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Genuine Libertarianism Does Not Have a Role for the State

I don’t know why the Russia-Ukraine issue seems to be causing conflicts in the liberty movement. As I wrote in this post, libertarians could not support U.S. government interventions in the Ukraine-Russia conflict because in that case they are not libertarians, they are statists.

First of all, I have addressed how to deal with the Crimea situation, and that is the people of Crimea shouldn’t be slaves of either the Russian or Ukrainian bureaucrats.

Private property, desocialization and homesteading is the true answer there (and here in the U.S. as well!). I agree with Ron Paul and Justin Raimondo. If we have to have a U.S. government then the government should mind its own business. But there shouldn’t be a U.S. government, as its existence is without legitimate contracts involving the actual people for whom said government is the only third-party agent, involuntarily.

What should Putin do? Nothing, as he has no legitimate authority over the people of Crimea, Kiev, or even Moscow, in my view, “democratically elected” or not. Perhaps resigning from his parasite State employment is what he should do.

And what should Obama do? The same as Putin. I don’t see why libertarians are in conflict over this situation. It’s just that some of them really aren’t libertarians.

I know, there are those self-described libertarians who are “minarchists,” accepting some role for the State. No, there is not.

As Lew Rockwell wrote in an article just today,

Libertarianism is concerned with the use of violence in society. That is all. It is not anything else. It is not feminism. It is not egalitarianism (except in a functional sense: everyone equally lacks the authority to aggress against anyone else). It has nothing to say about aesthetics. It has nothing to say about race or nationality. It has nothing to do with left-wing campaigns against “white privilege,” unless that privilege is state-supplied.

Let me repeat: the only “privilege” that matters to a libertarian qua libertarian is the kind that comes from the barrel of the state’s gun. Disagree with this statement if you like, but in that case you will have to substitute some word other than libertarian to describe your philosophy.

. . .

Libertarianism is a beautiful and elegant edifice of thought and practice. It begins with and logically builds upon the principle of self-ownership. In the society it calls for, no one may initiate physical force against anyone else.

Now, regarding the right of people in Crimea to secede from Ukraine and become slaves of the Russian regime, of course that is their right to do. The right to freedom of association is basic. But there might be a minority of people in Crimea who wish to remain slaves of the Ukrainian bureaucrats, and some who may not want to to be associated with any ruling regime and just want to live their lives and be left alone. What about them? Must everyone have to belong to a particular ruling government?

And also, Butler Shaffer addresses those issues of “social contract” and the lack of actual contract between the Rulers (of any regime) and those who are ruled, and the subject of secession. He writes:

That no evidence exists for any state having been brought into being by a contract among those to be ruled, has not diminished the use of the fiction. Political systems have been created and sustained by violence; by the conquest – not the consent – of the governed.

While I do not recognize a “social contract” as the origins of the state, I am quite willing to use the statists’ fabrication of such a transaction against them. By their nature, contracts are agreements voluntarily entered into by two or more persons to exchange claims to the ownership of property interests. Courts often refer to this voluntary nature as “mutual assent.” When one is forced, through threat of violence, to part with some property interest – as occurs when a street-mugger takes money from another at gun-point – a crime, not a contract, has taken place.

That goes exactly with my point that I have been trying to make for a long time now. The State is itself a criminal institution. It is a criminal racket, and a fraud, a “Ponzi scheme.” It is especially worse the larger and more centralized such an illegitimately ruling regime is. The U.S. government is the worst of the worst. But, as investigative journalist James Corbett refers to in this video on the cognitive dissonance of the sheeple, a lot of people have invested much of their emotional lives in believing in the State as a legitimate authority over them, and in believing in the Rulers of the parasitic political class as legitimate.

But that libertarians are arguing over the Russia-Ukraine situation shows that some people who think they are libertarian really have not outgrown their emotional loyalty to the State, and viewing ALL State actions as “bad” seems to be difficult for them.

