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The Donald Merely Reflects Generations of Short-Sighted Americans

Some people on the Internet are saying that our Dear Leader’s Executive Order to ban people from Muslim-majority countries was actually for the purpose of causing trouble, and not because he’s impulsive and short-sighted. But I think it’s because he’s impulsive and short-sighted. That’s what he is.

And The Donald didn’t include other countries such as Saudi Arabia on his banned list, the Saudis whose regime is a huge terror-sponsoring regime and from which most of the 9/11 hijackers came from. Did Trump not include Saudi Arabia and others because he has hotels and resorts located there?

Obviously, this sweeping ban including permanent legal U.S. residents and dual citizens will be used by ISIS or other terrorists for propaganda and recruitment purposes and to incite further violence against innocents. No doubt this did not occur to the Ignoramus-in-Chief. The ban has caused chaos at airports, DHS officials to criminally ignore judges’ stays on the order, and has caused presumably innocent people who are not suspected of anything to be unlawfully and unconstitutionally detained. Very short-sighted.

Meanwhile, as the new Commander-in-Chief, the Dear Leader has presided over U.S. government drone strikes in Yemen that killed several alleged al-Qaeda “militants,” and probably civilians, which now makes him the War-Criminal-in-Chief.

According to the Orwellian “Kill List” requirements as imposed by the Obama regime, any male who is of military age, i.e. 18 or older, is considered a “militant” and thus a “combatant,” even though they are probably really civilians.

And yesterday a SEAL Team 6 raid has killed civilians, including 10 women and children, under Trump’s watch. SEAL Team 6 isn’t exactly squeaky clean when it comes to protecting the lives of innocents, in case you didn’t know.

Now, if Donald Trump wants to protect us from future terrorist attacks, then how about not provoking foreigners into retaliating against our government’s invasions, occupations, bombings and shootings and murdering their people? Stop the bombing and murdering? Ya think?

And no, radical Islam may be a motivation for terrorist acts, but most of the terrorists thus far have cited the U.S. government’s bombing and destruction over there since well before 9/11. When you provoke these people of primitive societies it is like poking hornets’ nests. But the short-sighted sheeple of Amerika can’t see that. After 9/11 they refused to tell the government to reconsider its bombings and destruction of Iraq and other areas in that whole region prior to that point. Anyone who did point those things out were booed by the neanderthals or were called “traitors” by the unthinking True Believers who can’t bear the thought of admitting that their own government’s bureaucrats and its soldiers commit war crimes and murder innocents.

Prior to 9/11, President George H.W. Bush started his war against Iraq in 1991, the U.S. military bombed and destroyed civilian Iraqi water and sewage treatment centers, Bush imposed sanctions (continued by President Clinton with more bombings) which prevented the Iraqis from rebuilding and caused them to have to use untreated water, which caused hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent civilians in Iraq throughout the 1990s. Many national security central planning True Believers just can’t see the connection between what our government did in the Middle East during those years and 9/11. They are short-sighted, and don’t know or don’t want to know history.

Besides citing the Iraqi sanctions as contributing to motivations for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the terrorists also cited U.S. military occupations in Saudi Arabia as provocations.

Some people had concluded that George H.W. Bush’s main reason for his 1991 invasion and destruction of Iraq was oil. But I think it was something more sinister and scheming. Following President Jimmy Carter’s buildup of U.S. military bases in the Middle East, the invading neocons of the Reagan administration, including then-Veep George H.W. Bush and his flunky James Baker, influenced Ronald Reagan to even further expand U.S. military bases in Middle-Eastern areas, which is where they did not belong, rather than eliminating them, which the “small government” advocate Reagan should have done.

In my view, the neocons (and their CIA cohorts, and Bush had been a CIA man as we all know) could see that the Soviet Union was destined for collapse on its own weight. The Cold War between the Soviet Union and the U.S. was what justified the build-up of the national security state of surveillance and weaponry and so on. The Reagan administration neocons did not want to see the dismantling of that Cold War national security state apparatus, as Jacob Hornberger has noted several times, so those neocon interventionists were preparing for what happens after the Soviet Union collapse in order to maintain that national security state, that being “seeking and creating new monsters to destroy.” The Islamic fanatics mainly in the Middle East were very convenient to manipulate and provoke for that purpose.

