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Amerikans’ Self-Absorption and Narcissism, Thanks to Covetous and Intrusive Government Interventionism

I managed to catch a little of Laura Ingraham’s show this morning, and she was discussing how some people have this compulsion to constantly check their cell phones or iPhone or Smart Phone, or whatever gadget people are now addicted to these days, with this obsession of wanting to see if someone is trying to reach them. I think that Dr. Laura said that she herself has that problem. Given how always distracted our senators and congresspeople seem to be, as especially evidenced by their constant incoherence and, at times, occasional drooling, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that over 90% of those inside-the-beltwaytards also have that phone obsession-addiction.

Some of the situations that were referred to included someone being with a friend (in person) and the friend constantly checking the little gadget of choice, constantly interrupting their conversation, not to take a phone call, no, but just to check to see if anyone is trying to reach him or her! I can’t believe just how self-absorbed some people are, that they don’t even realize how rude they are to their friend they are with and talking to.

And the worst of this seems to be amongst the younger crowd. When I was growing up, it was considered rude to interrupt your conversation with someone to go make a phone call or do something that was an unnecessary distraction. And we didn’t even HAVE cell phones when we were kids! I can’t believe these parents these days, letting little kids have cell phones! And the parents (especially those younger ones in their 20s into their 30s) are also rude these days.

But that is a pervasive aspect of our culture now: self-absorption and narcissism to a pathological degree. Thanks in large part to democracy, and to greater and greater government involvement in everyday life, in which the government does everything for you like you’re a baby, and thanks to having given up one’s right to one’s property by letting the government grab it from you.

Thanks to the covetousness that has been institutionalized throughout Amerika. The government sector and especially their unions are entitled to a portion (a large portion) of the earnings for which the workers and producers of society do their labor. The middle-class do their labor to serve the government unions, and that includes the huge, extravagant pensions and benefits packages that teachers, police and firefighters get, and want more of.

But it’s not just the government sector who wants to enslave their productive neighbors’ labor. The banksters are just as narcissistic and self-absorbed as well. The banksters, especially those “PDs” such as Government Sachs and Bank of Amerika, etc., benefit from Helicopter Ben’s money-printing sprees, as we have seen from the billions and billions (as Carl Sagan used to say) the banksters get in their bonuses.

And, of course, the “defense contractors,” a.k.a. the military-congressional-industrial-complex, have benefited, especially since the post-9/11 fear-mongering hysteria and militaristic destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan that George W. Bush started. Common sense would tell us that if you invade and occupy and trespass on other foreign territories, as the U.S. government has been doing for the past century and especially since the elder George Bush started the first war against Iraq in 1990-91, the people who actually live on those territories will probably not like that, and will probably retaliate. But, to government interventionist bureaucrats and their blindly following sheep, the answer to the foreigners’ retaliation to the U.S. invaders’ aggression is…. MORE government interventionism, more invasions, more occupations, more bombings and murdering of innocents and more creation of terrorists to retaliate against our invasive, murderous government.

That reminds me, check out Murray Rothbard’s take on the early banksters and how they benefited from early U.S. government war-mongering, and, of course, USMC Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler wrote that “War Is a Racket,” because it sure is. And, as Randolph Bourne would say, War Is the Health of the State.

But I wonder if the war-mongers of the neocon right and their friends of the military-industrial-congressional-complex and the Big Banksters of Wall Street are themselves addicted to their cell phones, their iPhones, their Smart Phones, and, in their state of self-absorption, constantly check their little gadgets to see if they are wanted somewhere. No, they aren’t wanted, believe me. But I’ll bet that many of these people have that problem, especially the younger ones.

The Federal Reserve Is a Destructive Government Agency, and It Needs to Be Closed Permanently

Washington’s Blog and The American Dream Blog are referring to the Federal Reserve as a “private,” not government agency. However, as Ron Paul has noted many times, the Fed was created by a legislative act, the Federal Reserve Act. It also has a government-monopoly on counterfeiting fake, unsound, valueless currency as a pretense of money that the government forces all Americans to use as their sole medium of exchange. The Fed is a GOVERNMENT agency, and Murray Rothbard states this as well in his The Case Against the Fed.

We can end the Federal Reserve the same way it was created, with a legislative act. The people have a right to use whatever they damn well want for trade and commerce, and have a right to use alternatives.

