“This Will Not Be Another Vietnam”

The rogue President Obama is starting yet another unprovoked war of aggression on yet another country, Syria, that didn’t attack us and was of no threat to the United States.

As I have pointed out several times including in this article, the Iraq War really began when the first President Bush started a war of aggression on Iraq in 1990-91. That never really ended, as it was continued throughout the 1990s with sanctions and no-fly zones against Iraq, and George W. Bush’s 2003 Iraq War was merely a continuation of what his father had started.

Anyway, here is the elder President George H.W. Bush in January 1991 telling the American sheeple about his new war of aggression against Iraq which started all the crap we have had to deal with since then. At about 6:45, he claims that this “will not be another Vietnam.”

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