And that same kind of policy regarding Iran is what has caused the conflict between the U.S. and Iran as well. One reason why short-sighted Amerikans hate Iran is because of the Iranian religious extremists taking Americans hostage in 1979-1981. But what was it that actually led up to that? It was the CIA’s coup of Iran’s leader in 1953 followed by the U.S. government’s support of the Shah of Iran’s totalitarian police state SAVAK for 25 years. So this is what U.S. government central planning provides for us. Not good.

If Trump wants to really end this terrorism by Islamic extremists, then tell our government, CIA and military to stop provoking them. Get out of the Middle East and Asia completely. No more drones, no more bombs, and close down each and every one of those U.S. military bases and get the hell out of there.

The First Week of the Trump Administration

Besides the moonbat women’s march in Washington after the Trump inauguration, there have been other events this week.

How would I rate Trump during this first week? It’s mixed now, but mostly not good, which is no big surprise given that the writing has been on the wall for a long time now.

The executive order to relax enforcement of the Affordable Careless Act (a.k.a. ObomberCare) is good. A little more freedom. Trump’s announcing a federal hiring freeze and that he wants 75% of business regulations gone (How about 100%?), more good things.

Executive Orders on immigration and building a government wall, not so good. Real free-market capitalists don’t build government walls obstructing free-market capitalism.

Getting out of TPP, good. “Renegotiate” NAFTA? No, get out of NAFTA completely, and let businesses, employers, consumers, traders, and workers have their freedom. Just don’t steal or defraud. Otherwise, leave them alone!

Executive Orders pushing Keystone and Dakota Pipelines, also not good. There are still lawsuits in the courts pursued by the private property owners whose private property the federal government wants to steal — using eminent domain, that Trump thinks is a “wonderful thing” — for the corporate cronies to benefit from the pipelines. Washington’s Blog notes that Keystone Pipeline will actually cause gas prices to go UP! We need to get the government out of the energy business, and decentralize energy.

Trump and a lot of other people in “capitalist” Amerika are all about central planning, not free markets and private property, alas.

And no, torturing innocent people not only doesn’t work, it’s immoral and criminal. Unless you think that torture “works” when it mainly elicits false confessions and false implications of innocent people, then it “works.”

Now, regarding Trump’s more asinine behaviors since he became President, he shouldn’t have made such a fuss over the reporting of his inauguration crowd size. It is obvious that the biased media set him up by manipulating the photos of the crowds compared to Obama’s inauguration, and Trump took the bait, once again. That “100-day honeymoon” with the media never even began.

So that’s yet another one of the news media’s “fake news” items and expect more of it.

But not only are many members of the media biased and spokespeople for the government and for the Democrat Party, some of them are incredibly stupid and ignorant. For example, I heard two different reporters, one of them on Fox News radio, referring to the Emoluments Clause (in Article I of the U.S. Constitution) as being a part of the “First Amendment.” Shouldn’t news reporters be familiar at least with the Bill of Rights? Where in the First Amendment would it say that the President can’t receive gifts from foreign governments, and what would that have to do with freedom of speech or religion? Or am I being too harsh?

And to show just how impolitic and unprofessional the media thumb-suckers can be, in a fit of pique ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Press Secretary Sean Spicer if he was going to always tell the media the truth. What a moron. Of course government spokesmen don’t always tell the truth. But then, it appears that the news media are just as bad, as we have seen with their fake news and propaganda. Although many times the news media mainly report to the people whatever the bureaucrats tell them, without question or challenging, without any investigation or independent research, either out of sheer laziness or loyalty to the regime, or both.

Now, I stopped watching TV a long time ago, so I’m mainly a radio listener and Internet user. So I hear things very clearly. Is it possible we could have a White House spokesman who isn’t so shrill sounding? Spicer sounds a lot like Ben Shapiro. I’m not making fun of either of them, it’s just that Spicer could sound a bit more authoritative if he didn’t sound like a cartoon character. Wikipedia says that Spicer has a B.A. in “Government.” Ew, how gross. So, he’ll be good at dispensing government propaganda, like his predecessor Gosh Dernest.

