12 Years of 9/11: Have We Learned Anything?

Yesterday I linked to a good post by Jeff Berwick on how we should never forget 9/11. The post includes some informative videos. If you believe the official government-approved and mainstream news-repeated narrative about 9/11 and are not open to alternative explanations or think that they are “conspiracy wackjobs,” etc., then don’t read that post. Sometimes I want to write another post about 9/11, but then I decide against it. I’m really sick of it after 12 awful years of what the criminal bureaucrats in Washington have put our country through thus far since 9/11.

I looked at about 20 minutes of this Corbett Report on “who was really behind the 9/11 attacks,” but it’s an hour long. I didn’t see the rest of it, but I “skimmed” it. James Corbett gives some very good information including how some high-ups in the security-related corporate world cancelled appointments or meetings at the World Trade Center scheduled for the morning of 9/11. There is a very well done older video by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and that’s very informative as well. The YouTube page for that specific video is having a problem (I wonder why). However, it is working at AE911Truth’s YouTube page, the “free 1-hour version” that comes on automatically when you go to that page.

Former FBI translator and censored 9/11 whistleblower Sibel Edmonds posted this one yesterday on the “little terrorists vs. the real big terrorists,” the little terrorists being the actual 9/11 hijackers. Edmonds begins the post,

On September 11 2001, less than two dozen little terrorists carried out a terror attack in order to pave the way for bigger terrorists above them to carry out continual and far bigger terror attacks around the globe.

The little terrorists killed more or less three thousand innocent people so that the big terrorists could murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world.

The little terrorists gave their own lives to take three thousand lives. The big terrorists used the lives of several thousand to take away the lives of hundreds of thousands.

The little terrorists spent less than $500,000 to carry out their terror plot which led the big terrorists and their cronies to a gain of over $3.3 Trillion.

The little terrorists, while ruining the lives of many children, did not target, injure or kill children. The big terrorists have targeted, killed and helped kill, and have been killing, thousands of children.

Sibel Edmonds continues from there.

And civil liberties attorney Jonathan Turley notes that almost 75% of all U.S. combat deaths in Afghanistan have been since Barack Obomber became President.

Obama: The Anti-War President.

Back to 9/11 more specifically, Paul Craig Roberts notes how the 9/11 Commission was set up to fail, according to both Co-Chairmen who wrote books subsequent to that kangaroo commission’s report. Roberts writes about the lies of our government bureaucrats not only associated with 9/11 but past events including the 1953 CIA coup which took down Iranian Prime Minister Mosaddegh.

Meanwhile, the CIA is now supplying al-Qaeda in Syria with weapons. Only in George W. Bush’s Amerika.

The Future of Freedom Foundation’s Jacob Hornberger wrote about the recent 40th anniversary of Chile’s own “9/11,” and had this post yesterday on why the U.S. government supported that dictatorship and in fact why Americans favor dictatorships.

Judge Andrew Napolitano writes about Obama’s “Embarrassment.” Barack Obomber has a LOT to be embarrassed about! (And jailed for, along with the aforementioned Bush, and the elder Bush as well.)

And I saw this video on Infowars. Those protesters are following and yelling at former CIA director and retired Gen. David Petraeus, calling him a “war criminal” (which he is) and other things. The reason he doesn’t respond to them is because he knows they are right.

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