between October and January, Lindsay Clancy was prescribed 13 psychiatric medications in all, Reddington said.

They were: zolpidem, sold under the brand name Ambien; clonazepam, sold under the brand name Klonopin; diazepam, sold under the brand name Valium; fluoxetine, sold under the brand name Prozac; lamotrigine, sold under the brand name Lamictil; lorazepam, sold under the brand name Ativan; mirtazapine, sold under the brand name Remeron; quetiapine fumarate, sold under the brand name Seroquel; sertaline, sold under the brand name Zoloft, along with trazodone, hydroxyzine, amitriptyline and buspirone, he said.

Yikes. Now, to be clear, I have not been trying to suggest that the psychiatric drugs are an excuse. Anyone who has harmed another is responsible for one’s own actions. But the drugs do have a bad effect on people’s thoughts, judgment and behaviors. The pharmaceutical companies know this. But they make a lot of money off people’s troubles, so they prefer that we keep quiet about their poisons.

Question Establishment Medicine

I don’t really believe anything that the government and media say anymore.

They say to take this “vaccine” and you won’t get infected with Covid or you won’t spread it, when we know that the people who have gotten the “vaccine” still get Covid and still spread it.

In fact, the more boosters you have the more likely you are to get Covid, not to mention the more likely you are to develop other medical issues, some serious, because the “vaccine” has now been shown to destroy people’s natural immune systems. It is wreaking havoc on people.

In fact, the mRNA drug injection was not even intended to prevent infection or spreading of virus. It was intended to reduce symptoms in people who got the virus. But it is not even doing as it was intended, because the majority of the hospitalizations are “vaccinated” people, not unvaccinated. See my article on the “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine.

The fact is, contrary to the lies of “doctors” Walensky, Jha-Jha and Fauci, the mRNA drug injection is not a real vaccine, it is a therapeutic or treatment for a disease. Not a preventative measure. It is just another pharmaceutical drug, and not an actual vaccine! So there is NO REASON to inject this pharma drug into people who are healthy and not suffering any symptoms!

And given all the medical problems the mRNA drug injection “vaccine” is causing so many people, that it is being mandated is something out of the Twilight Zone. This is why the government should never be empowered to require that people must take any of the establishment medical system’s drugs or treatments.

And hospital errors are some of the biggest causes of deaths now. (See my article on how bureaucrats and media have been lying about the number of Covid deaths, and the real deaths are being caused by hospitals’ Covid protocols, including remdesivir and ventilators.)

And given the deadly Covid hospital protocol that the Nurse Racheds and Doctors Mengele in the hospitals are pushing onto people, there is no reason to trust that establishment medical system. (Did you hear about the Canadian hospital staff who murdered a lady for “improper mask wearing”? Glenn Beck interviewed her sister.)

“Doctors” put me through a lot of unnecessary crap during the 2000s, with bad pharma drugs and side effects that caused new problems, and bad advice that caused new problems.

And I believe that a close relative who died had an arterial blockage that he wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for a pharma drug (specifically a statin drug) he was taking. And another close relative now has several serious medical issues that I blame solely on the mRNA drug injection and boosters, medical issues that she would not have if it weren’t for the mRNA drug injection. That’s my conclusion on that.

I have come to conclude that most “doctors” now are either ignorant and incompetent, or dishonest and corrupt (or both). The younger ones are the worst, because the medical schools are teaching “woke” crap now and to view patients by what their race or gender is, not as individuals. And they literally worship Big Pharma. It’s sick.

So I believe we are now in an era of deserved distrust in and skepticism of the establishment medical community, establishment “doctors” and hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Related to all that is a specific issue that I had written about before, to do with who has more authority over one’s kids’ well being, the parents or the government.

As I wrote in this article on in 2014,

Well, the CPS vultures are out there, once again. This time in Seminole County, Florida. In June the county’s Child Protection Services bureaucrats took a 12-day-old baby away from his vegan Seventh Day Adventist mother who insisted on breastfeeding the baby, and, when the baby was losing weight the mother refused to take him to the hospital and instead she provided the baby with a supplemental vegan formula. That diet and method of healing was consistent with her religious beliefs, but her “doctor” believed otherwise, reported her to the “authorities” who arrested her, and had CPS seize her child.

The mother was actually charged with neglect. But this week a judge has decided to give custody back to the mother, Sarah Markham, as the judge agreed that Ms. Markham was not an “unfit mother.” Her attorney has stated that they hope police will drop the criminal charges against her as well.

Actually, in my view it is her doctor who reported her to CPS who is the real criminal here. By causing the baby to be taken out of his home and placed with strangers that doctor is the one who has compromised the baby’s health and security, and siccing government police on the mother is what I would consider a real case of endangerment of Sarah Markham as well.

Now, some people including some libertarians may have the view that society must nevertheless intervene to “save the child” from starvation because the child was losing weight as his mother’s breastfeeding wasn’t providing enough nutrition. But who is ultimately to decide what is best for the baby, the mother? The doctor or hospital? The government? Her neighbors?

This story reminds me of a more serious but somewhat similar situation from the 1980s, the Twitchell case. Remember that one? That was the case of the Christian Scientist couple, David and Ginger Twitchell, whose 2-year-old boy had an obstruction of the colon. The Twitchells chose to use prayer to heal their son as they rejected medical treatments, and when he died the couple were charged with and convicted of involuntary manslaughter. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court overturned the conviction, however.

I originally had the attitude of, “Well, those religious radicals allowed their baby to die in the name of their own religious beliefs, of course they’re guilty!” However, I changed my views on that the more I thought about it. And it was the late Gene Burns (1940-2013), former LP presidential candidate, whose discussion on his radio show convinced me to take the side of the parents, which is the side that Gene took. It really was a freedom issue.

Regarding the current case of Sarah Markham rejecting the doctors’ nutritional advice despite the baby’s losing weight, who is to say at that time that the doctors’ nutritional advice will actually be better for the baby? Who can tell the future as far as what will work? Should we base a forced treatment (and taking the baby away from his mother!) on the probability that the hospital’s nutritional treatments will be better for the baby? Modern medicine and doctors advice may be the better alternative most of the time, but not always. The problem here is that lack of a 100% guarantee that “doctor knows better,” as many of us know from our own experiences that there is plenty room for doubt there.

And in the case of the Twitchells, suppose these parents did take their child to the hospital which then had doctors surgically clear the child’s colon obstruction, but he nevertheless died? Yes, it does happen, and often, by the way.

This terrific Freeman article by A.M. Rogers explains several of these kinds of cases, with quite a few good examples which show that it is not always a good idea to rely on modern medicine, and which show that ultimately and morally, whatever the situation is medically, the parents really do have the ultimate moral authority to decide what’s best for their children.

However, as soon as the child is older and if the child himself is able to decide that he wants to try another alternative, then that is his right as well, even going against the parents wishes, such as if there are neighbors who have offered the child better food or if he wants to go to a doctor. I believe that Murray Rothbard promoted that same kind of right of self-direction in his Ethics of Liberty.

To conclude, if society is insistent on arresting and jailing parents for unconventional or alternative treatments of their children, then as the earlier Freeman article suggested, it would be equally and morally just to criminally charge doctors and hospitals whose modern medicine interventions also fail.

And in the case of Seventh Day Adventist and vegan Sarah Markham, it would also be just for her to insist on the arrest and prosecution of her “doctor” with charges of endangerment. He had her baby taken away by the vultures of CPS, and he also caused great risk to Sarah’s own life by having her arrested by government police who are notorious in their general lack of respect for the rights of innocent people.

Informative Articles (Not from Regime Media)

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