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The Chickenhawk Commissars and the San Francisco Communists: Hand in Hand, Haters of Freedom

Lew Rockwell has this article today on the neocon “commissars” who want to silence those who speak truth to power and who favor individual liberty and private property. And Justin Raimondo has this piece on the San Francisco communists’ “gay pride” parade which is turning out to be more of a “State pride” parade.

The San Francisco “gay pride” parade committee has reversed its decision to make Bradley Manning the parade’s grand marshal. Some of the very “prideful” spoke or wrote of Manning as a “traitor,” and that is the reason for their reversal. Now, if you’re very gullible and easily propagandized by government bureaucrats, then you probably believe that Bradley Manning is a “traitor.”

But what Manning did — releasing “classified” documents, most of which were not sensitive to U.S. national security, and thus did not pose a threat to soldiers or to the American public — was not to “aid and abet” the enemy, but to inform the American people of our government and military bureaucrats’ blatant war crimes and bureaucrats and diplomats’ gross incompetence and buffoonery. (From the U.K. Guardian, here are the Afghanistan War Logs, and the U.S. Embassy Cables, for a reminder.)

Manning’s motivations were not out of loyalty to “the enemy,” but loyalty to America. His loyalty was not to government bureaucrats or military high commanders, but to the American people. That is in total contrast to our Rulers, those corrupt and incompetent bureaucrats in Washington, whose loyalty is not to the American people but to the profiteers and campaign contributors of the military-security-congressional-industrial complex, and to a globalist, central-planning agenda.

The globalist, central planning agenda is what brings those “progressives” (i.e. communists) in San Francisco close together with the neocon chickenhawks for whom there have not been enough wars to plan out from the comfort of their own little secure, undisclosed locations.

As Lew Rockwell notes, the “commissar” neocons have their roots in Trotsky, who believed in spreading the socialist utopia globally (by force, obviously), just as the covetous neocons have been attempting to do since the end of Cold War. Those neocons have been using the armed power of the State to implement their delusional, central planning fantasies of how they think the inhabitants of foreign territories must live their lives (and sacrifice their natural resources for the covetous, interventionist droolers). And by “the State” I am specifically referring of course to the U.S. government which has existed through enslaving the labor of the American workers and producers and expropriating their private wealth and property.

That government expansion and spreading of U.S. government apparatus worldwide is very communist in nature, in my view. It certainly isn’t respectful of private property and the sanctity of human life, that’s for sure.

So the neocons and the San Francisco commies join in their loyalty to authoritarianism and a strong centralized regime to decide how others in and outside of America must live.

As opposed to Bradley Manning, whose loyalty is to the truth, the rule of law and the American people, the San Francisco commies and the chickenhawk neocon Trotskyites’ loyalty is to the evil, murderous, covetous State.

The Massachusetts ACLU Is Not Challenging the Police Crimes in Watertown

Yesterday I posted a link to an article including photos and videos of the illegal and unconstitutional police home searches in Watertown, Massachusetts. I think we are clearly ****ed when so many amongst the population approve of these Nazi-like police tactics.

Jim Davies has a great piece on today, Divides, on how most of the population approve of this Fourth Reich, but there are some of us who recognize how criminal and thuggish it is to order innocent civilians from their homes while the armed officers of the State search the premises (and possibly steal, and, beyond just looking for a possibly hiding suspect but unlawfully search for drugs and weapons as well).

To show how low America has sunk, even the ACLU in Massachusetts has stated that the police acted legally, at least according to Massachusetts ACLU executive director Carol Rose.

Unbelievable. You see, police really must have a specific reason to believe that a specific suspect is hiding in a specific home to have “probable cause” to search the home. You can’t just go on some community-wide fishing expedition. There are rules to follow in a society that presumably exists under the rule of law. Everyone must follow the rule of law, including police.

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution mentions “probable cause.” AND, the police must have a written warrant, signed by a judge, and obtained with “reasonable suspicion.” If there is no reason to believe that the suspect is in that specific home, then you may not search the home. Period.

And further, ordering people to leave their home while police go in to search? What the hell kind of crap is that? This is pure criminality, the whole thing. The Fourth Amendment mentions “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.” But how secure in your person, house, papers and effects are you when police (of all people!!) are in your home while you are not there to supervise them? (“What? Don’t you trust the police?” Barf!)

Yeah, I know. “Exigent circumstances.” F that, as far as I am concerned. As Jim Davies notes in the linked article above, if we didn’t have a government that has been invading, victimizing, bombing and murdering innocents overseas for decades and decades, foreigners would thus have no reason to retaliate against America. Most people don’t understand that because they are brainwashed zombies who believe everything that the government propagandists tell them, as repeated word-for-word by the stenographers in the mainstream media.

And so we need to rethink the idea of socialist government monopoly over community security and policing. When bureaucrats monopolize something, especially something giving the bureaucrats armed authority and artificial officialdom, then we have fascism. The police socialism and fascism that has existed in America has had its tough times, especially during crises, such as the 1968 Chicago convention, the Rodney King ordeal, and the Occupy movement more recently. But now it has spiraled out of control, and this society is quickly becoming a total police state, and for no good reason!

It is disgusting that this is happening in Massachusetts of all places!

Carol Burnett Turns 80 Today

Carol Burnett turns 80 today.

The Carol Burnett Show was my favorite TV show during the 1970s, the dreaded years of middle school and high school. I really couldn’t miss it. (Here are Carol Burnett Show DVDs at for those who are interested.)

Here is Carol doing one of her regular question and answer sessions at the beginning of the show:

In this one, Carol plays the Queen (of England), christening a new ship named after a “hero” played by Tim Conway. Harvey Korman plays the “King”:

And here is Carol playing a lady talking to her psychiatrist:

Warrantless Searches and Criminal Government Bureaucrats (But I Repeat Myself)

Link to article at Strike the Root

For months I had been working on a piece for STR on government police, the right of self-defense and the Second Amendment, along the lines of this blog post. But I had been procrastinating and doing other things, mainly because of the difficulty in doing such a “controversial” piece, and I was even considering using a different name (that is, if the editor didn’t reject it altogether).

