More on Vaccine Hysteria

Michael Alford has this article on his experiences with his kid’s pediatrician, who mandates that the older kids get several new unnecessary and possibly dangerous vaccines. I can see vaccinating the kids early on for the three or four “major” things, just as we got when we were kids. There’s no reason for all those extra ones except for further profits for Big Pharma.

Alford’s point is that he should decide whether his kids get those other vaccines or not, based on his own informed opinion.

A lot of doctors now are completely in the tank with Big Pharma. Ugh, three different doctors I’ve had just in the past 15 years, clueless ignorant clucks. Don’t get me started on that now. The majority of these quacks either know nothing about nutritional medicines, vitamins and supplements and their importance toward prevention, or they do know but they are so loyal to Big Pharma they would rather their patients not know.

If Michael Alford’s children are abducted by CPS, as he fears could happen, and it is because the doctor sicced CPS on them, then he should have that doctor arrested and charged with endangerment, and the doctor should be sued financially.

It really is criminal what these Establishment people are doing to innocent human beings, as well as making them sick and sicker with those damn prescription poisons.

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