We need to end this destructive, authoritarian system that has caused America’s economic decline for a century.

More on the State’s War on the Family

Activist Post has this post on a homeschooling family whose life has been turned upside down by the State’s “Child-Protection Services” Nazis (CPS Nazis). Supposedly, the Hendersons’ State-imposed turmoil was initiated by an anonymous tipster, who felt it was important to engage in an act of passive-aggressive violence against totally innocent people. When the State says “Child Protection,” it means that the State owns the children (and the adults, too) and it wants to remind us of that. What needs to be done is the people need to protect themselves and their children from the violence of the State. The people have to start fighting back.

The Activist Post writer includes a detailed chronology of events of what the State has done to the Henderson family of Pasadena. As the writer notes, “This story might prove to be a similar cautionary tale as that of citizen spy programs in tyrannical regimes.”

The article also includes some more information of widespread history of CPS abuse, including the story of an outspoken Georgia state senator, Nancy Schaefer, who, with her husband, was murdered in what the State (and its Atlanta Journal Constitution State-obedient stenographers) has asserted to be a “murder suicide,” even though there was plenty of information available showing that to not be the case. Schaefer had exposed the corruption within the State-employed criminals of “Child Protection Services,” and had submitted legislation to resolve some of the issues, strongly resisted, of course, by the Nazis of the State’s “Child Protection Services.”

The Activist Post also includes more videos that describe the violence committed against American children in the name of “protecting” them.

Recently, a man self-immolated in front of a New Hampshire courthouse because of what the corrupt and inhumane demons of the State had done to him and his family. (See here and here.)

Hans-Hermann Hoppe addresses why it is not a good idea for the State to have a monopoly in anything, including justice, security and community policing.

Here is the late Georgia state Sen. Nancy Schaefer:

Journalists: Be a REAL Do-Gooder. DON’T Propagandize for the Government. Just Let the Truth Be Told.

If you’re a young journalist or in journalism school to be a professional journalist, especially with the intention of covering current events and the important issues of the day, chances are that you are doing it because you want to be a “do-gooder,” and use the influence of communication to “make a difference.”

In the past 30 or 40 years, the younger journalists seem to have been going into the profession with the intention of being an “activist,” to “promote change.” Unfortunately too many of them, along with their non-journalism peers, have been so indoctrinated by the statist, government-worship mentality in the government public schools and the government-approved and government-regulated private schools, that to them repeating the government’s press releases and emotion-driven slogans is how the news should be delivered to the masses and discussed in forums.

The broadcast and cable reporters and producers, and the print writers and editors, no longer seem to want to get multiple or alternative sources of information, to confirm or disconfirm what they were told by government officials. It seems that the majority of them now, not just the younger ones but the older more seasoned ones as well, are just not interested in alternative sources of information, or even news stories that don’t fit in with their ingrained, State-indoctrinated ideas of “government as the be-all and end-all” of our society and our civilization.

That is why during the 1990s only a small minority of Americans even knew that in 1991 the U.S. military deliberately bombed Iraqi civilian water and sewage treatment facilities, participated in the sanctions of withholding the means to rebuild those structures, and that hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis had gotten diseases such as typhoid and cancer and there were at least a half-million deaths by the year 2000. And, despite that the 9/11 terrorists and those associated with the planning of 9/11 had quite publicly stated their reasons for that terrorist attack as largely political and as a retaliation toward U.S. government’s invasive and murderous foreign policy, especially in Iraq during the ’90s, most Americans still went along with the post-9/11 government-issued propaganda that mentioned nothing of its own culpability with bombings and sanctions.

And, because of the government-groupie activist journalists, that is why, despite all the evidence now uncovered of the fraud and hoax of “man-made global warming,” and despite the thousands of respectable scientists and academics who have publicly refuted and denounced the global warming “science” that was promoted by Al Gore and forced on millions of terrorized American schoolchildren, still a majority of Americans continue to believe the hoaxes and frauds and still want their government officials to “do something before it’s too late!”

And, thanks to the intellectually and professionally lazy (and physically lazy as well) journalists today, despite how public the banksters’ frauds and robo-signing has become, that is why the states’ attorneys generals are negotiating with the banks so that the financial fraudsters will be allowed to get away with their crimes, and that is why the fraud and robo-signing are still going on to this day. And it is because of the journalists of today — no longer yearning to seek out the truth and expose it to the world — that most Americans, including those homeowners who have been defrauded and manipulated by the banksters, don’t even know the frauds are still going on.