In his recent essay on “libertarian cold war,” referring to the various disagreements of Crimea and Putin, especially among libertarians, Anthony Gregory writes:

I easily identify four factions, not two: (A) There are people who outright defend Putin’s aggression in Ukraine and Crimea, and who otherwise downplay his autocratic tendencies; (B) There are those who agree that Putin is worth condemning, but who think it’s more important to emphasize the evils of U.S. interventionism; (C) There are those who agree that U.S. intervention is unwise and maybe even unethical, but who think it’s most important right now to emphasize Putin’s despotism; (D) There are those who outright favor U.S. and western intervention to stop Putin.

But there are other factions, including the one with which I identify: Those who believe that, like the Russian government, the U.S. government is illegitimate and thus actions by U.S. government bureaucrats and forces are also illegitimate as much as those by Russian bureaucrats and forces. The governments themselves need to be dismantled and the parasites sent into the productive sector. Sooner or later (better sooner than later), the people need to overcome their emotional ties to the entire political system and this phony “democracy” thing which empowers some people to vote to take other people’s property, enslave their neighbors’ labor, and restrict their liberty.

Heh. This situation now reminds me of this past weekend, in which there was an “activist training” seminar hosted by WRKO morning conservative talk host Jeff Kuhner. Supposedly he along with some Republican flunkies and state representatives met with people to teach them how to “get involved,” how to lobby their ruling slave masters to ask for their permission on how to live one’s life, and to please, please, please lower my taxes etc. And that reminded me of another Boston area radio talk host Michael Graham and his “candidates school.” (Cringe!)

I don’t know. When will people learn that the State is not the answer to society’s problems? In most cases, it is the cause. A lot of those people are conservative, and they tend to cite Ronald Reagan as some sort of political and conservative success story. No, Reagan was no conservative or “free market capitalist.” Only in his rhetoric. He may have cut taxes, but then he raised them. He promised to eliminate the federal Departments of Education and Energy, but he kept them, and he added several more. The federal government has continued to dangerously expand since then despite the 1994 “Republican Revolution,” the post-2000 Republican majority in both the White House and Congress (“all three branches” as Chick Schumer might say), and the 2010 “Tea Party takeover.” In Massachusetts, “conservative” Willard Romney raised taxes and did nothing but aid and abet the statists in further expanding the parasitic class.

The activists who worship the State as the savior need to face the reality that running to the bureaucrats of the State to “fix this” or “fix that” never works.

Dismantling the State — our freedom and prosperity might have a chance there. That is the real solution. And that, to me, is the true libertarian solution.

More Libertarianism vs. Statism

Yesterday I posted links to two articles discussing libertarianism and how some self-described libertarians are nevertheless supportive of U.S. government interventionism in the Russia-Ukraine issue. Thus, such supporters couldn’t be libertarians.

As Jacob Hornberger mentioned in one of those two articles yesterday, if people believe that someone should do something in the Russia-Ukraine issue, then as private individuals or groups they should have the freedom to organize themselves to go over there and do something, or fund or aid whichever side they support. No one should restrict their freedom to “intervene.” (However, if their interventions violate any innocents’ persons or property then they are merely criminals and should be treated as such.) These private interventionists are at their own risk. That, to me, is actually the libertarian view on this, because in those circumstances those people are not forcing or coercing anyone else to get involved or fund such operations involuntarily. If you support interventionism, then get involved with that privately.

But, if you want the government to do something, then that is an abandonment of libertarianism and rather is the statist point of view. That is because the government exists as a contract-less institution of coercion, with which the entire population is involuntarily associated. And the government’s involvement includes actions which are being funded coercively by people through involuntary confiscation of their private income and wealth. Therefore such interventionism is thoroughly statist. In my view, once one supports aggression especially committed by the State then one abandons libertarianism and is now embracing statism.

Some More Items of Interest

Here is an extensive interview with economist philosopher Hans-Hermann Hoppe, covering many subjects, from Austrian economics to classical liberalism to immigration.

Philip Weiss exposes the Washington Post‘s article on Sheldon Adelson the Republican kingmaker in the article’s omitting Adelson’s nuke Iran agenda.

