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The Feds’ New “Ministry of Truth”

Many people are worried now about the new federal “Ministry of Truth,” which supposedly will be imposed on us now that Obama has signed H.R. 5181, the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act, that includes a federal “Center for Information Analysis and Response.” Such an agency, according to WND, will use taxpayer funds to infiltrate educational institutions and news media to aid government bureaucrats to determine what is the real truth and what is “fake news.” Like we can trust bureaucrats and their media and academia sycophants who propagandize daily — dishonestly promoting everything from the Iraq War to ObamaCare — to let the American people know what the “truth” is!

But I don’t think such an agency will last very long. There is something called the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (Yes, it’s still the “law of the land,” when I last checked, regardless of the court kooks and degenerates who rubber-stamp bureaucrats’ insatiable cravings for power.) And the First Amendment states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I am hopeful that courts will overturn this new law as unconstitutional, unless Donald Trump thinks he can benefit from such an agency as long as it still exists and exerts power. So far, he has demonstrated NO understanding of the concept of freedom of speech, as well as freedom of trade, free markets, and all the rest. If we’re lucky, someone might give him a copy of the U.S. Constitution and he might actually read it and get some analyses from constitutional lawyers such as Jonathan Turley and John Whitehead. (But, being the realist that I am, I’m not holding my breath.)

Our Screwed Up, Dysfunctional Society

Patrice Lewis has this article titled, How Grinchy parents steal Christmas, regarding ideologically fanatical parents who give their boys Barbie dolls and give their girls trucks, etc.

No, it’s all about suppressing genetic normalcy and molding children into something the feminists approve of. Is it really empowering to deny boys and girls the kind of toys they would enjoy just to demonstrate how enlightened and post-sexist you are?

This attitude is bad enough for girls, but it’s devastating for boys. More than that, it’s designed to make children, girls and especially boys, emasculated wimps fit only for safe rooms and gender activism. These gender Nazis want children to march to the drum of the agenda, an agenda which states children must hate and fight against their innate unique biological traits and strengths.

So how does this affect society as a whole? It screws people up, that’s how.

“Gender Nazis.” Heh.

So I guess the social justice warriors are for self-hatred, self-denial, and self-punishment. Although that’s probably not what they think. They’re brainwashed social justice warriors, so they think they are do-gooders, based on the ideology they are brainwashed with.

But this refusal to deal with the basic differences between male and female has led our culture toward a lot of social dysfunction, dysfunctional marriages and just overall dysfunctional relationships in general.

Related to the issue that Patrice Lewis brought up, in my view, is that teenagers are starting to become sexually active at way too young an age. The older people in their lives, the older siblings, older friends or even parents who are encouraging the younger ones to be sexually active too soon, are actually initiating the process of distorting the youngins’ comfort with intimacy and emotional connection with others later in life.

There was also this article in the End of the American Dream blog a few years ago mentioning that 25% of teen girls has a sexually transmitted disease while 24% of STD-infected teens in the U.S. still has unprotected sex. The article blames the “sexual revolution” and a promiscuous culture. (Ya think?) The “sexual revolution,” by the way, really advanced in the 1960s and ’70s with Helen Reddy’s “Hear Me Roar” and the bra-burners, and the Roe v. Wade abortion decision. And now the degenerates of Planned Parenthood recently published a pamphlet encouraging teenagers or young adults with HIV to hide that fact from their prospective sexual partners. So there is the deceitfulness among some in the early-sex-promoting industry.

And now we have the “transgender” stuff.

I think it really is a form of child abuse for adults with a warped gender agenda to force their gender or transgender fanaticism onto their little kids who are still growing and developing emotionally and psychologically. In most cases, children who express behaviors associated with the opposite gender will grow out of it during childhood. And yes that would be just a temporary phase, not a sign that they are “transgender.” I have only heard of this “transgender” phenomenon two or three years ago for the first time. It’s another one of those made-up things that a lot of people are being brainwashed to believe, unfortunately.

Related to those issues, Mac Slavo says that America’s national birthrate is at its lowest level on record, and because of that, Social Security is doomed. (Perhaps too many parents are destroying their kids’ natural instincts and drives to reproduce in the future?) Actually, many people now can’t afford to bring up children, because the gubmint thieves keep stealing their earnings away from them, or impose these fascist and socialist regulations, mandates and diktats which cause distortions in the economy. Slavo notes that many of today’s “millennials” are already having a tough time moving out of their parents’ homes. How will they handle providing for themselves when their parents are no longer around, when they don’t have adult children of their own to help them, or when their government’s own social programs are bankrupt?