So, if you’re a young, up-and-coming journalist, and if you believe that government is good, or that government-issued privileges for big businesses like banks and so on are a good thing, you need to shake all those State-obeying ideologies that have been ingrained throughout your earlier years. If you really want to be a real do-gooder, get the information that the government isn’t giving you. You must assume that government officials are not giving you the whole story, and actively find, as Larry Glick used to say, “the story behind the story.”

The truth shall set us free.

Banana Republicans Want to Raise the Debt Ceiling

Economist Robert Wenzel has this post exposing a typical inside-the-beltway writer’s ignorance of economics and common sense. The Hill’s Brent Budowsky seems to think that Ron Paul is a “banana Republican” for NOT wanting to raise the debt ceiling, and is joining the “quitters club,” in Dr. Paul’s deciding against running for reelection to Congress, comparing Paul to Sarah Palin who resigned as governor of Alaska in the middle of her term.

Regarding Budowsky’s claim that NOT raising the debt ceiling is “banana Republican,” Robert Wenzel writes that Budowsky

calls Ron Paul a “Banana Republican” for not wanting the debt ceiling raised, apparently not aware that a banana republic is generally considered a republic where spending is out of control and a republic finances such out of control spending by a central bank running the money printing presses, 24/7. The exact opposite of what Rep. Paul stands for.

Budowsky claims a government default would be a disaster. In this sense, he would be correct. It would be a disaster for all the lobbyists who hang around Capitol Hill. The entire edifice around Capitol Hill would collapse. Indeed, the paper Budowsky works, The Hill, would likely collapse, since it’s largely supported by special interest advertising that is always plotting to get a bigger chunk of out the government Ron Paul wants to cut down to size.

However, America already is a banana republic given that the Congressjerks have already raised the debt ceiling 72 times since 1962 in order to continue their selfish spending sprees, spending other people’s money, including future generations’ money, on all their favored government agencies, pet projects, the military contractors and other special interest groups such as Big Pharma and Big Environment and Wall Street, all of whom contribute a great deal to the Congressjerks’ political campaigns, which is really what matters.

Only 72 times? Jeepers, why the hell even HAVE a debt ceiling?!!

A country who continues to subject themselves to cancer-causing radiation scanning and sexual molestation by pervs and dirtbags is indeed a banana republic. And a people who approve of their leaders continually starting wars against foreign territories whose inhabitants were of no threat to us, while spreading its empire to every other bit of territory it can get its hands on with invasions and occupations, killing innocents and destroying property, homes and businesses that get in their way, is a banana republic.

So yes, Robert Wenzel is right about Burnt Budowsky, who really represents many of those “journalists” in Washington, who think that Ron Paul is the “banana Republican” for not wanting to raise the debt ceiling. It is the opposite of that: those who want the debt ceiling raised enthusiastically support America’s banana republic.

Totalitarianism: From the Local Nazi Neighbors to the Federal Gestapo

It just seems that there is one item after another in the news that continuously reinforces the assertions that, not only do we live in a police state but the government is directly attempting to make us less healthy, and our own neighbors seem to get off on helping the totalitarians in government inflict their intrusiveness into our private lives. These anti-freedom statists seem to do everything they can to make life as miserable as possible for everyone.

Karen De Coster has this post at the blog on how the FDA has been cracking down on food producers (as well as the non-pharmaceutical supplement industry). Harassing a winery for its elderberry wine, and harassing Diamond Foods for its walnut products that the FDA asserts are “drugs” because of the company’s claims that the walnuts are good for prevention, and “may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.” And harassing the cherry industry for its claims of cherries containing “anti-oxidants,” that we need for prevention as well.

So what the FDA is doing is they are making it difficult for consumers to get healthy food products that are good for the prevention of health problems. When the FDA makes it difficult for us to have access to healthy foods, that means they are actively posing a danger to our health, pure and simple. It’s not just a matter of “incompetent, ignorant bureaucrats,” because we know that incompetence and ignorance are inherently part of being a government bureaucrat. This is a matter of bureaucrats criminally acting against the interests of the people, and against our health. The actual bureaucrats who are willfully acting criminally, who are engaging in these cases of harassment of private food producing companies, need to be criminally charged with harassment and reckless endangerment of the people’s lives and health. The American people need to fight back and seek justice against criminally reckless bureaucrats.

