Defense of Limbaugh’s “Nazi” References

Here is a defense of  Rush Limbaugh’s recent unvarnished review of mid-20th Century history, particularly regarding the German Nazi Party’s similarities to modern day leftist agenda of socialism and fascism. The term “Nazi” when translated to English stands for “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” (I know, I’ve already mentioned that in a recent post.) Rush wasn’t referring to the Holocaust, and accusations that Rush was “trivializing” the Holocaust were unfounded and undeserved. For those who still have painful memories or difficulties dealing with any references to WWII Germany, Harold Kushner’s When Bad Things Happen to Good People and Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning can be helpful.

What is really being trivialized is the massive scope of the ObamaCare proposals, and the extent that it will allow government officials access into the most intimate and personal details of everyone’s private health and other matters. The legislative proposals in the House bill include giving the IRS and the Social Security Administration even more power than they already have. Americans have already given up so much freedom as we’ve allowed the government to have too much power.

It is not unreasonable to remind ourselves of how totalitarian dictators have come to power in this last century. Those of our fellow citizens who would become government officials can’t be trusted with power. That is why we have something called a Bill of Rights, a basis for laws to protect the individual from the state.

Do we really want to trust a known corrupt tax cheat like the current Treasury Secretary or a long-time head of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association like the current HHS Secretary? And if people do not understand the connection that Rush Limbaugh is trying to make, they can read Ludwig von Mises’s Socialism.

We are constantly reminded in current events every day of how governments treat their own people, and how the world’s citizens treat each other, in many parts of Africa, in Iran and Saudi Arabia, and on the police blotters of every American city (and suburb).

When people say, in reference to the Holocaust, “It can’t happen here; this is America,” then I say they are in denial. We now have a culture of grownups who unfortunately are products of government-run schools, in which a blind trust of government and in fact a religious worship of the state is being indoctrinated. We have a culture of class- and race-based dehumanization. We have a new Supreme Court Justice who has in repeated statements devalued “white males” based on their race. Worse than that, we have a culture that devalues and dehumanizes human life only because of being unborn. And even when it is shown that adult stem cells are just as useful as embryonic stem cells in research, the pro-abortion groups still won’t let go of needing to use human embryos for  experiments. Those who are offended by a comparison of the dehumanizing involved in Dr. Mengele’s Nazi human experimentation with the dehumanizing involved with abortion and embryonic experimentation are also in denial.

No, I’m not comparing the researchers with Nazi experiments, but I am comparing the dehumanizing by both. Why is it so extremely necessary to some people to must use the embryonic stem cells, despite the equal usefulness of non-embryonic adult stem cells? It is almost of a ritualistic nature.

And all Rush Limbaugh is doing is pointing out the massive further loss of liberty we will have, and that it is unwise to let government have so much power over our lives.

It is illegal to forcibly institutionalize someone unless one is a danger to oneself or to others, but I fear that when we have ObamaCare, that might change.