However, now that I’ve lived through the horrific Boston Siege of 2013, I will not complete that article. The aforementioned blog post will have to do. (And this article by Larken Rose also makes some relevant points, albeit with a somewhat provocative title.)

Instead, I will express how terrified I am of the police, and government bureaucrats in general (even more than I already was), although Paul Bonneau would probably say that I need not be.

While I don’t live in Watertown, Massachusetts, the town that suffered the worst of the criminal intrusions and terrorism inflicted by the various Gestapo police agencies, I do live in one of the areas surrounding that community that various police agency heads and Nazi Gov. Deval Patrick had “urged” all of us to stay at home (“shelter-in-place”) and don’t go out at all.

I say “Nazi” Gov. Patrick not because he is a practicing or devout Nazi or a registered, card-carrying member of the Nazi Party. But, given his recent gun-grabbing mouth-foaming, his new law to fingerprint teachers and adoptive parents like criminal suspects, and his fascist order that we stay off the roads during the Blizzard of 2013 or else he’ll throw us in jail, I would have to say that if it talks like a Nazi, and walks like a Nazi . . . . And that goes for the stormtroopers who not only barged into the homes of innocent Watertown residents to search without warrants, but ordered them out of their homes during searches as well. (To steal stuff perhaps? Illegally search for firearms, drugs and so forth?)

Yes, those Nazis.

So I am really terrified of these government bureaucrats and police people. They are the real terrorists, and they are dangerous.

Actually, I am also terrified of the obedient sheeple who do not seem to understand what is really being done to them.
Arthur Silber had this reaction to the situation and how people passively accept their abuse.

And by the way, the bill that Gov. Patrick signed into law to fingerprint teachers was a knee-jerk, irrational response to one lone child-molesting pervert in the news.

What is it with these idiots who must punish innocent people by treating them like criminal suspects, thus compromising their security, because of what someone else did?

Like Herr Bloomberg and Frau Feinstein who want to disarm and make defenseless innocent civilians because of what one lone murderer did. Honestly, these Rulers of ours are really stupid people. Either that or they’re just a bunch of sadists (or both).

Many laws and policies now, whether it’s gun control, regulations of everyday behaviors or business matters, treat totally innocent people like criminals, in which you have to prove your innocence.

This is not the America in which I grew up.

And while I’m not a big fan of the U.S. Constitution, I will point out that those Boston area so-called police took an oath to obey the Constitution, and those who participated in the warrantless searches in Watertown violated such an oath. They acted like criminals, and if I believed in the “criminal justice” system that we have now (but shouldn’t), I would suggest that they be charged with searching without warrants, endangerment, trespassing, and, in my opinion, terrorism. And that goes for the highest in command who ordered the crimes to take place. (But I think the people’s right to self-defense and the right to bear arms speaks for itself.)

But how long might this had gone on had that civilian (non-government-criminal) Watertown resident not found the alleged suspect in his boat in the back yard? Three days? A week? Would they then have expanded the illegal home-searching to include the towns surrounding Watertown? How about all of Massachusetts? (The nazi Gov. Deval Patrick’s order to stay off the roads or he’ll throw us in jail during the Blizzard of 2013 applied to ALL of Massachusetts, even those not heavily affected by the blizzard.)

Are these government bureaucrats and police criminals going to continue doing more of these things now, and for reasons not as “serious” as locating an alleged terrorism suspect?

Clearly, the government criminals will now be searching in people’s homes for a “dangerous terrorism suspect” or someone who has escaped form prison, or someone who was alleged to kill his family, or for bank robbers, etc. Then it will be “gold hoarders,” homeschoolers, “off-the-gridders,” you get my drift.

But when the government police are searching the homes, they will start looking in closets, and then opening drawers, etc. (Yeah, we got a terrorism suspect hiding in a desk drawer here . . . .) For that is what government does. (Private civilians and businesspeople tend to not commit such intrusions, don’t you know.)

And, yes, they’re going to start arresting people who have visible signs of “anti-government” papers or books. It’s inevitable in this Orwellian, Twilight Zone Amerika. (Or they will arrest people for possessing that Bible, especially here in Christian-hating communist Massachusetts.)

So, if there is a siege in your neighborhood, you had better hide your Murray Rothbard books, and your copy of End the Fed, or you could be arrested and brought to the local town jail in which they strip search (including cavity search-rapes) even those arrested for minor offenses such as walking the dog sans leash. Yes, strip search. The Supreme Bureaucrats said that was okay, you know.

That strip search stuff, by the way, along with the TSA groping and molesting, is part of how the criminal State operates in its drive to control the people, and is also a means for its agents to get their thrills and power trips.

And what about the thousands and thousands of laws that are on the books that could make any one of us a suspect and the police want to search our homes and frisk us?

Expect not only widespread police-criminal searches, but thefts of your property, such as laptops, cell phones, and other goodies. What are you going to do, report a police officer to the police?

Given that the State is a monopoly, and its agents are allowed to act above the law, of course that will attract those who will act lawlessly. The State inherently attracts those of a criminal bent, given that the State is itself a criminal enterprise. It will naturally attract those who not only have no problem with taking stuff from others and getting away with it, but those who get off on intruding themselves into other people’s homes and going through their things, violating others’ personal space and persons, and committing acts of aggression against others, and getting away with it.

I know, I know. There are some good apples who are in government employment, even including some police. But where are they? Why are there so many news stories of cops getting away with the worst atrocities (or being disciplined with “paid vacations”)? And, when those good cops out there actually do attempt to act as whistleblowers, they get fired?

Yes, many of these government people are dangerous and they are terrifying. (Certainly more than your local accountant, or other private sector workers, that’s for sure.)

As Stephen Lendman wrote just this week, most of the terrorism being committed against innocents is committed by the State and its agents.

