Why “National Security” Extremists Would Want to Eliminate JFK

Jacob Hornberger has this extensive and important article on “the national security state’s assassination of John F. Kennedy.” There are many people out there who are still in denial of the truth, and desperately want to believe the propaganda that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, despite ALL the evidence and witnesses which show otherwise. Hornberger asks many questions to try to reveal the inconsistency of the “lone-nut” case, and points to the many reasons why members of the national security state would have a motive to get Kennedy out of their way.

Hornberger cites an important peace-promoting speech that Kennedy made in June of 1963. The power-grabbers of the national security apparatus just could not have any of the proposals expressed by their President, as Kennedy was clearly not with the agenda of the further arms build-up and isolationism of the “anti-communist” fanatics (who, in their love of their own totalitarianism became communists themselves, in my view).

Here is that important Kennedy speech at the American University graduation ceremonies of June 10, 1963:


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