“I Am Invincible, Hear Me Roar” (May I Have Some Earplugs Please?)

There was this women’s protest march in Washington and other cities the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, and I’m glad I was not there. This is one of those times in which I miss Dapper O’Neil, who in Boston politics was quite expressive in his criticisms of “women’s libbers.”

What these marching protesters were protesting was really Donald Trump’s rhetoric, supposedly “racist” and “sexist” rhetoric that they seem to believe is degrading and patronizing to women.

Yet, many of these “ladies” used the most foul and demeaning language in their rhetoric, and displayed placards with extremely vulgar language that decent people believe to be indecent, and disgusting, in fact. There did seem to be a lot more actual hate being spewed from these people than I have heard from Donald Trump, too.

Just look at these photos taken by James Bovard who was there in Washington at the march. In the comments, he wrote, “I wasn’t trying to pick out testy looking photos but — well, there was a lot of that there. When the crowd started chanting, they seemed especially ill-tempered.”

Some signs read: “This p**sy bites back,” “P**sy Power,” “I want a dyke for President” (Dick van Dyke’s too old to run for President now.). And, “C***s against capitalism,” “White lives matter too much” (held by a white woman, obviously with low self-esteem). There was a sign with hammers and sickles on it. (I guess that’s a “c*** against capitalism.”)

You see what government-run schools produce?

One “lady” held a huge replica of, ahem, a “phallic symbol,” with “Donald Trump is a d*ck” written on it (Again with the Dick van Dyke stuff?).

Some hats stated: “F*** off,” which goes with the obscenities blurted out by Madonna. I don’t pay attention to celebrity news, so I don’t really know who these celebrities are, and I’m glad, although I’ve heard of “Madonna,” who is supposedly a singer. But I’m a classical music listener. However, I do know who Roberta Peters is, or was, and I doubt that Madonna or Ashley Judd could possibly be in the same category as a Roberta Peters as far as “dignified performers” or celebrities go.

But this whole display of vulgarity, obscenity, and ignorance is really quite something. I heard Rush Limbaugh yesterday, having no problem bringing back his moniker for these people: “feminazis.” And he’s exactly right. One minute they display posters stating, “Freedom Not Fascism,” and then they show support for … Hillary Clinton, a real fascist. (But then, so is Trump!)

Cognitive dissonance much?

“F you,” “F this” and “F that.” A lot of narcissists there, as they really don’t show very much respect for other people. And what’s with bringing their little kids there, to be exposed to the foul-mouthed imbeciles and foul-language, sex-obsessed posters? These “ladies” clearly don’t have any sense of decency, nor do they have any common sense in raising their little kids, who should not be exposed to that crap.

Now, if you are one of those angry, immature narcissists who shouts out foul, vulgar language or carried sexually explicit placards and actually brought your little kids there with you, then I want to say that I’m glad I am not married to you. I am also glad you are not by daughter, my sister, or my mother (or my cousin, aunt, or next-door neighbor, quite frankly). No, that’s not “sexist,” just anti-moron.

One nearly-nude-above-the-waist female showed a sign stating, “De-Sexualize the Female Body.” Yeah, right.

Yet many of these people are the same ones who promote sexual promiscuity and abortion-on-demand. Not good.

Some of the signs at the protest expressed the narcissists’ support for Planned Parenthood as well. The abortion cult consists of millions of brainwashed victims who really believe that having an abortion, i.e. murdering their offspring, is a “rite of passage.” When they are finished with their shouting obscenities and expressions of sexual dysfunction, these “protesters” really ought to read the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson on the abortion cult and view his documentary from the 1980s.

I can’t wait until the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. While the abortion issue will be brought back to state control, and probably won’t be made illegal in all states, still maybe then some of these sexually repressed, impulsive “ladies” might consider growing up and taking some responsibility for their behavior (and encouraging their daughters to do so, too).