Besides the emotional, sexual, and financial dysfunction among today’s young people, there is the educational dysfunction they have been subjected to, including how political correctness is also attacking them viciously. For instance, recently two Framingham, Massachusetts high schools had their hockey teams’ entire season canceled because of the alleged anti-Semitic comments in the locker rooms made by some of the students. The Framingham high school administrators stated that the teams consisted of a “toxic and negative culture.”

Actually, it is the school administrative and bureaucratic culture that is “toxic and negative” these days, in my view.

I guess the nitwit administrators took after Harvard’s cancelling the soccer team’s whole season because of its association with a document making sexually explicit comments about members of the women’s soccer team, among other examples, that was written about recently by Kyle Smith in the NY Post. (Hmm, wasn’t it always that way in high school and college? We’re talking about a bunch of greasy, zit-faced adolescents here, not “grown adults” like Barack Obama, Anthony Weiner, and … Donald Trump…)

Yes, all these issues are related. So thanks to the dumbing down of our society, as I wrote about just recently, and the irrationality coming from today’s “leaders,” society is very dysfunctional now. And I hope that changes, for the better.

The Latest in Dumbing Down America

Once again, American school kids are getting dumber, as shown by their ranking compared to those in other countries. That’s according to a recent study by the Program for International Student Assessment, as reported by Zero Hedge. The American students rank 31st out of 35 developed nations in math literacy, 24th in reading literacy, and 25th in science.

You see, after generations of zombie TV watching (and now zombie iPhone hypnosis), combined with other factors that have been dumbing down generations of Americans such as processed foods, OTC and other legal drugs, marijuana and other drugs (and fluoride), and society’s socialization of just about everything so no one has to think or do things for themselves, we have dumb teachers and school administrators, curriculum planners and textbook producers, as well as equally dumb pop stars and Hollywood celebrities to influence the young. And low-IQ politicians making bad laws enforced by unthinking and obedient law enforcers.

And the young kids now get misdiagnosed as “hyperactive” when in the past those particular kids were called “normal,” as well as misdiagnosed as “autistic,” having “Asperger’s,” ADHD, and so on, and they are being given these poisonous prescription drugs that even adults shouldn’t be given. Many of the prescription drugs have many side effects including exacerbating their problems, such as antidepressants making some people more depressed.

Now, are you a young person who is not getting much from school, you don’t understand the course material (or the dumb teacher isn’t communicating it well), or you’re distracted by personal or family issues that make learning difficult? A lot of times kids who are misdiagnosed as “learning disabled” or otherwise getting poor grades are suffering from dysfunctional relationships within the family at home. But it’s too taboo to point that out. We can’t take a look at the emotional etiologies of kids’ dysfunctional learning problems at school. And also, there seem to be many teachers, administrators and school medical staff who are impatient and use the short-sighted fix of giving the kids drugs to suppress their behaviors and emotions.

Or are you a young person who spends a lot of time on the Internet, wastes a lot of time staring at your little electronic gadgets texting people, or playing video games? I was listening to Michael Medved who was discussing a study showing that the young people are using marijuana and drinking alcohol less. That sounds good. (But they are smoking marijuana more than regular cigarettes now, despite the possible cancer they could be giving themselves later on in life.) One caller suggested that maybe those drugs are being replaced by the hypnotizing, “medicating,” zombiefying effects of those electronic gadgets and texting and video games. It makes sense to me. Those things may actually be affecting the same part of the brain or neurons that mind-altering chemicals affect.

So maybe you should stop doing that stuff? Try turning those things off, going to the library and reading some books. One hopes you will read books by Murray Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and Frank Chodorov, and other great liberty-minded authors.

Anyway, on the college campuses, there has been a lot of this political correctness, anti-white reverse racism, a culture of false accusation and censorship, and I think that stinks. There wasn’t any of this crap when I was in college, over 30 years ago.

Among The College Fix’s “Most Popular” articles now are: Philosophy professor: Students too fearful to debate controversial topics, University’s ‘Whiteness Forum’ takes ‘critical look at whiteness’, and Student kicked out of class for disagreeing that Trump election was as bad as 9/11 .

The latest outrage has been this Orange, California psychology professor or instructor whose anti-Trump rant was recorded and posted online by a student, as reported in  aforementioned College Fix. Not only that, but the Blaze reports that the teacher asked for Trump supporters in the class to actually stand and identify themselves. What is this, Orwell’s 1984?

I looked at the teacher’s bio, and she’s not one of those really young 20- or 30-something professors, but in her mid-60s with her college degree dated from 1973. No spring chicken there. So I want to say that, given her age, “she should know better.” But then again, look at all the old fools in the media, Chris Matthews, Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer, etc., etc., and their fellow “news” people going with the “Russia hacked the DNC” without proof, and the Washington Post‘s “fake news” story that itself was … fake news, pretty much.

