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The Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs and the Fraud of Psychiatric Diagnoses and Cures

Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but many of the mass killers in recent times had been taking psychiatric drugs, such as anti-anxiety, antidepressants, and anti-psychotics. And the reason why most mainstream media outlets won’t report on the psychiatric drugs aspect of the mass murders is because many news outlets are sponsored by big pharmaceutical companies.

Now, I know that a lot of people really believe in psychiatric drugs and don’t want to believe that in many cases the drugs are causing more and worse problems than they could possibly “cure.” But the truth is the truth.

In yesterday’s post on recent mass shootings, gun control, “mental illness” and psychiatric drugs, I mentioned Dr. Peter Breggin who is a psychiatrist and expert on psychiatric drugs and their side effects and on drug withdrawal.

Here is Dr. Breggin testifying before a congressional Veterans’ Affairs Committee, discussing antidepressants and suicide, particularly involving the military, and the relationship between antidepressants and aggression and violence. This video is from 2011.

And here is Dr. Breggin in one of his videos explaining how psychiatric drugs are more dangerous than you ever imagined. This video is from 2014.

Finally, these psychiatrists explain that there is no science behind psychiatric diagnoses, and there are no real cures. Psychiatric drugs with toxic chemicals are said to be “rebalancing” chemical “imbalances,” but they are in fact causing “imbalances,” such as making the brain’s neurotransmitters become increasingly dysfunctional. This video from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is from 2011.

As I have mentioned previously, for those who are taking any of those drugs and want to get off them, to prevent a possible dangerous reaction to withdrawal, see Dr. Breggin’s book on psychiatric drug withdrawal, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families.

Gun Control Has Not Helped. Until Our Society Reverses Its Perversion of Childhood, School Shootings Will Continue

Donald Trump is promising the masses that he will “do something” about guns, gun control, school shooters, blah, blah, blah.

But there are plenty of strict gun control laws on the books already. Somebody please tell the “President” that criminals who want to go into a school and shoot people don’t care if there are laws against shooting people and killing them, or that there are laws against assault or robbery, so obviously criminals aren’t going to obey the laws that apply to gun purchases, possession or usage. Duh.

Trump’s instincts are correct, that if some school staff members happen to be carrying firearms on their persons, any one of them (in that Florida school recently, for example) could disable a shooter and save many lives.

Unfortunately, for the hysterical gun control crowd it’s not about guns, and it’s not about protecting kids from being killed. No, it’s all about control. And that’s it.

And to exhibit further acts of ignorance and foolishness, Democrat attorneys-general met in Washington to lecture others on guns and violence. They are very smart, you know. For instance, Massachusetts attorney general Maura Helium stated that those places with the fewest guns are the safest places, according to “30 studies.” Like those “gun-free zone” schools that have gotten shot up by wackos?

I guess she means safest for the shooters. (Hmm, we never hear about psycho shooters going into police stations. I wonder why THAT is…)

One problem is that a lot of people believe a lot of myths as disseminated by ignorant mainstream media burn-the-witchers. Brian Wilson in this article debunks many of those myths that media morons are spreading about guns.

And Jim Campbell writes this:

This, then, is the practical solution for dealing with aggressive violence:

1. Accept that it is impossible to eliminate the means to inflict harm.
2. Accept that some people will seek to harm others.
3. Create in yourself and other decent people the ability to respond to predators with overwhelming counter violence.

History shows us that when people do not have the means to defend themselves, they will eventually suffer atrocities.

The moral argument is more cut and dried:

A human being is the absolute owner and sovereign over their body. As such, they have an absolute and inalienable right to defend themselves from aggression by others, by ANY means available or necessary, as long as those means do not harm other innocent people around them.

For a view-from-afar perspective, expat (now in Mexico) Fred Reed writes in this article an analysis of what has gone wrong in our society. Kids are not physically fit, they don’t exercise, and so they are “hyperactive.” Then the schools act as enablers to the pharmaceutical industry’s voracious hunger for profits at the expense of young kids’ natural growth and development that those poisonous ADHD drugs, the anti-depressants, and other drugs are interfering with while causing dangerous side effects. Another problem is that our society is now very anti-male, anti-boy. Boys are told they are future rapists and that “masculinity” is “toxic.” Thanks, Teach.

The intruders of government education just can’t leave people alone.