Sadly, many of these protesting “ladies” support Hillary Clinton who is a big promoter of governmental intrusions into education and into the lives of families. In Hillary’s Amerika is the very police state that goes against women’s rights. They ought to read Naomi Wolf on how governments use sexual humiliation to manipulate and violate the masses.

And do any of these protesting women even know about the Clinton Foundation’s taking money from the Saudi regime, and Hillary then using her power and influence to aid the Saudis in acquiring their contracts with Boeing? She’s thoroughly corrupt, and they love her.


The Good News: We Finally Got Rid of Obama! The Bad News: We Got Trump! (Doh!)

So today is inauguration day for Donald Trump. Yesterday I heard Mike Gallagher on the radio saying that some Democrat Congresspeople refusing to attend the inauguration are “dreadful” and that it’s “un-American” and that they are “disrespecting the American people.” No, they aren’t being disrespectful and it’s not “un-American.” It’s just another ceremonial extravaganza to empower another dictator to rule over us. Lots and lots of cheering and swooning sheeple will attend the inauguration, so whatever.

But with all these anti-Trump protesters, mainly the ones on the left, it’s all about “racism,” “sexism,” and LGBT, etc. etc. They aren’t like the anti-Bush protesters of 2004 or 2005 who were protesting because they were anti-war and supported civil liberties. No, what matters to the current group of protesters is not civil liberties or immoral wars, but race, LGBT, etc. In other words, people are now obsessed with group identity politics to a pathological extent.

But what’s “un-American” and “disrespectful” are the NSA and other surveillance state goons and their corporatist cronies spying on their fellow Americans. During the debates, Donald Trump belittled Rand Paul for bringing up the Fourth Amendment that those government goons have been violating. Given all the militarists that Trump is appointing, they will increase the surveillance state even more, against their own fellow Americans. Hooray for The Donald! (And good for “Libertarians for Trump,” they really know how to promote liberty.)

I hope that Donald Trump has studied the Constitution since those debates. He clearly showed a lack of understanding of the Fourth Amendment that protects the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Unlike with Obama, Bush, and other previous Presidents, I want to see Trump follow what he is being sworn in today to obey. And that includes the Fourth Amendment, which reads: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated; and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

And also disrespectful and un-American is a President such as Obama sending troops to Poland to intentionally provoke the Russians right at the end of his term in order to cause trouble right at the beginning of Trump’s term. I hope Trump immediately withdraws those troops as well as the many others needlessly and irresponsibly stationed overseas.

Besides his apparent love thus far for the surveillance state and lack of respect for or understanding of due process, Trump also doesn’t like due process, free markets, private property rights, and so on when it comes to trade. Not only does he believe it’s okay to coerce Ford Motors, Carrier air conditioners and others to not take their plants out of the country, but now he wants to coerce foreign companies like BMW to take their plants to the U.S. Now that’s a real fascist. (I’m glad that “Libertarians for Trump” have found the right guy to help them to promote free markets!)

Besides Mike Gallagher’s saying that Democrats not wanting to attend the inauguration — a grandiose ceremony to empower the next dictator-in-chief — is “disrespectful” and un-American, some of the other talk radio personalities have also been saying the most bizarre things. Jeff Kuhner was sounding like a hypnotized mystic with his religious-worship-sounding nationalistic/collectivistic rhetoric. He’s from the Twilight Zone, for sure.

And I heard Hugh Hewitt a few days ago saying that the $trillion infrastructure “shovel-ready” projects for which Donald Trump wants to use tax dollars to squander (just like Obama), will be a good thing, because it’s Trump being the central planner here. Hewitt is saying that the difference is who the central planner is that’s in charge! Yes, he really believes that.

And I’m sure that most of these so-called conservative radio talk personalities have been dissing Obama’s commutation of Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea Manning. I did hear Michael Medved ignorantly criticizing Manning’s actions and calling him a “traitor,” and incorrectly stating that Manning compromised our security or that of U.S. soldiers overseas, none of which was true.

Manning was railroaded in a sham kangaroo trial and convicted of violating the “Espionage Act,” even though he wasn’t “spying,” didn’t give information to “the enemy” (unless you consider the American people “the enemy”), and wasn’t acting on behalf of any foreign government, only his fellow Americans.