So the propagandists in the mainstream media are themselves either dumbed down or they are just plain dishonest and corrupt, or both.

I think that we do have generations of Americans who are dumbed down and don’t think critically, who don’t challenge mainstream assumptions, and who don’t “question authority” (remember that one?). For instance, many people just gullibly believed George W. Bush’s rationalizations for wars of aggression without question after 9/11, and they believed his father the elder President Bush in 1991 with his first war of aggression against Iraq. Those who were informed and aren’t afraid to question and challenge the judgment of their rulers brought up the high probability that there wouldn’t have been a 9/11 had the elder Bush not started that first war, bombed civilian water and sewage treatment centers, with that Bush and Bill Clinton imposing sanctions and no-fly zones throughout the 1990s, and causing hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths. For many ignorant people, history began on 9/11/2001, sadly.

And that Bush 1991 war of aggression and other provocations and setting up intrusive military bases throughout the Middle East was the neocons’ way of replacing the collapsed Soviet Union with a new enemy, one they had to create, in the Middle East. And now we’re back to the New Cold War with Russia. How dumb, in my view.

Reality and Truth Escape the Noggins of U.S. Gubmint “Intelligence” and the Mainstream Media

According to the Daily Mail, Craig Murray, an ex-British ambassador, who is now associated with WikiLeaks, claims that the Democrats’ emails were not hacked, but accessed and leaked by a DNC insider, and that he met with the DNC email leaker and that Russia was not responsible for the Democrat email leaks.

Meanwhile, Andrew Cockburn has these questions for Electoral College electors to ask CIA if the electors do get the briefing they have been asking for. Good questions.

Nice to See the Hysterics Exposing the Establishment and Media, But Trump Reality Must Be Acknowledged

Lew Rockwell has an article on the ongoing anti-Trump hysteria. He says that Donald Trump is not a libertarian and the Trump years will probably “include their share of statist idiocy and outrages.” But he states that the “discomfort and horror” of the left and the establishment is “something to cheer.”

I’m glad that some people are able to look at the bright side of all this. I also enjoy seeing how the hysterical leftist activists, the race-obsessed, and the establishment crony parasites are losing their minds over this election (whatever “mind” they might have had to begin with).

The hysterical ones are even willing to cling to this anti-Russia stuff that I thought was supposedly ended by the early 1990s when the Soviet Union collapsed. Now, the progressives are anti-Russia while the conservatives are more sympathetic. So it seems. The anti-Trumpers are so hysterical they are blindly and obediently taking the word of the CIA in the same way that the national security hardliners and the regime’s judicial rubber-stampers do. (For instance, these two op-eds in the Boston Globe today, “Donald Trump’s master in Moscow,”and “The Siberian candidate.”)

The hysterical ones seem to be eating up what the Washington Post and other establishment rags have been writing about “Russia hacking the DNC on behalf of Trump” as The Truth, with no evidence to support the claim. But, as Ryan McMaken observed, the CIA has always been incompetent. There are other explanations for the DNC hacks and leaks, other than the mainstream media’s repetitive mantra, “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

So there is some good about the fact that Hillary lost the election (supposedly — we’ll know more on December 19th when the Electoral College votes), and, as Lew Rockwell noted, “Trump’s election destroyed two American crime families in one fell swoop: the Clintons and the Bushes.” Well, I don’t know if they were “destroyed,” but the criminal racket known as the Clinton Foundation has been exposed, that’s for sure. I am nevertheless not reassured by Trump’s pick of various Establishment Goldman Sachs types and warmonger military generals, and the corrupt fascist anti-immigration drug warrior police-statist Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. He’s bad news for America, and for freedom. Yup.

Someone else who is a bit more pessimistic (or realistic, that is), Jacob Hornberger writes about the coming economic fascism under Trump, citing the Carrier pigeon air conditioner company deal with Indiana. Hornberger notes that in a free society the people follow the rule of law, and not the “rule of men.” Under the rule of men, we have a “system in which the political authorities have the power to issue orders or offer inducements to people and businesses in order to get them to do what the rulers want them to do.”

But in a free society, as Hornberger notes,

Under principles of economic liberty, private property, and the free market, people have the fundamental, God-given right to establish and move their business operations anywhere they want. That’s because it’s their business and their money, not society’s, not the government’s, and not the workers’.

What if American workers lose their jobs in the process? Then, they lose their jobs. No one has has a right to a job with Carrier or with anyone else. If such right existed, everyone could show up at everyone else’s door and demand, “Give me a job. I have a right to force you to employ me with your money.”

What do the terms “free market” or “free enterprise” mean? They mean markets or enterprises that are free of government control, regulation, and taxation.

Now, besides the lack of economic freedom from Donald Trump already even before he becomes President, there is the freedom of speech issue.