And this stuff about “mental illness.” Who is to decide who is “mentally ill”? Government-funded psychiatrists? Teachers? Police? In the case of that young guy from the Florida school, Nikolas Cruz, he had exhibited violent behaviors for years! That’s not “mental illness,” that’s violent behavior. But was he on anti-depressants? Anti-psychotics? I want to know.

And then just this weekend in Massachusetts, another psychopath whom neighbors had warned local officials about for years, went into a library and stabbed a young female student to death. Some quotes from the Boston Globe: “We knew something would happen … We didn’t know when.”

“[a neighbor] said she was so afraid of Yao that she would run to her car every day when she left the house at 5 a.m. to go to work. She said residents kept their children indoors, kept baseball bats nearby, and locked their doors.”

Hmm. Sounds like the situation in Florida, doesn’t it? Like with the idiot sheriff and his deputies, the FBI, et al. In this case, once again government officials were alerted but didn’t do anything.

Further from the Globe:

One neighbor, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect his family’s privacy, said that late last summer, he and his wife had awoken to hear Yao slamming against their front door.

Before he even looked outside, the neighbor said, he knew it was Yao. The young man had gone from making an obscene gesture at his pregnant wife as she walked down the street a few years earlier to hurling an Adirondack chair at another neighbor’s door, he said. The police were summoned, and Yao was arrested.

A few months later, he said, a court official called him about the case. The neighbor said he told the official then that Yao was a danger, saying: “He is going to kill somebody.”

“We warned them,” the neighbor said. “We warned them — I can’t believe this. The only one that’s going to protect you in this world is yourself.”

And now, the attorney for the alleged assailant has stated, “This terrible tragedy, which shocked his parents, is unquestionably related to his severe mental illness.” And it is speculated that the alleged murderer will plead not guilty by reason of “insanity.” I wonder what psychiatric drugs he has been given (and probably for years). I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Gun control would not have saved the young lady in that library. A Boston Globe columnist asks sarcastically, Should we arm librarians now? (Yes, if they want to be armed. But that’s not the answer he’s looking for, obviously.)

You see, the schools and the “mental health” racket seem to be obsessed with drugging up these kids, and the drugs in many cases can make them worse off. Read Dr. Peter Breggin on that. The anti-depressants have been shown to exacerbate depression. In many cases a kid isn’t really depressed, that is, isn’t suffering from actual clinical depression, but the “doctors” put him on the anti-depressants anyway because he is in a very sad mood that day or for a week, and then over time the antidepressants actually cause him to develop actual clinical depression and can cause suicidal thoughts and behaviors. And then there are the antipsychotics.

The late Dr. Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist-skeptic and author of many books, observed that we must combat “psychiatric coercion.”

School officials and other government bureaucrats including Donald Trump are not addressing the real problems in their references to “mental illness.” As I wrote in this post, some of the many things which negatively affect today’s youths include social media and kids’ addiction to it, their being falsely labeled “hyperactive,” “autistic,” or “transgender” by the idiot “adults” surrounding them, their being put on psychiatric drugs, and being further poisoned by junk food and unnecessary vaccines (such as the flu vaccine).

I think that we’re going to continue to see school shootings until our society discontinues its immoral suppression of childhood and its enslavement of children. You can have all the gun bans all you want, but remember, criminals don’t obey the law. They will not care about laws regarding guns. So, if you want kids to be safer in the schools, the first thing is to abolish all government schools. If we can’t do that right now, then at least assume that there’s a chance that a psychopath might go in the school and shoot people. The choice is to keep all people there defenseless and possibly dead as is the case now, or let some staff members be armed if they want to be and they will save lives.

An Older Post on Amerika’s Decline and Its Police State

The post-Florida school shooting argument over gun control and anti-gun rallies have reminded me of a post I wrote over 4 years ago on Obama’s “Common Core,” the increasing police state (that these young sheeple now support), and Amerika’s descent into chaos and turmoil. Obviously, I am sure that many of those Florida students are victims of “Common Core.” So, I am reposting that older post here. Note the last two videos with the speakers in passionate defense of liberty and that government officials must obey the Constitution.

Obama’s “Common Core”: Part of the Increasing Police State of Amerika

September 22, 2013

I recently brought up some very crazy events at some schools which were a part of Obama’s educational diktats, known as Common Core. This is very nutty stuff, it’s beyond merely “irrational.”