Unfortunately, many people are authoritarians who believe in obedience to the government and that if government and military people act criminally and murderously against innocents and show utter corruption we are obligated to sweep such facts under the rug.

Some actual convicted spies acted on behalf of foreign regimes (including the Russians), but they were not tortured as was Bradley Manning during his 3-year, pre-trial solitary confinement.

And I believe that Donald Trump is extremely authoritarian and will crack down on whistleblowers and investigative journalists just as Obama has done. Trump will not be for transparency, and he has no apparent moral scruples, so I expect more crackdowns, and even less freedom.

And as far as Trump’s cabinet nominees go, they all really suck. Big time. Energy Secretary nominee Rick Perry now saying that the Dept. of Energy has important functions and shouldn’t be abolished? This department that didn’t exist until 1977?

My, how America lagged behind in energy innovations and progress throughout its first 200 years without a Department of Energy! Thanks, Mr. Perry.

And “Billionaire Betsy DeVos” the nominee for Sec. of Education can’t say that of course there should be guns in schools carried by trained citizens such as teachers, administrators or security guards to protect the kids and workers from crazed lunatics like Adam Lanza. No, she refers to grizzly bears. The deranged senator questioning her was Chris Murphy who wants to keep schools “gun-free zones,” so that other Adam Lanzas can go into the schools freely without fear of being shot back.

And why can’t “Billionaire Betsy Devos” say honestly that the federal Dept. of Education should be abolished? (Because like most conservatives, she favors government-controlled education, that’s why. The only difference between them and the progressives is which social agenda to shove down the kids throats.)

You mean, abolish the U.S. Department of Education that has only existed since 1980?

My, how the U.S. lagged behind in its educational ranking until 1980! (Wait a minute! It’s just the opposite: the U.S. was generally #1 in educational ranking compared to the other developed countries for decades and decades, but since the Dept. of Education came into existence, the U.S. rankings have steadily crashed in all categories, reading, math, science. Hooray for the federalization of education!)

And “Dr.” Tom Price, the HHS nominee, can’t say that not only should ObamaCare be repealed, but all the other socialist distortions of medical care, such as Medicare and Medicaid should be given the heave-ho. Like most conservatives and Republicans, Dr. Price believes in the socialism of Medicare, etc. and won’t advocate for its repeal and call for replacing these intrusions and distortions with freedom. And of course, I have no such hope for Donald Trump either. Trump believes in the system of tax-thefts, redistribution of wealth, central planning, and government controls, which will not “make America great again,” folks.

And supposedly Trump’s top-of-the-list possible Supreme Court bureaucrat is Judge William Pryor, a terrible, horrible choice. Let’s hope for someone less fascist.

Sorry to be such a gloomy gus. But unlike all the fools on talk radio, I am rational, and a realist.

Are Those Who Don’t Blindly Believe Government Authority Really Just “Conspiracy Theorists”?

It is sad that millions and millions of people believe what government bureaucrats and media people say without even considering the possibility that the information might be false. And if those who do challenge and investigate and discover contradictory information than what the “mainstream” maintains, then they are called “conspiracy theorists,” “tinfoil hat wearers,” and so on.

And the neocon talk radio crowd is right up there with the “Russians hacked the DNC” narrative. In fact, some of them such as Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved are critical of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange as a “Russian agent” or who just shouldn’t be believed or trusted.

Hugh Hewitt further huffed yesterday describing Assange as a “rapist” or a “possible rapist,” because of an accusation of “lesser degree rape” from 2010 that Assange most recently continues to emphatically deny, stating that in 2010 he voluntarily went to Swedish authorities for questioning, and he has never been formally charged. But dishonest quackmasters like Hewitt continue with that kind of smear in addition to the “Russian agent” stuff.

Regarding the alleged Russian connection, Glenn Greenwald recently showed how dishonest the Guardian newspaper was in misquoting Assange, falsely showing Assange to praise Trump and falsely claiming an Assange-Putin relationship. I’m sure that Hewitt and Medved believed every word of the falsely attributed quotes by Assange that were tweeted and retweeted by journalists and news consumers all over the world.