If you think that just because Donald Trump has spoken out against political correctness and therefore he is for freedom of speech, think again. I think that freedom of speech, freedom of thought and conscience and freedom of expression, freedom of the Press, and the right to express criticism of the ruling bureaucrats, are such fundamentally important rights, that that is probably why the writers of the Bill of Rights made all that a part of their very first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I am not sure just how devoted Trump will be to tolerating the freedom of the Press, protests, and dissent, when in the past he has taken people to court to sue them for libel or to otherwise shut them up.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Trevor Timm has expressed some pessimism in his review of Obama’s laying the groundwork for Trump’s possible “coming crackdown on the Press.” Timm doesn’t include the word “possible,” but I’m putting that in there because it’s only possible (maybe even probable) that Trump will crack down on the Press. But we can’t tell the future.

And these are further reasons against the centralizing of power as we have here in Soviet Amerika. We would be better off without Washington, and without a President. The whole thing is a game, I think. If you really stop and think about it, having a centralized ruler having that much power over 300 million people spanning a territory of several million square miles? Really?

So, there are reasons to enjoy the huge exposing and collapse of the progressives-media-establishment complex. But regarding Trump, I hope he has some sort of light-bulb moment, in which he realizes or learns that what made America great in the first place was the freedom that was a major part of its founding, such as those freedoms mentioned in the Bill of Rights. He’s not going to make America great by further strengthening the powers of government and further increasing its reach into the lives of the people, because that is exactly how America became less and less great over the past century.

Some Articles on “Fake News,” the Left’s Intolerance, Warmongers, etc.

Now that I’ve had some time, I can go through all these items I’ve had bookmarked for a while and get caught up.

But first I wanted to mention how fun it is to read and hear about all the government lapdogs of the mainstream media exposing themselves as the utterly biased and ignorant fools they are. I heard someone interviewed yesterday on a Bloomberg Radio rebroadcast of one of the Sunday shows, I think it was ABC This Week with George Snuffleupagus interviewing Reince Priebus. And George kept repeating the claim that “17 different intelligence agencies” say that Russia hacked and manipulated U.S. elections. Like other media ignoramuses, he kept repeating that “17” in the same hypnotized way that many people repeat the fraudulent “97% of climate scientists claim…” etc., etc. And yet George and the other moonbat media morons don’t seem to mention that the CIA/Washington Post claims haven’t made any reference to actual evidence to support their claims that are also based on anonymous sources.

That’s just one example, and we’ve seen those WikiLeaks-released emails and so forth exposing media-Democrat-Clinton collusion in rigging the primaries, debates and elections against Bernie Sanders, and the media subservience to the Clintons and other criminals and useless bureaucrats. Let them all be exposed, I say.

And here are some interesting articles I’ve seen over the past few weeks.

Ron Paul says that the war on “fake news” is a part of the war on free speech. “None of those wringing their hands over fake news have expressed any concern over the fake news stories that helped lead to the Iraq War. Those fake news stories led to the destabilizing of the Middle East, the rise of ISIS, and the deaths of millions.”

Scott Greenfield says that the American Bar Association has died, with the cause of death being its president Linda Klein who says the ABA will “fight hate speech” and “those who support it through word or deed.” (I guess I’m guilty of “hate speech.” I hate intolerant censorship promoters.)

Breitbart with an article on NPR who wants no more live interviews of conservatives.

Joe Wolverton discusses the importance of presumption of innocence.

Becky Akers says, “Living free means we must utterly reject a professional soldiery by whatever name; instead, we ourselves must defend our families and homes when necessary. It also demands that most Americans—not all, mind you, but a proportion sizeable enough to defang the socialists, communists, Progressives and other loonies—cherish a devout commitment to liberty as well as an unyielding hostility to the legalized compulsion, corruption, and cruelty that is the government.”

Anti-Media with an article on mathematicians proving that society is too complex to have a President.

Tho Bishop on the left’s embrace of secession. (Yay.)

Jim Davies has some suggestions for Donald Trump.

Don Boudreaux has some questions for Trump and other protectionists and mercantilists.

Jake Desyllas says that immigration controls are socialist.

Washington’s Blog explains how corporate media are pro-war.

Dahr Jamail accuses Trump’s pick for Sec. of Defense James Mattis of war crimes in Iraq.

Jacob Hornberger discusses the horrific consequences of the U.S. government’s foreign interventionism.

James Bovard on Janet Waco’s authoritarian legacy and 20 years of dictatorial democracy.

Thomas DiLorenzo on the truth about urban central planning bureaucrats.

Marc Faber says that central banksters created our problems, not the rich.

Wendy McElroy discusses America’s plunge from republic to empire.

