Trade In Keynesian Clunkers

September-October 2009

There have been so many suggestions for new things for government to do (to us): the medical fascists want the government to take over the entire health care and insurance industries, and the environmental control freaks want to impose much stronger restrictions and regulations and higher taxes on us. We need to go the other way and reduce government’s control over our daily lives, and take our freedom back.

Now that the “Cash For Clunkers” program is in the junk yard, here’s a better idea: Let’s trade in Washington’s clunker Keynesian policies of excessive taxation, deficit spending, debt expansion and foreign nation-building campaigns. Given that most of the politicians in DC are themselves big buckets of bolts, let’s trade them in, too.

Last year we traded in the 2000 Bush Wagon for the 2008 Obamobile, while John McCain puttered and crashed his GOP Edsel into a ditch. Now some people are asking of President Obama what was asked of a president 37 years ago: “Would you buy a used car from this man?”

Some of Obama’s voters are joining his critics who don’t want more of the same clunker policies that have caused our country’s ills in the first place. They do not want to be lemmings for lemons. (Sorry.)

Obama promised “change,” but he has kept George W. Bush’s Keynesian policies, as well as the same Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke, who promoted the socialist Wall Street Bailout that will further burglarize our future generations’ piggy banks.

No “change.” Just more of the same and worse, and certainly less “hope” for our posterity.

The federal government has rapaciously been taking over whole industries, in addition to its other insatiable intrusions into our private lives. That is backfiring against our country.

In the 1994 elections, the people traded in many clunkers for politicians promising more freedom and less government. Unfortunately, many of those politicians became entrenched and got stuck in the mud of Big Government.

Throughout America’s first 100 years or so, we saw the greatest expansion of freedom and prosperity in human history. This was not caused by government mechanics. Rather, it was achieved through individual human initiative, innovation and invention, and made possible by freedom.

Unfortunately, the government that the American Founders created has expanded in its size and intrusiveness, a phenomenon against which the Founders had warned us.

Contrary to the tales of the mass media and government officials, the truth is that the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression were driven by stupid and intrusive government policies, and not by private markets. If only government would stop interfering, it is private markets and freedom that can save America.

The Founders’ vision of “limited government” was corrupted by the Federal Reserve, the “Military Industrial Complex,” and society-planning programs that have stuck a big STOP sign into the road of economic growth, and greatly diminished our freedom.

Centralized government has been driving America the wrong way and uphill towards Soviet America Boulevard. Medical fascism and “cap and trade” will demolish America.

The citizens of the former Soviet Union traded in their big centralized government clunker for freedom, and Americans must do the same with Washington.

We must trade in our clunker politicians for those who have actual knowledge and understanding of history and the US Constitution, and who do not live in a Keynesian fantasy world. We must trade in self-destructive policies for the freedom and common sense that made America’s first century of prosperity and progress possible.

Here’s hoping for a change for the better, but don’t forget to kick the tires first.