Private Law

I have referred to private, competitive law, justice and insurance services here in the past. The reason that we need competitive freedom in that area to ensure that actual justice is served, as well as encourage people to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, is that the system we currently have in place — State-controlled, State/government-monopoly of law and administration of justice — is inherently flawed. When anyone is given the power of government-protected monopoly, with competitive services restricted by force, this automatically negates the principles of the Rule of Law and inalienable rights as recognized by the Declaration of Independence. Agents of the State with monopoly and compulsion over others are given the power to be above the law, above the natural order Rule of Law, and, given those powers, and given human nature, they will act not in the interests of justice or the interests of “clients” — the plaintiffs or the accused — but the agents of the State with monopoly and compulsion will act in their own self-interests: ego, further expansion of their power, financial gain, etc. Here are some articles to continue this discussion:

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: The Idea of a Private Law Society

James Ostrowski: American Justice?

William Anderson: A Tale of Brutality, Theft, and Judicial Misconduct

Wendy McElroy: Lysander Spooner

Robert Murphy: But Wouldn’t Warlords Take Over?

Robert Murphy: The Possibility of Private Law

S.M. Oliva: DOJ Declares War on Doctors

William Grigg: The Government “Protection” Racket

Per Bylund: Competition in Private Justice

Murray Rothbard: The Tyranny of the Bench

Lysander Spooner: No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

Jim Davies: Where Not to Throw Stones

William Anderson: Why the Duke Hoax Continues

Lew Rockwell: Neither Conservative Nor Progressive

Murray Rothbard: For a New Liberty, Chapter 12, “Police, Law, and the Courts”

William Grigg: ‘Mysteries of Policy’: Officially Sanctioned Murder

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