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De-Monopolize Security and Policing (And Repeal Gun Laws, Too)

Becky Akers has this article at Republic Magazine (an article that apparently was pulled from its original publication, The New American), Police: An Army by Any Other Name. Akers addresses the issues of the ongoing militarization of local police and the history behind how such militarization and the over-growth of police departments have become so intrusive, like they are invading forces in our own communities.

On a federal level, our DC Leviathan has become so overgrown and intrusive that these out-of-control bureaucrats might as well be a foreign government having invaded America. This is especially the case now that Congress has passed and Barack Obama has signed into law the new provisions that gives the president the power to have military (and police or any armed agent of government, really) arrest and detain indefinitely any civilian of the President’s choosing, without charge, without trial, and without any evidence against the accused whatsoever. As Jacob Hornberger observed, the invaders have codified a true dictatorship.

And as Hornberger also noted, James Madison and several of the other early Americans were very skeptical of the need or use for standing armies. They had great foresight and intuitively and wisely believed that the standing army would eventually be used by the federal government for illicit purposes. For the past century, as the federal government’s size and power and intrusiveness has grown, the more the military has been used for the President’s own personal purposes. Lew Rockwell recently republished his 1996 speech on the Presidency and documents how such an office, such a power, is itself a dictatorship. A lot of people can’t see that, or they just don’t want to believe it because they live in a world of fantasy, a world of children’s storybook tales that describe the President and government officials as Good People, and U.S. history as having been “For the Good of Mankind.” See Laurence Vance in U.S. Presidents and Those Who Kill for Them.

And when you have community policing and security having been monopolized by local governments, such powers for the few over the masses will also be used not against the actual criminals but against the people in general. And that is what we have now. We have local police and S.W.A.T. teams being used to enforce fascist drug laws and anti-raw milk decrees in which the government has claimed ownership of everyone’s bodies, in which the government decides what you may or may not ingest in your own body. And we have the protectionism police in which the police are used to enforce laws and bureaucratic edicts that do nothing but protect the high profits of established businesses at the expense of entrepreneurs. Federal, state and local police, FBI and other armed bureaucrats are literally terrorizing the people now, and FOR NO GOOD REASON!!

The leftists and progressives just don’t realize what they are really doing when they support arbitrary regulations of private, otherwise peaceful commercial activities. The more regulations and bureaucratic red tape you come up with, the more police you have to enforce such useless crap. But those on the left just don’t understand that. The Dodd-Frank law now will make good use of an extremely expanded police power to further intrude upon, interfere with and wreck private trade in America, and further terrorize innocent people, innocent civilians. I wish those on the left, who superficially protest police abuses (until they themselves get in power, that is), would understand that. (Cynically but realistically, I believe that politicians such as Elizabeth Warren actually do understand that.)

In order to roll back the police state that has been growing like mad in Amerika now, we need first and foremost to de-monopolize local community policing and security. You see, when you allow the government to forcibly monopolize local community policing and security, and thus outlaw voluntary organizations and competitive security and policing firms, you are giving the monopolists “authority” over others. That completely goes against the idea of liberty. This artificial authority removes from the uniformed monopolists the status of being “equal under the law.” They are no longer equals, they have become above the law. And that’s an inherently immoral situation.

Who in his right mind wants some dude to have that kind of power and armed authority of being above the law over you and your family? Giving these monopolists such authority and armed power and the right to be above the law has given them the ability to break the law, violating laws against aggression, theft, trespass, and they damn well have taken advantage of it. So who in his right mind would knowingly choose a system like this? Given just how much chaos and violence is going on throughout America, because so many crimes are being committed by the monopolists of community policing and security, one wonders how few people are actually in their right minds these days.

The people of America who believe in the rule of law, and believe that no one should be above the law, should consider de-monopolizing their local communities’ policing and security. Allow private competitive firms to operate and allow voluntary organizations to police the neighborhoods. All forms of gun control must be removed so that the people have the freedom to exercise their rights to protect themselves from criminals.

But currently, with the existing government-monopolized police forces, we need to abolish all police unions and public pensions. The government-monopolized police forces must not be allowed to unionize. As long as the government monopolizes local policing, they should not be allowed to profit from it. This has been a major contributor to so much of the corruption and kickbacks. A monopoly that is compulsory on the civilians to use it is not accountable, and is destined to become corrupt. In contrast, competing firms in which no one would be above the law will be accountable to the community. And let them profit from it. That attracts the ones who are best suited for such work, while the market would weed out the bad apples. (Monopoly does not weed out the bad apples — it promotes them!)

Unfortunately, such a scenario of de-unionizing and de-monopolizing seems unlikely at present because of the growing authoritarian nature of many people in our society now. The people seem to want others to be in positions of artificial authority over them and they want unaccountable monopolists in charge and they want them to be above the law. Too bad so many people now seem to be masochists. They will probably change their minds, however, after the economic collapse and martial law when Obama orders the military (with the help of government-monopolized local and state “law enforcement agencies,” of course) to arrest and detain innocent civilians who engage in non-government-approved commerce and trade, who speak out against the government, and who exercise their right to self-defense.

What the people also need to do right now — that is, those who are in their right minds and are not masochists — is to crack down on the corrupt, criminal or criminally incompetent armed agents of government. For example, a New Hampshire resident found that his home had been burglarized while he was in the home. Rather than call the police, he went outside to try to find the burglar, and he found the burglar climbing out the window of his neighbor’s home! The first homeowner fired a warning shot into the ground and he held the varmint at gunpoint until police arrived. While the police did arrest the criminal, the police also arrested the homeowner for firing his gun (which was not in the air which would be stupid, but into the ground which was safe). They charged the Good Guy with reckless conduct for firing the gun in a residential area.

But why don’t they ever charge the police with reckless conduct? And with assault, destruction of property and murder because those crimes are being committed by the police monopolists on a daily basis throughout America. And it’s getting worse each day. In this instance, what the people of Farmington, New Hampshire need to do is charge the actual police officers who have deprived the innocent civilian of life and liberty with criminal mischief and endangerment, at the very least. They also need to charge the police with theft: They stole the guy’s handgun and seven of his rifles. They also need to be fired for incompetence and neglect of duty.

Now, for those of you who believe that the homeowner who fired the gun should be charged and that the police did the right thing: What if he instead called the police? Well, they would have gone over to his house, made out a report, and gone back to Dunkin’ Donuts. And that would have been the end of that.

The guy did the right thing, and he prevented the burglar from going into other homes after that second one, and the resident may have actually saved some other resident not just from one’s home being burglarized but from actual harm committed by the burglar!

So, with government-monopolized local community policing and security, and with standing armies that are used by federal bureaucrats to start unnecessary wars and provoke foreigners for no good reason (and will soon be treasonously turning the guns on the American people especially during the economic collapse and time of great civil unrest that is to follow), we have incompetence, chaos, private crimes protected by public criminals, and we are all less safe and less secure because of it.