And it isn’t just a matter of the State acting against various industries, but the State has been going after private citizens, adults and children — everyone — for every little minor “infraction” that the State has an issue with. The bottom line is, the agents of the State just like to order people around, and as I have written in the past, the agents of the State, and those citizen brownshirts who follow their lead, are little dictators.

In fact, just yesterday, the End of the American Dream blog had this post on how police are cracking down on little kids’ lemonade stands and little kids selling girl scout cookies on their yard. The writer notes,

We no longer have the freedom to grow food or make something to drink and sell it to our neighbors.

To the control freaks in government, that is way too “dangerous”.

And, regarding the police who banned the kids from selling  girl scouts cookies on their lawn, they were “ratted out” by a neighbor. A little dictator neighbor. Obviously, the kids were not interfering with the neighbor’s life or trespassing on the neighbor’s property, and probably weren’t even any kind of a nuisance to the neighbor. No, it was the neighbor who acted like a nuisance against the kids, and got the police to act on the prick little dictator neighbor’s behalf. This is why, with situations like these, what people need to do is “crack down” on these nosy, harassing neighbors, by criminally charging the neighbor for harassment, child abuse, and causing distress for the kids and their families. The American police state is alive and well, with the active participation of citizens who want to pester and bother and harass innocent people who are minding their own business.

The End of the American Dream blog writer observes,

Unfortunately, this is just part of a larger trend.  The more that government expands, the less liberty and freedom we are left with.  Yes, there will always be a need for government, but our founding fathers intended for government to be much, much more limited than it is currently.

In Amerika today, if you want to do almost anything you must get the permission of the government to do it first.  And usually you have to pay a fee for that permission…

The entire globe is being transformed into a police state.  Governments all over the planet are constantly figuring out new ways to more tightly control their populations.  Everywhere you look, liberty and freedom are on the retreat.  We are being told that it is for “our own good” and that more control will mean more “safety and security” for humanity.

But every totalitarian regime in history has ended badly.  With all of the sophisticated technology that we have today, the ability to control people is potentially greater than ever before in history.  As the world becomes a little bit more like a prison grid every single day, the potential for abuse grows.  If someday all of this power gets into the wrong hands, it is going to be a nightmare unlike anything we have ever seen before.

This is exactly what I’ve been saying for a while. But when you give these control freaks, these criminals, these barbarians the apparatus to provide the means of such bureaucratic police state totalitarianism, they will use it and for evil purposes, as we are seeing.

Government monopolization and government centralization are the apparatus that have led to our modern police state, with all the little dictators and Nazis they have now, who abuse their power and authority, so the apparatus’ existence is inevitably entirely self-serving. It’s a power trip, including for the Nazi neighbors who “rat” on innocent people minding their own business.

Government’s monopolizing various functions, and compelling the citizenry to use those government monopolies, is inherently corrupting. Just one big example is how local governments monopolize community policing and security. The monopolized “crime-preventers” have become the criminals.

And centralization of government is inherently fixed to only grow in power and intrusiveness, and criminality. We need to remove the centralization and the actual apparatus of that centralization (in America’s case, the federal government that sits in Washington sucking away at the life of the people). What would be preferable would be a territory consisting of 50 sovereign states, or maybe even hundreds or thousands of independent cities and towns, or boroughs and wards, and neighborhoods, with competing and/or voluntary policing and security agencies. Such a way of life supports freedom and independence, as well as peace and prosperity, whereas with the current apparatus in place we get nothing but institutionalized aggression and tyranny — a prison society.

(For those who find these ideas something worthy of considering, but are concerned about “national security,” and feel that we need central planners to protect a huge territory of thousands of square miles and 300 million people, despite the central planners’ incompetence, their deliberately provoking foreigners and their criminality, then read this.)

America Needs Separation of Money and State

Washington’s Blog has this important post on how our current banking and money system is a “debt-creation system.” Whereas long, long ago when money was something of value, or our currency represented something of actual vale, now money = debt. Washington’s Blog provides a link to a video that demonstrates how the process of money-value to money-debt has occurred over the past several centuries. Washington provides many quotes from several economists and past historians, businessmen and statesmen, and notes how the banks have become so big and have bought the politicians and regulators, and how such a system of debt and corruption has caused nations to lose their sovereignty. And there is a problem when “private banks” are permitted to create credit out of thin air, which is the same kind of moral hazard as a central bank such as the Federal reserve creating money out of thin air.