Nick Bernabe writes that Dianne Feinstein has enough votes for her anti-free press bill to pass in the Senate. Feinstein wants to give the government the power to decide who is a legitimate journalist and who isn’t. In other words, the mainstream media government groupies who propagandize for the government — those are protected “journalists.” But the anti-Establishment writers, investigative journalists, bloggers, videographers, etc. who criticize the government and who expose the government’s lies, hypocrisy, corruption and criminality — those are not protected journalists. (I addressed Feinstein’s fascist proposal here.)

Related to the issue of mainstream media government stenographers vs. objective journalists, Jacob Hornberger writes about the deferential press on the Ukraine issue.

Meanwhile, according to The New American, while Obama is imposing sanctions on Russia, at the same time Obama is giving Russia U.S. military equipment. Go figure.

Trevor Timm writes that the House’s NSA “reform” bill could allow for more NSA spying than ever. And Steve Watson writes that the House’s NSA cheerleaders are intentionally cutting House NSA critics out of the debate.

More Feinstein: Philip Giraldi writes about why Dianne Feinstein can’t control the CIA.

Judge Napolitano asks whatever happened to probable cause. That’s what I would like to know. Now, I don’t want to criticize the Judge, but toward the end of the article he states that the NSA should be “overhauled.” No, the NSA should be abolished! (And the CIA, too.)

Wendy McElroy details Obama’s latest fascist land grab.

William Grigg writes about more police neanderthals criminally breaking into the home of innocent civilians based on hearsay.

However, as Bob Adelmann notes, states are slowly demanding SWAT raid transparency. Maybe.

And Paul Joseph Watson writes about the military’s training to “scare the crap out of people” in Florida. (“We’re at war!” Just that it’s against ourselves.)

Finally, Alex Newman shows how the UN, Obama, and Gates are globalizing education via Common Core. These are just more issues which show why decentralization and localism are important to restore and preserve our freedom.

Update on the Vultures of the State and DCF

Justina Pelletier is the 15-year-old girl who was diagnosed with and treated for Mitochondrial Disease, but at some point when her Tufts Medical Center doctor had her see his colleague at Boston Children’s Hospital her case was instead taken over by a different doctor there, a psychiatrist. It all went downhill from there. She was told that her physical illness was really a mental illness and that it was “all in her head,” her parents were accused of “medical child abuse,” the psychiatrists wanted to practice “behavior modification” on the child, and custody of Justina was taken away from the Pelletiers and handed over to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

Instead of continuing her medical treatment, the “doctors” and DCF placed her into a mental health facility for teens with behavioral problems and teens from “broken homes,” etc. In other words, the practitioners of Boston Children’s Hospital, which states that children who are “wards of the state” may be used for research without parents’ approval, seized a child and not only disrupted her needed continual medical treatment but unnecessarily and in fact negligently put her into mental health programs where she did not belong.

The Pelletiers had been allowed only one hour per week to visit with Justina, like she’s in prison now.

When the father, Lou Pelletier spoke about the maltreatment publicly he was then given a gag order by a DCF judge, and after violating the gag order he was charged with contempt of court. Later the contempt charge was dropped, and the gag order was dropped. Then earlier this month the judge approved an agreement to transfer Justina back to Tufts to resume her medical treatment. However, the Pelletiers are now suing and charging DCF with contempt of court because of DCF’s interference in that planned resumption of Justina’s medical treatment.

But yesterday, it got worse again, with the judge now ruling to give DCF “permanent” custody of Justina. The judge wrote that because Mr. Pelletier called hospital workers “Nazis” and had used profanity in his communicating with hospital and DCF officials, that that was reason enough to permanently seize a child away from her own family. The judge also wrote that Mr. Pelletier threatened a state social worker.

Can you imagine that? A parent actually gets upset that government bureaucrats and doctor bureaucrats are stealing his child away form him, causing her illness to get steadily worse, and he actually called them “Nazis”!