As Arthur Silber noted in a post yesterday, regarding the unwillingness to make the big fraudster banks accountable, “For the ruling class, ‘the rule of law’ isn’t a means of protecting you or your liberty. It’s a means of enforcement, a critical way of protecting their own power and wealth.”

So when we let the government monopolize any kind of policing, and giving them “authority” over others in a charade of “law and order,” we have them become The Law. That is when The Law will be used against the masses for the sake of the empowerment of the few.

In America, we need to de-monopolize and decentralize. Otherwise, the current trend of government-monopolized police, the militarization of society, and the treatment of innocent civilians as criminals while letting the real criminals get away with their abuse of the armed power of The Law, will only continue to escalate to a state of intolerable mass violence and civil chaos.

Let there be freedom in America!

Government Central Planners and the Irresponsibility and Misery They Have Wrought

Two related issues are in the news. I must comment. One is the argument over Herr Obama’s dictatorial birth control mandate of employers, including religious and educational institutions. The other issue comes from the article in the New York Times that out-of-wedlock births are at an all-time high.

The moral, social and cultural decline of America that includes the destruction of the family unit is largely a result of State intrusions and infiltration into private relationships, associations and contracts.

The “Sexual Revolution” was never any such “revolution,” but an excuse to live a lifestyle of self-centered immediate gratification at the expense of personal responsibility and the suppression of the natural desire to have offspring. It was also at the expense of sacrificing the natural ability to provide emotional comfort, warmth and personal security for the offspring toward their own growth and development.

What is the largest contributor to such societal decay in America? As with everything else, it’s the State and the social collectivists whose desire it has been to stamp out individualism with their social and economic policies that can be described as “Keynesian,” the policies of immediate gratification, rent-seeking, parasitism and debts, at the expense of others and at the expense of future planning and future generations.

Governments — federal, state and local — have largely taken over everything in the past 150 years, the education of America’s youth, medical care, banking and finance, and people’s hard-earned retirement funding and the will to save from an early age toward one’s retirement. You name it, the government has seized control over it.

What needs to be done is stop encouraging the youth to be irresponsible with their sexuality as well as with their money they earn or acquire. Many people who think they are “liberal” are really just believing in irresponsibility. Children and teens need to be encouraged to practice abstinence. “But that’s not realistic,” some people say. No, only short-sighted and immediate gratification-oriented people think that’s unrealistic. Children and teens are too young to handle the emotional aspects of sexual relations with others. (Weren’t there some studies that concluded that many women whose sex lives in their marriages were unsatisfying had begun to be sexually active at too early an age?)

And also, our culture has developed into one that discourages boys from becoming men. Now we have “zero tolerance,” and “no playing on the playground because you might hurt yourself” rules, families who do not require a boy who got his girlfriend pregnant to get a job to support the child, and helicopter moms following their boys to college. And the girls are being raised to be sluts now, wearing skimpy, revealing little articles of clothing that their parents buy them. If I had a teenage girl at this time and she were wearing something like that, I’d say, “you’re not going out in that, are you?” and no, she would NOT be going out in that. And she wouldn’t risk getting pregnant and either having a baby at such a young age or having an abortion, because, with the “not under my roof” policy, she would know that if that ever happened she’s out of the house and on her own. Good luck, kid.

There are other aspects of this trend of irresponsibility and dependence on government. The youth need to be encouraged to work part-time during their high school years (abolishing all labor laws including “child labor” and minimum wage laws would help them do that). They should also be encouraged to turn that part-time into full-time work after high school graduation, given what a scam college is these days. It would be helpful if the government would repeal the income tax and capital gains taxes as well as Social Security and all other withholding confiscations. These repeals would effect in the biggest expansion of the U.S. economy ever, and millions of new, real jobs would be created for those high school graduates. They should be encouraged to work full-time and take college courses at night or online toward eventually getting an undergraduate degree.

The youth also need to be encouraged to save — put something aside each week and do not take from that savings — toward their retirement so they don’t have to be dependent on a government retirement scheme that won’t be there when they actually do retire. So the government is taking money from them in its promise to provide for their retirement — that’s a fraudulent promise, and the taking is nothing but theft. It is just something you have to deal with in life, until the necessary decentralization process takes place following the collapse that will occur because Leviathan eventually kills off so many of the actual producers that there are no longer any more producers in the society from whom to siphon the wealth that will soon be non-existent.

Also, this idea of employers having to provide health insurance, pensions, etc. — that’s all a bunch of garbage. YOU should provide your own health insurance and retirements, not employers and not governments. This scheme of dependence on employers for those extras in life is another scam that has put America (and Europe) into as much moral hazard as has the aforementioned cultural and social permissiveness.

Now, regarding Herr Obama’s forcing employers to provide birth control against their will, that is a crime. It is yet another of the many crimes that government commits against the people in its intrusions into private contracts amongst the people. Such dictates are aggressions and trespasses, and should be treated as such. The contract is between the employer and the employee, and the terms of the contract are between those parties and not for anyone else to intrude upon. Who the hell is some government bureaucrat to force you to provide ANYTHING to your employees that you don’t want to provide? Such a government bureaucrat is nothing but a fascist and a dictator (hence, “Herr Obama”).

And ladies, if you want to get the birth control pill — regardless of the cancers it might cause you — YOU pay for it! Just as if you want an arthritis pill (even though fish oil would probably be better for you), YOU pay for it! Stop being such dependent babies and do things for yourselves, for crying out loud! (“I am woman, hear me roar, I am strong, I am invincible”? No, not if you’re a dependent schlep you’re not.) Our whole society now is one in which everyone demands that everyone else pay for everything they want in life. I compare that to the men who get their girlfriends pregnant but don’t stay around to actually be a man and raise the child. Have your pleasure but make other people pay for the consequences is the new American way.

So, last week Laura Ingraham interviewed Tiananmen Square heroine Chai Ling, who spoke about the mandatory abortions in China. Please, don’t get me started on the central planning that has distorted their population and what would otherwise have been a natural, unplanned “distribution” of their people. The imbecilic Chinese bureaucrats with their huge ghost cities throughout China, with skyscrapers loaded with vacant condo apartments that no one can afford to buy. And their mandatory abortions and child murders, especially their daughter murders. A truly sick society. And all because of what their selfish, authoritarian rulers desire for control and central planning and the human misery and disaster they have wrought.

There are not enough women in China for all the men there because of the millions and millions of little girls who have been slaughtered in the name of central planning population control. Hey, Planned Parenthood: Are we next?

Who Won World War II?

Jacob Hornberger asked recently, Who Won World War II? Well, it certainly wasn’t Europe. And it wasn’t Americans either. FDR lured the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor as an excuse to drag the U.S. into World War II, because his real intention was, in my opinion, to take over Europe. Maybe he didn’t take over Europe in the sense of conquest. But FDR caused Europe, at least Western Europe, to become dependent on the U.S. government for handouts, as well as for its security (such as it was).