Ryan McMaken on the trouble with eminent domain.

Jacob Huebert on Chicago’s unconstitutional Airbnb ordinance.

Laurence Vance on the trouble with government licensing.

Sheldon Richman reviews Gary Chartier’s book on love, marriage and the State.

Robert Dodge says that nuclear weapons should be abolished.

Jason Sorens is skeptical of Will Wilkinson’s conclusion that deregulation is enough to shrink government while leaving the welfare state alone. In my view, the welfare state, which includes Social Security, Medicare, and crony corporate welfare, is funded involuntarily by the workers and producers of society via tax-thefts, therefore it is immoral, criminal, and should be abolished.

And Julie Fidler on what happens when healthy people are given antidepressants.

Was Putin or Russia Really Behind the Hacks?

Glenn Greenwald on the absence of evidence to support CIA/Washington Post‘s assertion that Russia hacked U.S. elections to benefit Trump. However, both Julian Assange (who ought to know about his sources of hacked documents!) and Oliver Stone have stated otherwise. Stone believes that the DNC hacks were an inside job. Justin Raimondo wrote about that and quoted Assange, “…’If we’re talking about the DNC, there’s lots of consultants, lots of programmers’ with means, motive, and opportunity.” (Such as a disgruntled Bernie supporter, etc.) “Circumstantial evidence” supporting the “inside job” theory include the suspicious deaths of DNC-involved young people, Seth Rich, Joe Montano, and Shawn Lucas at the time of the July, 2016 Democrat National Convention. (Only three? And those names have been added to the “Clinton death list,” by the way.)

The Neanderthal Trump Administration

I think it’s fine that many people want to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt, regardless of all his ignorant and obnoxious statements during the campaign and over the years. But such benefit of the doubt is extremely difficult with him. Already he has said maybe not repeal ObamaCare but just amend it. And since getting elected he has said about prosecuting Hillary Clinton, maybe not, because, “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re, they’re good people…” No, they are NOT good people!

Give this guy the benefit of the doubt? And already his nominations to be a part of the Trump administration are mostly awful.

Trump’s most recent flunky nomination, for instance, to head the Small Business Administration is a fellow entertainment industry mogul, Linda McMahon the former President and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

I suppose Mrs. McMahon has good business skills in her abilities to run an extremely profitable entertainment empire. But for some reason, she lost both of her U.S. Senate campaigns, in 2010 and 2012, after spending $97 million of her own money on them. Good business skills, but political skills not so much.

But she did donate $7 million to one of Trump’s PACs. She really wants to get to Washington!

And like Donald Trump’s having donated to sleazy Democrats’ political campaigns, prior to McMahon’s first Senate run she donated to Rahm Emanuel, Mark Warner and Joe Lieberman. Jeepers, what a waste of money. Perhaps for the Small Business Administration Trump could have appointed someone who isn’t known for wasting good money like that, and someone who isn’t known for running a business that’s part of the not-particularly-noble branch of the entertainment industry, “World Wrestling.”

Now, regarding McMahon’s World Wrestling empire, I really am trying not to sound like a snob, because I know a lot of people like that stuff and pay a lot of money to go see it. But it’s not something I would go see, just like football. With football it’s a bunch of grown men running into each other and banging their heads together and getting concussions and suing the NFL. But the wrestling stuff seems to just consist of kooky, acted-out scenes of grown men pushing each other around and throwing each other down on the ground. Oooh, what fun.

Besides her being President and CEO, McMahon’s own disturbing participation in the high drama of “World Wrestling” included highlighting a typical dysfunctional family, as Margaret Carlson describes:

When the show demanded McMahon leave the corporate backroom to rumble on stage, she got into the ring to kick a man in the groin and get pummeled by her own daughter, Stephanie, who was greeted by fans with the chant “slut, slut, slut.” Feigning a coma, McMahon sat in a wheelchair after supposedly being drugged by her husband, who wanted to go off with one of his “divas” for undisturbed sex.

Some of the scenes also included a “simulated rape” and a wrestler “having sex with a corpse.”

How fitting for the Small Business Administration.

And we are hearing that another degenerate, Willard Milhaus Romney, is still at the top of the list being considered for Secretary of State. Well, why not? He’s so diplomatic, that guy. Here he is using his diplomacy skills as he gives his major speech on Donald Trump, calling him a fraud and a con man.

Romney clearly has learned a lot from Dale Carnegie, that’s for sure.

And here is Romney on his Presidential campaign trail, using his diplomatic skills as he snubs a disabled voter who says that he needs medical marijuana and asks if Romney will have him and his doctor arrested as part of Romney’s drug-warrior campaign.


Now, it has not yet been confirmed that Romney will be picked by Trump to be the next Secretary of State, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Maybe he won’t pick Romney, so we can say, “Whew, that was a close one.”