Meanwhile, this is the DCF that has caused hundreds of children now to be “missing” or dead, is totally out of control, and whose guidelines allow convicted armed robbers and child molesters to become foster parents. Now, if your child were in Justina’s situation, and you could see how “doctors” were causing your child’s condition to drastically deteriorate and you knew about the abuses committed on a daily basis by the DCF, wouldn’t you call them “Nazis” or worse, and get a little angry?

By the way, the head of the DCF, Olga Roche responded to many calls for her resignation by begrudgingly handing her resignation in to Gov. Deval Patrick, who refused her resignation. That is because Patrick apparently sees nothing wrong with what is going on.

Gov. Patrick, who is considering running for President in 2016 because he has so much to offer America, also has not commented on the Justina Pelletier case, and that is because he probably sides with the Boston Children’s Hospital doctors who seized Justina’s medical case away from the Tufts doctors and with the DCF that has taken custody away from the Pelletiers. Really, the DCF has kidnapped the child.

But regarding the DCF judge’s decision on keeping custody of Justina in the hands of the State, is that any surprise? As Hans-Hermann Hoppe referred to in his article on private vs. State judicial decision-making, when you are forced to have to go to the State for its “final” judgment in a conflict between you and the State, what the hell do you think the State’s own judge will decide?

(Cross-posted on the blog.)

Police Can Now “Flag” Anyone’s YouTube Account for Deletion

The YouTube channel of anti-Establishment activist and petition signature gatherer Mark Dice had been deleted because it was flagged as “extremist” by government and police organizations.  But after much pressure Mark Dice’s YouTube channel was restored.

Dice has 265,000 subscribers and his videos have received over 55 million views, according to Infowars. YouTube is owned by Google.

Infowars writes:

Dice’s YouTube channel was also deleted after parent company Google gave some 200 government and police organizations “super flagger” powers, enabling them to flag up to 20 videos for review and possible removal.

. . .

YouTube routinely censors content in response to requests from governments and law enforcement authorities.

As we reported in 2011, demands to remove information, including videos containing “government criticism,” are increasing year upon year.

YouTube complies with the majority of the requests, including the removal of videos which merely show political demonstrations.

In many of his videos, Dice goes to public places, including college campuses, and gathers signatures by the zombie youngins who show a willingness to have gun owners executed or placed in concentration camps, and repealing the First Amendment as well as other Amendments of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. The Infowars article linked above also shows some of those videos which have now been restored.

Now, this censorship is mainly referring to just videos, and I believe that Google/YouTube has the right to delete any content it wants from its own website. But are the authoritarians and police staters going to start censoring websites and blogs now (such as mine) which contain content critical of corrupt and criminal police and government bureaucrats?

The Rulers are behaving like real Nazis now, with their cracking down on journalists and those who dissent from the majority view. Why are people so thin-skinned now? It’s not just the political correctness intolerance and silencing of “offensive” speech, but really, if you don’t conform to the groupthink then you are to be stomped on and your non-conforming point of view suppressed, by brownshirt neighbors, police, or whomever is available to do the stomping.

All the censors and speech suppressors are doing is showing how un-American they are. I know that’s a “loaded” term, “un-American.” But the behavior of the Rulers and their enforcers and their propagandists and thugs shows that they really disagree with the early Americans including those who wrote the First Amendment and their pro-free speech associates who stand for especially the right to openly criticize the U.S. government.

Some More Misc. Items

Here are some more miscellaneous items:

Mises Institute economist Robert Murphy introduces his new 6-week online course on How Government Wrecks the Economy, beginning April 24th. Now, why he picked Barbra Streisand’s birthday for that, who knows. But his emphasis will be on the Austrian economics view regarding the destruction that government central planning causes.

The fall of the Soviet Union should have spelled the demise of central planning, yet the socialist mentality thrives — albeit in a diluted form — in all governments in the so-called “free world.” No one explained the failures of pure socialism and of (the more moderate) interventionism better than Ludwig von Mises. Whether we want to understand why people are starving in North Korea, why minimum wage laws lead to teen unemployment, or what caused the boom and then crash in the U.S. housing market, the answer is in the Austrian School of economics. As the Obamacare disaster unfolds before our very eyes, it is critical for the average person — both adults and young people alike — to understand how economic science makes sense of these heartbreaking outcomes, and shows the way to solve them.