Causing those Europeans to become dependent on the U.S. government (and on U.S. workers and producers, i.e. “taxpayers,”) for their daily sustenance and their security has only discouraged them to provide for themselves and protect themselves from foreign aggressors. Europeans are now extremely vulnerable, as well as living under massive debts. Europeans are slaves of their corrupt governments’ politicians and bureaucrats who are in cahoots with America’s own corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. All thanks to FDR.

The proof I have to show that FDR was motivated to take over Europe in this way and make Europeans dependent on FDR’s government is that FDR forced his own people to be dependent on the government, to be slaves of the politicians and bureaucrats who rule over us. FDR implemented many government mandates and policies, including forcing all Americans to have to participate in the one government-run retirement scheme known as the Social Security fraud.

Who won World War II? Power-hungry and greedy politicians and bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists, that’s who.

Doh! Not. Another. Kennedy.

I don’t particularly like writing about political things. I usually prefer writing about matters in history, philosophy, economics and psychology, mainly. But when political items come up in the news that need to be discussed, well, then I’ll discuss them. So here goes.

It appears that yet another Kennedy is about to go to Washington to interfere with and intrude upon our lives along with the rest of the Congresscriminals there, as Joseph P. Kennedy III (1980- ) wants to replace the retiring Barney Frank next year. This Joe Kennedy is the son of former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II (1952- ) who replaced the late Speaker Tip o”Neill as the Congressman from Cambridge, Massachusetts, from 1987-1999. That Joe Kennedy is the son of the late Sen. Bobby Kennedy (1925-1968).

Now, if you find all that as confusing as I do, here is some more on the enumeration of these Joe Kennedys. Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy named his son the former Congressman Joe Kennedy after Bobby’s brother, the late Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (1915-1944), who died in World War II near Suffolk, England. And that Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.’s father was the old man, the senior gangster from Boston, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. (1888-1969). Don’t get me started on that one.

But I don’t understand how you can have both a Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. AND a Joseph P. Kennedy II. In fact, I recall that the former Congressman from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Joseph P. Kennedy II was known during the 1980s and ’90s as Joseph P. Kennedy III. That’s what I remember. Am I alone in this? Oh, well. These Kennedys keep screwing everything up, so I’m not surprised that they can’t get their numbers straight.

Anyway, the youngest of the Joe Kennedys is moving from Cambridge to Brookline just to be able to qualify to represent the Massachusetts Fourth District which Barney Frank currently and lousily represents. Just as the youngest Joe Kennedy (III) has moved from Cambridge to Brookline solely for political reasons, his father Joseph P. Kennedy II (that I thought was III) also moved from wherever the hell he was living in 1986 over to Cambridge (well, I think it was Brighton, actually) just to run for Tip O’Neill’s seat in the Eight District. I think he was living in Pennsylvania before that. But wherever it was, it wasn’t the Eight District. But the now “elder” Joe Kennedy seems to be the Congressman from Venezuela now (Where did Hugo?).

Anyway, it is my opinion (and that of many, many others as well) that these Kennedys have a genetic predisposition that drives them toward the political means of life, but certainly not the economic means. Can any one of them possibly survive in life without the use of political force? That is, in the private sector? Even as a lawyer, this youngest Joe Kennedy isn’t even a “private practice” attorney, as he works for the Middlesex County DA’s office (after having worked for the Cape and Islands DA’s office).

I see on that this little shaver Kennedy has several Democrat opponents in the September primary election. But we know he is going to take the nomination, despite his inexperience, just as we can predict that Elizabeth Warren will take the Democrat nomination over her party opponents against Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate. If Kennedy is the Democrat nominee from Congress, his Republican opponent will be either Sean Beilat (Frank’s 2010 opponent) or psychiatrist and former state Mental Health Commissioner Elizabeth Childs (Do we need a “Mental Health Commission”? And, Do we need a psychiatrist in Congress? However, God knows there are plenty of Congresscriminals in Washington who could use a good psychiatrist!).

But they are ALL statists, and NONE of them understands what true American principles of liberty and peace are all about. In fact, back in January 2010 at the time of the special election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (1932-2009), there actually WAS a Kennedy on the ballot, but this time a GOOD Kennedy, another “Joe Kennedy,” the third party candidate against Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Cocoapuffs. No, this Joe Kennedy was not a part of any of the other Joe Kennedys (I know, there are too many Joe Kennedys, I know!). He is not related to the “regular” Kennedy family (which is not to suggest that this Joe Kennedy was “irregular”).

With that election as with most others in the USSA, the news media do not or rarely cover third-party or alternative candidates, especially if they are not the beloved statists that most in the State-worshiping media adore. Candidates who are anti-Establishment, such as Joe Kennedy in the aforementioned Scott Brown election (and Ron Paul as well) are ignored, marginalized, belittled, and just not taken seriously by our high-and-mighty news people and pundits. You see, the statist quo comforts them, no matter how corrupt it is, and we have generations and generations of government-schooled and brainwashed “intellectuals” telling the masses what they want to hear.

Here is an interview by Emily Rooney of that non-relative Joe Kennedy, the third party candidate against Scott Brown and Martha Coakley from the early 2010 election. If you live in Massachusetts and were familiar with that election involving Brown and Coakley, but had never even heard of that Joe Kennedy, then that means the media had not been doing their job. (Currently, not only are the media not doing their job with the 2012 presidential campaign, but even worse, they are actively suppressing the message of the only non-Establishment candidate, Ron Paul. The media act as if they are good little Pravda-propagandists, good little subservient mini-Goebbels, if you ask me.)

But the people of Massachusetts, like the USSA generally, love the statists, and the Kennedys as well. They will probably vote overwhelmingly for Joseph P. Kennedy III (or is it IV?) and for Elizabeth Warren as well.

And, FYI, here is a debate from 2010 with the two statists, Scott Brown and Martha Coakley, and the libertarian-independent Joe Kennedy that very few people in Massachusetts had even heard of.

CPAC: CRAZY Political Action Conference!

I wanted to say that CPAC stood for the Communist Political Action Conference, but I was afraid that, despite its accuracy, it wouldn’t have been taken as seriously as “crazy,” because I know that most people are already in agreement on that. At least, the ones who don’t put themselves in denial of what these people really stand for.

It is time to tell the truth about these literally crazy people who are good at projecting a persona of normality, in their insatiable hunger for more power over others.

These so-called “conservatives” are really nuts now. They really are crazy. We have three socialists (i.e. communists) — Santorum, Gingrich and Romney — appearing at the Orwellian-named “Conservative” Political Action Conference, while the one actual conservative, who really IS conservative, Ron Paul, was cordially excluded. Only in Orwellian Amerika do we have this situation.

Romney referred to himself as “severely conservative,” in his one moment of true honesty in revealing how his destructive socialism is truly a mental illness. We know from actual historical fact that Romney/Kennedy/Obama/Bush socialism has always had destructive consequences. They are literally ruining America with their State intrusions, their confiscations, and their wars of aggression.

