1965 Interview of Atheist Dissident Madeline Murray (Before the “O’Hare”)

Last week Jacob Hornberger posted this commentary on the “God Bless the USA” in public schools controversy. And just a few days ago, Michael Graham featured a discussion of a Winchester, Massachusetts government school that would not allow a production of Miracle on 34th Street, but will be showing the kids The Hunger Games.

Santa Claus is “offensive,” but violence, sadism, and cruelty are just fine with government school bureaucrats.

I agree with Jacob’s conclusion, that to resolve these kinds of issues we need to abolish government-run schools, and let people choose among whatever privately-run schools in which they want their kids to enroll. That would free the market and there would then be many more providers of educational products available. In a freed market, the schools who promote actual education, provide truthful information and common sense are those that would succeed, while the ones who promote social and political propagandizing and indoctrination would obviously go down the drain.

These discussions reminded me of the Madeline Murray O’Hare controversy of the 1960s. I posted this about a year ago, but only the first segment. Here it is again, along with the other segments that are also available at Jerrywilliams.org.

This interview by Jerry Williams of well-known American atheist Madeline Murray (before the “O’Hare”) took place in 1965. It was just two years after the Supreme Court ruled that forcing kids in “public” (i.e. government-run) schools to read from the Bible was a violation of the First Amendment’s “Establishment Clause.” Now, I am not an atheist, but I sympathize with people who stand up for their right to hold their minority views.

During the interview, Madeline Murray describes (in Part 1) how she was beaten several times, along with her children and her 74-year-old mother, in their home by the police, and made to go to the hospital.

So, given how violently some people react to any questioning of their religious views, their belief in God, or how violently some people react to any resistance to their trying to force their religious views down other people’s throats, I’m glad that religious fascist Rick Sanitorium has dropped out of the presidential race.

I am afraid that the growing trend toward intolerance of minority views, whether they be Jews, Muslims, atheists, and intolerance of questioning various political views such as ObamaCare or minimum wage and affirmative action, may mirror this kind of violent intolerance of earlier times, especially under the rude, authoritarian regime of Barack Obama.

(Unfortunately, on the Jerry Williams website, some of the links are out of place, so I rearranged their order more accurately, I think.)

Click on link, opens media player window

Part 1: http://jerrywilliams.org/audio/WBBM/wbbm05.m3u

Part 2: (for some reason, it goes silent from about 6:00 to about 19:00) http://jerrywilliams.org/audio/WBBM/wbbm08.m3u

Part 3: http://jerrywilliams.org/audio/WBBM/wbbm09.m3u

Part 4: http://jerrywilliams.org/audio/WBBM/wbbm10.m3u

Part 5: http://jerrywilliams.org/audio/WBBM/wbbm07.m3u

Part 6: http://jerrywilliams.org/audio/WBBM/wbbm06.m3u

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