Real wealth and credit are created by the producers, inventors and entrepreneurs of a society. But the “credit” that banks create out of thin air and the “money” that the Fed creates out of thin air are not real, not genuine. Those kinds of credit and “wealth” are fraudulent, counterfeit. That is why our entire system of made-up money and adding zeros to the numbers in the books is destined for collapse and ruin.

Washington states that, “If private banks have the power to create debt, then the biggest banks will always eventually win out over the sovereign nations, especially when the amount of credit which can be created (i.e. the size of the monetary base) is not limited by real assets, but is simply based on a system of fiat currency.” And Washington notes,

The ability for America and the 50 states to create its own credit has largely been lost to private bankers. The lion’s share of new credit creation is done by private banks, so – instead of being able to itself create money without owing interest – the government owes unfathomable trillions in interest to private banks.

America may have won the Revolutionary War, but it has since lost one of the main things it fought for: the freedom to create its own credit instead of having to beg for credit from private banks at a usurious cost.

The problem is, as with just about every other aspect of daily life, the influence of the State and its intrusions into private economic activity. The real moral hazard of society has been allowing an institution — the State — to have any power of compulsion over others, to seize and usurp authority over the people’s private matters of trade and commerce, including their media of exchange, and their savings, credit and investments. The State has no moral right to get itself involved into the affairs of the people’s means of trade amongst themselves.

So many people come from the frame of reference in which having State control over the people’s media of exchange and having a central bank authority is assumed to be an inherent part of a government, or of a federal government. Such an assumption seems to include that, for a society’s economic growth and prosperity to occur, there must be a top-down central planning money and banking authority to direct such growth and prosperity. This very long-ingrained widely-held assumption is why so many otherwise reasonable and intelligent people react so negatively to Ron Paul’s wanting to get rid of the Federal Reserve, repeal legal tender laws, and allow for competing currencies with sound money that would be backed by something of actual value. And privatize banking, not in the current sense of “private banks” as referred to in Washington’s Blog, but hold banks — big and small — accountable for their decisions and actions with their assets, investments and loans. No bailouts for anyone, especially when such bailouts are involuntary, that is, when the banks use the guns of government against their fellow citizens (taxpayers, producers, laborers, etc.) to get bailed out, like in 2008.

When people refer to “private banks,” and their controlling and accumulating (and corrupting) so much of the nation’s wealth, such “private banks” are not really private in the sense of being private businesses without connections to the State, and the special privileges and hand-outs that these banks receive from the State that other businesses don’t have. Many people just don’t seem to realize that these very State connections and privileges — and State-granted authority to act recklessly by taking extreme risks without any accountability — are what have enabled these “private banks” to have so much control over the nation’s wealth.

If we get rid of the central planning authority, the Federal Reserve, and get rid of all the State-granted privileges given to these Big Banks, and make them genuinely private, they would be treated like any other business and made to take responsibility for the consequences of their reckless risk-taking, irresponsible lending practices and engaging in fraudulent “fractional reserve banking.” If that means going bankrupt, so be it. This would require the bankers to act responsibly, and the more responsible the bank, the greater the reputation and the more customers it would attract. The failed ones who lost their customers’ savings would be treated harshly by going bankrupt, or its bankers thrown in jail for committing fraud. The citizens cannot have a 100% guaranteed system (i.e. “FDIC”, etc.) because savers, investors, businesspeople and consumers need to take responsibility for their own decisions as well, and need to be encouraged to do business with the banks (and any other businesses) with the best reputation and trust of the community that has been honestly earned.

I just don’t understand this need of so many people to have a single federal central bank with top-down dictatorial authority. Unfortunately, despite the history of the Fed’s distortions of prices, its devaluing of the currency, and its causing so much unemployment, people still seem to be blind to the extreme moral hazard of this kind of central planning, with such an authority controlling interest rates (rather than the free market controlling interest rates), combined with the Fed’s counterfeiting money-printing privilege and the legal tender laws that force all Americans to use the single government-issued currency.

