On the Hysterical Authoritarians Who Cry, “Don’t Disrespect the Flag!”

With this controversy of NFL players kneeling in protest rather than standing for the national anthem, whose title and lyrics refer to the American flag, there are a lot of authoritarians out there such as Donald Trump saying things such as that the kneeling protesters are a “son of a b**ch” and that they should “get off the field right now,” and, “He’s fired. Fired!” for “disrespecting the flag.”

Sadly, there are a lot of nationalists out there who went through many growing up years of indoctrination in their authoritarian families and in their 12 to 16 years of government schooling or government-controlled “private” schooling, to worship that flag and pledge allegiance to it and to the government in Washington.

A lot of people erroneously repeat the dogma that “our soldiers died for that flag” or “for our freedom.” The truth is, even if in their own minds they went off to wars to protect “our freedom,” U.S. troops who were sent to their deaths were sent to their deaths for no good reason, not to protect our freedom or to protect a flag, but on behalf of politicians’ egos and the war industry’s profits. And that’s it. That’s the truth.

But many people are brainwashed to believe otherwise. In my view, the authoritarian nationalist flag-worshipers are brainwashed in the same way that the college snowflakes are brainwashed with their climate change-LGBT-“everyone’s a racist” dogmas.

Another issue with the flag worshipers is their insistence that an image must be perceived in a certain way by others, in the same way that they perceive it. Nope. The perception of any image or symbol is subjective. I might see a painting as beautiful or enlightening or cheerful, but you might see the same painting as dull, ugly, or offensive. The same thing applies to a flag’s image or any image one might see visually.

To some people, the flag represents America, goodness, God and freedom. But to other people the flag might represent unjust wars, corrupt Washington government, and tyranny. And to other people, such as perhaps Colin Kaepernick, the flag might represent racism in America and white police shooting at black victims. Perception of the image of the American flag can’t be dictated, because such perception is subjective.

But I’ve been listening to these authoritarian sheeple talk radio personalities for many years now, like Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved, and Howie Carr, Mark Levin and Michael Savage. Gone are the days of intelligent discussion and back-and-forth debate on talk radio. It’s mostly one-sided. (Maybe it’s because many more people are on prescription drugs or consume processed foods than ever before, I don’t know.)

Some of the modern talk radio personalities are just plain ignorant. There is a lot of cognitive dissonance and intellectual dishonesty there. Some of them such as Prager refer to “The Left” as not thinking about the issues of the day; rather, they “emote.” Everything is emotional with the Left.

Yet, there is a lot of emotionalism with the nationalists and conservatives as well. For instance, if someone such as Colin Kaepernick won’t stand for the national anthem or won’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag or more accurately the Pledge of Obedience to the government, it’s very upsetting to these nationalists and conservatives. You shouldn’t “disrespect the flag.” The flag is a member of their family. It’s like insulting your father. So they get emotional, and, at times, hysterical.

Many of these authoritarians melt like snowflakes if they hear about someone burning a flag, or if they hear about Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden releasing evidence of criminality by government bureaucrats, diplomats or U.S. military. So, these nationalist authoritarians are just as emotionally tormented by someone burning or “disrespecting” an American flag as the college snowflakes feel tormented by their own perceived “microaggressions.” The nationalists view Bradley Manning as a “traitor,” because in his revealing crimes of the government and military he is not being sufficiently subservient to the national government. That’s treason to authoritarians.

The talk radio authoritarian nationalists also view those on the Left or the college snowflakes as “narcissistic.” Yet, the authoritarians are extremely narcissistic in their adherence to this religion of “American Exceptionalism.” The U.S. (including the government in Washington) is “exceptional,” a “City upon a Hill,” “divinely inspired,” as I hear constantly from most of the Salem Radio talk show personalities such as Michael Medved. In fact, Medved’s latest book is about the “American Miracle.”

Well, I don’t think the IRS is a “miracle,” but there is the IRS racket in America. Quite un-American, if you ask me. And the un-American welfare state which includes Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — those things are NOT a “miracle.” Seizing private wealth from some people and giving it to others is not a “miracle” or anything to be proud of. It is something to be ashamed of! And sending police S.W.A.T. teams breaking into innocent peoples’ homes to find prohibited plants — NOT a “miracle.” Nope.

I know, Medved is referring to the Founding of America, which is also not a “miracle,” in my view. The Framers put together a union of states, the 13 colonies, which is fine if you want to do that. But it should’ve been a voluntary, informal, legally unbinding union. They shouldn’t have put together a centralized government with actual powers of compulsion over the people. Big mistake, and definitely not a miracle. See Laurence Vance here and here on the Anti-Federalists who were skeptical of such centralized empowerment. See Carl Watner’s informative articles on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and on voluntaryism and secessionism. And read Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the impossibility of limited government, and see Hoppe’s video lecture on the dangers of centralization. And of course, Gary North on the most successful fraud in American history.

But there are millions of people, generations and generations who really believe in the myth and mysticism of “American Exceptionalism.”

Let’s dump the Golden Rule. Who needs it?

Dennis Prager on the radio constantly talks about morality and evil. But he and those others never seem to discuss how evil the bureaucrats in Washington have been in their criminality and corruption.

Oh, the whitewashing and rationalizing of the U.S. government and military’s bombings and murders of innocent babies, children, women and men in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Dresden, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. “The U.S. military can do no wrong” (despite its war crimes and millions of deaths of innocents for a century), I hear from the chickenhawk militarists on talk radio. How come Dennis Prager and other moralists never criticize the U.S. government CIA drones murdering innocents in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc. (by Obama and now Trump)?

Hmm, American Exceptionalism. Oh, we’re so morally superior than the rest of the world. Don’t “disrespect” the flag!

As I observed in a previous blog, when Gary Johnson pointed out a moral equivalence between Syrian civilians killed by Assad (or ISIS) and civilians killed by U.S. forces (such as in their bombing of a civilian hospital), Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt were outraged. I thought they were going to call on the military to get Johnson and throw him in Gitmo, for crying out loud.

So it isn’t just those on the Left who react with irrational emotionalism and hysteria when their myths and worshiped gods are shattered or attacked. Chant the Pledge of Obedience and don’t “disrespect the flag”!

Nationalism — the authoritarian ideology where moral relativism is the ruling philosophy.