Also recently, Greenwald detailed how the Government Post, a.k.a. The Washington Post, continues to stand in partnership with the U.S. feds in distributing its own “fake news” to deceive its readers and those who follow all the tweets of its reporters and of Marty Baron, its editor.

As I tried to point out in my previous post, many news consumers continue to believe a lot of the fake news —  propaganda — thrown out by the government and its stenographers of the mainstream media.

Most of the media, the cable newsbimbos and so on, and congresspeople and beltway pundits, continue to refer to the “17 intelligence agencies all agreeing that the DNC emails were hacked by Russia,” because they believe what CIA and FBI bureaucrats tell them. We should take “Intelligence” director James Claptrapper at his word. But people easily forget how the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, all have a very shaky record when it comes to truth-telling, judgment, reliability and trustworthiness.

“Well, given that the CIA and FBI have been right maybe once or twice, that’s good enough for me,” say the millions out there among the sheeple population.

But thanks to whistleblowers like Daniel Elsberg, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and William Binney, and WikiLeaks of course, those who don’t worship the government and can handle hard truths have discovered that a lot of government “assessments” are mainly propaganda for the purpose of getting the public to go along with government shenanigans at their tax-robbing expense.

For instance, the tales associated with 9/11 and all its sub-stories and earlier events in America are major examples of that over the past 15 years now. Because of propaganda and disinformation many people still believe that JFK was killed by a lone assassin, Lee Garvey Oswald. Many people still believe that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11.

In fact, most people probably still believe that Osama bin Laden directed the September 11th, 2001 attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, when there was never any evidence to prove it.

What? The U.S. government continued to assert that Osama bin Laden was behind 9/11 even though it had no evidence to support those claims?

But right after 9/11, the news people were repeating the propaganda 24-7 because the bureaucrats had been planning to escalate their intrusions and bombings in the Middle East and Asia since well in advance of 9/11, in the name of “regime change.” Here is Gen. Wesley Clark in 2007 listing the different countries that the neocons and interventionists had planned to do their dirty work:

Regarding the lack of evidence to prove the government’s assertion that Osama bin Laden played a role in 9/11 (although he did have ties to the CIA), that lack of evidence is discussed in this article by retired theology professor David Ray Griffin, who has written extensively on 9/11. That article by Griffin links to an article from the “Muckraker Report” by Ed Haas (article no longer available, here is the archived article). The “Muckraker Report” is “proud to have been awarded the Censored 2008 Real News Award from Project Censored.”

That “Muckraker Report” article includes an image of Osama bin Laden’s page at the FBI’s most wanted list prior to 2008. The FBI had stated that, while bin Laden was wanted by the FBI for the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya, bin Laden was not wanted by the FBI for involvement in 9/11 because they didn’t have evidence to prove it.

In my earlier post I mentioned that the bin Laden “raid” and alleged killing was made up and that bin Laden probably had died of kidney disease in 2001 or 2002. Here is a video I linked to with Dan Rather anchoring the CBS News in 2002 regarding bin Laden’s then treatment in the hospital.

Related to President George W. Bush and the U.S. military’s invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 based on lack of evidence against bin Laden and lack of any valid case against the Afghan Taliban, is their invasion of Iraq in 2003 based on bad “intelligence” and false information gathered by way of torture. Yes, the purpose of the torture was to get false information to justify Bush’s war in Iraq.

And it’s even possible that the “underwear bomber” was helped by the FBI to board flight 253 to Detroit with a visa the U.S. government had ordered not to be revoked despite his known ties to terrorism.

Sadly, millions and millions of people are conditioned since their earliest years to believe and trust the authorities. And they will believe and trust the government and its authorities no matter how many corruption scandals and criminal acts are exposed on a daily basis. A lot of people have a hard time with a particular narrative that challenges their trust in authorities, especially those authorities who are there to provide security. When they are exposed as wolves guarding the hen house, people just don’t want to accept it, and so they defend the criminals in authority.

Now, regarding 9/11, I do not believe that “19 hijackers” and their Saudi supporters were the sole perpetrators of the terrorist attacks, nor do I believe that it was an “inside job” by U.S. government that Bush and Cheney had some advance knowledge of. However, I do believe that there had to have been elements connected to the U.S. government as well as non-government connivers who were involved.