Speaking of drug warriors, there’s Sen. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general. Already the Department of “Justice” has persecuted innocent people in the feds’ vicious drug war, in the war on terrorism, and other bureaucratic police state nightmares. As attorney general Sessions will amplify the bureaucratic police state nightmares.

As Robert Wenzel pointed out, Sessions has voted to regulate tobacco as a drug, voted to extend Patriot Act wiretapping, voted No on requiring a warrant to tap phone calls, voted No on habeas corpus for Gitmo detainees, among other pro-police state votes.

On Sessions’s own drug war ignorance and viciousness, Politico notes,

As a U.S. Attorney in Alabama in the 1980s, Sessions said he thought the KKK “were OK until I found out they smoked pot.” In April, he said, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” and that it was a “very real danger” that is “not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized.” Sessions, who turns 70 on Christmas Eve, has called marijuana reform a “tragic mistake” and criticized FBI Director James Comey and Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch for not vigorously enforcing a the federal prohibition that President Obama has called “untenable over the long term.”

Another of Sessions’s love for police state criminality is his love for civil asset forfeiture. That’s when police steal money or property from innocent people without charges or even suspicion. According to Roll Call, Sessions said that it’s “unthinkable that we would make it harder for the government to take money from a drug dealer than it is for a businessperson to defend themselves in a lawsuit.”

Obviously, like most previous attorneys general, this next attorney general doesn’t understand the difference between “drug dealer” and “alleged drug dealer.”

So what about all those doctors out there giving drugs to people who don’t need them or shouldn’t be getting them? Steal their money, too?

And one big part of police departments’ “asset forfeiture” thefts is the drug war, which itself is a criminal enterprise. The whole thing is a racket, but ignoramus police statists like Jeff Sessions obviously don’t understand the principles of liberty that America was founded on.

And then there are all the military generals that Trump wants in his administration, for Secretary of Defense, national security advisor, and … Homeland Security? Should we worry about that? Will there be martial law, in which the feds would turn the national security apparatus against their own people (the textbook definition of treason)?

Whatever. So I don’t know which is worse, the degenerate neanderthal communists who have been in charge for the past 8 years, or the next group of degenerate neanderthals. But this is giving me a headache now. I must rest.

A Resurgence in Nationalism, Authoritarianism and Collectivism Under Donald Trump’s Rule

Donald Trump on his “Thank you” tour stated that as President he will impose on Americans “two simple rules”: “Buy American and hire American.”

And that would contribute to “Making America Great Again”? No, not really.

You see, what made America great in the first place were freedom and free markets. So this is yet another example of Trump’s anti-capitalistic mentality (.pdf), in which ordering people to buy American or to hire American interferes with Americans’ freedom to buy what they determine to be the highest quality goods or services at the lowest prices. But Herr Trump says that Americans’ purchasing assessments and decisions don’t matter and the government must force or coerce them to have to buy only American-made products and even at higher prices.

So instead of free markets, the tariffs, taxes, fees and fines Trump would impose on people for not obeying his orders are all examples of theft by bureaucrats as a central-planning means of controlling and punishing economic activity.

No, Mr. Trump, letting Americans have their freedom to buy and sell to and from whomever they want to anywhere in the world, and you government bureaucrats not getting in their way, is what will make America great again. For what made America great in the first place was the economic freedom and respect for private property and contract rights that Americans had prior to the 20th Century. That economic freedom is what led to the greatest economic boom and highest levels of prosperity and standard of living, up to that point in history.

The 20th Century changed all that, and progressives caused the slide into chaos and growing impoverishment and escalating governmental powers over and enslavement of the people, with the income tax, the Federal Reserve, the unnecessary wars, the New Deal, the Great Society (that’s not so great), and all the rest.

Sort of related to that were Trump’s tweets and statements about Boeing (one of the merchants of death) supposedly preparing to build a new “Air Force One” 747 for the U.S. President, but saying that “$4 billion” is “out of control” and to cancel the order.

Trump explained, “We want Boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money.”

Now, the reason I don’t think he is saying that mainly out of concern for taxpayer dollars being wasted for a corporate boondoggle is because we know that Trump wants to spend — more accurately, waste and squander — trillions on so-called infrastructure, and other Big Government schemes he has in mind.

So I think that some of Trump’s more anti-capitalistic mentality, that I have mentioned previously, is coming out in that statement. Is Trump’s high level of narcissism such that, in his world it’s good that he make as much money as possible, but his progressive envy takes over when it comes to other people‘s profits and wealth? Does he even understand in any way what capitalism is?