Supposedly, according to Fox News Indiana will be the first state to drop Common Core, the federal government’s fascist reach into the nation’s classrooms. But apparently even Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s own educational special advisor is criticizing the whole plan as phony, in that the changes to be made are so minor, the actual plan of Common Core will still be imposed, albeit in a disguised way. Thanks, Ronald Reagan, for abolishing the federal Department of Education as you promised, you phony baloney.

According to Philip Giraldi, foreign policy delusion, ignorance and hubris is bipartisan.

Ryan McMaken notes that Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s views on decentralization may be catching on in Italy. And the U.S. needs to decentralize as well. Too bad that average Americans still side with the nationalists, authoritarians and fascists who are pulling America down into the sewer of totalitarian tyranny. Oh, well.

Karen De Coster has this post on the zombie shills for Big Pharma.

And Dr. Mercola has this article on how butter is actually good for you, while margarine is bad. And while I agree with much of the article based on what I’ve already learned in recent years, this “butter” thing reminded me of that old Parkay margarine commercial, with the little margarine tub that said “Butter.” (Is that commercial still on?)

Some Misc. Items

Kurt Nimmo at Infowars has this article on the totalitarian former Obama Administration propagandist Cass Sunstein, who says that “conspiracy theories” and mistrust of government are child-like and dangerous. Nimmo then goes on to list many historical instances of government bureaucrats lying like a rug to the people and governments’ own actual conspiracies, from Gulf of Tonkin to Iraq. Nimmo writes:

The mélange of lies and deceptions, when pointed out, become conspiracy theories, according to government bureaucrats like Sunstein. “Pick your topic: Ukraine, the National Security Agency, assassinations of national leaders, recent economic crises, the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays — it’s child’s play to assemble a host of apparent clues, and to connect a bunch of dots, to support a relevant conspiracy theory,” he writes, trying to diminish truth through facile comparison (thus the insertion of Shakespeare).

As noted above, we know the NSA has lied to us, it is not a conspiracy theory. As for Ukraine, we know, or those of us who bother following up do, that the State Department put the current regime in office, including no shortage of fascists and soccer hooligans. The CIA has assassinated foreign leaders (the numerous attempts on Fidel Castro’s life are not bedtime stories or child’s play). As for economic crises, the former Federal Reserve boss, Ben Bernanke, admitted the federal agency that is not a federal agency (another conspiracy) engineered the Great Depression. The Federal Reserve created the current recession, in fact the Second Great Depression (and possibly the Greatest Depression) we are now enduring was, according to a large number of economists, created by the Federal Reserve through monetary manipulation. The latest appointed Fed boss, Janet Yellen, expressed concern about easy money asset bubbles and the damage they inflict. The credit crisis resulting from the explosion of the housing bubble led to the Great Recession beginning in 2007. No conspiracy theory there, just historic and economic fact.

Cass Sunstein, a possible future Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, seems to be getting desperate — like many other bureaucrats such as Obama et al. — in trying to prevent more of the American people from becoming informed on the history and current events which show the U.S. government for the criminal enterprise it is.

Yesterday I referred to the Massachusetts state GOP’s primary ballot restrictions. And now I see this article at The New American by Joe Wolverton regarding the national GOP’s new rules restrictions for their 2016 nominating process. (Does it really matter? These elections are all a farce, quite frankly.) You see, because of the gains that Ron Paul made during the 2012 Republican primaries and the way that Romney stole the nomination away, now the Establishment fraudsters will formalize the cheating by restricting possible non-Establishment candidates such as Ron Paul from having their actual votes counted.

Joanna Blythman at the U.K. Guardian writes about how almost everything you’ve been told about unhealthy foods is wrong. Eggs, butter, meat and salt are good for you. (Just not in processed foods. That’s just one type of food people should avoid.)