And now, some local police departments are hiring military veterans, from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that George W. Bush started, many of whom are stressed out and suffering from PTSD. And the wars included “Kill Teams.” According to one soldier involved with the “Kill Teams,” “everyone just wants to kill people at any cost.” (Jeepers, I hope that’s not true. Just imagine them patrolling the streets of America.) And there have been the lowered recruitment standards, recruits with criminal records, the military’s sexual assault complaints from female personnel, and male-against-male sexual assault complaints in the thousands.

And many in the military are being prescribed those anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, and other dangerous drugs. And some of them are apparently mixing the drugs into “cocktails.”

Do you really have any cause for concern over these things? No, no, no – not at all. (Not if you are an expat, of course.)

As Dr. Peter Breggin noted, those SSRI anti-depressants have already been shown to contribute to suicides, and overly aggressive and violent behavior. Many recent mass shooters had been on some of these dangerous prescription drugs. The alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes was said to be taking the same drug that one of the Columbine school shooters was on. And people who knew the Lanza family had stated that alleged Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was “on medication,” but thus far investigators have not revealed what that might have been.

A lot of the younger police are from the generation now in which a high percentage of kids are being diagnosed with one “mental illness” or another, and given dangerous drugs such as Ritalin or those anti-depressants.

I am really looking forward to a future of peace and liberty in America. Aren’t you?

But as I’ve said here previously, we will really need to protect ourselves from the State, a truly dangerous and inherently criminal institution. Good luck, everyone.

The Occupying Criminal Nazi Government Terrorists Who Rule Over Us

Infowars has a good article with photos and videos on the Watertown Siege. Many of us have been warning how the post-9/11 knee-jerk police state and the militarized local police all across America will devolve into a full police state. We are called, “conspiracy theorists” and “paranoid” by the sheeple and the brownshirts who have no problem with repealing the Fourth and Fifth Amendments (and the entire Bill of Rights actually), people who do not believe that the Rulers must follow the rule of law.

Just look at how innocent civilians are treated as criminal suspects. These government police Nazis are the ones committing actual crimes against innocent civilians. This is outright thuggery and criminality, yet the sheeple go along with it. This is totally disgusting.

Yet no one in Massachusetts will move to bring criminal charges against the perpetrators of these crimes, these criminal violations of person and property, of literally terrorizing these innocent people. No one will attempt to impeach those in charge who ordered these crimes to take place, including Gov. Deval Patrick and the heads of these various state police and local police departments.

This is Dick Cheney’s Amerika, and Oliver North’s Amerika. I’m sure you Massachusetts “liberals” and “progressives” are really proud of yourselves.

Do you really think that we will be any freer from now on? Or less free and more tyrannized from now on?

“We the Sheeple …”

April 22, 2013

Copyright © 2013 by (Link to article)

To some people, referring to “sheeple” sounds demeaning. However, when we have an entire population of millions in the greater Boston area not going out of their homes, and an entire community under siege because of one lone criminal, I will say, “Sheeple.”

Americans seem so dependent on the government for everything, and are so hypnotized now by the government’s fear-mongering and rationalizations for its abuse.

The people really seem to be saying, “Sock it to me!” like on the 1960s TV series, Laugh-In. The star would say, “Sock it to me,” which would be followed by the star getting hit over the head by a giant club, a wall caving in on the chump, or a huge amount of water being splashed on the dupe’s person.

Well, I think that each time we have an election, like last November, the American people say, “Sock it to me, baby!”

And then they get socked. And then they act surprised. “Wha happen?”

What reminded me of this was one of the U.S. senate’s latest turncoats, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, who attempted to pass a gun control compromise bill, which failed.

This was the “conservative” that Tea Partiers were swooning over in his failed bid to defeat Sen. Arlene Specter, but later did get elected to the senate. So, with Toomey’s latest gun control compromise, I was saying, “Sock it Toomey, baby.”

In fact, one conservative Boston Herald columnist felt very betrayed by former Republican Sen. Scott Brown in his switch to the anti-2nd Amendment side, and his votes for Dodd-Frank, raising payroll taxes and the Obama “jobs” bill. She compared such a betrayal to “leaving a bride at the altar.”

But this pattern of the American people getting bamboozled by these professional pols never seems to stop. Americans continue to have faith in their Rulers, despite the betrayals, the squandering of the loot they steal, and their growing police state Leviathan that threatens each and every one of us.

And to get an idea of what masochistic sheeple the people of Massachusetts are, in 2008 they voted by 70%-30% against repealing the state income tax. (Who in his right mind would vote against being able to keep more of his own earnings?)

And now Gov. Deval Patrick and the legislature want to raise taxes even more!

So, like the people of Massachusetts, the American people continue to beg, “Sock it to us, government.”

As H.L. Mencken wrote, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

And with that, Attention Deficit Democracy author James Bovard observed, “We now have the Battered Citizen Syndrome: the more debacles, the more voters cling to faith in their rulers.”

And this is also how Americans tend to respond to crises, whether they be natural disasters, a mass shooter, or being attacked by terrorists. When these crises happen, the extremely naïve and gullible people plead with their Rulers – government bureaucrats – to increase the intrusions, their wealth confiscations, their police state, and so forth. “Anything to keep us safe. Please. Sock it to me – good and hard!”

And the government Rulers really do sock it to the people – good and hard.

So, this past week there was a “lockdown” situation in the Boston area to find one lone alleged killer, a 19-year-old “pothead” who played soccer and who most of his acquaintances couldn’t believe could be involved in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Outside of Police State Watertown, the entire Boston area was literally a ghost town, all day. Millions of people “advised” by the fascist government police to stay at home and don’t go out. And the martial law police state didn’t even achieve its goal of catching the suspect!

But how much of an added risk would it have been to people’s lives to just go about their business that day, go to work, do their shopping, or go to school, regardless of whether one lone criminal was on the loose?

Well, life is full of risks, but the sheeple of America have become phobic of any risk in life whatsoever, unfortunately.

