A Medical Maniac Wants to Be Governor of Massachusetts

As I noted yesterday, a loony-tunes Obama “doctor” is running for governor of Massachusetts on the Democrat side. Donald Berwick, former Obama Medicare Administrator, wants to impose “single payer” health insurance on Massachusetts victims. Berwick is not only a quack, but a dangerous collectivist who doesn’t get it when it comes to the individual’s right to control one’s own health matters and keep them private.

According to ObamaCare critic Betsy McCoughey, “Instead of doctors making decisions autonomously in the interest of their own patients, (Berwick) wants a nationwide plan allocating resources ‘to anticipate and shape patterns of care for important subgroups.’ These subgroups — which can be defined by age, disease affliction or socio-economic status — should be the ‘unit of concern,’ not the individual patient.”

So Berwick’s ideology is very much like that of former Obama Health Policy Advisor Ezekiel Emanuel, who believes that not all people should be treated equally under a government-controlled medical care system. Similar to Berwick is Emanuel’s vision of “allocating and rationing” of medical services, such as by age and disability. Emanuel’s belief that the individual’s needs should be seen by doctors as secondary to what’s best for the community, is something Berwick — candidate for governor of Massachusetts — seems to agree with.

We can’t accuse these anti-freedom collectivists of being “pro-civil liberties” now, can we? After all, sacrificing the individual to serve the needs of the collective is as far from civil liberties as anyone can get. So this is just another part of the Left’s abandonment of such civil liberties and their embracing of the police state, as there will be no way for these visionaries to enforce their government-controlled medical diktats and rationing except through a heavily-empowered police apparatus.

Hmm. I wonder whether any Massachusetts campaign interviewers or debate moderators will ask Dr. Berwick what his opinion is of the Justina Pelletier case. Now there’s a patient whose medical treatment was sacrificed by certain “doctors” to serve their own “behavior modification” ideology. Since the psychiatrists seized Justina’s case away from actual medical doctors who were treating her for an actual medical condition, her condition has deteriorated severely. Well, as long as the Orwelliquacks are able to learn more about the effectiveness of their beloved “behavior modification,” that’s what matters. (But for some reason, I doubt that Dr. Berwick will be asked about Justina Pelletier.)

And, by the way, Berwick loves Britain’s National Health Service. That government-controlled medical care system, which may in fact be responsible for over 130,000 elderly deaths per year, and which is responsible for surgeons leaving objects inside a hundred patients per year, as though it uses Soviet medicine as its model, is highly praised by “Dr.” Berwick. As Nat Hentoff, someone who actually does understand civil liberties, noted in 2010 about Berwick’s praise of the British system, “Berwick is enthusiastically, openly candid in his support of Britain’s socialistic National Health Service. In a 2008 speech to British physicians, our new health czar said: ‘I am romantic about National Health Service. I love it (because it is) generous, hopeful, confident, joyous and just.'”

Honestly, this medical crackpot becoming governor of Massachusetts — home of the Kennedys — seems to be a perfect fit, if you know what I mean.