Besides the inherent inability of central bankers to control inflation and positively affect the employment in a country of 300 million people, like any other government institution — and yes, the Fed is a government institution — the federal government central bank just can’t be trusted with that kind of power and authority. Like the “insider trading” that Congressmen get away with, the current and former government employees of the nation’s central bank have also enriched themselves from their share of “insider trading.” Central banks are inherently corrupt.

There is an inherent moral hazard involved when the State has control over the people’s wealth, money and property. The State itself is an institution of monopoly and compulsion, in which agents of the State have the artificial authority to be above the law, that is, when its agents are given any kind of monopolistic authority that non-State agents are not allowed to have, are permitted to act aggressively against others, to take property by force, or to compel individuals to do certain things that they otherwise would not do were they not compelled to do so.

For example, where is the State’s moral authority to compel all Americans to use only the one government-issued currency? As part of the people’s inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, they inherently have a right to use whatever they want as a medium of exchange in their daily trades and commerce. And who are a government and its agents to seize the people’s valuable assets away from them, such as when FDR stole the gold away from the people, and when Nixon “closed the gold window“? (No, we are NOT all Keynesians, now, you imbecile, Nixon!) Besides being incredibly corrupt, like most politicians, Nixon was also incredibly incompetent and ignorant — like most politicians.)

One final note: Among all the various quotes that Washington’s Blog provided in that post was one by Thomas Jefferson, except that Washington uses the word “Government” when the word in that quote is “people.” Washington Blog’s incorrect quoting of Jefferson:

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the Government, to whom it properly belongs.

Whereas, the actual quote is:

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

I hope Washington corrects that. It’s a huge difference.

Be Smart: Refuse the “Smart Meters”

The End of the American Dream Blog has this post on the enviro-fascist Green Nazis’ privacy-invasion government/police-spying devices they want to put in every home in America, the Smart Meters, which are about as “smart” as Anthony Whiner sending porn photos to young ladies and about as “smart” as Michele Bachmann signing a pledge to outlaw said porn.

The End of the American Dream Blog notes,

For law enforcement officials, these surveillance devices are a dream come true. According to the Columbus Dispatch, police in central Ohio have been filing at least 60 subpoenas every single month for the energy-use records of those that they suspect are growing pot in their homes.

Well, it turns out that sometimes police are raiding homes that are using a lot of energy and they don’t find any marijuana at all. Instead, sometimes these raids reveal others kinds of activities….

Sometimes, high electricity use doesn’t lead investigators to drugs. A federal investigation in the Powell area turned into a surprise for detectives.

“We thought it was a major grow operation … but this guy had some kind of business involving computers,” Marotta said. “I don’t know how many computer servers we found in his home.”

So do you want police raiding your home if you start using a little bit too much electricity?

Jerry Day, an electronics and media expert from Burbank California, recently detailed many of the ways that smart meters act as surveillance devices when they are installed in our homes….

And the writer provides this video of Day explaining the usefulness of the “Smart Meters” for police state intrusions. “Smart Meters are no different from wire-tapping devices.”

It is not really just a matter of privacy that we should be concerned about, but security. We are not secure when people are keeping track of us in our homes, or in our cars either, or via our cell phones, emails or Internet usage. I am not a fan of the CONstitution, but it does recognize our inalienable, natural “right to be secure” in our “persons, papers, houses and effects.” We are not secure when someone is keeping track of our private activities, our personal habits, and our daily behaviors, and certainly not when the data of such behaviors are being sold to businesses, or seized by police or criminals (sorry for the redundancy) to be used to commit crimes against us, or to be used as rationales by police to commit crimes against us.

Jerry Day has good advice: If the local electric company comes by to replace your electric meter with a “Smart Meter,” you can refuse that and have them continue to use what they already have in place — it’s good enough. To protect yourself from the criminals of the State, don’t unwittingly give the local Gestapo the “probable cause” they want to harass you with: the “Smart Meter.”

Why Is Calling People “Nazis” Offensive, But Calling People “Commies” Not So Offensive?

A commenter on one of my posts yesterday (that I have since deleted) implied that I used the word “Nazi” too much in that post, and he is correct. I did overuse that word in that one post, and I apologize if anyone was offended by it.