In contrast to the fascists’ tyrannizing and terrorizing of the obedient sheeple, Market Ticker’s Karl Denninger had this more sensible alternative to the police state lockdown in Boston:

What should be the response is that every American who lives in that area should go about their business while openly carrying a pistol, rifle or both.

Go ahead — try that terrorist crap with the proper response to such an event and see how long you live.  That would instantly be the end of those terrorists and the economic disruption would be zero.  It would also send a strong message — pull that crap and we the people will do our duty as citizens to the common defense.

Unfortunately, such a scenario is too frightening to the sheeple who would rather be kept in their martial law prisons.

But while Toomey’s compromise gun-grabbing bill was voted down this week, Premier Obama has been hinting at yet another executive power grab. On the senate’s vote against the Toomey-Manchin compromise, Obama whined, “They blocked common-sense gun reforms…”

You mean “communist” sense reforms, don’t you, Herr Obama?

Anyway, it is truly a disgusting act of exploitation the way Obama paraded the survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre around to get votes for his fascist gun-grabbing.

While they continue to be emotionally manipulated by the simple-minded rationale that making them defenseless will “reduce gun violence,” the sheeple do not see that they are making themselves more vulnerable to government’s gun violence.

As Judge Napolitano wrote,

The principal reason the colonists won the American Revolution is that they possessed weapons equivalent in power and precision to those of the British government. If the colonists had been limited to crossbows that they had registered with the king’s government in London, while the British troops used gunpowder when they fought us here, George Washington and Jefferson would have been captured and hanged.

We also defeated the king’s soldiers because they didn’t know who among us was armed, because there was no requirement of a permission slip from the government in order to exercise the right to self-defense.

And Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes passionately wrote a Pledge of Resistance against the government’s disarmament agenda.

Now, before readers panic and conclude that I am promoting any kind of “anti-government militia movement,” no, I am not doing that.

I am merely pointing out the primary reason the writers of the Bill of Rights included the 2nd Amendment: to protect the people’s right to defend themselves against government tyrants.

As we have seen with the Amerikan police state, Leviathan’s growing tyranny and recent Presidents’ starting of wars for no good reason, the early Americans had many reasons to oppose even the existence of a national standing army, as Jacob Hornberger wrote here and here.

However, the “conservative” Tea Partiers seem just as ignorant as many progressives, as seen by the Tea Partiers’ level of authoritarianism and deference to Washington’s central planners.

The conservatives, nationalists and collectivists of the right also say, “Sock it to me” in their love of men in uniforms, their worship of all things police and military, and their demonizing of anyone who dares to question the legitimacy of government police and military.

These authoritarians will have a very hard time understanding the possibility of tyranny happening here in Good ol’ US of A, as voluntaryist Larken Rose pointed out.

So, even if the “Law and Order conservatives” read William Grigg, Cop Block, Radley Balko, and Rick Horowitz every day, they still wouldn’t understand how like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany America is now.

And the people around here in Boston cheered all the militarized police in their fascist security theater. Most of the obedient sheeple would never believe the possibility of FBI or private agents involvement in the Boston Marathon bombings prior to the event itself. And nationally conservative and liberal statists tend to believe what government bureaucrats and the media propagandists will tell them. (Whether the “lockdown” and siege of Watertown was because of “sequestration” threats and needing to justify an overly-bloated federal agency budget, or the local police attempting to justify more federal handouts, or just because many of these “cops-n-robbers” neanderthals just get off on these situations, who knows. But I digress.)

Now, there have been many arguments over what exactly the phrases “promote the general welfare” and “provide for” the general welfare mean in the U.S. Constitution. My own interpretation is that “promote” means to advance and “welfare” means the general well-being of the people within the territory over which the federal government has jurisdiction.

Clearly, the federal government has gone against the promoting of our general welfare in the extreme, as have state and local governments. The terribly destructive consequences of government gun-grabbing, the Federal Reserve’s monetary central planning, the non-productive U.S. Congress’s stealing more and more private wealth from the actual workers and producers, and the executive branch’s continued lawlessness, provoking of foreigners and domestic overreach have all made us less prosperous, less safe, and less secure.

And in the past I have compared the federal government to an occupying foreign government in Washington, inflicting its criminality against the American people, and that is a more accurate way to view those buffoons and crooks: they are invaders.

How could we not view the federal government as an occupying foreign regime when its own military personnel are engaging in psy-ops of U.S. senators? Psychological operations are mainly used by governments against enemies in order to manipulate the enemies’ emotions, behavior and decisions toward one’s own advantage. But given that U.S. senators supposedly represent the American people (and given all the other threats against us such as the feds purchasing a billion rounds of ammunition for domestic use, and the IRS, the FBI and NSA criminally spying on innocent Americans), one would have to conclude that either the military or the feds in general view the American people as the enemy.

The feds have not only been AWOL in their abandonment of their duty to “promote the general welfare,” but, with psy-ops, false flag ops, and intrusions run amok such as ObamaCare, they obviously do not have the American people’s interests at heart.

“But that’s what elections are for,” cry the naïve and gullible.

U.S. elections are repeatedly just rearranging of deck chairs, as I have noted before.  For conservatives and Tea Partiers, nothing has changed for the better since the elections of 1980, 1994 or 2000.

One can easily predict that in 2014 the conservatives will elect the same old slithering snakes and sleazebags dressed in Tea Party outfits, the same old turncoats who will promise to repeal ObamaCare and oppose gun control but then go on to vote for more socialized medicine and gun registration.

Before there is to be a real economic collapse, and civil unrest and martial law (which is obviously the direction in which America is heading), the people need to pry themselves from the grasp of government’s control and its tyranny.

Sooner or later, people will have to realize that as an institution of monopoly, compulsion and coercion the government is thus inherently an organization of criminality. The people need to stop being its willing victims.

