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The Anti-Religious Left’s Religion

Isn’t it fascinating that the anti-religious Left are nevertheless trembling with religious zeal when it comes to such things as “global warming” or “climate change” or otherwise this environmentalism stuff of theirs? As Gary North writes in this piece here, the true ultimate goal of the environmentalists is to have a big, authoritarian government controlling just about every aspect of our daily lives. Just look at what this religion of environmentalism has done to the government-run schools. They have been literally terrorizing kids with doom-and-gloom, as well as stuffing their brains with nonsense.  And, just as  the health care industry is in crisis and is so expensive because of all the regulations, bureaucracy and taxes, we have an automobile industry in crisis for the same reasons, because of all the government-imposed demands and “cafe standards” that have done nothing but drive up the costs and reduce the quality of automobiles. And people, particularly those religiously zealous environmentalists, want the government to do even MORE of what it’s been doing, with the intention of making things better, which will mean they will make things even worse, such as with this Cap and Trade bill, if the Senate passes it. And then it’s on to further ruin health care, and on and on and on…But it’s really all in the name of the Left’s religion of State Worship. Now that’s the real sickness in our society that needs some healing.

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