However, for some reason, there seems to be this extra sensitivity to anything that refers to the Nazi Germany Jewish Holocaust, certainly more than to something that might refer to the tens of millions of murdered innocents by Soviets and Chinese during the 20th Century. Am I wrong about that? Or is it just too politically incorrect for me to point that out? Why aren’t as many people offended if I refer to someone as a “commie” as those offended by my referring to someone as a “Nazi”? After all, the Chinese communists murdered far more millions of their own fellow Chinese than the number of Jews murdered by Nazis, and the Soviets murdered far more millions than the Nazis as well. But for some reason, when it’s Jews we’re talking about, there is an extra sensitivity. If I’m wrong about that, or just way off on that, then please correct me.

One of my purposes here on this blog is to point out uncomfortable truths, because I think the truth — regardless of how politically incorrect it is to point it out — is important.

Now, regarding that post about the situation of the lady whose neighbors didn’t like her putting a vegetable garden on her front yard: The intrusive, meddlesome, busybody neighbors are the people I referred to as “Nazis,” as well as the local government officials who are going to force the lady to remove her garden or throw her in jail, yeah, those people, those “zoning Nazis.” Again, I am sorry if people are offended, but, when someone not only doesn’t like the neighbor’s vegetable garden on her own property (which is your opinion but you have a right to your opinion), but one goes and gets the armed force of government to forcibly compel the lady to remove the garden or she must pay a serious penalty, then such people are being little dictators. What the little dictators are doing — by force and compulsion of government and police — is totally contrary to everything that America was originally intended to be: a FREE COUNTRY, in which a property owner’s property rights were respected, not trashed.

Here is the less dictatorial, less selfish and infringing, less intrusive and trespassing, and more honest and aboveboard thing for someone to do if one does not like one’s neighbor’s vegetable garden on her own property: Offer to buy the property. Or get a group of fellow nitpickers to chip in to buy the property. Or, as I noted yesterday, if the garden bothers you so much, then you can always move. That is what mature, honest people do in such situations. They do not act like little dictators.

Remember, when you own a parcel of property, that is your parcel of property. But your owning a parcel of property doesn’t give you some kind of share in ownership of the parcel of property next door. It is too bad, in this day and age of immediate gratification and socialistic covetousness toward others’ property and belongings, that so many people think that they own their neighbors’ property as well as their own. Sorry. Not quite.

Now, regarding the Jewish sensitivity, there have been a lot of references to “Nazis” in recent years, especially with the TSA. (Just Google “TSA Nazi.”) There have been also references to Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City. (Or, as David Kramer of the Lew Rockwell Blog calls it, “Nazi York City.”) There are the “Food Nazis,” the “Salt Nazis” and the “Raw Milk Nazis.”

Again, I am sorry if all that is offensive to anyone, but we really need to lighten up. I’m glad that my Grandma left Warsaw in 1912 with her family and came to the U.S. Fortunately, she and her family arrived early enough, and weren’t amongst the many Jews who were locked out of the U.S. by FDR in the 1930s and ’40s by the U.S. government’s vicious immigration controls at that time.


The Continuing War on Liberty by Foolish Government Bureaucrats

Last night on his radio show, Michael Savage was blasting the latest anti-2nd Amendment fiascos being perpetrated by the administration of the “communist tyrant” Barack Obama. This time, it’s the ATF deliberately getting guns in the hands of “low-level” Mexican drug cartel gangsters, as part of operation “Fast and Furious.” Only government bureaucrats could be this incompetent — and crazy.

And now there are charges by two congressional leaders, long-time hack Charles Grassley and Darrell Issa, the “richest member of Congress,” that the situation is being covered up by the DOJ including its head honcho, Eric Holster. Michael Savage seems to think (and he may very well be correct) that it is part of an overall effort by the “communist tyrant” in the White House and his fellow totalitarians to disarm the entire population, by using this gun operation and subsequent violence and deaths (caused, as usual, by government nincompoops) as an example why no one should have guns (except for incompetent government nincompoops).

According to FoxNews:

The operation began in the fall of 2009 as an effort to trace and stop the trafficking of illegal guns on the Southwest border, but instead allowed thousands of guns to get into the hands of Mexican cartel members.The two say they learned about the program after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in December 2010. At the crime scene were two guns linked to the “Fast and Furious” operation.

At an Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing last month, three federal firearms investigators testified that they wanted to “intervene and interdict” loads of guns, but were repeatedly ordered to step aside to allow suspected smugglers to carry the weapons over the border.

Issa and Grassley have urged Holder to cooperate and turn over subpoenaed records that would reveal the scope of the government coverup.