Thomas DiLorenzo has this article on the recent hatchet job that Jon Stewart inflicted on Judge Andrew Napolitano. DiLorenzo cites the academic professionals that Stewart had on telling Napolitano that he was wrong about President Abe Lincoln enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act, when in fact Napolitano was right about that. My own personal conclusion is that these academics know that Lincoln enforced the Fugitive Slave Act, but they are either liars and “Lincoln cultists,” as DiLorenzo describes them, and/or they were doing what they were doing on that show just to play a gag on the Judge, with Stewart in on the gag. But, DiLorenzo does cite specific examples of Lincoln enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act.

Police State USA has this article about the totalitarian fascists of Michigan CPS who have been placing innocent parents’ names into a “child abusers” database. It’s extremely easy to put anyone’s name in there, sans due process, but extremely difficult to remove the name. (There should be no government “child protective services” in the first place!)

Finally, Patrice Lewis defends homeschooling. (Hurry up before the Obommunists outlaw that, too.)

Time to Take the “Boston” Out of Boston Tea Party

The Massachusetts state Republican Party had its hackathon yesterday and decided, not unexpectedly, to nominate the same GOP nominee from 2010 for governor, Charlie Baker. The “Tea Party” candidate, Mark Fisher, didn’t receive the 15% support of delegates needed to get his name on the primary ballot in September. Fisher got only 14.8%, reason enough to cordially lock him out. Yes, the GOP is a private organization and has every right to make its own rules. As the autocratic state GOP chairwoman Kirsten Hughes sternly remarked, “14.765 is not 15 percent.” Humph!

So it’s just another example of yet another Massachusetts election featuring not only Statist A vs. Statist B, but Democrat vs. Democrat Lite, Charlie Half-Baker.

And this reflects the national trend of Establishment Republicans sniffing their noses at “Tea Party” challengers. As Mitch McConnell yapped recently, referring to Tea Party challengers, “I think we are going to crush them everywhere … I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.” Humph!

You see, Establishment statist types love power, and that means they really don’t want to reduce deficit spending or even permanently cut or eliminate taxes. Another problem with both the Establishment and the Tea Party types is their love for war and militarism, and their social fascism, such as in empowering the State to decide who may and who may not get married (or divorced!), empowering the State to put “God back into public schools,” etc.

But in People’s Republic of Massachusetts, a state in which 70% of the people voted against repealing the state income tax, it really is time to take the “Boston” out of Boston Tea Party.

Some More Items of Interest

Jacob Hornberger has this common sense post explaining why the drug war will never succeed, and is itself the cause of violence and crime.

David Swanson explains the activists for other wars, particularly Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan of the Project for the New American Century. (I didn’t know before now that Robert Kagan and the foulmouthed Victoria Nuland are married. Yech, what a duo.)

Benjamin Powell explains how sweatshops are a way out of poverty.

Police State USA with an article on the Rockville, Maryland area police Nazis stopping hundreds of cars and searching them without probable cause and without warrants. They’re looking for criminals. (They can try looking in the mirror.)

Inforwars with an article on how local police are training along with military in Texas, learning how to act like neanderthals and lawless armed thugs.

James Corbett on how to “steal an airplane,” from 9/11 to MH370. (Who knew?)

Pat Buchanan on the Washington warmongers.

Ryan Gallagher compares the NSA’s Facebook malware denial to its own secret documents.

Nancy Pelosi to Receive the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood

CNS news informs us that ex-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will receive the Margaret Sanger award from Planned Parenthood. CNS provides a very thorough review of several of eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s writings, advocating not just birth control in general but the sterilization of the “unfit.” Here is a doozy of a quote from Sanger, provided by CNS:

“As an advocate of Birth Control, I wish to take advantage of the present opportunity to point out that the unbalance between the birth rate of the ‘unfit’ and the ‘fit,’ admittedly the greatest present menace to civilization, can never be rectified by the inauguration of a cradle competition between these two classes.

“In this matter, the example of the inferior classes, the fertility of the feeble-minded, the mentally defective, the poverty-stricken classes, should not be held up for emulation to the mentally and physically fit though less fertile parents of the educated and well-to-do classes.

