U.S. Government Now Treats the American People As the Enemy – The People Need to View the Government As an Invading and Occupying Foreign Government

I have been listening to talk radio for 35 years now. In recent years, it has been increasingly frustrating to hear some of our current talk show hosts as they blindly defend the State, so naively believing all the lies and propaganda the State feeds them. From ObamaCare to the War on Drugs and the War on Terrorism, despite the outright crimes committed by the State’s agents, and despite its ruinous intrusions into every aspect of everyday life socially and economically, the faith that many people nevertheless seem to have in the State is amazing.

There does not seem to be a genuine understanding of the State for what it is, its being an institution of compulsion, a monopoly in various areas of life it has no business even addressing, and an organization whose agents are permitted to be above the law. Most people don’t even question that and can’t understand how it is impossible for a society to function when it makes up rules for some people that others are not obliged to follow.

The more intrusions Americans have allowed their governments — federal, state and local — to inflict into their lives, the more aggressively governments have been enforcing those intrusions, and certainly not on behalf of the American people, that’s for sure. The worst level of government, of course, has been that centralized federal Leviathan in DC. We really can get rid of that thing, close it all down, abolish the federal government, and let the states have complete sovereignty and independence, and it really would work for the better of society. But the piglets are afraid of independence, unfortunately, and prefer to be lifelong dependents and objects of their beloved federal State’s aggression and violence.

As the Leviathan parasite continues to grow and grow with no end in sight, we can see how its agents have been increasingly zealous in hypnotizing the citizenry to allow it to continue to expand further, overseas in its illicit, murderous wars for the sake of nothing but State expansion, and at home with one fascist intrusion after another by TSA, CIA, with spying on us more an aspect of everyday life and getting Americans to spy on one another, all for the sake of Leviathan’s self-serving lust for power.

The generals’ psy-ops on U.S. senators is proof enough of the zeal to justify expansion of State power.

The psy-ops are supposed to be used on the “enemy,” but now that we see that the generals are using that psychological warfare on U.S. senators who presumably represent the American people, the message that the American people are now the enemy of the U.S. government is loud and clear.

We also see, especially in Glenn Greenwald’s article today, the U.S. Department of Justice strengthening its campaign against whistleblowers, people who expose the criminality of the State’s agents. Given that the State exists as an institution of compulsion and monopoly, its inherent criminality will become more prevalent the more the State expands. Of course, the federal government has expanded so much since America’s founding that the government’s budget is in the trillions. In the TRILLIONS! So, the more the State expands, the more intrusions into daily life it imposes, the more aggressive its agents will be, and the more criminal an enterprise it will be. Unfortunately, the State’s defenders seem to be more comfortable rationalizing the aggression and the intrusions than in exposing how criminal and immoral such intrusions are, for some reason.

I’m sure there is a psychologist out there who isn’t on the State’s payroll who can explain such a phenomenon amongst the masses, this sick co-dependence of the people worshiping the State while it molests them and tramples on their persons and property with the utmost depravity. James Bovard wrote about “Battered Citizen Syndrome,” so maybe that’s it, I don’t know.

Greenwald writes about the DOJ’s going into New York Times journalist James Risen’s bank, credit, phone and travel records to locate Risen’s source for a book associated with CIA incompetence. Not only are these intrusions by government officials into a private citizen’s private records disturbing, but the reasons for the intrusions have nothing to do with national security and everything to do with punishing those who expose the government’s crimes, pure and simple. This is a natural result of centralizing power in Washington and the monopolization of territorial security. The State exists on its own behalf as it feeds off the productivity of the masses.

And Robert Wenzel writes about an individual who cares about true justice, and who believes that juries have a right to know that they themselves can nullify a law if they believe it is a bad law. And now, after distributing literature outside the courthouse to inform juries or potential juries of their rights of nullification, that individual himself is treated like a criminal. In reality, when the State punishes someone for behavior in which no victim exists, it is the State and its agents who are the true criminals.

And as we can see from some businesses located near the nation’s airports, as Becky Akers writes, it is time to banish these invasive, criminals of the State from our establishments, from our homes, and, one hopes, ultimately from society. A cafe near the Seattle airport has banned TSA employees from entering that establishment. Akers writes,

If you own a company, refuse to buy from or sell to anyone affiliated with the TSA. Do your competitors deal with the agency? Advertise the fact that you don’t.

And all of us can socially ostracize the TSA’s criminals – as well as Leviathan’s lackeys in general. Decent people certainly don’t invite pedophiles, thieves, and murderers to their homes; they don’t allow their children to play with their kids nor, later, to marry them; they protest their presence on committees and refuse to serve beside them; they glare rather than saying “hello” when passing one on the streets of a small town.

But people need to do more than just ostracizing the criminal agents of the State. I’m sure it would be very risky on the part of James Risen of the NYT, and I know that we Americans can’t really “sue the federal government,” but one thing I would strongly suggest that Risen do is file criminal complaints against the specific individuals who actually engaged in the criminal activity of trespassing into his personal bank accounts and phone records. He needs to have these intruders and invaders criminally charged, and take it to the Supreme Court if he has to. It’s not just a matter of “suing” anyone. No one should be above the law, not in a nation that presumably is a “nation of laws, not of men.” A genuinely civil society must be one under the Rule of Law, in which no one is exempt from the most basic rules against theft, trespass and the initiation of aggression.

And Karl Denninger writes about the TSA’s recent criminal harassment and physical assaults against passengers after their train ride, not even prior to their traveling on the train. Denninger writes that

The entire legality of these processes is predicated on security.  But once you’ve departed the conveyance that pretense no longer exists and neither does the limited administrative exemption that allows these searches under existing law.

Denninger mentions 42 USC 1983 of the U.S. Code, Civil Action for the Deprivation of Rights. But these are not really civil matters — they are criminal matters, and need to be treated as such.

As we have seen from the zeal of the military’s generals and the DOJ’s snoopers, and the TSA’s molesters, none of what the federal government has been doing is really in the name of national security, but it is in the name of empowering the agents of the State, in the name of enforcing subservience of the population toward those who have been granted the officialdom of the State and who may use the armed apparatus of the State to enhance their own lust for power.

Americans need to stand up for their rights not to be abused, searched, trespassed, violated and assaulted. Americans must begin to use their one and only available means of justice, the government’s own monopoly justice system, and demand, when their lives, persons and property are criminally assaulted and trespassed, that those responsible for such crimes are criminally charged with those crimes. As Becky Akers noted, “The State has long been our direst enemy; it’s past time we treated its minions as such.”

As the federal government increasingly exposes itself as viewing the population as its actual enemy, we amongst the masses need to view the federal government as nothing but a group of invaders, intruders, and criminals. We need to view the federal government as an invading foreign government, one that has been occupying America by force of gunpoint. With that in mind, we need to withdraw our consent to its monstrous acts of criminality and stand up for ourselves, if we are to save this country and our freedom.

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