And, when Romney said that he was a “severely conservative governor,” even THAT’S not true! He raised taxes on businesses and implemented this failed government-managed healthcare-insurance scheme. No real capitalist would force a government-managed scheme like that on anyone! Talk about Orwellian! He’s nuts! Now, I’ve linked to these videos before, but just look at the way he snubs a medical patient in this one, and showing his love for Ted Kennedy in this one, and his street-performer-like gestures in this one. Willard is just plain nuts!

And Rick Sanitorium. Bob Livingston had this list of Santorum’s socialist positions in Washington, his anti-gun rights intrusions, and his post-Senate lobbying corruption. And here is a video of Santorum from 2006 admitting what a socialist imbecile he was then (and is now).

And here are The American Dream Blog’s 27 reasons why Newt Gingrich would be a really, really bad president.

Ron Paul was excluded from CPAC by childish, sniveling little pricks who are Big Government Republicans who revere the State and are contemptuous of actual conservative values, contemptuous of actual American values. Hypocrites, liars, flip-floppers, and ignoramus warmongers.

Most of all they are crazy people. That means they are not rational. It is beyond just Orwellian. And Paul Krugman has the nerve to refer to Ron Paul supporters as “tinfoil hat” wearers. And the supporters of these socialist (and corrupt as well) GOP candidates are in denial, too. They know that these candidates are all Big Government intruders, but, like good little obedient serfs they will rally around one of them, regardless of his standing by the statist quo Establishment, and they will cheer the socialist GOP candidate right to defeat by the articulate, attractive actor who has swept Amerika off her feet, Herr Obama.

The sheepish followers are afraid of Ron Paul, and his policies of freedom and peace. The obedient deniers-of-reality fall prey to the lies and propaganda of U.S. government bureaucrats run amok, in their cries of “Terrorists!” “Iranian Threats!” and so forth, despite actual facts and evidence, despite how everything the U.S. government bureaucrats and military have done in the past ten (or twenty) years have been central planning disasters and gone against America.

Glenn Greenwald described yesterday and today how dishonest our national MSM are in their merely repeating everything the government tells them without any substantiation whatsoever. And, as with Iraq in 2002-03, the sheeple eat it up like drooling dogs. (Mmmm, would you like fries with that?)

The real tinfoil hat wearers are the masses out there who support these clowns who have done nothing but bring America to ruin.

Hmmm, provoking foreigners is “conservative.” Placing your hundreds of military bases on other peoples’ territories but not allowing other foreign governments to place their military on your territory is “conservative.” Stopping and searching people randomly, arresting and detaining people indefinitely without charges or evidence against them is “conservative.” According to the preaching ignorant, Orwellian blowhards, their moral relativism = “traditional conservative values.”

Whether it is a reelected Obama or any of the three severely socialist GOP clowns elected by the obedient sheeple, the President will use NDAA to turn the military against not just ‘Occupy’ protesters but Tea Party protesters as well, and other critics of government including journalists and bloggers. And when there are more terrorist attacks within the U.S. as retaliation against the U.S. government’s aggressions overseas, especially if the U.S. starts a war of aggression against Iran, you will probably wonder why you supported someone as dishonest, narcissistic and socialist as the three CPAC crazies.

A few weeks ago, Arthur Silber wrote in a post:

Tens of millions of Americans will vote for the Democratic and Republican nominees for president. They will not understand that they are thereby supporting evil. They refuse to consider withdrawing that support…

Most Americans are like badly damaged children: they expect evil to announce itself in advance, with the aid of thundering, ominous music on the soundtrack of their increasingly desperate lives. But that is not how evil most commonly arrives. It comes with a gentle, reassuring smile. It insinuates itself with soothing platitudes. It speaks of “threats” to our “security” that cannot be countenanced. It says it only wants to make you “safe.”

And the murders go on, and they increase in number. Later on, those who manage to survive will be heard to say, “But we never knew it would come to that.” Or they insist that most people “went along,” and ask: Who was I to stand against that tide? Yet they will not be able to say they were not warned, or that no one had ever seen such horrors before…

No, evil does not come to us proclaiming its true nature. Evil is not committed only by screaming, psychopathic maniacs. Most of the time, and certainly in the beginning, it seems completely ordinary. It is, as Auden said, “unspectacular and always human.” It appears to be entirely normal. The greatest danger is not the person whom you view as obviously “crazy.” The greatest danger is the person you regard as normal, thoughtful and well-spoken, the person who claims to be opposed to the horrors and who says he’s on your side. This is precisely why Obama (and the Democrats generally) constitute a singular threat to those of us who genuinely value the sanctity of a single life…

You need to wake up and smell the coffee: Obama, Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are all the same. Narcissistic political opportunists who have no problem with using the armed force of government to impose medical intrusions, their own subjective social views, environmental property violations, and overseas aggressions for the sake of further expanding the power of the DC Regime, further diminishing your liberty, security, and prosperity, until there is none of that left. Don’t be crazy. Don’t vote for crazy people.

Degenerates Rule America

February 13, 2012

(Link to article at Activist Post)

We now live in extraordinarily dangerous times in America. A majority of primary voters support three out of the four remaining Republican candidates for President who believe that the U.S. government may commit acts of aggression and start wars against foreign peoples who were of no threat to us, and who want to use the power of government and police to impose various social views onto others. Only Ron Paul wants to legalize freedom in America, and wants to end our government’s aggressions abroad.

In a recent article on, human rights advocate William Grigg highlighted an Iraq War veteran who can’t comprehend that people in foreign countries don’t like invaders and occupiers on their lands, and why they try to defend themselves, their families and their territories from the U.S. military aggressors.

This veteran is like most Americans, apparently, who believe in American “exceptionalism,” in which our government may commit aggressions and trespass on foreign territories, including placing its military bases there despite the objections of the actual people living there, but foreign governments may not trespass on American lands.

For a century the ruling regime in Washington has abandoned the rule of law, and has acted aggressively overseas and provoked foreigners and murdered countless innocents. They have gotten away with their crimes via rationalization and manipulative, emotionalistic propaganda. Currently, Washington’s degenerate rulers are claiming, falsely, that Iran is a “threat,” despite Iran being surrounded on all sides.

But Americans have naively believed the propaganda, as they did with Iraq.

The professional career politicians and bureaucrats have thus been making Americans less safe and more vulnerable because of the blowback of their government’s own aggressions.

Such a narcissistic attitude of the aforementioned exceptionalist-minded veteran is contrary to the American Declaration of Independence. The Declaration asserts “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

By “men,” the Declaration is really referring to all of humankind, and that all human beings are created equal, and have an inherent right as human beings to life, liberty and the right to sustain and protect their lives.

I think the narcissistic exceptionalists want to suggest that only Americans have a right to life and liberty, but not foreigners. Many people are just incapable of seeing a situation from the point of view of those outside their own personal territories. Believe it or not, the millions of people of Iraq and Afghanistan – the civilians who are just trying to live their lives and who have nothing to do with terrorism – see our government as an invading aggressor (which it is) and for the past ten years they have been trying to defend their lives, families, homes, businesses and sovereignty.

