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How Dare You Question the Word of Government Authorities!

August 29, 2012

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Thanks to anti-liberty militarists such as Lt. Col. Oliver North, a former employee of the White House basement, and socialist neocons such as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Irving Kristol (and don’t forget Junior Kristol), America is now a police state.

And increasingly, those who criticize the government and its imbecilic bureaucrats and police goons are being made victims of an out-of-control Leviathan tyranny run amok.

During the Reagan years, Oliver North and his fellow police staters equated political dissent with treason. But it is really our current government bureaucrats who commit acts of treason with their militant suppression of dissent.

That is in addition to their starting wars of aggression that have done nothing but provoke foreigners to act against us.

Former Marine Brandon Raub was criminally abducted by federal Secret Service and local police authorities and detained illegally without charge in a psychiatric hospital, because some people didn’t like his questioning the official government theories of 9/11.

Brandon Raub’s lawyer, John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has stated that there are others who have been criminally abducted and detained because of their views. As witnessed in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, North Korea and China, when Leviathan grows and its minions’ power and control grow, tolerance of dissent diminishes.

America’s descent had begun long ago, but in more recent years it descends at a more rapid pace. That is what our giving authority and power to central planning bureaucrats gives us.

Washington’s Blog details how others besides Raub have also been seized and taken to psychiatric wards for expressing doubts of government claims. And there Washington also writes about mental health professionals who assert that questioning the government’s explanations for 9/11 is the sane thing to do.

Check out Brandon Raub’s Facebook post of November 11, 2011, given to CBS 6 in Richmond, Virginia. Such words obviously do not pose any threat to others, but we can see how much closer Brandon Raub is to Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry than most of our current government bureaucrats are! That essay also includes assertions about the government’s alleged involvement in 9/11.

But in the USSA, you can’t say those things here.

As Washington’s Blog also noted, the U.S. government planned indefinite detention of citizens long before 9/11. Thanks, Oliver North.

But here is some information on 9/11. For example, over 1,700 architects and engineers support the assertions made by the group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, that the World Trade center towers and Building 7 were brought down by explosives, not by planes or fires. Here is the group’s evidence page. Specifically, here is a collection of videos with these scientists’ explanations. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, by the way, does not blame any particular individual or group for involvement in 9/11.

Which reminds me of 9/11 whistleblower Susan Lindauer, the CIA asset who herself was arrested and detained for several years without a trial, and who was determined to be “delusional,” and in which the government had attempted to put her on antipsychotic medication as well. Lindauer supposedly had knowledge of an impending terrorist attack in the months before 9/11. In this article, Lindauer details why she believes that the WTC towers were wired for explosives in the weeks prior to 9/11.

And here, Paul Craig Roberts asks if the critics of the 9/11 truth movement have a case.

(Hmmm. I wonder what enabled a friend to warn comedian and activist Dick Gregory to cancel a trip to New York just before 9/11? And why did certain Pentagon officials also cancel trips at the same time? Why was San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown also warned to cancel a flight to New York the day before the attacks? Just wondering.)

A lot of people believe that Americans were just here innocently minding our own business when we were suddenly attacked by a group of Muslim terrorists on 9/11, because they “hate us for our freedom and values.” Part of that is true. Most of us Americans were sitting here innocently minding our own business.

But our government bureaucrats – in their zeal to expand the U.S. government’s grasp overseas, especially since 1990 – were intentionally provoking those people on foreign lands, particularly in the Middle East and Asia.

Speaking of warnings, even Ron Paul gave us warnings throughout the 1990s of possible terrorist attacks on American soil, because he was one of the few people in Washington to understand what the effects of an aggressively interventionist U.S. foreign policy would be. (But more recently, his wise advocacy of the Golden Rule in foreign policy gets booed by modern day worshipers of our national security central planning bureaucrats.)