And how can Trump or the government “make America great again”? Hmmm? Except for repealing all the socialist, intrusive central planning schemes that cause chaos and destruction, which those damn bureaucrats in Washington don’t want to do, and it’s not what Trump wants to do. No dismantling of Washington’s criminal racket, only expanding it!

But Trump’s nationalist followers and collectivist-minded cheerleaders are behind him 100% in the same irrational way that the Obama cheerleaders supported Obama in 2008, with an emotional mysticism in which they don’t care that Trump is an authoritarian Big Government planner-obsessed ignoramus. I’ve been listening to some of these talk radio personalities, such as Jeff Kuhner and Michael Savage — these people respond emotionally to Trump’s nationalistic message. Very collectivistic mentality. They don’t care about Trump’s specific central-planning schemes. The nationalists seem to see “America” as one big collective, one big thing, and in a mystical way as well.

One of Trump’s recent tweets also expressed his authoritarian America-worshiping mentality that the nationalists seem to have. He wrote, “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag — if they do, there must be consequences — perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

Nationalists seem to agree with Trump on that. The conservative ones are “pro-life,” after all, and they obviously value the life of a flag more than the actual human being whose life they want to throw in a cage for his having burned the flag that the flag-worshipers want to protect. They see the flag as a “national symbol,” because it symbolizes “our freedom,” “America the beautiful,” and all that. They seem to see the flag as an actual living being, with rights, and deserving of protection by law. If they see that someone has burned the flag, they are offended. Like some people on the left, “I’m offended by that.” (Are they “triggered” by a flag-burner?)

Yes, the American flag represents certain things officially, such as with a certain number of stripes and a certain number of stars, which represent something. But outside of what the flag officially represents with those specific markings, what it symbolizes to people varies, and is subjective. Therefore you can’t impose a mandatory perception of a symbol onto others. You can’t say that “You must perceive the flag as symbolizing our freedom, our Constitution,” etc., because some people perceive the flag differently than many amongst the sheeple. For example, some people perceive the flag as symbolizing our government in Washington, its bureaucrats, its criminal wars of aggression, or as a symbol of the drug war and the police state that many flag-worshiping authoritarians have been supporting.

Sadly, there are people who view the American flag as “sacred,” like a religious artifact. And that is part of the religious worship that many people have of “America” like a god. In fact, Michael Medved on the radio just released a whole new book on that, that America’s founding was divinely inspired and that God protects America and all that (except for 9/11, ObamaCare, and other acts of destruction, but we’re not allowed to say that, for doing so is … politically incorrect.) Right, the Constitution was divinely inspired. A more rational and realistic view of this subject can be found in Larken Rose’s The Most Dangerous Superstition. (Here is a good interview on that.)

It’s very mystical, this America worship, and there is a culture of superstition surrounding all this. And that is why so many people blindly and obediently respond to Donald Trump’s emotionalistic rhetoric, his nationalistic, collectivistic claptrap, and are so supportive of the Big Government socialism he wants to force on us. I know, I can be a bit acerbic in my criticisms, and some people don’t like that. But the pussyfooting political correctness out there, from both the left and the “conservatives” and nationalists, is extremely sickening now.

The nationalists, by the way, have a lot in common with the people on the left, such as what we have seen from the anti-Russian propagandists who have been spreading smears about certain writers or websites allegedly promoting “fake news.” The leftist propagandists see as “fake” news anything that expresses disagreement with their ideology and which promotes actual discussion of important issues contrary to the left’s propaganda. But also, what makes the list of “fake news” are many of those in the alternative media who question and criticize U.S. interventionist foreign policy.

And that is where the America-worshipers and flag-worshipers connect to the propagandists, in my view. We saw examples of that throughout the 2012 Presidential campaign the way the nationalists and interventionists would smear Ron Paul, such as when debate audience members would “boo” Dr. Paul’s suggestion of using the Golden Rule in U.S. foreign policy.

God forbid one should suggest that, if we don’t want foreign governments invading our country, or bombing our cities and killing our people, then maybe we shouldn’t be doing those things to other countries. How un-American to suggest some kind of moral behavior.

And we can’t say that the Japanese wouldn’t have bombed Pearl Harbor if they weren’t provoked by FDR’s oil embargo which mainly targets the civilian population, or that there wouldn’t have been a 9/11 had President George H.W. Bush not invaded and bombed Iraq in 1991 and destroyed Iraq’s civilian water and sewage treatment facilities and imposed sanctions and no-fly zones for the next decade. That’s “blaming America,” the nationalists say. But really it’s blaming the U.S. government and these lowlife psychopaths who rule over us. Would Michael Medved say that George H.W. Bush’s war of aggression was divinely inspired? I hope not.