A comparison regarding the self-centered exceptionalists can be made with an entirely unrelated subject, the same-sex marriage issue, which has been in the news again. It is hypocritical of the Republicans and conservatives to object to President Obama’s forbidding private institutions from opting out of the birth control/abortion mandate, while those same opponents support governmental forbiddances of private marital contracts to occur.

Now, if you believe that you own your own life (as opposed to your neighbors’ or the State owning your life), and that you have a right to establish voluntary contracts with anyone else who is also doing so voluntarily, then you have a right to have a marital contract with whomever you want, as long as it’s voluntary, and it’s nobody else’s business.

If it’s none of your neighbors’ business, then it’s none of the government’s business, I like to say.

But if you believe that the State owns you or that your neighbors own you, then you agree with regressive neanderthals that the neighbors and/or the State should have the power to control your private contract-making decisions, and your private relationships and associations. And thus they should dictate to you whom you may or may not marry.

Selfish collectivists and communitarian reactionaries believe in the latter example of collective/State ownership of the individual and one’s private relationships and contracts.

And the same goes for the exceptionalists who believe that they have a right to seize ownership of the lives and property of innocent human beings in Iraq or Iran who have harmed no one. Selfish, narcissistic exceptionalists believe that they have a right to break into the private homes and businesses of foreigners, search and ransack them, and assault, beat, torture and murder their people and get away with it.

That is the primitivism to which America has sunk over the past century, thanks to criminal politicians from Wilson and FDR to Bush and Obama, and the dumbed-down, submissive, gullible and subservient sheeple who support them.

America is characterized now by a severe moral decay and massive, widespread corruption, from banksters and foreclosure fraudsters, to drug-warrior police Nazis on the take, college and high school students and teachers in widespread cheating scandals, FDA and Big Pharma corruption, and TSA perverts and child molesters.

And now, Obama has encouraged local police departments to hire Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans to continue the growing militarization of the police. (It is reassuring that many police departments are only hiring those of lower intelligence levels!) They need their degenerate neanderthal S.W.A.T raids to further terrorize, assault and murder innocent civilians, in order to enforce laws by the nanny State which dictate to private individuals what chemicals they may or may not consume into their own bodies (which the State owns, of course).

And thank goodness Obama has signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act that now includes giving the military (and probably any armed agent of government, including local police) the power to arrest and detain indefinitely any civilian American for any reason according to what the President says, without charges, without evidence brought forward against the accused. (I feel safer now.)

It looks like Dick Cheney and Barack Obama have taken some lessons from the new Sharia-ruling Iraqi regime, as well as the repressive Iranian government, on how to treat their own people. But make sure everyone marries only those the government permits you to marry, and make sure that everyone must support and pay for someone else’s abortion.

Degenerates rule America. (Is there any way to correct this situation?)

Why Are Government Bureaucrats Turning America Into Nazi Germany?

February 13, 2012

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I’m sorry to put it in such a crass way, but that is exactly what they are doing. Ever since the September 11th attacks, these power-grabbing scoundrels have been putting policies in place that were planned well before 9/11, searching us, tracking, frisking, scanning, taxing and regulating and spying on us.

The War on Terror and the War on Drugs have a combined effect of really being the government’s war on us, the American people, and a war on freedom. The airport TSA is now spreading over to train stations and bus depots, football stadiums and other public places.

While these non-productive bureaucrats are suggesting that their intrusive, Nazi-like policies are to prevent terrorism, they themselves have been terrorizing the American people, and treating us all like criminal suspects, like prisoners.

The latest are the FBI’s wanting Internet café owners to report on “suspicious” people, and the FBI and DHS wanting other businesses to report on people for behaviors that are really normal behaviors. (See here, here, here, and here.)

Paying for things with cash in Internet cafes or other businesses is seen as “suspicious” now. Other behaviors that are suspicious, according to the FBI and DHS, include believing in “individual liberty,” distrusting “centralized federal authority,” and “supporting political movements for autonomy.” Hey! I believe those things! And I pay for things with cash! But why the hell is the government telling the local police or businesses I patronize that because of those things that I am “suspicious”?

What these schmucks are in fact doing with all this is terrorizing ME! When I go into the store and pay with cash, I have to be concerned now that people there will view me with suspicion or report me to police. Just because of paying with cash!

And I also have a blog, and I’ve written quite a lot of articles, most of which promote “individual liberty,” and which express “suspicion of centralized federal authority” (Gee, I wonder why!), and which promote “autonomy,” and which promote getting rid of the Nazi-like, Soviet-like federal Leviathan altogether and letting each state have its independence and sovereignty, which is the right of all people within any given territorial area to have. THAT makes me “suspicious”!

What I don’t understand is, why are there so few advocates of liberty within the government to fight against this turning of America into Nazi Germany? Oh, sure, there’s Ron Paul, and there’s Rand Paul. But why don’t we who actually love America and who actually want freedom here have any real representation in government?

How could 93 out of 100 U.S. Senators vote to give the President the power to have the military apprehend and detain anyone the President labels a “terrorist” or a criminal, without any evidence against the accused? These imbecilic senators have willfully approved of turning America into a banana republic and have turned the presidency into a dictatorship!

And I can’t believe that so many Americans support this police state fascism. Glenn Greenwald notes that 77% of liberal Democrats approve of President Obama’s drone program, and over 50% of them approve of the use of drone strikes on Americans.

I have written a page listing many articles on how America has turned into a police state. LRC published this article by Eric Peters on how a coward cop pulled a soccer mom out of her car during a normal traffic stop, tasered her, threw her onto the ground and arrested her, right in front of her kids! Among the comments on the YouTube page of the video in Peters’s article, the comment, “you deserve to get tazed, you dumb b***h!” received 35 thumbs up.

That’s 35 future American brownshirts now.

Now, regarding the government’s enlisting of private civilians to spy on each other for the government, such spying now reaches into the financial sector. As Simon Black noted,

In the financial system, there are droves of civilian agencies that have been coerced into becoming government spies. As we discussed a few weeks ago, everyone from bankers to brokers to gold dealers are obliged to submit ‘suspicious activity reports’ to the federal government. They even have minimum quotas.

What’s more, these so-called “SARs” must remain top-secret. It’s a crime for your banker to inform you that you were the subject of a suspicious activity report.

Yesterday, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the federal agency which oversees the legions of unpaid government spies, added a few more businesses to the list. Now non-bank mortgage lenders and originators must ‘assist law enforcement’ by submitting suspicious activity reports.

The comparison to Nazi Germany is not at all an unreasonable one. There were many in Nazi Germany who reported on their neighbors and business associates out of fear of the government. That could very well be a major reason here for one’s betrayals of fellow civilians, such as with those new business requirements mentioned above. When we see all the S.W.A.T. team raids and local police abuse and murders of innocent civilians being shown in the news and discussed on talk shows and on blogs on a daily basis, one can see why there is good reason to fear the government.

It may take a large group of businesspeople to organize themselves as a group in their refusal to help the government spy on its own population.