And also, for further investigation on what actually led to 9/11, Eric Margolis and James Bovard have more on what might have motivated the terrorists to commit such terrorist acts.

Finally, independent journalist James Corbett produced this video that questions the official 9/11 explanation in less than 5 minutes. It is quite thorough.

Here is Corbett’s transcript of that video that includes many, many helpful links. Take a look, if you have an open mind, that is.

It is indeed unfortunate that the government is targeting military vets now, and government criminals (sorry for the redundancy) will probably escalate their criminality against honest skeptics that will probably include non-military people. But jeepers, I hope I don’t get criminally abducted and illegally detained by government goons, simply for providing readers here with some links to honest information that questions the government’s official 9/11 conspiracies. But then, I’ve never been a member of the military. (It’s against my religion – I’m a devout coward.)

Further Info on Questioning the 9/11 Official Story

In my article today at (posted below this post), How Dare You Question the Word of Government Authorities, I did not include some important information. Such as one particular 9/11 whistleblower, Susan Lindauer, the CIA asset who herself was arrested and detained for several years without a trial, and who was determined to be “delusional,” and in which the government had attempted to put her on antipsychotic medication as well. Lindauer supposedly had knowledge of an impending terrorist attack in the months before 9/11. In this article, Lindauer details why she believes that the WTC towers were wired for explosives in the weeks prior to 9/11.

And also, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, author of Classified Woman, was an FBI translator who came upon some information after 9/11 consisting of informants who in April of 2001 told the FBI that the terrorist attacks were being planned out. While such information was reported to higher-ups in the FBI, they ignored it, and also the 9/11 Commission ignored the information. Here is Sibel Edmonds’s summary of that situation with specific information on what was told to the FBI prior to 9/11.

And I’m sure this next thing will annoy some people, but who cares. I’m so sick of all this, and the police state that our government has imposed on us for no good reason, and that it seems most sheeple Amerikans seem to obediently accept without question. So, most people didn’t hear that there was a possible Israeli involvement in or pre-knowledge of 9/11. See that info in this Fox News report here. And also, don’t forget to read about the bizarre story of the “Israeli art students.”  And read this ABC News report on the Israelis who were arrested near the burning World Trade Center towers, as they were seen taking movies of the towers and laughing and apparently celebrating. Hmmm.

21st Century American Culture: Sick Degenerates Who Remain Infants Forever

Because yet another goofball Republican made yet another goofy statement — Rep. Todd Akin’s remarks about “legitimate rape” and “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down” — we have yet another goofball Democrat, Sen. Barbara Boxer making even more goofier remarks about “sick” Republicans who hate their mothers. Actually, both the Republicrats and the Demopublicans are sick, in their promoting irresponsibility, sexual perversion, war and the destruction of society and degradation of culture.

But it is the Left and Democrats, in their obsession with sexuality but more specifically a deranged attitude of sexuality that distorts their capacity for reason and logic, that changes their priorities from those of civil liberties to issues of sex-obsession, as Michael Savage referred to last night on his show. Savage was talking about the Obama executive order given in March, the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” executive order that includes the “induction” of civilians into labor for the government, a civilian draft, as well as a complete government takeover of resources including agriculture, water, energy, and health resources. (Jim Powell’s analysis at CATO here, and also see this and this. But despite knowing how dangerous the dictator Obama is, Hot Air pundit Ed Morrissey thinks this executive order is no big deal. Go figure. I guess he doesn’t know about the origins of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.) But did the Left-progressives express any concern about this or other Obama executive orders? Nope.

Savage is correct about the Left and Hollywood elites, whose obsession with abortion and sexual perversions is more important to them than civil liberties. Otherwise, they, too, would be alarmed with Obama’s executive orders, his cracking down on medical marijuana, his drone bombings and murders of innocent civilians overseas, his keeping Gitmo open and continuing the needless torture of innocent people to extract false confessions and falsely implicate others, and, of course, Obama’s signing the Pinochet-Chile-like NDAA into law, itself a “clear and present danger” to us all.