Nationalism is a very bad thing, and Donald Trump’s Presidency is bringing about a new resurgence in nationalism, as well as collectivism, another very bad thing. And mix his socialism in with all that and, well, I don’t think these things will make America “great,” except it will greatly slide America further into the banana republic ditch that similar “great” Presidents have thrown us into.

“Fake News” Hysterics from Authoritarian, Censorship-Promoting Statists

The Washington Post recently published a list of many websites which the Post considers to be disseminating propaganda under the guise of news. And the Post claims that such propaganda has been on behalf of the Russians, including sabotaging Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign and attempting to help Donald Trump.

All this despite that many among the mainstream news media have been acting as propagandists and spokespeople for the government, especially the U.S. government and the national security state since 9/11, including the Post, the New York Times, and CNN.

Now the mainstream media’s own propaganda campaign against alternative news sites is part of this New Cold War against Russia. The Cold Warriors used to be associated with “right-wingers” such as William F. Buckley, Jr., but these days the New Cold War is coming from the left. (Another reason why I see neocons more on the left than on the right.)

But it’s just another example of how alternative means of information — outside the “mainstream” — are the targets of smears by those whose fragile little worldviews are challenged with facts, history, analysis and common sense.

Justin Raimondo gets to the main point of this “fake news” propaganda campaign by the Washington Post and others:

if you don’t fit within a very narrow range of allowable opinion, either falling off the left edge or the right edge, you’re either a paid Russian troll or else you’re being “manipulated” by forces you don’t understand and don’t want to understand.

These people are authoritarians, plain and simple: under the guise of fighting authoritarianism, they seek to ban dissenting views, jail the dissenters, and impose a narrow range of permissible debate on the public discourse. They are dangerous, and they need to be outed and publicly shamed.

Whether on college campuses with political correctness or “microaggression”/”triggering” censorship, with climate change censorship, or this latest bunch of stuff, I think that people who believe in the open marketplace of ideas and freedom of speech, freedom of the Press, freedom of expression, and freedom of thought and conscience, should resist calls for censorship, especially on the Internet. The Internet may be the only way for people to get the actual truth when the news media have been acting as official press releases for U.S. government bureaucrats.

Besides Justin Raimondo’s article on the latest “fake news” propaganda, here are some other articles with very good analysis.

Washington Post disgracefully promotes a McCarthyite blacklist from a new, hidden, and very shaky group, by Glenn Greenwald and Ben Norton.

The Washington Post vs. “Fake news”: Pot, meet kettle, by Tom Knapp.

Smear-mongering: a mea culpa for the age of McCarthyism 2.0, by Chris Floyd.

How fake news spreads: corporate media run story of “active shooter” during a knife attack, by Jay Syrmopoulos.

Enter fake news as replacement for conspiracy theory? by The Daily Bell.

We’re under attack, by Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism.

The Washington Post: Useful idiot shills for a failed, frantic status quo that has lost control of the narrative, by Charles Hugh Smith.

And The Washington Post promotes a McCarthyite blacklist, by James Carden.

I Was Wrong on Election Prediction, But I Was Right About Trump

Where did I go wrong in my predictions that Donald Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton in a near-50-state landslide, and that there would be down-ballot losses for Republicans because of Trump’s nomination, none of which happened?

Well, maybe it’s because I listen to Michael Medved and Steve Deace too much? They made similar predictions. I think I just didn’t see the extent of the anti-federal government sentiment of the people in general, and I didn’t see just how much the people would be bamboozled into thinking that Donald Trump was the “anti-Establishment” candidate.

And also, I think that FBI director James Comey’s last-minute Hillary email announcements contributed to helping to sink Hillary, in addition to already the corruption with her Foundation in the news, and the weeks leading up to the election of WikiLeaks Clinton campaign-news media emails that exposed the Clinton-Establishment-Media-Complex. Because of those issues, many people held their noses and voted for Trump.

But I was NOT wrong about Trump not being an “anti-Establishment” candidate. He is NOT “anti-Establishment,” not by a long shot. The writing has been on the wall for years regarding Trump’s Establishment credentials. He has been extremely supportive of Establishment candidates both verbally and financially all these years. I don’t think he has ever donated money to an anti-Establishment candidate. He certainly didn’t donate to Ron Paul, or even Rand Paul for crying out loud! All these years with him, it’s been nothing but expressions of support for Big Government, big-spending projects including the Wall Street Bailout, and so on. Yes, he really sucks when you get right down to it.

And now, so far he is picking all these Establishment figures to be a part of his administration, the Goldman Sachs banksters, the Washington insider schmucks and so on.

So, look forward to more government deficit spending, higher national debt, bigger and bigger Big Government and more intrusiveness, more police state, and more foreign aggressions overseas. More rearranging of deck chairs.

So, I was wrong about the election, but I was right about Donald Trump.