The Orlando Shootings and Americans’ Gullibility

Donald Trump and the usual talk radio people are reading off the same collectivist central-planning talking points following the Orlando massacre. Now, Donald Trump notwithstanding (given his emotion-driven simple-mindedness), most of these talk radio people seem otherwise intelligent yet they are gullible and really believe the propaganda thrown at them by the bureaucrats of the U.S. government as repeated by their stenographers of the mainstream media.

When it comes to the government-media complex’s propaganda with ObamaCare, climate change and global warming, race-obsession and sexual perversions, the conservatives and talk radio people seem to know when they are being lied to, when others are trying to manipulate emotions, and when an agenda of government-expansion is the obvious intention.

But when it comes to national security, the conservatives and talk radio people are suddenly collectivist-zombies and central-planner worshipers and LOVE government expansion, approve more government intrusions against them, and cheer on more overseas invasions, occupations, bombings, murders of innocents, and so on. When it comes to national security the conservatives and talk radio people will believe ANYTHING the government tells them, no matter how absurd and how much evidence is available that it really is all a bunch of lies and propaganda.

With the Orlando massacre, there is a lot of conflicting information, such as that the shooter Omar Mateen was anti-gay and had anti-LGBT motivations for the shooting, or that he himself was gay and a “self-hating homosexual” who took it out on 100 innocent people. And that either he was “investigated” several times by the FBI who dropped the investigation, and/or that he was another FBI-motivated patsy dupe who was trained by them.

In the mainstream media and on these conservative talk radio shows they don’t seem to mention that all this crap going on wouldn’t be happening if our government hadn’t been invading, occupying and bombing foreign countries, mostly Muslim countries for 25 years now.

Oh, it’s the religion of Islam itself that’s the cause, yeah right. Well, as I wrote in my article on government bureaucrats being the biggest contributors to radical Islamic terrorism, we have a U.S. government that is still providing weapons and financial support to ISIS, FBI continuing to infiltrate mosques and intentionally radicalizing young Muslims with mental health issues to entrap them to commit “jihad,” and a CIA that is still out there radicalizing those foreigners. The CIA still sends drones over those areas, bombing and murdering innocents and provoking retaliation. They are intentionally targeting innocents such as at wedding parties and funerals, and targeting rescuers who rush to save the first bombing victims. The whole thing is nuts.

In addition to all that we have U.S. government officials and former officials who have been in cahoots with extremely repressive foreign regimes who themselves are supporting terrorists, such as Saudi Arabia. Hillary Clinton has been the recipient of huge donations from the Saudis so she is beholden to them, obviously. She is a very treasonous character, and it appears that many ignorant, gullible Americans will elect her President.

The answer to all this, of course, is to put a stop to U.S. government foreign interventionism, get out of all those foreign countries, including Europe and everywhere else. The answer to all this is to end all the invasions, occupations, bombings and murders of foreigners, close down all foreign U.S. military bases and bring all the troops back to the U.S., no more foreign aid, no more collusions between U.S. bureaucrats and other governments.

No, that’s not “isolationism.” On the contrary, we would then have freedom. Individuals and organizations would have the freedom to voluntarily fund various programs including defense in foreign countries. You can go there yourself. Have fun.

But that reasonable and rational answer to the problem of terrorism that the U.S. government is causing does not enter the brains of the propagandists of the mainstream media, the conservatives and radio talk people, and most Americans. That is because of this addiction to dependence that most people have, dependence on government bureaucrats to “keep them safe,” despite how they are keeping them unsafe and vulnerable to more San Bernardinos, more Orlandos, and so on.

Now, regarding the FBI, there have been several good recent articles online which detail how FBI agents have been deliberately approaching young mentally deficient and troubled Muslims and introducing the “jihad” agenda into their heads, an agenda the young dupes would not have had previously, and motivating them to commit “jihad,” and providing them with weapons, bombs and other materials. And then the FBI thwarts their own planned attack that they themselves concocted. That is exactly what these schmuck bureaucrats have been doing, and for years now. But most Americans still don’t know about this, thanks to the government’s cheerleaders in the mainstream media.

Can you imagine investigators in the private sector doing these stupid things? They would be arrested and charged with incitement to terrorism, aiding and abetting criminal assaults and attempted murder, conspiracy to commit mass murder, racketeering, and so forth.

One recent article is by Tony Cartalucci, in which he quotes a New York Daily News article on Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, stating that the FBI introduced Mateen to “confidential informants” and kept him under surveillance. Cartalucci provides the details of just how much the FBI’s agents initiated, controlled and helped the Muslim patsies to carry out their attempted terrorist crimes.

Besides that must-read Tony Cartalucci article, here are some older ones with further information:

The FBI again thwarts its own terror plot, 9/29/2011 by Glenn Greenwald,

FBI: Bureau of Frame-ups, bullying, and intimidation, 10/23/10 by William Grigg,

Fake terror plots, paid informants: the tactics of FBI entrapment questioned, 11/16/11 by Paul Harris,

The Informants, 2011 by Trevor Aaronson who also wrote a book about the FBI’s manufactured war on terrorism,

and The ex-FBI informant with a change of heart: “There is no real hunt. It’s fixed.” 3/20/2012 by Paul Harris.

In other words, there are so few real “homegrown terrorists” in the U.S., the FBI has to go turn people into them and it has to concoct its own schemes for their dupes to follow, just to put another notch on their sleeve. And that’s regardless of how much the U.S. government has been committing its war crimes overseas, provoking foreigners to retaliate. Is there some underlying reason the U.S. government has been doing all that?