So, rather than being sheeple saying “Sock it to me!” to the abusive Big Daddy Government, the people need to realize that what America needs is not reforming (which is impossible), but a complete dismantling of the federal government, because it should never have existed in the first place. Its existence has provided for nothing but a place for traitors, shysters and violent psychopaths, and it just gets worse and worse.

Decentralization, nullification, localism and secession are clearly in order, before it’s too late.

Update from Boston

This is truly the Twilight Zone. The government-police “authorities” have the entire greater Boston area in a virtual “lockdown.” How stupid are these people? The government imbeciles have shut down the whole mass transit system, cab service, most schools and universities are closed, and many businesses as well. The “authorities” are urging everyone to stay in their homes. And for what? A single lone suspect? But given the mentality of today’s government police, I am much more afraid of police doing these possible “door to door searches” than I am of some lone suspect on the loose.

In contrast, if everyone in this whole area instead went about their business, went to school or to work or did their shopping or went to scheduled appointments, would their chance of getting killed or hurt by this one guy increase at all, above their chance that their home in which they are currently sheltering themselves could be the one place that the lone suspect may invade?

It is totally crazy for our Rulers to be making people stay in their homes and for who knows how long, and for no good reason. There are always risks in life, and turning the entire population into prisoners (as well as the slaves of the State they already are) will not reduce those risks.

Jonathan Winters Has Died at Age 87

He was one of my favorites.

Here he is in 1964 on the Jack Paar Show.


And here he is on What’s My Line

Question for you oldsters out there: Was it fashionable during the 1950s for a lady to wear a salad on her head?


And here is Jonathan Winters as an airline pilot being interrogated by his superiors:

Herr Obama’s Weekly Radio Address: Exploiting More Victims of Tragedy

I don’t know what’s more unsettling, frightening or disgusting, Obama’s exploiting the grief of Sandy Hook parents, or the gullibility and naivete of the American people in their obediently and unthinkingly supporting our Rulers’ drooling craving for Total State Control.

This morning a grieving mother of a murdered Sandy Hook School child took the microphone for Obama’s weekly radio address. To me, this is disgusting, as is what various state and federal pols and power grabbers are doing to compromise the right to security and self-protection of each and every human being.

Regarding Obama’s radio stand-in today — and I am sure this is going to seem extremely harsh — there is no amount of “gun control” or other legislation that will bring back this lady’s murdered child. This reminds me of MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, who are constantly supporting or sponsoring one item of legislation after another, one police-state tactic after another, drunk-driving roadblocks a.k.a. “sobriety checkpoints” and so forth, stopping and harassing innocent people for no good reason, as though these fascist policies will bring back their children who were killed by drunk drivers.

Why does the Sandy Hook parent who is being exploited by Herr Obama today want to disarm totally innocent people who had nothing to do with her child’s death? Why does this lady want to make totally innocent, peaceful law-abiding people defenseless because someone else murdered her child? Doesn’t she know that when she helps to disarm people and make them defenseless (like the government-mandated “gun-free zone” at her deceased child’s school), she is making it easier for criminals — people who do not obey laws against murder, rape, assault or obey gun restrictions — to commit their crimes against innocents with no resistance whatsoever?

Sadly, when it comes to crises and tragedies, too many of our contemporary folks respond solely with emotion and not rational thought, unlike the people of the Enlightenment era and the Revolutionary Americans who actually had the patience and common sense to think things through.

But this issue doesn’t just involve the right of each and every human being to self-defense against private criminals, but against government criminals as well.

Throughout history, governments have been responsible for more “gun violence” and murders of and crimes against innocent human beings than private criminals, and it isn’t even close. We’re talking about hundreds of millions of innocent human beings whose lives have been and continue to be criminally abused, wrecked or snuffed out by government criminals.

As Judge Napolitano wrote here, the people of the civilian population have a right to be armed to protect themselves from the government’s soldiers, “law enforcers,” and other armed agents who act criminally against the people. Most people who aren’t mainstream media-hypnotized zombies and who see the Internet and blogs and YouTube every day are quite aware of the out of control police, S.W.A.T. teams and federal agents all across America. Unfortunately, a vast proportion of the population are State-worshiping sheeple, and as jurors they would vote to convict an individual who “resisted arrest” or attempted to defend oneself against a uniformed and badged agent of the State acting criminally against the innocent individual. This is as thoroughly un-American as the dumbed-down, subservient zombies can get, in my opinion.

Despite the increasing number of atrocities committed by government agents on a daily basis in America, many people remain in denial, and do not believe America could descend into the kind of tyranny experienced in Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, North Korea, and many other parts of the world, even though that is what has been happening right before our very eyes. We have a President who claims the power to indefinitely detain or kill any innocent human being he wants without suspicion and without being required to show evidence against the accused. The federally-funded militarized local police departments are enforcing extremely stupid drug laws and other nonsense ordinances just to meet their arrest quotas and for “revenue enhancement.” And the federal government’s DHS and other agencies are stocking up on hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo because the sleazy, corrupt criminals in Washington know that trouble is ahead, and many of these people locally and federally are so sadistically power hungry they can’t wait for it to happen.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes wrote this Pledge of Resistance against government criminals disarming innocent civilians. It is these very courageous people like Stewart Rhodes who will protect the people from the criminals, both private and public.

I feel very sad for the grieving parents of murdered children and sorry for their loss, but it is a shame that they let politician low-lifes exploit them for the sake of further expanded State power and control and further enslavement of the people.

Margaret Thatcher and “Misapplied Death Etiquette”

Glenn Greenwald has this post on the “Don’t Speak Ill of the Recently Departed,” regarding the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher this morning at age 87.

This demand for respectful silence in the wake of a public figure’s death is not just misguided but dangerous. That one should not speak ill of the dead is arguably appropriate when a private person dies, but it is wildly inappropriate for the death of a controversial public figure, particularly one who wielded significant influence and political power. “Respecting the grief” of Thatcher family’s members is appropriate if one is friends with them or attends a wake they organize, but the protocols are fundamentally different when it comes to public discourse about the person’s life and political acts. I made this argument at length last year when Christopher Hitchens died and a speak-no-ill rule about him was instantly imposed (a rule he, more than anyone, viciously violated), and I won’t repeat that argument today; those interested can read my reasoning here.

