Government Fascists Run Amok

Besides the already fascist policies of registering private gun owners with the government, Sen. Dianne Feinstein now is proposing to fingerprint gun owners. But the process of fingerprinting is an act of processing criminal suspects. It is a search of one’s person that is done based on “reasonable suspicion,” that the person who has been arrested is actually suspected of having committed some specific crime. Searches of one’s person, property and effects are illegal unless the “authorities” have some kind of “reasonable suspicion,” and also a warrant signed by a judge.

You see, fascist politicians like Dianne Feinstein do not understand the Fourth Amendment, and they do not understand history. There was a reason why the early Americans wrote the Fourth Amendment, and that was to make rules for the government to follow in an attempt (albeit a failed attempt) to protect the rights and security of the people. To do a search and gathering of evidence (which is what fingerprinting is, not merely “identification”) from a totally innocent individual and keep that information in a database is an extreme violation of the rule of law, and yet another act of criminality committed by government bureaucrats.

Such illegal searches and databases also make the people less secure. The Fourth Amendment begins “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…” That means that we all have a right to be secure.

But just how secure is an individual if the government (of all things!) keeps a database of your personally-identifiable fingerprints, and whether or not one owns or keeps firearms as well? We know that government databases are breached all the time.

It just seems that everything these government bureaucrats are doing these days makes the people less secure. Stupid government bureaucrats started an illegal war of aggression against Iraq in 1991, intentionally destroyed Iraq’s civilian water and sewage treatment centers and the electrical means to operate them. That was followed by sanctions and no-fly zones, deliberately preventing the Iraqis from rebuilding, which led to skyrocketing disease and cancer rates and the deaths of up to 1 million Iraqi civilians, many of them children. And that was before the year 2001, and before 9/11 !

You see, such immoral actions obviously provoked not only Iraqis but there was then even more anti-American sentiment throughout the Middle-East. And that, along with other invasive, aggressive U.S. government foreign policies, led to 9/11. So, stupid corrupt government bureaucrats like then-President George H.W. Bush did things to intentionally provoke foreigners which made us Americans less secure. Bush’s stupid son, George W. Bush followed in his father’s footsteps “filling Dad’s shoes” in starting another war against Iraq. Iraq was of no threat to America in 1991 and again was of no threat to America in 2003. Bush the Younger (and dumber) also invaded Afghanistan in 2001 which was also of no threat to America and had no role in 9/11 as well. Bush the Younger was quoted in 1999 as to have said that a good war would be good “political capital.” (It got him reelected.)

And the reason that the first President Bush invaded Iraq in 1991 had nothing to do with Kuwait or oil — it was because the Cold War was coming to a close, and the Soviet threat was collapsing. Such an end to the Cold War meant the necessary reducing of U.S. government presence and military bases overseas. And that meant drastic cuts in military spending, which meant a reduction in the military-industrial-security-complex’s profits off the backs of the workers and producers of America (a.k.a. “taxpayers”).

All these illicit government actions did was to make Americans less safe. When you invade and occupy other people’s territories and murder their people, those invasions and occupations are provocations. And now because of the Unpatriotic Act and NDAA and other police state policies implemented by those politicians and clowns in Washington, not only are Americans less safe because our government provokes foreigners, but we are less safe from our own government’s intrusions and crimes against the people, including illegal searches, surveillance, tracking, trespasses, unlawful arrests and incarcerations, suppression of speech and political dissent, and so on.

So much for our “right to be secure.”

These treasonous imbeciles in Washington such as Dianne Feinstein and the Bushes are the real criminals of society. And shame on them. And shame on those who support them and their criminal policies as well.

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