But to Barbara Boxer, only Republicans are sick. Some of them are, including apparently Todd Akin. But there would be far fewer abortions in the past 40 years had our entire culture not declined into degradation and degeneration as it has. The cultural decline in America and mass immediate-gratification-obsession have coincided with the growth of government and the decline in personal responsibility.

I think that to Barbara Boxer, the “war on women” includes people who don’t want to pay for others’ birth control pills or their abortions, or religious-based organizations who don’t want to provide abortion services. That’s a “war on women.” Boxer, of course, doesn’t agree with the idea of freedom of conscience, and she does agree that the government should redistribute your income over to others who do not have a right to it.

But why does this so-called “women’s movement” require that women act like babies and not take responsibility for themselves and their own lives? If you can’t afford birth control pills, then, if that aspect of your selfish id-satisfying, immediate-gratification cravings is so important to you, then sacrifice something less important, like your cable TV, or don’t pay for both iPhones and iPads and their services. It’s called “budgeting,” part of that old-fashioned notion called “personal responsibility.” But our declined culture is now so selfish that people demand that others pay for their selfish pleasures and the consequences of them.

This is reflected on a grander scale by our selfish Congress, who are living high-off-the-hog at the expense of millions of people whose incomes are being siphoned off by these criminals (And by the Federal Reserve.)

But the other day, Michael Graham was discussing this article in the U.K. Telegraph by a Catherine Hakim on the idea of married people having “playfairs,” a “21st-century affair in which would-be adulterers meet, via specialist dating websites, to enjoy the excitement of an illicit relationship without any of the domestic fallout.” This nutcase obviously doesn’t understand the idea of what marriage is all about. Marriage is for grown adults who are responsible and believe in commitment. But these “playfair” clowns, in their infantile need for constant immediate gratification pleasures, refuse to grow up and stop being little babies lying on their backs in the crib peeing in their diapers.

The degenerated American culture is so degenerated because of the refusal of grown adults to accept personal responsibility. This has been reinforced for a century by the growth in governmental powers and control, such as FDR’s Social Security scheme in which people’s right to determine and control their own retirements is seized from them, and other schemes in which government bureaucrats exploit crises as means to seize more and more power and control away from the masses. This has affected just about every aspect of daily life in society, from education to healthcare to the drug war and to people’s repressive sexual attitudes.

Why are so many people so constantly unsatisfied sexually in their relationships and marriages? Is it because people in general are so unsatisfied with their lives emotionally, or because so many people are so dependent and want to be treated like babies? I think that what is truly repressive is the trend of generations of people encouraging their children to start having sex at earlier ages when they are still not emotionally prepared for it. Some people believe that “denying the satisfactions of one’s urges” is itself repressive, but it’s really the opposite of that, at least with teens. The “liberal” parents intend to avoid sexual repression, but they are creating it. In my view, sexual repression is because people are becoming sexually active at younger ages. Given how emotionally immature adolescents are, their involving their newly-discovered sexuality with others, with their peers, is in my view a kind of invitation for violation, mainly because they are too emotionally immature to handle such intimacies. And later in life, no wonder so many people are so sexually unsatisfied in their marriages, because of all the repressed feelings coming from their adolescence associated with their private sexual lives being violated by others (like their parents, as well as peers).

And now along with the growth in government’s size, power and control, we have a police state, in which these armed agents of the State criminally violate our persons, homes, cars, and effects on a daily basis, and it’s getting worse and worse. And so many of the sheeple don’t mind their lives and persons and homes being violated at the commands of police because of generations now of people who were raised to welcome intrusions and violations into their lives in the most personal and intimate ways.