The alleged coverup involves three law enforcement agencies: the ATF, FBI and the DEA, or Drug Enforcement Administration.

FoxNews video with more details on the operation:

The real solutions to these problems that only government bureaucrats could cause:

  • End the War on Drugs
  • End the War on Self-Defense
  • End the War on Freedom
  • Decentralize and Give Independence and Sovereignty Back to the States

One very constructive and helpful idea is to allow only the citizenry (or civilians) to be armed, and mandate that all agents of government be disarmed. That way, we would all be safer.

USA Is #1: In Obesity, Pornography, Incarcerations, Divorce, TV-Watching, Drugs, Rapes, Murders, etc.

The Economic Collapse Blog has this post on how the U.S. is #1 in those areas, and lists those and other areas in which America is #1. The writer notes,

We have become a slothful, greedy, decadent nation that is exhibiting signs of advanced decay.  Until we understand just how bad our problems really are, we won’t be able to come up with the solutions that we need.A lot of people that write articles like this have a deep hatred for America.  But that is not the case with me.  I love the United States.  I love the American people.  America is like an aging, bloated rock star that has become addicted to a dozen different drugs.  America is a shadow of its former self and it desperately needs to wake up before it plunges into oblivion.

A couple of things that the USA is #1 in are TV-watching and pornography viewing. This is part of the overall trend of America’s dumbing down and social/emotional disconnect over the past century. Rather than viewing something that keeps the mind active, such as books and articles, so many people instead crave their passively vegging in front of the TV, staring and being mesmerized like zombies, and so many people crave looking and staring at porn.

The porn stuff is an escape that sexualizes one’s unmet emotional needs for love and intimate connection with others. In fact, the Economic Collapse Blog writer does mention how many people don’t even say hello to their neighbors anymore. And the USA is #1 in divorces because couples don’t know how to communicate with one another, or they do know how but don’t want to. Couples tend to not share their feelings, thoughts, and views, especially regarding their very relationship itself, and they become detached. Part of this is, as Economic Collapse Blog notes, so much of the population now has become extremely self-absorbed and self-centered. (The worst of it is located in a place that ends in “DC.”)

The writer links to an article on pornography that also mentions that 72% of the porn viewers are men. Many of them are married, obviously, so does that mean that married men (and women) would rather look at pornography than at their spouses? Is this because the U.S. is also #1 in obesity, as the writer states? If one’s spouse is a fat slob obese, then who wants to look at him or her? I know I don’t.

Now, if you’re a fat slob obese, and if you have a hard time getting dates, then that might be why, and if you’re married, and your spouse avoids you, then that might be why. So, stop vegging in front of the TV, and get up and do some exercises. Preferably, you ought to exercise in the morning, and make it a regular routine. All you have to do is push-ups and sit-ups, you don’t even need weights or go to the gym. But don’t forget to do stretching before and after your exercises. If you can’t do one push-up or one sit-up, then you have to force yourself to get at least one. When you can do one each morning and then do it easily, then try two, and so on. It’s very important. Going for a long walk once every day is also important.

Another problem with obese people is their diet. You need to control your eating habits. If you can’t control your eating habits, then that is a sign that your life in general is out of control, and you need to fix that. Perhaps psychotherapy can be helpful. If you yourself are a psychotherapist, then you might need to change careers. Regarding diet, eat a balanced breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Do not eat between meals. Try to reduce the size of your meals. People tend to put too much food on their plate. (In fact, after the economic collapse, people will probably be forced to reduce their daily food intake and ration and stretch their food.) If you still feel hungry after a meal, then that could be a sign that your digestive system isn’t working very well, and you need to increase your fruits and vegetables intake for those important digestive enzymes and fiber, and add an acidophilus supplement to your vitamins every day. If you have poor posture, then that needs to be corrected, as poor posture negatively affects food digestion.

America’s growth in statism and centralism has coincided over the past century with the increasing status of America as an immediate-gratification society. That goes with how so many people and families have become so irresponsible with their credit cards, home purchases and mortgages, and banks and lenders so irresponsible with their policies and foreclosures, and our politicians — the worst of all of us by far — so irresponsible with spending and debts that involve other people’s money, as they put America into the poorhouse and live high off the hog off the rest of us.

The answers to these problems involve decentralizing the society in general, and becoming more self-controlled and responsible as individuals.