The State’s Immoral Destruction of Freedom

James Corbett interviewed Larken Rose recently, who talks about “the most dangerous superstition,” that of statism. Rose explains quite clearly how so many people believe in the god called government, but whose beliefs are so instilled into them and reinforced by society’s government-worship authoritarianism that they are utterly blind to just how evil and destructive the institution is that they blindly worship.

Most of the reviews for Larken Rose’s book, The Most Dangerous Superstition on Amazon, are 5-stars.

Another close associate of Corbett’s, Sibel Edmonds, has this humorous yet insightful post on the difficulty in labeling her “conservative” or “liberal,” “libertarian,” “socialist,” etc.

Well, Edmonds doesn’t want to be labeled. But I don’t mind being labeled a “voluntaryist,” because I believe that all associations, relationships, and contracts must be voluntary in order to be considered honest, just, civilized, and moral. (I also don’t mind being labeled an “individualist,” and an adherent to the non-aggression principle.)

However, if you believe that some associations, relationships, and contracts can be coerced or compelled, then you accept immorality and uncivilized behavior. That is your choice. There is no in between.

Speaking of choice, Rad Geek has this compelling post on the immigration issue, in which he states it is your choice to believe in individual liberty and “freedom from arbitrary political restriction” or be a “nationalist and a bordercrat.” The two things are mutually exclusive.

Rad Geek refers to this post from “Personal Liberty Digest,” which is a website I have linked to quite often. The writer of that other post is a “Ben Bullard,” so I am not sure whether Bullard’s views totally reflect those of the website’s owner, Bob Livingston. However, it seems to me that Rad Geek is really responding mostly to the lunatics in the comments section.

Mr. Geek also links to this post by Thomas Knapp, who brought up a misinterpretation of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s writings on the immigration issue. (I think that Thomas Knapp may have this article by Hoppe in mind, some of which is similar to what Hoppe had written in his Democracy the God That Failed.)

But in the Knapp post, Stephan Kinsella weighs in in the comments with a quote from Hoppe’s aforementioned book: “Abolishing forced integration requires the de-democratization of society and ultimately the abolition of democracy. More specifically, the power to admit or exclude should be stripped from the hands of the central government and reassigned to the states, provinces, cities, towns, villages, residential districts, and ultimately to private property owners and their voluntary associations.”

But we can immediately restore the right of inclusion or exclusion to individuals and property owners if the people really believed in the right of freedom of association and the right of each individual to one’s own sovereignty as an individual. That means that each individual has a right to associate with or establish voluntary contracts with whomever one wants, and allow anyone one wants into one’s own privately-owned business, home, or otherwise private property, regardless of where the others came from, and it’s no one else’s business, not government bureaucrats, not your neighbors, the community, no one!

And that’s the choice: either you own your life, or the rest of the community and/or the State owns you. Nothing in between. It’s either/or. It’s your choice.

By the way, Rad Geek is really Charles Johnson, whose book (coedited with Gary Chartier), Markets Not Capitalism, distinguishes between the State-enforced redistributive privileges of capitalism and the freedom of freed markets (with which my comments above coincide).

I really like it when people clarify the issues of the day and the terms that people use in discussing the issues. I like truth tellers. For example, those who act as courageous whistleblowers and who expose the immoralities and wrongdoings of others and tell the truth about what’s really going on. For example, besides Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, the aforementioned Sibel Edmonds was an FBI translator who saw wrongdoing and who knew the FBI had information prior to 9/11 and she spoke up about it. Here’s her book on the subject, titled, Classified Woman. (159 5-stars out of 173 reviews — not bad at all.)

The real truth-tellers of our time are in total  contrast to the propagandists who tell lies and aid and abet the crimes of others through deception and dishonesty. The propagandists are mainly those who defend the State and its crimes. The State needs propaganda to continue it charades and its shams. Have you heard people telling lies and using deception and distortion to defend liberty? I doubt it.

That is why the government lied about the Bin Laden raid, as well as the Navy SEAL Chinook helicopter crash I referenced yesterday. Just as how the government lied about Pat Tillman, as well as the reasons for war in Afghanistan and Iraq. And that is why local police and firefighters told news media to shut up about the Michael Hastings car crash, and the list is never-ending.

And Jacob Hornberger has this recent post on why so much authoritarian State-worshiping outrage at Snowden and Manning, but not at all the same outrage at Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 or after, and Hornberger explains why that might be.

Other truth-telling articles recently include this one from Infowars on the “Child Protective Services” (sic) scams throughout America. it’s a racket, just as everything else government-related.

And Tim Cushing at Techdirt has this one on the tyranny in the schools with “zero tolerance” combined with the inclusion of the “men in blue” in the schools.

And yesterday I mentioned the threats by “lawmakers” and/or the FDA against our health freedom in their wanting to require prescriptions for vitamins and nutritional supplements — well, now we hear about how the Eric Holster DOJ wants to strengthen the so-called “Computer Fraud and Abuse Act,” which essentially would make felons out of everyone innocently use their work and home computers. Is there any way to have a Government Fraud and Abuse Act? They’re nothing BUT frauds and abusers!

Speaking of the truth-tellers vs. the propagandists, and this goes well with the interview of Larken Rose at the top, Butler Shaffer had this great post on the Blog:

I am so weary of that gaggle of the intellectually and morally bankrupt who believes that they are uttering something profound when, in discussing Ed Snowden’s plight, recite the statist mantra: “just come home and face the music, Ed; don’t run away like a coward; come back to America and state your case.”  This is no more than a cowardly evasion on their part; an unwillingness to stand in defense of a courageous man who did what they are too fainthearted to ever think of doing: challenging the playground bully. At a time when the American state insists upon knowing every conceivable detail of everyone’s lives, men like Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and other whistle-blowers, are condemned by the statist grovelers for informing the public of the state’s secrets.

I wonder if these politicians and media babblers would have equally condemned the likes of Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Ludwig von Mises, Karl Popper, Max Born, Thomas Mann, et al., for leaving Nazi Germany and going to other countries. “Come on, Albert, just go back to Hitler and state your case; it’s all ‘relative’ anyway, isn’t it?”  Would they also have heaped praise on the neighbors who squealed to the Gestapo where Anne Frank’s family was hiding?

I’ll conclude with that.

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