If only our “rulers” and “leaders” over the past century could have set examples to follow, as far as showing of self-respect, personal responsibility, respect for others, self-control and patience are concerned. President Wilson unnecessarily entered the U.S. into World War I, despite treaties in the works in 1917, extending and worsening that war. President Truman murdered thousands of innocent civilians in Japan, even though  the Japanese were already going to surrender. FDR’s stealing of gold, and making everyday businessmen criminals, LBJ’s Vietnam, the Bushes with two unnecessary and illegal Iraq wars and all the blowback that makes us less safe, the list goes on and on. But the degenerated American people do not seem to learn, as we sink deeper and deeper into the quicksand of a sex-obsessed, death-obsessed culture.

Obama Will Win, Thanks to the Clueless Banana Republicans

August 17, 2012

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Michael Rozeff’s post on the Lew Rockwell blog is correct: “Obama Will Win.” Rozeff asserts that “Ron Paul was the strongest candidate for the nomination, but the Republicans chose to die instead…”

The so-called conservatives in America who preferred a socialist Big Government Establishment crackpot like Romney will nominate him and sweep Obama to a second term. The Romney supporters will once again put themselves in denial, call Romney a “conservative,” a “capitalist” (which he certainly is not!) and pretend that he would actually entertain the thought of cutting budgets, cutting deficits, dealing with the National Debt, dealing with the current failed system of monetary central planning, and so on.

America is also a sick country, and a banana republic with a “Chief Justice” who bent over backwards to rubber stamp Obama’s SovietCare. America is sick, with millions of people dependent on government, and millions unnecessarily employed by governments — federal, state and local. And America is a police state.

A few nights ago while filling in for Michael Savage, Jed Babbin was defending Romney’s choice for VP, Paul Ryan, and defending Ryan’s budget that does nothing to heal America’s economic problems. The fill-in host was also defending Ryan’s plan to “replace” ObamaCare with something that the Republicans have in mind, which is nothing resembling free markets, and not having any better sense of medical freedom and privacy. Just the same kind of socialism and medical fascism, but a little less socialism to fool the voters so that these socialist Republicans can get themselves reelected, for that is the bottom line. (See Jacob Hornberger on Republicans’ unwillingness to repeal ALL medical socialism, and see Laurence Vance on the socialist, unconstitutional Paul Ryan budget here, and see Vance here — and here on Republican hypocrisy on ObamaCare, and see Robert Wenzel’s take on Paul Ryan’s “slick healthcare plan,” and Wenzel’s list of articles on Paul Ryan.)

And then the next night, Michael Savage returned to his show, and brought up the millions of rounds of ammunition that the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies have purchased, like they know something is going to happen and they’re preparing for it. But Savage said that many people now fear Obama, and fear that Obama is going to start something of a violent nature against the American people. Yes, Obama is something to fear, given all his recent executive orders, his use of a new Soviet-like medical takeover to have more control over the people’s private lives.

So listen everyone, we had better get to the polls this November and vote for Romney to prevent the tyranny — NOT!

Because these “conservatives” like Savage don’t seem to want to believe that Romney will do the same thing, especially now that the police state apparatus is in place for him to do it. The same police state apparatus that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney put in place for Obama to do what he’s doing now.

The people in denial who nominated an outright socialist and fascist will have to face the fact the Willard Romney is as much a political opportunist and a self-centered narcissist as Obama, just another politician who wants power and doesn’t want the people to have freedom!

So of course Romney approves of NDAA and opposes due process, approves of assassinating Americans without showing evidence against the accused, supports torturing of innocents, supports the idiotic drug war, and starting wars of aggression against foreigners who were of no threat to us. Romney is just another part of Amerika’s banana republic sickness of statism.

So in addition to these clowns, we have the Homeland Security secretary whose department is alleged to discriminate against male employees and use sexual humiliation against them as well. I am not surprised, given James Janet Napolitano’s sick TSA that exists solely for security theater and for no other reason, as its employees humiliate and intimidate travelers as well as sporting event attendees and others. And the buffoons of the “Supreme” Court also approved of police strip searching of people arrested for parking tickets and walking dogs without a leash.

