Exciting Political Convention Fight Involving Republican Party Intruder vs. Establishment?

It looks like Donald Trump will probably get the 1237 required delegates leading into the Republican convention. What Ted Cruz is doing now in his already picking Carly Fiorina for VP this early in the race, in addition to Cruz and John Kasich cahooting to try to prevent Trump from getting that first-ballot nomination, are signs of desperation. These kinds of moves are those of political hacks, power-seekers, power-grabbers, usurpers, people who really just want to grab the reins of power at all cost. In other words, typical politicians.

The real reason that Donald Trump is receiving so many votes in these primaries is partly because there are a lot of gullible suckers out there who are emotionally gratified by Trump’s rhetoric at campaign appearances and in all the free news coverage Trump gets from the mainstream media, and partly because a lot of Democrats are voting in the open Republican primaries for Trump because they know that he’s the one Republican the Democrat nominee will most easily beat in November. Note how in closed Republican primaries Trump does not do nearly as well. And the mainstream media are giving Trump all that free air time because they also want him to be the (R) nominee, because they also know that Hillary will mop the floor with his silly-looking George Hamiltonian face.

But there are a lot of suckers out there. They like Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rhetoric, his militaristic rhetoric, his protectionist ignorance, and so on. A lot of these are nationalists, conservatives, anti-Establishment Republicans. But I want to see Trump lose the first ballot and then get shut out of the nomination on a subsequent ballot, no matter which other degenerate the Republicans choose, not just because he is a loathsome hypocrite and an ignoramus, but because Donald Trump is not a Republican. Trump was a registered Democrat from 2001 to 2009, and has gone back and forth between Republican and independent at other times. He has also contributed thousands and thousands of dollars to Democrat hacks, particularly during the mid-2000s to help bring back the Democrat majority in Congress. It is probably not because Trump wants some kind of “quid pro quo,” as he has maintained, but because he agrees with Democrats on many issues. And for those reasons I have asked in the past whether Trump is really a straw candidate and on behalf of Democrats or more specifically Hillary. I have also noted that in this interview (at a little after 11:00) with Hannity, Trump makes a possible Freudian slip when he says, “I want to beat the Republicans,” and he wasn’t referring to the primaries but the general election. But whatever. You can have him.

And the kinds of policies Trump favors and wants to further implement? We know he wants to expand Medicaid for all, a single payer scheme that “takes care of everyone.” But he says it’s not “single payer,” it’s called “Heart.”Big Heart” and “Compassion,” yup. And as an article in the Examiner noted: “TrumpCare: a mixture of socialism and incoherence.” Trump also believes in “fair trade, not free trade.” In other words, he wants government-managed, government-directed trade. He does not believe in free markets. For Trump, making Americans have to spend more on American-made products rather than save money by buying foreign-made goods is the price we have to pay for Trump’s selfish need for control.

So, Trump wants Fairness, Heart, Compassion. I think I’ll toss my cookies now. And, oh yes, Trump thinks that eminent domain is a “wonderful thing.” Eminent domain is government theft of private property. Crony capitalists love to use the armed powers of government to either directly take wealth or property away from its rightful owners, or indirectly take from others via bureaucratic rules and regulations that keep those at the bottom at the bottom.

Now, there have been some libertarians who are supporting or at least “rooting for” Donald Trump, and who knows why. Some people like his anti-interventionist rhetoric. But that’s when he’s not spewing a lot of pro-interventionist rhetoric. I guess they’ll choose to ignore the pro-interventionism rhetoric to make the anti-interventionist rhetoric taste better, I don’t know. Among Trump’s foreign policy advisors are the anti-due process warmonger Sen. Jeff Sessions, anti-Islam paranoid Walid Phares, and Joe Schmitz, a Bush DoD “Inspector general” who blocked investigations of Bush administration officials and who then went to work for Blackwater. Well, so much for The Donald’s “anti-interventionist” policies.

Justin Raimondo has said he’s not supporting, only “rooting for” Donald Trump. Raimondo points to this article by Murray Rothbard, who gives three reasons to defend demagogues. One is because “they disrupt the body politic and stir things up.” So far so good. Trump is doing that. But the other reasons are that the demagogue appeals directly to the masses’ base emotions and goes over the heads of the State’s “bodyguards,” the “intellectuals” and the mainstream media who traditionally mold public opinion. However, Rothbard notes that the reason to support this kind of demagogue is because that demagogue is bringing “the truth” directly to the people. That is clearly not what Trump is doing. Trump is merely mirroring the anti-free market masses’ authoritarian-statist impulses, Build a government wall, restrict the rights of businesses and laborers to sell their products, services and labor as they see fit, restrict the rights of American consumers, and so forth. Trump’s message is, in other words, nothing any actual libertarians should support. Trump is anti-liberty, anti-private property, and anti-free markets if anyone ever was.

So Trump appeals to authoritarians and collectivists, those conservatives and nationalists who love central planning as the answer to “America’s problems,” whatever they might be. He appeals to believers in American Exceptionalism, in which the True Believers want the U.S. government to be the Ruler over the rest of the world, who support the U.S. military’s invasions and occupations of foreign territories that are not U.S. territories, and who want the U.S. government to interfere in the internal matters of other countries. In other words, it is the American Exceptionalists who are the real “globalists.”

I hear these conservatives on the radio and elsewhere complaining about “globalism,” and refer to Establishment Republicans and Democrats and others such as Zbignorant Brzezinski who are the “globalists,” and so on. Sure, that may be true, but this American Exceptionalism (i.e. favoring moral relativism and exempting U.S. bureaucrats from the Golden Rule) stuff is the true globalism if you ask me. These authoritarian sheeple are the ones who favor a “One World Government,” that is, one government ruling the world, and that government specifically being the U.S. government.

Instead of looking at what the U.S. government had already done to the Middle East in the 10 years prior to 9/11, the historically-ignorant authoritarian sheeple rely on the propaganda and lies of the U.S. government and its media stenographers, and then obediently support their new wars, further bombings and murders of innocents and provocations, occupations, and domestic police state for no good reason!

I think that so-called “patriots” and “libertarians” are forgetting that it’s the U.S. government that has been the biggest cause of most of the world’s grief, especially our own grief in America. What needs to be done is a thorough dismantling of the Washington apparatus, the national security state and all the fascist-socialist bureaucracies who send their little S.W.A.T. teams against innocent people for the sake of petty theft and power grabs. We don’t need government walls, more intrusions, more theft by governments of innocent people. What America needs is total decentralization and a return to freedom, free markets, due process and self-determination. We need freedom, dammit!

So all you anti-free market, anti-private property authoritarians and collectivists out there have your little love-fest with The Donald. I hope the Republicans lock him out even if he does get his 1237. It was meant to be that way, given the whole political party thing is nothing but a criminal racket to begin with.