Greenwald brings up the “week-long tidal wave of unbroken reverence” for Ronald Reagan when he died in 2004, but also mentions how these tributes seem to be reserved for those well-known political figures of the West. In contrast, Greenwald notes, many commentators did not waste time to get in their two cents worth of trashing the trashy Hugo Chavez when he died.

And I know exactly what he is talking about. Back in 1994, it was another week-long barf-fest when war criminal and central bankster Richard Nixon died. On the TV they had commentary by various people then doing political commentary, news and talk shows (during the days in which I was still watching TV, that is), and there were the alleged known “liberals,” really talking about Nixon as though he were some sort of saint.

But what if a President or foreign leader is a war criminal? Should we praise, for example, George H.W. Bush when he dies? He started a totally unnecessary war against Iraq in 1991, as I wrote here.

Some people actually don’t believe that the war the elder Bush started was a criminal act, even though it was a war of aggression, which, as defined during the Nuremberg tribunal, is a war crime. You don’t start wars.

The senior Bush’s military under his command intentionally destroyed Iraqi civilian water and sewage treatment centers, which not only led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, but widespread anti-American sentiment, which was very much to do with the motivations for the 9/11 attacks. And then there were the younger Bush’s wars overseas for no good reason, and the police state those two gave us. Had the elder Bush not started the war against Iraq in 1991 and begun a whole new phase of expanded U.S. government military bases and other governmental apparatus in those areas of the world, we wouldn’t have had a 9/11, these damn wars, the deaths of millions in those countries, and the domestic police state and U.S. government near-bankruptcy we have now.

And, as Glenn Greenwald pointed out in the article linked above, Margaret Thatcher was also vital in getting that 1991 war on Iraq going, and for no good reason.

Sorry, but that is not worthy of “praise.” No R.I.P., no respect is deserved for war criminals.

Now, for those who disagree with me, and believe that we should give either of the Bush Presidents some kind of “praise” or “respect” when one or both die, then you do not believe in morality, and would have to be suggesting that just because someone holds some high office, that therefore he should be excused for criminal behavior (or because he was a Republican).

The “Mommie Dearest” Neocons

Do you remember Mommie Dearest? That was a memoir written by Christiana Crawford, daughter of the control freak actress Joan Crawford. The book was made into a film by the same name, starring Faye Dunaway as the dreaded Joan. Well, we sadly have some self-proclaimed “Mommy Dearests” amongst the neocon pundit crowd: Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin.

Hannity and Malkin chatted about the Rutgers basketball coach who was recently fired over his verbal and physical abuse of players. Hannity and Malkin defended the coach’s abuse. Hannity stated that we need more “discipline” in society, and should stop being such “wimps.”

Get this — Both Hannity and Malkin claimed that they had received that kind of physical abuse as kids — Hannity with a “belt” and Malkin with “more than a belt,” and they “turned out okay.” Further, Malkin admitted to being “much better at administering spankings now than receiving them.”

(Click the link to Mediaite to see the actual video clip.)

First of all, some might argue that, no, they did NOT “turn out okay”! They both became very devoted followers of centralized government in Washington, acting as blindly obedient media propagandists for the Bush Regime’s criminal actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Bush-Cheney police state that goes totally against what the early Americans stood for, including and especially due process and the right of the people to their security.

The two child abuse supporters have also defended the Bush-Cheney torture-Gitmo regime, in which totally innocent human beings were abducted by CIA or U.S. military personnel, or turned in by CIA-paid informants in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and have been defending a torture regime in which the true purposes of torture are to extract false confessions and to satisfy the sadist lust of the torturers. (If you didn’t know those particular facts about this charade of a “war on terror,” see this article and the links I provided.)

These damn conservatives talking about “leftists,” when they themselves are not really that different! Both sides, Left and neocon, support authoritarian government controls, coercion and force. Certainly not peace, liberty, private property, Christian moral values, the rule of law, and the rights of individuals.

Hannity asked, regarding the issue of toughness and discipline versus being “wimps” in the military, if we then have to fire the military’s drill sergeants because they get “in the face” of cadets. I wonder what Hannity would say about all the sexual assaults in the military now. Are they deserved? And it’s not just assaults against female military personnel but male against male sexual assaults, as I noted here.

And what about all the murders of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan committed by U.S. soldiers? I’m sure that Hannity and Malkin do not believe that those murderer soldiers should be held accountable — because “there’s a war going on” — regardless of the victims being innocent civilians. (However, being of the self-centered nationalist-exceptionalist crowd, they probably would think otherwise if foreign government soldiers came over here to the U.S. and murdered American innocent civilians.)

And, being authoritarian government-worshiping nationalists, are these two among the neocons who have called Army Private Bradley Manning a “traitor” for releasing overly-classified documents to WikiLeaks? As I wrote in the article linked above, Manning wanted the American people – not jihadists or al-Qaeda, mind you, but the American people – to know about the crimes, incompetence and corruption of our rulers. The real traitors are the central planners who use U.S. government apparatus and personnel to intentionally provoke foreigners as an excuse to expand the size and power of the centralized federal government, for the sake of non-productive bureaucrat tax-eaters and their military-security-industrial complex minions.

But I don’t think that someone “turned out okay” if one would condone the cover-ups of the military crimes and bureaucratic bumblings that Manning and WikiLeaks revealed. Siding with the criminals of the government is really taking the side of the abuser. That’s not “okay.”

And what about the police state that we have now, and the government police neanderthals and their brutality against innocent civilians here in America? Do Hannity and Malkin approve of them, too? Just look through any one of William Grigg’s articles, or material by Radley Balko, the Cop Block blog, and especially this post by attorney Rick Horowitz on the police of today. As I indicated in my article, No More Police Socialism, the reason that we have neanderthals drawn to the apparatus of the socialist government police monopoly is that it provides the bullies, brutes and primitives with an excuse and a means to assault, beat and abuse innocents and get away with it with impunity.