Only in a sick, banana republic is all this happening. As Naomi Wolf observed, governments use sexual humiliation as a political tool to control the masses.

You see, the difference between Ron Paul and his son, Sen. Rand Paul, is that Ron Paul wants to get rid of the totally unnecessary and criminal TSA altogether, but Rand Paul wants to merely rearrange the deck chairs. I am not surprised that Rand — who wants to deport or put in prison certain people (such as Muslims?) merely for attending certain political speeches — and who is apparently clueless about why we have had terrorism in the first place, would endorse Willard Romney.

So, the TSA criminality at the airports and elsewhere is mere security theater, and isn’t preventing terrorism. Neither are the wars that George W. Bush started and Obama continues to wage. The real way to end the threat of terrorism in America is to end U.S. government provocations overseas that it has been committing for 6 or 7 decades now.

You see, if you go over and trespass on foreign lands and murder foreigners as the U.S. government has been doing since World War II, and since 1990 in the Middle East especially, that provokes the foreigners and makes them want to come over here and do the same to us. And mind you, it is not we the American people who have been initiating such provocations overseas, it is our government that has been doing it. But we the American people are made more vulnerable over here by our stupid government bureaucrats and politicians’ aggressions overseas!

Unfortunately, the history ignoramuses, the TV-hypnotized public, don’t see it that way. They believe that everything began on 9/11, and won’t believe you if you inform them of what our government imbeciles have been doing since well before 9/11. (See here and here for further details.)

You have to shake off all the government-media-complex’s propaganda to really understand what our government has done to foreigners as a means of making us less secure and more vulnerable.

It would have helped had mainstream media reporters, TV show hosts and pundits not ignored and smeared Ron Paul during the presidential campaign, though. He could’ve gotten the truth out more effectively. CNN’s Candy Crowley was just one example out of many.

But as I referred to in my article, Authoritarianism or Self-Determination (that didn’t seem to get very much attention, oh well), the mainstream media won’t tell you what the government is doing. Anything that glorifies the State and diminishes liberty is what matters. So the Michael Savage “conservative” crowd have been propagandized to support the Bush-Obama “war on terror,” and growing police state.

But the Left is so taken in by feel-good socialist class warfare and envy politics, they would never believe what a fascist tyrant Obama really is. Glenn Greenwald is one of the few writers who exposes the Obama warmongering and the corrupt news media who serve his interests for more power. Many on the Left wouldn’t believe Obama’s war on government whistleblowers (and see here).

Greenwald wrote about how the Obama Administration’s war on whistleblowers is reaching more than just the Department of Defense and military, and the extent to which bureaucrats are covering up their tracks to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests and basic government transparency guidelines. Greenwald notes:

(Evading legal transparency requirements is, like persecuting whistleblowers, a standard practice for the Most Transparent Administration Ever™: recently disclosed emails revealed that Jim Messina — then-former White House deputy chief of staff, now the Obama campaign manager – deliberately met with lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry at coffee houses rather than the White House when drafting the health care bill, and used his personal rather than official email account to communicate with them, in order to evade record-preservation and transparency obligations).

If you think the Obama Administration is corrupt, then given how dishonest, phony, flip-flopping and unprincipled Romney is, and given how then-Gov. Romney’s staff replaced Massachusetts State House computers and hard drives as a means of covering up maintaining bureaucratic secrecy, do you honestly believe that a President Romney will be any less corrupt and sleazy than the current White House communist occupant?

And some of these bureaucrats don’t even try to hide their incompetence and delusional behaviors now. On the face of it, Fast and Furious is a socialist, central-planning program to do something stupid (deliver guns to Mexican gangsters) with the intention of effecting some fantasized goal that, if the central planners actually thought about their stupid plan they would decide against it.

