Another Gem from Planned Parenthood

According to The Federalist, Planned Parenthood’s international association has released a booklet specifically targeted toward youth with HIV (the virus which causes AIDS), attempting to promote a youth’s hiding one’s HIV status from sexual partners or prospective sexual partners. The group maintains in the booklet that it is the youths’ right to not disclose to others their HIV status.

So not only do these kinds of groups promote irresponsible and promiscuous sexual activity in youths, most of whom are too young and immature to emotionally handle getting involved in sexual relationships, let alone promiscuous one-night-stands. And emphasizing the importance of immediate gratification, of course, because that is what Amerika is all about now. But further than all that, get your immediate gratification whenever the opportunity happens, even at the expense of risking the lives of others. And that’s really what this is about.

As is emphasized in the Planned Parenthood booklet, the HIV-positive individual has a “right” to withhold important information about oneself from one’s newest sexual partner, and thus removing the partner’s own right to decide whether or not to take such a risk. This is the kind of selfishness, by the way, that is promoted by a culture associated with collectivism and statism, systems which replace the family and the individual with the State and the collective. People have a right to use others to gratify one’s own urges — from personal sexual relations to government power-grabbers — at the others’ expense.

So according to the End of the American Dream Blog, 1 out of every 4 teen girls in the U.S. has a sexually transmitted disease, and 24% of the teens in the U.S. who have such diseases say they still have unprotected sex. Well, I guess that second statistic explains the first one.

So all you women’s libbers out there, the sexual revolutionaries and so forth, who have raised your boys to take stupid self-destructive risks, and raised your girls to be sluts: Was all that screaming and bra-burning worth it?

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