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More Reasons to End Foreign Interventionism

Former FBI translator and censored 9/11 whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has this recent post on her website’s track record regarding Syria, and how she has been writing about the U.S. regime’s preparations for another war, this time in Syria, since the Fall of 2011 — two whole years. And she gave information to MSM but they wouldn’t go with it.

The mainstreamers are really government propagandists for the regime. If the U.S. government tells CBS, ABC, etc. to not run a particular story or a particular new angle or controversial aspect of the story, then these government stenographers will not run it. It’s embarrassing. Thank God I am not Scott Pelley or Diane Sawyer, or, frankly, I’d be ashamed of myself and would probably have a hard time calling myself a news “journalist.”

And Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog has this post on who benefits from an Obama war of aggression against innocents in Syria. Snyder brings up an exclusive report from the AP’s Dale Gavlak for Mint Press News, which claims that Saudi-supplied rebels were behind the chemical attack in Syria. Supposedly, as Infowars reports, Gavlak is a long-time correspondent for AP, as well as PBS, NPR, and the BBC.

Some of the rebels interviewed by Gavlak had claimed that they were being paid by the Saudi government. Hmmm. weren’t some of the 9/11 hijackers Saudis? Does it matter? I will not be surprised if we don’t hear about any of this from the little Goebbels-wannabes of the mainstream media.

bush-abdullah   obomber-abdullah

And Jacob Hornberger highlights the WMD hypocrisy of the U.S. government‘s power-grabbers, oil-grabbers and weirdos and misfits. Meanwhile, Mike Holmes has this article on the U.S. government’s own use of gas on its own people. And Eric Margolis writes, “Look before you leap, Mr. President!

So, if Congress moves to impeach our rogue President, does that mean that a President Biden will still continue with this new war of aggression in Syria? If so, will HE be impeached as well? If so, that would mean a President Boehner. Frankly, I don’t know which is worse. Oh, well.

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