But there are many people who insist on believing the official narrative, the 9/11 Commission, etc.

Here is a video of several psychologists who explain some of the reactions of many people when their belief in authority such as the U.S. government is challenged. I think such analyses can apply to how some people react to when whistleblowers such as Daniel Elsberg, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and William Binney expose corruption and criminality in their own government and in the military.

That video is excerpted from this lengthier video by architects and engineers who challenge the official 9/11 narrative. It details some information on the World Trade Center buildings collapse that I’m sure many experts probably would want to refute.

And here is a video by James Corbett who explains who might have been behind the 9/11 attacks. Some of the information is very interesting. I wonder how he knows that certain officials had meetings scheduled at the WTC on 9/11 but canceled them at the last moment.

As we have seen more recently, with the WikiLeaks DNC email leaks, the Washington Post‘s extremely dishonest propaganda campaign, and so on, much of the news media have been in cahoots with government bureaucrats in delivering the “news” that government bureaucrats want the people to hear.

Should We Believe the Government Anymore? The News Media?

Maybe now people can understand why I’ve been making references to “government propagandists and their lapdog news media stenographers,” and so on.

The Obama administration and its Washington pundit apparatchiks and media sycophants are all on this “Russia hacked the DNC and tampered with the U.S. Presidential election” mantra like they are part of a fanatical cult.

Obama and his fellow Democrats obviously are so embarrassed from the DNC email leaks that they are going with this “Bad, Russia, bad” stuff to take attention away from the DNC leak details.

I happen to believe that Obama and his fellow morons are doing these things even though they know the truth that Russia did not hack the DNC and that the leaks were caused by either a Democrat insider (as Julian Assange himself hinted at, and Oliver Stone has suggested as well), such as a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter, and/or a NSA or CIA bureaucrat who just didn’t want to see Hillary Clinton elected President.

And following the “Russia hacking the DNC” story, the latest from the Washington Post has been its hysterical claim that Vermont’s electric grid was hacked by the Russians. “Russian malware” was found on one laptop associated with the utility but it was not connected to the grid. The lunatics at the Post didn’t even bother to check that with Vermont officials.

Do the news media really believe what they are reporting on this “Russian hacking the DNC,” or are they just following instructions to report it as fact while knowing it is really fake news? I haven’t heard anyone in the MSM ask for actual evidence for the “17 intelligence agencies” accusations that Russians hacked the DNC. (What? Lazy MSM news reporters actually investigating and doing research? Heh.)

And now we can see why the Washington Post published a piece smearing legitimate news and information websites as “fake news” distributors: The Post knows just how their participation in propaganda and spin control on behalf of Obama and Democrats has been exposed by the DNC email leaks, and are trying to cover it up by taking attention away from it.

As part of the charade, Obama has now expelled 35 Russian diplomats and their families, including a chef, and who knows what other “retaliatory” measures the community organizer President will be imposing.

But “KGB thug” Putin isn’t playing along, as he has stated that “We will not expel anyone. We will not prevent their families and children from using their traditional leisure sites during the New Year’s holidays. Moreover, I invite all children of U.S. diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin.” Putin obviously isn’t taking the bait.

As I had noted previously, the WikiLeaks releases of DNC emails showed that Democrat operatives such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz had been cahooting to lock Bernie Sanders out of the Democrat nomination. And during the campaign, leaked emails show, Hillary was given debate questions from Democrat flunky Donna Brazile in advance of debates. Some of the most damaging leaks showed that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta illegally coordinated the Clinton campaign with a Clinton SuperPac.

In one leaked John Podesta email, Podesta urged the DNC to coordinate with media to promote Cruz, Carson and especially Trump as a “pied piper” candidate for the Republican nomination, thinking  such a strategy would mean an easy win for the Democrat in the general election, in the same way that in 2008 Rush Limbaugh urged Republicans to go into Democrat primaries to vote for Obama, thinking that Obama would easily lose in that November election.

Sometimes campaign strategy can get a little too crazy for control freaks, I suppose.