And now, as Activist Post reports, a meeting with Maryland school teachers and administrators on Common Core included a Q&A session for parents and PTA members. However, the questions were to be submitted to the controllers in advance, much like the Presidential debate controllers do when they take questions from audience members. Alas, just as with the political party debate controllers, the school meeting controllers went on to pick and choose which questions to read or answer and which to omit.

One problem had been with the Maryland schools’ administrators intentionally not informing parents of the Common Core curriculum for three whole years since they decided to implement it. Many parents had legitimate questions, including how information about students will be collected and where it will be stored, and whether there is a way for parents to opt out.

The question as to whether parents can opt out was not answered. What a shocking development.

Of course you can’t opt out! This is public schools, after all! (In case you didn’t know, in modern Amerikan dialect, “public” really means “fascist.”)

And at that meeting which consisted of about 160 people including the Baltimore County Superintendent who censored out the tough questions, another parent with a question (which was not answered) decided to stand up and ask his question anyway. He was cordially escorted out by a government-employed police thug, no big surprise there.

According to Activist Post,

One parent, Robert Small, very respectfully tried to voice his concerns and was shut out from participating when a policeman forcefully removed him from the auditorium.

“I want to know how many parents here are aware that the goal of the Common Core standards isn’t to prepare kids for full-fledged universities, it’s to prepare them for community college,” explained Small before he was approached by security.

Small went on to warn the residents that they have a right to a proper debate on what’s best for their own community and they shouldn’t be dictated to by bureaucrats.

“Parents, take control. We’re sick of this. This is not a CNN political game. This is a public town hall … Listen, don’t stand for this. You’re sitting here like cattle. You have questions. Confront them. They don’t want to do it in public … Parents, you need to question these people…Do the research, it’s online.”

Mr. Small went on to ask about Common Core’s apparent goal of “lowering educational standards.” While he was being made to leave by a goon with “Security” on his shirt, a lady in the audience pointed out that the controllers were reading only the “softball” questions, which they obviously were.

Here via Activist Post is the video of that:

You see, the bureaucrats who rule over us do not like it when their diktats are challenged, and when their precious little fiefdoms are disturbed in any way. They do not like it when the emperor is revealed to have no clothes or when Toto pulls the curtain away from the “Wizard.” Especially when we have a One-Party State ruled by Emperor Obama with all his little minions and flunkies carrying out his Soviet-like orders. In this case of Common Core, the orders are to “lower educational standards,” to make 3 x 4 = 11, and to teach the kids that “Obama is good,” but liberty is bad.

With the above video, I was reminded of another video of the Internet-famous lady at the Quartzsite, Arizona City Council meeting who was attempting to bring up the questionable rules that were made but never voted on by the Council, and a questionable tax as well, before she was cordially escorted out of the meeting room by police goons.

And here is that video:

I think these sorts of things will be happening more and more now, particularly involving meetings which will discuss the collapsing of Supreme Court rubber-stamped ObamaCareless. In contrast, many town hall meetings back in 2009 and 2010 seemed to be cordial and polite (except for this one, though), with the people being allowed to exercise their right to peacefully assemble, their right to speak and their right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” as the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly states.

But, as Amerika continues its descent into chaos and turmoil, under the increasing tyranny of dictators and all the little wannabe dictators of local school committees and city councils, we will see less and less civility, mainly on the part of those who are employed by the government, while the civilians who want to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances” will have themselves forcibly removed from meetings and protests.

As Arthur Silber noted just recently, most people go along with the group, no matter how wrong the group is morally or practically, because they were raised to go along as a means of getting approval from others. The ones who merely go along with the group even when the group is wrong are cowards, obviously.

So, as Amerika descends, the majority who love the Rulers and who depend on the Rulers for handouts, from the welfare and food stamp people to the military contractors and their defenders in the government media, will stifle those who defend themselves from government’s intrusions, from police abuse, and who believe in freedom of choice in health care and who believe in the rule of law.

I will not get into the other areas in which we have seen police acting unlawfully and criminally. However, the most recent example was a September 17th protest of Gen David Petraeus, the schmoozing Presidential wannabe, at CUNY in New York City, the city that never thinks. Police charged protesters from the sidewalk onto the street so police could have the excuse to unlawfully arrest at least 6 protesters. In this video provided by the U.K. Guardian, one protester who was already on the ground and totally restrained (and obviously not a threat) was repeatedly punched in the ribs by a cowardly cop. Naturally, the coward here will not be arrested and probably not even fired or disciplined in any serious way.

