The State’s Hunger for Power and Control

There have been a lot of questions regarding the Michael Hastings car crash and his alleged death. Some experts have suggested that Hastings’s Mercedes could have been set to be taken over via remote control. Given that there were no skid marks on the road and because of other questionable factors, such an explanation is quite plausible.

According to former U.S. government counter-terrorism official Richard Clarke, as reported by the Huffington Post, “it’s relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car, and to do such things as cause acceleration when the driver doesn’t want acceleration, to throw on the brakes when the driver doesn’t want the brakes on, to launch an air bag … You can do some really highly destructive things now, through hacking a car, and it’s not that hard.”

And an automotive expert claimed (via EPJ) that cars just don’t have massive fires as Hastings’s car did, which makes that huge car fire suspicious. And according to Infowars, Hastings’s body was not burned completely, only from the neck up, according to one witness. But there were no visible burns from the shoulders on down.

And why was a gag order placed on police and firefighters after the crash? Why were they told to not comment on the investigation? Why was his body cremated against his family’s wishes?

Well, I’m sure there were plenty of people who didn’t like Hastings and wanted to see him dead. He’s the investigative journalist who did this extensive report on Gen. Stanley McChrystal, which then led to McChrystal’s resignation amid much embarrassment. Hastings also did this report on the “runaway general,” Gen. William Caldwell, who ordered “special ops” soldiers to use psy-ops methods on visiting U.S. senators as a means to get them to vote for increased military funding.

Psy-ops are really supposed to be used on the “enemy,” which I put in quotes now because these days everyone is the enemy to the U.S. government.

There were even people in the media who had a disliking toward Hastings, as Glenn Greenwald shows in this article from 2011. Some of the media hacks really didn’t like Hastings’s work of actual journalism in his aforementioned articles, including John Burns of the New York Times, Lara Logan of CBS News, Norah O’Donnell then of MSNBC, and Julian Barnes of the War Street Journal, who were all quoted in that article by Greenwald. (Here is a list of many other articles by Greenwald showing the subservience to the U.S. government by news media hacks, so-called “journalists,” and their apparent symbiotic enmeshment with the State.)

But now it seems that when anyone reports honestly on what government bureaucrats, military and police are doing, on their corruption and crimes, the reporters and messengers of discomforting but truthful information are criticized and attacked as “unpatriotic” or “treasonous.” That is because we have such a population in decline now in which the majority (including professional journalists and academics) love and worship the State, and demonize anyone who is not subservient and obedient to its power and control.

So these days, if you say or write something critical of the government, you better watch out.

In this new article, CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou claims that “everyone is corrupt.” Well, he means, or I think he means that everyone in the CIA, the FBI and other government “defense”-related agencies. It’s like the local police in just about every city now. And all this is because of how centralized and bureaucratized everything is now.

As Hayek wrote, the worst really do get to the top.

The American sheeple have allowed all these federal, state and local governments to grow like crazy, doing nothing but consuming the earnings of the actual workers and producers of society. The sheeple have accepted and approved of one encroachment after another. And now the growth in all these government apparatus “to keep us safe” is making us less safe and less secure, because the main purpose of the entire apparatus in place now is for the State to have greater and greater power over the population, to suppress free expressions and dissent, and to totally kill the productive and entrepreneurial spirit which enabled the America of the early years to advance so quickly and raise the standard of living of the entire population higher than it had ever been.

In an interesting article at the Mises Institute, Ben O’Neill wrote,

As is often the case in political affairs, we have here a situation where governments reach their tentacles into the lives of the people under their control, and it is market forces from citizens and consumers which oppose and constrain this process.

The decline of civilization is because of the growth of government and bureaucracy and the centralization of power, and the growing dependence on the government for everything in life. If we do not begin to decentralize now, or soon, then America the current totalitarian banana republic really is heading for a disastrous end.

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