We also saw from leaked emails the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s telling her supporters one thing and telling the banksters something else in her highly-paid speeches.

WikiLeaks also showed the various news media hacks who have been cahooting and colluding with the Clinton campaign to slant not just the news but the whole campaign for Hillary. There were Hillary supporters “embedded” in the news media. Among other sad displays, former Politico reporter Glenn Thrush, now with the desperate New York Times, asked Podesta for approval of Thrush’s Politico stories.  Such media bias for Hillary even included Howard Stern, for crying out loud.

So if I were Obama and his little minions, I’d be embarrassed, too. A lot of it is really unbelievable. And I’m sure there are readers who still don’t believe what I’m writing, and won’t even click on the links to check that out. But if the emails released to WikiLeaks were really “fakes,” as has been alleged, then why didn’t Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta, Donna Brazile or any of the other DNC clowns sue WikiLeaks for libel or slander?

In other revelations this past year, not only does NPR want to censor conservatives (a total shock, I know), but CNN fired Dr. Drew Pinsky for his expressing concern over Hillary’s “1950s” medical care. Clinton campaign workers and media hacks also shamed an NBC reporter for covering Hillary’s coughing fit.

So this “Russia hacking DNC” story being played by the Obama administration and its media lapdogs is part of the actual fake news the propagandists in the media give us on a daily basis, such as the FBI’s “thwarting terror plots,” the media‘s psy-op that the Obama administration killed Osama bin Laden in 2011 even though bin Laden had probably already died years earlier, or the media’s propaganda on behalf of banning guns and on so-called “human-caused climate change.”

Now, I’m sure that many readers won’t click on links attached to claims that are not what they are used to hearing, such as my assertion that Osama bin Laden had already died in 2001 or 2002, of kidney disease, because many people have been conditioned to believe the “news” they see. They will probably perceive as absurd the suggestion that the whole 2011 bin Laden raid and killing was a fabrication.

Sadly, millions of people believe the propaganda being fed to them by the government and its media stenographers. They believe the climate change preaching despite the “science” depending mainly on computer models and not actual empirical evidence. They believe that banning guns saves lives even though disarming law-abiding citizens costs lives, such as in Orlando and other “gun-free zones.” And they really have believed the feds’ propaganda since 9/11 to promote mass approval of the “war on terror.”

And now many people really believe that Russians or Putin hacked the DNC and manipulated the U.S. Presidential election.

“Oh, but the government and the news media wouldn’t lie to us, would they? Of course they wouldn’t do that.”

No, they wouldn’t lie about Russian hacking of DNC emails. They wouldn’t lie when promoting ObamaCare. They wouldn’t lie about Osama bin Laden (see above) and Saddam Hussein, or lie to start a war against Iraq after 9/11, or lie to start a war against Iraq before 9/11. The government and its media repeaters certainly wouldn’t lie to get the U.S. into a war with Vietnam, and unnecessarily sacrifice 58,000 American lives as well as hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians. No, they wouldn’t do that.

Anyway, Obama and his ilk now are doubling down, and installing a new “Ministry of Truth,” in which the gubmint will decide which news is fit for consumption and which is not. Millennial up-and-coming news journalists will happily comply with the bureaucrats’ demands for censorship, as the millennial journalists’ seasoned bosses are already doing it. Or perhaps they want to avoid the feds’ persecution of honest journalism, I don’t know.

It’s all a part of the drooling government sycophants’ craving to silence others who expose the political class’s hypocrisy, their crackpot political views, and so on, both progressive and conservative.

And now we have irrational self-censorship, such as Steve Martin deleting his harmless tweet about Carrie Fisher, and academic censorship, such as the recent suspension of a law professor for wearing a costume for Halloween, all in the name of idiotic political correctness.

As Thomas DiLorenzo pointed out, the point of political correctness, such as on college campuses and the entertainment industry, is to silence dissent. Especially those who dissent from the socialism being pushed by many among these groups for over a century.

Note how the latest warmongers, the New Cold Warriors against Russia promoting the censorship of “fake” (i.e. real) news are now from the same side as the PC crowd.