Actually thinking about their own proposals and policies is something foreign to government bureaucrats. The planners would have decided against Fast and Furious based on all the possible (and likely) unintended consequences (e.g. guns getting in the “wrong hands” and ending up being used to murder innocents).

The real answers to problems that the central planners are allegedly attempting to deal with are: ending the socialist war on drugs, ending the socialist war on immigration, and ending the socialist war on guns.

But we can safely speculate that AG Eric Holster’s real intention with Fast and Furious is to convince enough people to accept the government’s disarming of the people so that the civilian population can’t defend themselves against Leviathan’s tyranny. Even the clueless Republicans and conservatives, including Michael Savage, want to help the government disarm the civilian population. Savage and others cave to the emotionalism associated with a shooting in a theater or at a  religious house of worship, but do not understand the real issue — and this relates to why the Obama Administration is loading up on ammunition coinciding with their attempts to disarm the American people. Savage and others don’t understand that, if the government, police and military possess AK-47s and other similar types of weaponry, then the civilians have a right to be equally armed.

Why? Jacob Hornberger pointed out why the American Revolutionaries opposed the government even having a standing army in the first place. And as Laurence Vance showed, the centralized military is used as the President’s personal army, and doesn’t serve the interests of the people of the country. The federal government’s military, and other agencies that are now allowed to have armed power and authority, will be used by the President, Obama/Romney etc., against the people. And yes, it “can happen here.” (And it already has.)

But the gullible TV-hypnotized American public will vote for Obama or Romney, and probably Obama will win.

The U.S. is continuing on life support, as Americans live under an inherently flawed system of central planning that is destined to collapse under its own weight. If the clueless conservatives really wanted to reverse the growth of Leviathan and the threat of federal government tyranny, they had their chance in 2012 with Ron Paul. (Perhaps there’s another chance.)

American Zombies Support Our Police State

I have posted several articles recently telling of the disturbing trend toward a further armed and strengthened police state and further disarmed civilian population. And while I’ve been wanting to write a post or article about all this, I’ve been procrastinating doing so, because, well, it really is quite terrifying, all this stuff that’s really happening. A lot of people are in denial, but a lot more people are extremely ignorant and clueless about what’s going on. Then there are those other ones who approve of the increasing strengthening of the armed government and disarming of the civilian population.

First, Jim Karger at Dollar Vigilante wrote an article suggesting that, when government police or military come for your guns, you will give them your guns, or be killed. He made some good points as far as the reality of just how heavily armed and militarized local government-monopolized police departments are now. And I did write this article regarding Barack Obomber’s “FEMA camps” which really will be used by federal goons to detain political dissidents and protesters when there will be a financial collapse and civil unrest in Amerika.

So, if that happens, or if these goons attempt to kidnap or harm you and your family, some people (such as Karger, I suppose) are suggesting that, to save your life, you need to just submit and obey and go with them. But I’m not sure about that. If you happen to be someone who has spoken out against the Regime, criticized Obama or Bush or Willard, then there’s a good chance that you (or your family) may not even survive such a trip to the “FEMA camps,” and you might as well fight back to protect yourself and your family.

However, in the past month or so, there is a totally brand new twist to all this. That UN Arms Trade Treaty, in which, if Obama signs it, supposedly it gives foreign troops not only the “right” to trespass on our lands, but gives them some kind of authority to confiscate Americans‘ guns!

First, no treaty signed by some President gives foreigners the “right” to trespass on our lands, public or private. And second, when foreign troops do trespass on our lands, Americans must consider that an invasion, and an act of war, regardless of intentions.

So the suggestion that American police officers or military personnel would be coming to your home and unconstitutionally confiscating your guns is bad enough. But that foreign troops would be at your home, at your door insisting that you hand over your guns? In that case especially, if they are foreign troops, then of course you have a right to defend yourself from them and protect yourself and your family. Jim Karger says that they will have heavy armaments and perhaps tanks outside or drones above waiting to incinerate any household who refuses to comply. But if there is widespread civil unrest, rioting and violence, then, if you are disarmed, chances are you will get killed anyway without any means to defend yourself.