So, if Hannity and Malkin approve of letting police continue to get away with their tyrannical and Nazi-like abusive treatment of others, then no, they did not “turn out okay.”

And also, I wonder if these supposedly “pro-2nd Amendment” conservatives who presumably believe in the individual’s God-given right of self-defense against aggression, believe that the individual’s right to self-defense also applies to when one’s assailants are wearing official uniforms and badges of the government. Many authoritarians, alas, do not believe in such a right of an individual to that much self-defense. But yes, we do have that right, as Judge Andrew Napolitano observed here, and as I wrote here.

And, as Larken Rose wrote in this article,

People don’t mind when you point out the tyranny that has happened in other countries, but most have a hard time viewing their OWN “country,” their OWN “government,” and their OWN “law enforcers,” in any sort of objective way. Having been trained to feel a blind loyalty to the ruling class of the particular piece of dirt they live on (a.k.a. “patriotism”), and having been trained to believe that obedience is a virtue, the idea of forcibly resisting “law enforcement” is simply unthinkable to many. Literally, they can’t even THINK about it. And humanity has suffered horribly because of it. It is a testament to the effectiveness of authoritarian indoctrination that literally billions of people throughout history have begged and screamed and cried in the face of authoritarian injustice and oppression, but only a tiny fraction have ever lifted a finger to actually try to STOP it.

But back to being abused as kids. I can see how Ms. Malkin brags about her “spankings” of her own little children, which goes with her defense of government agents abusing and torturing totally innocent human beings. In the case of a child, I don’t think that physically striking a child can ever be a just action — or are you saying that the child was such a threat to you physically that you had to use physical force to protect yourself? I don’t think so.

In other words, children who are not a physical threat have a right to not be physically struck. Even “misbehaving” children do not deserve to be physically struck by someone who is bigger, stronger and more powerful than they. I am referring to striking a more vulnerable human being who can’t fight back. Only cowards and primitives do that.

And I’m not talking about the more sophisticated parents who administer non-violent punishments such as withholding toys or games or “grounding” the child for a period of time. Those techniques of discipline are used by more civilized parents, not the violent ones like the Hannitys and the Malkins of the world. I don’t think that the fascists and authoritarians who love and identify with power figures understand the difference.

Regarding the support of these “Mommie Dearest” neocons of the aforementioned foreign policy of aggression and belligerence committed by the U.S. government, psychological theorist Alice Miller, author of Thou Shalt Not Be Aware and For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child Rearing and the Roots of Violence,  has written about such blind obedience to one’s government’s criminality and aggressions. In her article on ignorance and how we produce evil, Miller writes,

Children who are given love, respect, understanding, kindness, and warmth will naturally develop different characteristics from those who experience neglect, contempt, violence or abuse, and never have anyone they can turn to for kindness and affection. Such absence of trust and love is a common denominator in the formative years of all the dictators I have studied. The result is that these children will tend to glorify the violence inflicted upon them and later to take advantage of every possible opportunity to exercise such violence, possibly on a gigantic scale. Children learn by imitation. Their bodies do not learn what we try to instill in them by words but what they have experienced physically. Battered, injured children will learn to batter and injure others; sheltered, respected children will learn to respect and protect those weaker than themselves. Children have nothing else to go on but their own experiences. …

… Every dictator torments his people in the same way he was tormented as a child. The humiliations inflicted on these dictators in adult life had nothing like the same influence on their actions as the emotional experiences they went through in their early years. Those years are “formative” in the truest sense: in this period the brain records or “encodes” emotions without (usually) being able to recall them at will. As almost every dictator denies his sufferings (his former total helplessness in the face of brutality) there is no way that he can truly come to terms with them. Instead he will have a limitless craving for scapegoats on whom he can avenge himself for the fears and anxieties of childhood without having to re-experience those fears.

Miller cites Hitler, Stalin and Mao. I would add the Bushes in their bloodthirsty aggression against Iraq since 1991 as I noted in this recent article, and the 1 to 2 million innocent Iraqis slaughtered in the past 22 years by the Bush wars that neocons supported. I would also add Barack Obama, the current Dictator-in Chief, who wants to have the power to murder presumably innocent human beings without bringing evidence against the accused, apprehend, abduct and incarcerate innocent human beings (mostly protesters, critics of Obama and other government imbeciles) without charge and the power to detain them indefinitely, and Obama’s insatiable craving to confiscate all the guns and ammunition away from the people amongst the civilian population so that he can implement his dream of full socialist government control over and enslavement of the workers and producers of society, and without any possible resistance whatsoever.

In their obedient and blind support of the Bush-Cheney regime and its pre-planned “war on terror” following 9/11, and acting as some of the Regime’s most loyal media propagandists, Malkin and Hannity unwittingly supported the most unlawful, unconstitutional and immoral policies that would then be later used by Obama and others of his ilk against the people.

In my opinion, Hannity and Malkin are severely disturbed individuals, obviously self-admitted products of an abusive upbringing, and no they did NOT turn out “okay.” Even Malkin openly admitted that she herself hits (a.k.a. “spanks”) her kids, and she seems very proud of it, and I’m sure her kids will grow up to support the same kind of socialist authoritarianism and fascist police state that she herself supports.

Interview of Dr. Peter Breggin

Lew Rockwell interviews Dr. Peter Breggin on the psychiatric drugs that doctors are feeding people like candy, and the harm they are causing people, especially children as well as the false labeling of “ADD,” ADHD,” “PhD,” etc. of normal kids who act like normal kids and how the “doctors” are ruining the kids lives. Dr. Breggin talks about the possible relationship between some psychiatric drugs (such as SSRIs) and the mass shootings in recent years at about 21:00 in the interview, for those who are interested in that. Just recently, it finally came out that Aurora alleged shooter James Holmes was taking Zoloft, the same drug that one of the Columbine shooters was taking. (And I am sure that Adam Lanza was on some medication as well, but the “authorities” are thus far covering up that information. The greedy dirtbags of Big Pharma really have a lot of influence these days.)