“On the contrary,” Sanger continued, “the most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective.


“We can see how naturally we are today brought up to those questions of birth control as an instrument of higher breeding and regeneration of the race,” wrote Sanger.

“In case of refusal such persons should have a choice of sterilization or isolation,” she said. “Under no circumstances should the state allow such parents to cast their diseased and demented progeny upon society for the normal and fit to provide for.”

When graciously accepting her Margaret Sanger award, perhaps Madam Speaker can offer some more “progressive” quotes by Sanger.

A Hackachusetts Update

There is a Massachusetts Republican state convention this weekend. Yay. I really don’t like writing about these things because these elections are just futile, more rearranging of deck chairs. But politics is sometimes interesting to write about, albeit in a fingernails-against-the-chalkboard kind of way.

The first thing that’s really frustrating is that there are no Libertarian Party candidates for any state office this year. Not that I care, mind you. But you’d think that in the state in which “it all began,” there would be some liberty-minded people. Nope.

There aren’t many people who believe in the concepts of non-aggression, self-ownership and private property here. But you’d think, as Ron Paul has been able to do nationally, that at least an LP candidate could use the campaign as a platform to “spread the word” of liberty.

Not any more, apparently. The days of Carla Howell are over, I guess.

Carla Howell was the LP candidate for U.S. Senate in 2000 against Ted Kennedy. And she was the LP candidate for governor in 2002, and participated in at least one major debate against Willard and three others. And now she is political director for the national LP.

Sadly, the LP hasn’t really gotten very far in its 40 years of existence. After all, with “libertarian”candidates like Bob Barr and Gary Johnson, who needs statists?

This weekend’s GOP convention in Massachusetts will have two candidates for governor, the 2010 nominee and Establishment-supported Charlie Baker, and businessman Mark Fisher the “Tea Party” candidate. Now, given how the GOP bigwigs are very pro-Establishment and anti-Tea Party, does anyone actually believe that Fisher will get the 15% support of delegates required to get his name on the ballot for the primary in September?

Has anyone ever heard of Mark Fisher? A major WBUR poll was released yesterday concentrating on Democrat presumptuous presumptive nominee Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker, but also including other Democrat candidates. But it excluded the non-Establishment Republican Mark Fisher. (Can we conclude that WBUR’s pollsters are a little biased against conservatives? Ya think?)

But Fisher is not exactly a liberty-minded Tea Party candidate. Fisher’s website shows that he wants to reform the welfare system. That’s nice. But it says nothing about replacing it with a restoration of freedom and private charity. It says nothing about other issues such as gun control and the police state. He wants to “roll back” tax rates but not eliminate them. Not just “libertarians,” but Tea Party candidates should be talking about eliminating income taxes. (And other taxes, too, it’s theft, FCOL!)

And Fisher wants to “make illegal immigration illegal.” Alas, collectivists believe in communal ownership of the entire territory, but don’t understand that the right of exclusion (and inclusion) is an individual and private right, not a collective, group right. Oh, well. (Perhaps he listens to El-Rushbo too much …)

But the Establishment hack GOP candidate, Charlie Baker is really a progressive Republican, who believes that “education is a civil right.” And by that I think it is safe to assume he means government-controlled education is a civil right. More rearranging of deck chairs with the State’s intrusion into education. And while he wants to deny public assistance to “illegal” immigrants, he obviously agrees with the other statists that the State owns the lives of immigrants, workers and businessmen.

Charlie Baker’s earlier work in state government was also important in the concocting of what is now known as RomneyCare in Massachusetts. As Gov. Bill Weld’s Secretary of Health and Human Services in the early ’90s, Baker’s plan to use state Medicaid savings was a cornerstone for the later Romney-Democrat plan.

And in this interview, Charlie Half-Baker is asked what he would do as governor to make college more affordable. We hear “Blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. etc.” But no “privatize,” no “get the government out of it,” no “education freedom.” When asked about the Department of Children and Families scandal(s) going on, more “yada, yada, yada,” but no “Abolish the DCF.” And he supports the State-imposed death penalty and is mealy-mouthed on the gun control issue (i.e. he supports gun control).