Another aspect of the current President signing a gun-confiscation treaty with foreign governments and allowing foreign troops into the U.S. to invade our country: The recent abuses by Obama such as NDAA are acts of turning the military against Americans and thus treasonous. But inviting foreign troops into the country especially to forcibly disarm Americans is even more an act of treason! I still can’t believe that no one in Congress has yet to submit articles of impeachment of Obama for the unconstitutional and treasonous acts he has already been committing, from Fast and Furious to the drug war to NDAA and setting up FEMA prison camps! What a bunch of spineless, limp-wristed losers in CONgress!

At the Dollar Vigilante blog, Jeff Berwick has a follow-up post to Karger’s on the gun confiscation. Berwick adds some more reality of what Amerika has become now. Good luck in fighting back when the local police are aiding and abetting the federal military’s (and foreigners’!) crimes that these government goons will be committing against you.

The recent false flag in Aurora is another good example of how governments use false flags to disarm their own people. Even Republicans support disarming law-abiding, innocent and decent civilians.

A lot of people are really in denial, though. They really can’t imagine the possibility that our own government could turn their armaments and weaponry against its own people. I’ve even put together a page you can see toward the top of this blog titled “USSA Amerika,” with many links to articles describing what a totalitarian police state Amerika has become.

And also, most people are clueless about the real future of Amerika, as long as the system of central planning stays in place. They just can’t imagine that the entire system could collapse and that widespread civil and social unrest and massive rioting could occur. Also food shortages and food riots, again because of monetary and agricultural central planning and controls. Most people are not prepared. (I know I’m not.)

Of course, because a lot of people don’t actually read what they are looking at — because they have a 0ne-second attention span and because of their cell phone, TV-watching and texting addictions — they do not actually understand the concepts of what is being discussed in the articles I link to on my “USSA Amerika” page. But also, the content of those articles is terrifying, and one tends to not want to believe what the article is saying. And also, most people have never heard about many of those things being discussed, certainly not from their much-trusted mainstream media news sources. They really see all that and really assume it’s all just a bunch of “conspiracy theory” stuff.

Another reason for such denial is that many people, brainwashed by government-controlled schooling for 12 or 16 years, believe in this severely-ingrained idea of “American Exceptionalism.” They actually believe that America is “exceptional,” or that our government has the Godly right to trespass on foreign lands and confiscate privately-owned civilian firearms from foreigners, as our beloved troops did to the people of Iraq.

Many American Exceptionalists, it seems to me, believe that it is okay for our government to set up military bases on those foreign lands, but it’s not okay for foreign governments to set up their military bases here on our lands. Why, that would be absurd! (Given what traitor Obama has been doing, it wouldn’t surprise me if he signs some treaty with some foreign regime to allow it to put its own military base in Texas of California.)

But many Exceptionalists are moral relativists, and they are selfish, self-centered narcissists and believe that they and their country rule the world, that natural resources on foreign lands belong to Americans (but that natural resources here in the U.S. don’t belong to foreigners). But not only is their country, good ol’ US of A, the greatest country ever, but our government — yes, that one in D.C. with the skyrocketing debt, one federal abuse of power after another, the most corrupt and criminal bureaucrats ever in the history of humankind, yeah, that U.S. government — is the greatest government ever. People really believe that, and they worship the federal government, and they sheepishly and gullibly and naively believe the lies and propaganda the government bureaucrats tell them. And most people would never, ever believe that the corrupt criminals in D.C. would ever turn the guns on the American people, suppress our rights of free speech, political dissent, freedom of religion, due process (!), or our right of self-defense. (Despite the fact that the monsters have already been doing that for a long time, especially since 9/11.)

It is not easy living amongst a population of zombies.