And it also takes courage. A year ago I wrote about a businessman who was accused by the FBI of a non-crime known as “insider trading,” and who had the courage to stand up to investigators. He was asked to wear a wire when meeting with clients to gather evidence against them, and he not only refused but he emailed his clients to warn them of those FBI “fresh-faced eager beavers.” No, he wasn’t trying to warn them to cover up anything; he was protecting his associates from the government’s illicit entrapment.

However, more recently that individual has been accused of making threatening phone calls to the two FBI agents involved in the case. But, according to the Wall Street Journal, “he made the calls to the FBI agents ‘to force public exposure’ of their ‘criminal activities’ and ‘Constitutional violations.’

“In a follow-up email,” continues the Journal, “(he) said the calls were threatening only ‘to the poor FBI agent’s ego, which of course we know is always hugely inflated.’”

You see, these are the ones with a real sense of honesty and integrity, showing loyalty to their clients and customers of their legitimate, aboveboard businesses, and NOT showing loyalty to dishonest, persecuting government bureaucrats. (Further info on that particular case here and here.)

A business owner who is showing obedience and loyalty to a criminal bureaucracy that is run amok is what loyalists of Nazi Germany were in their reporting others to the Gestapo. It wasn’t always out of fear of the government.

But others in Nazi Germany reported on their neighbors because of petty personal resentments, envy and business partnerships turned sour.

We need to protect ourselves and attempt to restore whatever freedom we might have had in America. We need to turn the tables on these bureaucratic egomaniacs, bimbos and Nurse Ratcheds, these people who act like invading foreigners trying to turn every member of the American population against one another.

Given that the government is implementing these policies that are extremely violating of our liberty and privacy, and interfering with our peace of mind and sense of security as well, it is really these government bureaucrats and all their obedient underlings who are committing criminal acts against the people.

If businesspeople such as bankers and lenders are being coerced by the government to file “suspicious activity” reports, they need to organize themselves and together as an entire group they need to refuse to report on their own customers and clients.

Now, I am not involved in any kind of so-called “insider trading,” or any kind of business, and I have no investments or any real wealth of any kind. And I certainly have never engaged in any actual criminal activity. No, I am just some schlep, but because of what these dumb bureaucrats have been doing to America – turning her into another Nazi Germany, another Soviet communist dictatorship – I am concerned about what government bureaucrats, police or military might do to me, or what my neighbors could do. It really is these government bureaucrats who are the real terrorists.

Rather than this trend of overreaching government arresting and persecuting innocent Americans, and spying on them and tracking their every move without any initial suspicion or due process, perhaps it is time to bring criminal charges against the people who are conniving and concocting these schemes.

Perhaps it is time to charge the heads of FBI and Homeland Security (sic) with inciting criminal mischief in their coercing private businesspeople to spy on and report innocent people for no good reason.

Perhaps it is time to charge them with inciting endangerment, as they are literally endangering the lives of innocent people whose neighbors, mortgage lenders or store cashiers may perceive or misperceive their behaviors in a particular way, or even whose neighbors or associates may hold resentments or want to act out of envy or racist sentiments.

Government bureaucrats are turning America into Nazi Germany, because this trend is only getting worse every day. George W. Bush and Barack Obama will be viewed much later in history as the Presidents who took America down this horrible road.

Currently, Obama is still President, and he has the power to end this trend, and undo this tyranny if he wants to be seen more positively by future generations.

As the DC Central Planners Take America Down in Flames, Maybe NOW People Are Catching On That Central Planning Doesn’t Work

Central planning doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. I hope that soon people will finally take their heads out of the sand and face the truth. And it needs to be ended. Soon. Here are some rather important examples.

This morning I linked to Sheldon Richman’s article, Central Planning at the Federal Reserve. Richman notes that, in addition to the central planning nature of the Fed chairman dictating interest rates which everyone must obediently follow, the Fed is now the central planner in allocating credit.

It is standard operating procedure (though of course illegitimate by free-market standards) for a Fed chairman to inflate the money supply supposedly to provide increased liquidity during an economic crisis. It is then left to the market (distorted, to be sure) to “allocate” the money. What’s new is that under the Bernanke Fed’s self-expanded powers, the central bank is allocating credit to chosen financial institutions, including insolvent rather than merely illiquid ones. That is apparently unprecedented in the United States.

Given that central planners lack the necessary information throughout various markets within an entire given territory — and the U.S. is a huge territory with a population of over 300 million inhabitants — there’s no way they could efficiently allocate, or reallocate (or, perhaps more accurately, “redistribute”) credit to where it actually is needed. And, with this monopoly power that the Fed has, the system inherently enables this monetary central planning institution’s bureaucrats to play favorites, regardless of actual needs. That is because “men are not angels.”

I agree with Sheldon Richman in opposing government control in money, investment, banking and credit, when he notes that “in a society that calls itself free, no one should have such power at his disposal. A free economy leaves savings and investment to the uncoerced choices of individual persons, just as it leaves money and banking to the market.”

Not only is central planning impractical and inefficient, but it is immoral. That is, compulsory central planning, in which an entire population is compelled by law to have to follow the dictates of these (imbecilic, corrupt and criminal) central planners. There are a lot of conservatives who say they oppose central planning, but they nevertheless support the Federal Reserve, because they don’t particularly understand the kind of destruction that such an agency has caused in these nearly 100 years since its inception. And they don’t see that the Fed is an institution of central planning, no different, in my opinion, from Soviet-style central planning.

But where is the moral authority of the federal government to forbid banks from competing in a free market of banking? Or to compel 300 million people in the territory via legal tender laws, to have to use the one government-issued currency, the so-called “dollar,” while outlawing any other competing forms of currency that people might otherwise prefer to use. It is the combination of central planning and centralized dictates from bureaucrats who are far removed from the real world — but who like to have a lot of power over others, that’s for sure — that create the moral hazard. This scheme of government-managed money and banking really is immoral, as well as impractical.

For more information on the illegitimacy and impracticality of central planning in money and banking, please see these articles: Monetary Central Planning and the State by Richard Ebeling, The Case Against the Fed by Murray Rothbard, Taking Money Back by Rothbard, Why the State Demands Control of Money by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

I don’t know why it is so difficult for so many people to see the terrible destruction of central planning. There are many further examples. One is the national health care and insurance problem, that the Left use to seize control over everybody’s private, personal medical and insurance matters, via ObamaCare. What the Left really wants, its ultimate goal, is for a Soviet-like total State control over our medical issues, as well as all other aspects of our personal, private lives.

But for some reason even the Republicans, who want to replace ObamaCare with RepublicanCare, don’t understand that the problems with insurance and the costs of medical care are caused primarily by government interventions in the medical system, with taxation and regulations, licensure, fees, mandates and restrictions. What needs to be done is getting rid of all those interventions, those intrusions, which really are intrusions because they are thefts and trespasses committed by legislators and government bureaucrats who, quite frankly, just like to have a lot of control over a lot of people.

