CIA Honcho Pompeo Calls WikiLeaks a “Hostile Intelligence Service”

(Updated, with two slight changes.)

Yes, “they’ve gotten to him.” Donald Trump, that is. The simpleton is even more of a flip-flopper than Willard M. Romney was. And Trump’s warmongering, bombing Syria with no evidence against Assad of using chemical weapons and in doing such bombing Trump is aiding and abetting ISIS that Assad was fighting against. And now dropping the “mother of all bombs” on alleged ISIS “caves and tunnels” in Afghanistan. So obviously, all those nutjob generals surrounding Trump have used their psy-ops on the sponge-brain President to convince him to support globalist U.S. government bullying and murder overseas and support the treasonous domestic spying-on-innocents at home. Not good.

And now, CIA director and former congresscritter Mike Pompeo criticizes Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, an organization previously praised by Trump, calling WikiLeaks a “non-State hostile intelligence service.” Seriously? And this crap coming from the director of a government “hostile intelligence service,” a.k.a. CIA.?

So Pompous Pompeo is threatening to disrupt WikiLeaks (and other whistleblowers and transparency-related organizations) in their use of “free speech values” in order to protect the criminality of the national security state bureaucracies, despite even Pompeo’s own previous praise of WikiLeaks in its exposing the Obama Administration’s corruption.

But without “free speech values,” whistleblowers and Freedom of Information Acts, we would not know about the Pentagon Papers. We would not know in 1971 that the military bureaucrats believed as early as 1967 that the war in Vietnam could not be won, and that Presidents Johnson and Nixon nevertheless continued to send tens of thousands of young Americans off to their deaths for no good reason. So thank God for Daniel Ellsberg.

Without “free speech values,” whistleblowers and freedom of Information Acts, we would not know that the real reason for post-9/11 torture was to concoct a false connection between Iraq and 9/11. We would not have seen the Iraq War logs. We would not see the Afghanistan War logs. So thank God for Bradley Manning, in my view.

And without “free speech values,” whistleblowers and freedom of Information Acts, we would not know about the Saudi regime’s support of the 9/11 terrorists. And we would not know about the Clinton Foundation’s collusions with the Saudis as well.

Now, I know that some people don’t like the reference to “sheeple” (because it sounds “derogatory”), but if you are an authoritarian sheeple, then you probably defend CIA, NSA, FBI, etc., regardless of the crimes their agents commit against innocents at home and abroad. On talk radio, I think Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved are the worst of the worst when it comes to blind worship of the national security state. But many Americans are waking up to the truth about these agencies, these entrenched and sanctified bureaucracies and their intrusions, their criminality and their corruption. Thankfully WikiLeaks has provided a way for whistleblowers to leak information, because otherwise, what, the mainstream media will expose the corruption? We can rely on NBC, CBS, ABC, New York Times, et al.?

But this Mike Pompeo person calls WikiLeaks a “hostile intelligence service,” while that is exactly what his CIA is and has been for decades. For instance, in Operation Ajax the CIA in 1953 staged a coup in which the Iranian Prime Minister Mosaddegh was brought down and replaced by a U.S. government puppet, the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The CIA supported the Shah’s totalitarian police state known as SAVAK for 25 years, and this dictatorship is what led to the 1979 Iranian Revolution that included taking Americans hostage in Iran and an imposition of an Isalmic-based regime which has been in place ever since.

So really the tensions that exist now with Iran, and the paranoia of and hatred toward Iran on the part of policy makers in U.S. government would not be happening, in my view, were it not for the CIA’s criminal aggressions in Iran. The CIA and Shah of Iran’s totalitarianism are what led to the rise of Islamic extremism and that revolution. You see what government interventionism causes? So these U.S. government bureaucracies are like the dog chasing its tail, creating new problems and then in an attempt to solve the problems they cause they then create additional problems. Unfortunately, this is what neocons, interventionists, globalists, “American Exceptionalists,” support in their blind obedience to CIA and other bureaucrats.

And I wonder if Mike Pompeo even knows about Operation Northwoods and Operation Mongoose, schemes proposed by the CIA and military Joint Chiefs of Staff to stage various false flags such as hijacking or attacking a civilian airliner and attacking a U.S. ship in Cuban waters, as well as causing terror among the Miami area Cuban community and blaming it all on Cuba’s Castro. The false flag schemes of Operation Northwoods were proposed to President John F. Kennedy in 1962 which he rejected. But he did sign on to Operation Mongoose, which went forward. Here is an ABC News article about Northwoods. And that was all nearly 40 years before 9/11.

Some of the proposals are really unbelievable. But here are some pages from the archived documents from this source, from the National Security Archive at The George Washington University:

Many True Believers believe the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who assassinated John F. Kennedy. But there was definitely a motive for the CIA and fellow national security state goons to assassinate Kennedy with his promoting peace rather than war that they prefer to promote. See Charles Burris and Jacob Hornberger (and especially this from Hornberger) on that issue. View Kennedy’s 1963 Peace Speech at American University, just months before he was murdered.

Now that President Donald Trump has authorized the “Mother of All Bombs” to be dropped on ISIS “caves and tunnels” in Afghanistan, I wonder if Trump will maybe want to bomb all the Afghan opium poppy fields from which the CIA are (allegedly) pushing their heroin in America. But, while I would oppose any such bombing, nevertheless I am not holding my breath. Trump will order to be bombed what the military and CIA want to be bombed.

Sorry. We know who the real “hostile intelligence service” is, and it’s not WikiLeaks.