Some people think that such idiocy might be related to the bureaucrats’ gun control agenda. The gun grabbers who want only government goons to be armed but want civilians completely disarmed and defenseless, as has been the case with them especially since their 1961 UN-directed call for complete world gun confiscation, obviously didn’t learn a thing from Nazi Germany, Mao’s China, and so on. To many people that all sounds like paranoid conspiracy stuff, but in reality, it’s the gun-grabbers who are the paranoids.

One thing that government bureaucrats love the most is power and control. Expanding the size and power of the federal central government apparatus enables the bureaucrats and their little minions to actualize their lust for power over the people.

But a lot of people in America have this blind faith in the government and just can’t believe that their own government would intentionally inflict damage for the purpose of its own ultimate expansion of power and control.

One important older article is from 1991 by Sheldon Richman, U.S. Conduct in the Middle East Since World War II, and the Folly of Intervention. That was written just as President George H.W. Bush had started his whole new war of aggression on Iraq, stating that it would not be “another Vietnam.” But part of that criminal act of violence included bombing civilian water and sewage treatment centers in Iraq, and included sanctions and no-fly zones which prevented the Iraqis from rebuilding that infrastructure which caused the Iraqis to have to use untreated water, which led to skyrocketing disease and the deaths of over 500,000 innocent civilians by 1996. Leslie Stahl interviewed then-UN Sec. Madeline Albright who said that the deaths of innocents was “worth it.” Then there were several hundred thousand more deaths of innocents by the year 2000. Most people have no idea about any of this that occurred before 9/11/2001.

It is my view that the elder President Bush at that time in 1991 was strategizing how to deal with the end of the Cold War with Russia and the fall of the Soviet Union. Such events meant there was no enemy to fear and thus no legitimate reason to keep the U.S. national security state alive. The real answer at that time — 25 years ago — was to dismantle the national security state. But Bush and his neocon cohorts loved the power of government’s authority and control and the domestic police state so much more than they loved America and its freedom. That is my view on that.

Prior to the George H.W. Bush war of aggression on Iraq, in 1953 the CIA imposed a coup on Iran and propped up the Shah. The U.S. government supported the Shah’s SAVAK police-state regime for 25 years, leading up to the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the Iranian taking of American hostages. No wonder the Iranians took Americans hostage in Iran given what our government had done. As Jacob Hornberger points out, if foreign governments had assassinated the U.S. President and supported a totalitarian regime in the U.S. in which innocent Americans were indefinitely detained and tortured for their political views, some Americans would probably want to take Iranians hostage here in America.

But most Americans were not aware during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s that their own government was supporting an Iranian dictatorial regime, just as they are not aware that their own government supports other dictatorial regimes now. I’m sure that most Americans were not aware in 1991 that when George H.W. Bush wanted to start his war of aggression on Iraq and as he was saying it would be on behalf of Kuwait that Kuwait was itself a brutal dictatorship.

In 1971 the Pentagon Papers revealed war crimes by the U.S. government against Vietnam, and that as early as 1967 the U.S. bureaucrats including Robert McNamara and Lyndon Baines Johnson all knew that the war they entered the U.S. into was unwinnable, yet they continued with it anyway for lack of willingness to admit their failures, at the expense of 58,000 American soldiers as well as several million Vietnamese dead.

War criminals. But the American people didn’t learn from the Pentagon Papers, as they didn’t learn from the Church Committee and the crimes by J. Edgar Hoover against his own fellow Americans.

So never mind the FBI intentionally getting Muslims worked up to hate America and want to bomb and murder innocent people. The American people prefer denial, as such reality is too much for them emotionally. They prefer the emotional traumas as caused by the federal government S.W.A.T. teams, TSA molesting and gate-raping them, constantly living in fear of terrorists who might attack them as directed by FBI or military goons. That is what enslaved, obedient and dependent Americans prefer, rather than realizing and acknowledging the truth of what their own government is all about.

As I wrote in an earlier article, regarding more recent events,

But I wonder if the true believers could ever consider the possibility that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were already being planned before 9/11, went forward despite unreliable intelligence, that there was no evidencelinking Osama bin Laden to those terrorist attacks (but there was evidence linking Osama bin Laden to the CIA), that bin Laden denied involvement in 9/11, and in fact prior to 9/11 the FBI were told by the Bush Administration to lay off the bin Laden family and Saudi connections to terrorism. And also we later learned that the Bush-Feith neocons weren’t really interested in al-Qaeda but in “regime change” throughout the Middle East and Asia. And it’s even possible that the “underwear bomber” was helped by the FBI to board flight 253 to Detroit with a visa the U.S. government had ordered not to be revoked despite his known ties to terrorism.

Government is all about incompetent central planning and murderous criminality. It is about betrayal of the people and the Constitution the bureaucrats are sworn to obey. In other words, government is the epitome of criminality and violence.

I hope that some day, commonsense-thinking Americans will completely reject the central planning apparatus in Washington, and will call for its total dismantling forthwith. I wish that today’s conservatives and the ignorant talk radio personalities can try to drop their collectivistic claptrap, it’s enough already. It’s poisonous, in my view, and un-American. America was supposed to be all about individualism, individual liberty, and the private property-free enterprise philosophy that goes with all that. In contrast, collectivism is what has taken America down the road to tyranny.

And I like Jim Davies’s suggestion to all government employees: If you are a government employee, please find honest work in the private sector, in which your paycheck comes from voluntary sources. “Public service” in America would be a lot better if more government employees would quit their jobs and discontinue their support of the government racket.

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