Morally, ethically and economically, everyone has a right to medical freedom. Doctors and patients have a right to establish voluntary associations and contracts that are nobody else’s business but that of those specific individuals. And, like it or not, insurers have a right to voluntary associations and contracts with willing and able consumers, all without compulsion or intrusion by State bureaucrats, and private charities, hospitals, churches and other organizations have a right to provide assistance for those in need (and there should be no HHS, IRS, or other government bureaucrats getting in their way).

For more information and insight on those issues, here are some helpful articles: My own article on Government Medicine vs. Contract and Property Rights, also Subsidizing Sickness by Lew Rockwell, A Four-Step Healthcare Solution by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Medical Control, Medical Corruption by Rockwell, Uncertainty and Its Exigencies: The Critical Role of Insurance in the Free Market by Hoppe, and Rothbard’s critique of Hillary Clinton’s 1993 proposals for government medicine.

The last example of central planning here that I have addressed several times (and will continue to do so) is central planning in national security. Many people don’t realize that the “Defense” bureaucrats in Washington, who are in charge of the security and safety of 300 million Americans, are central planners. The powers that they have, whether instructed by the U.S. Constitution or not, are those of a government monopoly. They have the unchallenged monopoly in territorial protection that is free from any competition, and, as monopolists in security, they are allowed to be above the rule of law (Like the local police, “They are the law,” etc.). And the entire population of 300 million people are compelled by law to have to use their security “services,” without any alternatives allowed; therefore, it is a compulsory monopoly. Has anyone out there ever even thought about that? And as with any other monopolists, especially those whose activities are legally protected from competitive forces, these monopolists are not accountable. That is why they have caused so much trouble.

There are two main problems with this scheme of compulsory monopoly in territorial protection, in my view. One is that this is an institution of central planning. But have these central planners really done any good for us? Look at Vietnam. First, Vietnam was a case of Lyndon Johnson lying his way into war during an election year. (Gulf of Tonkin.) Hmmm. That’s a new one. And then the central planners dug themselves (and us) deeper and deeper into the hole of quagmire, putting America into turmoil.

In 1990, George H.W. Bush started the war against Iraq, a country that had not attacked us. During that war that Bush started, the U.S. military bombed and destroyed Iraqi civilian water and sewage treatment centers, forcing Iraqi civilians to have to use untreated water. And then our central planners’ sanctions and no-fly zones throughout the 1990s prevented materials from being brought to Iraq to repair the damage to Iraq’s civilian infrastructure, and prevented food and medical supplies from being brought in there. All this led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq by the mid 1990s, and another few hundred thousand by the year 2000. It also was a major cause for widespread anti-Americanism throughout the Middle East, and many Americans have no idea about all this, thanks to government schools (another failure of central planning), and they couldn’t understand that this was a main reason the 9/11 terrorists had for their actions on that day. Unfortunately, many people interpreted such conclusions as “blaming America,” when in fact it is our incompetent, corrupt, buffoonish national security central planners who are to blame.

The other main problem with this central planning scheme of compulsory monopoly in territorial protection is human nature (and see Ludwig von Mises’s Human Action on that). When you give professional bureaucrats and politicians that kind of monopolistic control over the lives of 300 million people — we must depend on these clowns to protect us from foreign aggressors with no other choices allowed — it is like giving free toys to kids. The power will go to their heads, and they will want more power. And they will do what they can to expand their powers during their temporary moments in the government playpen. Instead of engaging in peaceful activities and overseeing America while minding their own business, these central planner bureaucrats have been provoking foreigners as a means of justifying these bureaucrats’ further expanded powers, and as a means of justifying ever more powers that they manipulate the citizenry into supporting. What do you think starting wars is going to do? Not provoke foreigners?

So, instead of keeping us safe, the DC bureaucrats’ provocations have been making us less safe, as well as plundering the treasury, making use of the Fed’s monopolistic money-printing powers, and bankrupting the country in the process. And the gullible sheeple continue to believe the lies and propaganda as they support even more war, even more provocations of foreigners, less freedom and more police state at home.

For more information on the destruction of central planning and monopoly in territorial protection, here are some helpful articles: The Production of Security by Gustave de Molinari, Foreign Aggression by Morris and Linda Tannehill, The Private Production of Defense [.pdf] by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, No More Military Socialism and Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy by Rothbard, and my articles on central planning in national security and how the current corporatist scheme is a racket. (And also Gen. Smedley Butler: War Is a Racket.)

The FBI: ALL Americans Are Terrorists!

The American Dream Blog does a thorough job  covering the FBI’s latest demonstration of why we need to abolish government-run schools and privatize it all, as well as get rid of the federal Department of Leviathan Education. But these bureaucrats merely represent the nonsensical thinking on the part of the average American these days, after generations of cumulatively degraded ability to think for oneself and with some common sense.

The FBI wants us to believe that Internet privacy is a sign of “suspicious activity,” and/or one’s being a potential “terrorist.” The American Dream Blog writer gives some examples from the FBI’s latest nonsense, followed by the writer’s own comments:

“Are overly concerned about privacy, attempts to shield the screen from view of others”

Look, if I am doing some online banking or am composing an email to a friend I don’t want someone peeking at my screen.  Aren’t most Americans “concerned about privacy” and don’t most people want to keep their Internet activity to themselves?

“Always pay cash or use credit card(s) in different name(s)”

We have seen the government warn about this before.  It appears that from now on using cash in America is going to get you labeled as a potential terrorist.  How bizarre is that?

“Act nervous or suspicious behavior inconsistent with activities”

Some people are just naturally nervous.  This kind of vague language could be applied to almost anyone.

“Are observed switching SIM cards in cell phone or use of multiple cell phones”

What if your cell phone battery is dead and you need to use your wife’s cell phone?  Does that make you a potential terrorist?

“Travel illogical distance to use Internet Café”

A lot of times people will use Internet cafes when they are out of town on a trip.  Is there something inherently suspicious about that?

“Evidence of a residential based internet provider (signs on to Comcast, AOL, etc.)”

“Evidence of a residential based internet (sic) provider”? So if I have a residential based Internet provider, that makes me “suspicious”? A “terrorist”? I think that whoever would write something like that either isn’t paying attention to what he or she is doing, or is on drugs, or perhaps may even be retarded, I don’t know.

But during all this “War on Terror” stuff, since George W. Bush started such a “war,” and started two military wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, the real terrorists have been our government, as they force travelers to either go through cancer-scanners or get groped and raped at the airport (and now at other places, including train depots and subways, bus terminals and the NFL).

And these dangerous bureaucrats want people to report their neighbors for acting “suspiciously,” they want hotels to report their guests to the government. If anything is an example of terrorism, it is this **** from the U.S. government.

And now our disgusting U.S. Congress has given the president permission to indefinitely detain ANYONE he wants, or anyone some military soldier or general or bureaucrat says should be detained, without EVIDENCE against the accused, while denying the accused and detained access to legal counsel or one’s right to a trial.