No liberty candidates in Massachusetts. Certainly not from Democrats. And not from the so-called Tea Party, nor any of the GOP, those Grand Old Progressives.

And, it’s nothing but crickets from the … “Libertarian” Party.

(Cross-posted on the Blog.)

Are We Near TEOTWAWKI Yet?

Brandon Smith has this article with suggestions on how to prepare for the possible coming economic collapse. He and others predict the collapse could be more sooner than later, especially because of the sanctions war between the U.S. and Russia and because of Russia and China rejecting the dollar as world reserve currency. There are others who are not as pessimistic. But Smith does have some helpful tips on how to protect yourself in the case of food shortages, dealing with lack of utilities and so forth.

You see, the people who are screwing everything up and making us all more vulnerable to the terrible consequences of an economic collapse are the government people, the State. Central planning itself is inherently destructive and it has got to go. That includes central banking, too.

Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center says that Republicans in several states are working against nullification efforts. He writes:

In the last few weeks, Republicans in states have killed the following important nullification bills.

To stop Obamacare implementation in SC
To stop Obamacare implementation in OK
To stop Obamacare implementation AZ
To stop Obamacare implementation in IN
To stop Obamacare implementation in MS
EPA nullification in ID
Withdrawing from Common Core in GA
Withdrawing from Common Core in AZ
Withdrawing from Common Core in MS
4th Amendment Protection Act in OK
4th Amendment Protection Act in MS
Firearms Freedom Act in OK
To Stop federal gun control in TN

(We will be compiling a full list of those which passed and failed – and who’s responsible in the coming months.)

Is this all true? I can’t believe it. Republicans are unbelievable, as far as their alleged ability or willingness to resist and defeat thoroughly unconstitutional legislation and unconstitutional executive-branch imposed policies such as all the above.

And also, if Romney hadn’t done so much cheating and stolen the Republican nomination away from Ron Paul (and Dr. Paul was beating Obama in head-to-head polling in 2012), and if you had elected Ron Paul, he had campaigned on getting rid of the federal Department of Education, the EPA, HHS, and ATF, as well as CIA, FBI, DHS and NSA.

Wendy McElroy has this interesting article, “Hanging Winston Churchill: Vicarious Liability of Leaders.” (I like the “Hanging Winston Churchill” part.)

Infowars lists 10 ways true feminism is under attack.

The U.K. Guardian says that U.S. Tech giants knew of NSA data collection all along.

James Bovard says that cynicism and Rodney Dangerfield get no respect.

Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the hypocrite Frau Feinstein.

Patrick Cockburn asks is Saudi Arabia regretting supporting terrorists?

And Mike Adams lists top 10 real medical conspiracies that actually happened.

Be Very Afraid, Everyone

Boston Marathon planners are going to have psychologists lined up along the entire route at this year’s Marathon on April 21st, to console those runners and onlookers who may still be experiencing or be reminded of last year’s traumatic and frightening bombing. But will that include prescription-pushing psychiatrists, too?

Give. Me. A. Break.

Those poor souls running in the Marathon and those watching the runners need psychologists to treat them for their anxiety.

“Get your free Xanax here!!”…

I was going to do a post on this, but I see at Infowars that Adan Salazar has made the same points I was going to make. He writes:

Psychologists might, for instance, consider tending to residents of Watertown, Mass., who after the bombings surrendered their rights at gun point and allowed jackbooted thugs to shred the Third and Fourth Amendments and invade their homes and privacy. Their actions undoubtedly inflicted undue trauma when they – like an army occupying foreign territory – evacuated American families from the safety of their homes.

. . .

Indeed, installing race-side psychological rehabilitation merely serves to add an element of drama to the situation, and moreover justifies the paranoid, over-the-top police state reactions that will now be routinely implemented at events countrywide.

. . .

In the run-up to the marathon, Boston Police are already on edge. Just last week they sent a bomb squad unit to detonate an abandoned pressure cooker they felt looked a bit too nefarious.