Doh! A Faux Tea Party Rally Today to “Save the Mass GOP” Here in the PR of Taxachusetts

(Updated, with some corrections made.)

Some Republican political hacks and neocon talk radio personalities will be having a faux “Tea Party” rally in Braintree, Massachusetts, today on “How to Save the Massachusetts GOP.” Okay, stop laughing, now. Howie Carr and Jeff Kuhner have been talking about this on their shows on WRKO, and the event will be hosted by WCRN talk host Michael Graham.

And I say “faux” Tea Party because Michael Graham and Howie Carr always support these Big Government Republicans such as Scott Brown, Paul Ryan and Willard Romney, and they scoff at actual spending-cutters such as Ron Paul. (“Too extreme”) In fact, just today, Laurence Vance has another article showing what big spenders the Republicans are in Washington. (Here is Vance’s review of Jim DeMint’s book, Now or Never: Saving America from Economic Collapse. And just scroll down Vance’s article archives here and especially here for more on the hypocrite socialist Republicans.)

And apparently, Sen. Rand Paul will “attend” the rally today (by phone). As EPJ has noted, Rand Paul doesn’t really want to cut taxes and spending, he just wants to rearrange the deck chairs on sinking America (enough to get his own self elected President in 2016).

Also at the rally today will be Deval Patrick’s 2010 Republican opponent Charlie Baker. He is as socialist as these socialist Big Government Republicans can be. If I remember correctly, during his 2010 campaign Baker expressed continued support for the RomneyCare health reform in Massachusetts. Baker apparently had some role in the forming of Romney’s plan for governmental intrusions into people’s private medical matters. According to this article, Baker’s earlier Massachusetts state Medicaid savings plan became a foundation for what was to become the atrocious RomneyCare plan.

Also, during Baker’s time as CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health, his salary went from about $500,000 to 1.7 million, but their premiums went up by 150% at the same time. Then Baker went to a state agency to get a $150 million bailout for Harvard Pilgrim that had been under his stewardship. (See this, this, and this.)

I’m sure that Charlie Half-Baker will probably run for governor again in 2014 to remind us what Republicans are all about. (Not much different from Democrats.)

As the most recent GOP goobernatorial nominee, Baker is the Massachusetts GOP’s “standard bearer.” Just as pathetic as the national GOP’s standard bearer Willard Romney.

So, how to “save the Massachusetts GOP”?

Sadly, these rally faux Tea Partiers, Graham, Carr et al., have been in a coma, and didn’t know that the Mass GOP died many years ago, thanks to socialists and buffoons with an (R) after their name continuing to expand the state regime, and pretending that they actually support “lower taxes,,” “cutting spending and waste,” and fooling the actual conservative Tea Party voters in the state — all nine of them — to support these clowns. I am talking about Romney, Swift, Weld, and other Big Government Republican governors, as well as their cohorts in the State House.

Currently, there are four (4) Republicans in the Massachusetts state senate out of 40 senators. This state is a joke, and it is only getting progressively worse, as things continue to do so throughout this banana republic USSA. In 2008, the roll-over-and-play-dead sheeple in Massachusetts voted by 70-30% against the elimination of the state income tax. According to Wikipedia, Carla Howell’s Committee for Small Government raised as of November 1, 2008, $385,000, and as of October 15 of that year the ballot question’s opponents, the “Coalition for Our Communities,” raised $5 million. That is how important it is for the hacks to keep themselves on that ongoing gravy train. (Hmmm. I am going to go vote against eliminating the state income tax. Sounds good to me!”)

And now, Deval Patrick wants to raise taxes even more, to pay for more “shovel-ready” boondoggles, more bridges to nowhere (or more empty commuter rail lines to nowhere, whatever), and for more hacks to fill more no-show jobs in more useless state agencies. It never ends, this stuff. (Mass. Citizens for Limited Taxation has info here). And in her latest column, CLT executive director Barbara Anderson writes,

… (CLT’s Chip Faulkner) also pointed out that Massachusetts is not suffering from a shortage of taxes. According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, our state and local tax burden is still fourth-highest in the country, 31 percent above the national average.

Yesterday, the Tax Foundation released its annual Tax Freedom Day report. On April 13, 2013, taxpayers in the United States, as a whole, stop working for their federal, state and local government and begin to work for themselves. In Massachusetts, the date is April 25 — the fourth-latest in the nation.

Yet, we don’t adequately maintain our roads and bridges or run the MBTA with transparency or efficiency. We don’t keep track of welfare recipients’ electronic benefits cards. The state inspector general has told us that the commonwealth can’t prove the eligibility of roughly 33 percent of children receiving welfare benefits, doesn’t know if any of them are in school, if they are even in the state, or in fact if they exist at all.

In other words, the more the Rulers steal from the people, the more they spend on themselves and their corporate cronies, the more they increase budgets and deficits, the more outright plunder, waste, and fraud there will be.

Besides the deluded faux Tea Party neocon talk radio personalities and the state’s GOP political hacks, however, today’s rally will also include a non-politician who ran for office once, the 2010 Republican nominee for state auditor, Mary Connaughton. She had more credentials for the position of auditor than anyone ever could, and she was actually not a hack and didn’t sound like any kind of Romney-Weld-Baker socialist. Even the Boston Globe endorsed her! But she lost the race to a total nincompoop pol, Suzanne Bump, a real hack’s hack.

And that’s life here in Taxachusetts, where the Republican party hacks rearrange the deck chairs, playing little games with the Democrats, and creating new Big Government schemes such as the dreaded RomneyCare, but won’t eliminate programs, offices, departments. agencies whose sole purpose is to act as daytime baby-sitting services for non-productive goof-offs.