Rather than turning what used to be a great place to live, what used to be a free country, into a third world banana republic police state dictatorship, if these damn bureaucrats want to prevent terrorism, they should stop invading and occupying and trespassing on foreign lands and murdering foreigners, which they have been doing for decades upon decades with no end in sight, and stop PROVOKING the damn foreigners! You see, the sheeple all across America have no clue that that is what our government has been doing all this time, not just since 9/11 but for decades before that, because they are products of government-controlled schools, and hypnotized by our degenerate culture now, and they get their news from the drugged-up and brain-dead stenographers of the MSM.

America wasn’t meant to be a third world banana republic police state dictatorship, you know.

America Has Severely Degenerated, Morally, Economically, Culturally, and Socially

There are several articles in the news and in the blogosphere that are showing quite clearly just how much America has degenerated as a society.

Ryan McMaken posts on the LewRockwell blog that conservatives cheer the abduction and theft of children of so-called “illegal immigrant” parents, as the government terrorizes these innocent families. Here is that news story.

But I thought that conservatives were “pro-family,” and didn’t like the idea of the government kidnapping children and breaking up families (for example, in the name of “Child Protective Services,” etc.).

As Jacob Hornberger has pointed out, just as he has in the past, one of the big reasons we have an immigration problem is that immigration into the U.S. is controlled by the federal government. Perhaps if conservatives understood that this is an example of socialist central planning, they might not support such controls, and instead support property rights, economic freedom and the rule of law.

I have already pointed out that this issue is another example of the true communist nature of today’s conservatives. But they are by and large collectivists and exclusionists. As Hans-Hermann Hoppe observed, the right of exclusion is a private property right, not a collective, communitarian right. The conservatives believe in collective, communistic ownership of an entire territory and everything within, and they believe that the majority of a community may claim ownership and control over private property and businesses and they have the right to force exclusion to outsiders, against the will of “private” property and business owners. But this is yet another example of the moral, social and economic degeneracy of America.

Paul Joseph Watson writes on Infowars that the arrogant buffoons of the U.S. government are implicitly warning Iran that if Iran retaliates against an Israeli strike against them, the U.S. military will then get involved and do to Iran what they did to Iraq. Usually, “conservatives” cheer someone’s right of self-defense. When you are attacked by an aggressor, you have a right to use force to protect and defend yourself. Unfortunately, because America has degenerated so much, not just morally and culturally, but intellectually as well, the people who have been cheering on the U.S. government’s aggressions abroad over the past 20 years have been engaging in primitive intellectual rationalization to justify those aggressions against others. In their 21st Century primitive narcissism, the war supporters cannot understand the perspective of the targets of their government’s aggression, and instead have devalued those murdered foreign civilians, and perceive the victims’ retaliations as acts of “terrorism.” The Amerikan barbarians will treat their Iranian victims the same way. The U.S. and British Empires have a history with Iran.

To reinforce the American mindset of rationalization and primitivism, many people have been believing the U.S. government’s propaganda, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Iran. Well, if you really believe that Iran wants to “wipe Israel off the map” knowing full well that if they did anything it is THEY who would get the wiping off, then I have a bridge to sell you. But the sheeple believe the government’s propaganda that these Muslim people are “suicidal.” Some of them are, but so are some Americans, particularly in the military.

Another propagandistic message is that the Iranians are the “aggressors,” merely for possessing weapons for self-defense. Well, what would you do if you were completely surrounded by nukes, by many U.S. military bases and knowing that Israel (in its grossly pathological paranoid state) has hundreds of nukes? Many people actually think that in 1991 Iraq started the Persian Gulf War against the U.S., and that Iraq started the 2003 war against the U.S. That is thanks to government propagandists and their subservient media stenographers, and, of course, government-controlled schools.

But getting back to this arrogant message of “we attack you and you not fight back.” Bizarrely, it is the conservatives who say they believe in the right of people to self-defense. In our backwards, degenerated society now, the aggressors who attack people can sue if they get hurt when their victims retaliate, and the homeowner gets arrested and charged with assault or murder if the burglar, home invader or rapist gets hurt or killed.

The American Dream Blog has this post on how America is going insane. (How could we believe otherwise?) The writer points out that the country as a whole has been “dumbed down.” Many people think that is because of government control over education. The U.S. had a solid #1 ranking worldwide in education, but that started to decline since the federal Department of Education began thirty years ago. (Thanks, Jimma.) All Ronald Reagan had to do was to get rid of that unconstitutional department as promised, but he didn’t do it. What a wimp. Education has declined ever since.

The problem really began during the mid-19th century when the Progressive and anti-Catholic statists began to legislate intrusions into the private educational matters of private families. They “socialized” the concept of learning and that primarily has been what has crushed the critical thinking abilities and analytical skills of Americans. The education fascists love the centralization of everything and oppose localization, local control. They especially do not like the idea of a private family home-schooling the kids, and they have turned the government schools into prisons. No wonder Amerikans have been supporting sleazebag liars such as Willard Romney and Newt Gingrich. Guided mostly by emotion and not rational thought, so many gullible people believe that Romney is a “capitalist” and that he believes in “free markets,” regardless how much he raised taxes and fees in Massachusetts and knowing that he still supports his government-controlled health program, RomneyCareless. And many people are still emotionally fixated on this idea of American Exceptionalism which Romney uses quite a lot to manipulate the voters’ emotions.

The American Dream Blog writer also points out that the “terrorist watch list” has over a million names on it. Only in Amerika. And the writer points out that many people can get their names permanently on that list (including from anonymous tips). In my opinion, only dumb people support all this “If You See Something, Say Something,” and reporting of your neighbors who act “suspiciously.” To some people, expressing disagreement with ObamaCareless, or expressing support for Ron Paul is “suspicious.” I wouldn’t be surprised now if there are many people who understand where this nonsense leads who are scared to death of their neighbors and just don’t talk to people anymore out of fear that a false “tip” could happen to them.

And because of how barbaric and Nazi-like our local police have become, many people who are just going about their lives minding their own business are terrified of the police. What happened to people in America that has caused such small-sized tyrants and terrorists on our local police forces, and in the TSA for that matter? Why do so many of them act like Nazis? Why do they act like they are angry at you for just standing there, or, if you ask them why they are asking a personal question that is none of their business, why do they then accuse you of being “disorderly” or “insubordinate,” or of being a criminal? (Can the police station psychiatrist prescribe them Xanax?)

Yes, America has degenerated into Amerika. Many people now are afraid of their government. Many people fear the police. The people amongst the masses are viewed by many in government and the police as criminals, when in fact it is these government agents who have been committing the real crimes against the people. From illicit laws that persecute innocent people for engaging in activities that harm no one, and the police enforcing those illicit laws with a vengeance, to the police, TSA, DHS and military committing acts of violence against their fellow Americans and against foreigners, as well as against immigrants who thought they were coming to America for freedom and opportunity.

Amerika, the society of degenerates, with governments instituted for some people who get off on committing acts of aggression against others, and get away with it.

It’s depressing.