I have addressed the issue of why civilians should be armed and the government should not be armed here, and more recently here (although I may not have put it in such a way in those two posts). And Judge Andrew Napolitano has addressed related issues here.

Now for those police or otherwise government-employed armed security out there, when things get bad especially when there is economic collapse, and Emperor Obama orders some kind of overt martial law (on top of the already existing unofficial martial law we have now), whose side will you be on? Will you take the defense of the people and their freedom? Or will you obey Obama’s (and governors’) unlawful orders to arrest or detain innocent people who are merely exercising their rights to freedom of speech and self-defense? Will you unlawfully and unconstitutionally confiscate guns? Computers? Laptops? Hmmm?

However, you “LEOs” out there have sworn an oath to obey the Constitution which is the law of the land. It is certainly imperfect, but an important part of it is the Bill of Rights. And morally, ethically, and legally you are more obligated to obey the law than you are obligated to obey commanding officers including the President, especially when they give unlawful orders. I addressed that issue here in my article on martial law.

For instance, regarding the security goon there in the first video of the Common Core meeting, government-employed (and taxpayer-funded) security should have protected the parent’s right to speak and his right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” and to get his questions answered by the panel there. Instead, in the name of “order” or “following the rules of the event” (i.e. only allowing softball questions to be answered), the government-employed and taxpayer-funded security employee enforced the bureaucrats’ censorship of parents who have major issues with this Common Core Crapola.

The purpose of Common Core is not only to lower educational standards, but to continue and further strengthen the 150-year-old tradition of government schools indoctrinating the kids to be obedient serfs and to not question the Rulers. When you dumb the people down, you also are discouraging them to think critically. Anyone who actually thinks critically would probably not approve of a government-controlled education scheme, a government-controlled medical care scheme, or a government-monopolized police system which have all become self-serving bureaucracies of incompetents, power-grabbers, and Nazi-wannabes. I realize some people disagree with me on that, but that has been my conclusion for some time now.

Ron Paul’s book on homeschooling, The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System couldn’t have come at a better time. And it is informative even for those who do not homeschool their kids.

To close, here are some uplifting videos, certainly more uplifting than those posted above. The first one is attorney KrisAnne Hall of the Tenth Amendment Center (I think the discussion was on gun control.):

And this other video includes KrisAnne Hall, with further remarks by Stephani Scruggs:

Alas, Our “Future Leaders” Seem to Be Hysterical, Ignorant Sheeple Who Prefer a Police State Over Liberty

In my recent posts (like this one) in reference to the high school students in Florida from the school in which a psychopath shot up and killed many innocent people, I was quite harsh in my criticism of the students who rallied at Tallahassee and on a CNN forum. (Note how NRA’s Dana Loesch is heckled, booed and was called a murderer while Sheriff Scott Israel gets a standing O for repeating gun-confiscation dog-whistles for the ignorant young people, for example.)

These young people are thoroughly propagandized by the government schools which are not teaching them history, only indoctrinating them to love their government rulers and training them to be sheeple and to shout down and suppress the dissenting views of the objects of their political venom. And Rush Limbaugh is correct in comparing these anti-gun rallies to the Paul Wellstone memorial in 2002, a funeral that turned into a shrieking campaign rally.

So, I am sorry that these kids have been traumatized by a shooting at their school and are mourning the deaths of their friends (yes, some people are hysterical when they mourn). But I was harsh because I don’t like being lectured to by young people in their teens who have virtually no life experiences or actual knowledge whatsoever to form a real opinion on these matters.

That said, Brandon Smith had this very good article responding to the recent aforementioned news events. Smith gives some good quotes from historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Patrick Henry, etc. on why an armed civilian population is necessary to secure their liberty. And Smith is also correct that many of the anti-gun hystericals will not respond to actual facts that one might point out to them, only emotionally-charged rhetoric.

The real solutions include letting teachers be armed if they want to be. They shouldn’t have to be if they don’t want to be. At least some of them will be armed and can disable a shooter if there is one. The ignorant young people don’t understand that none of their fascist demands to disarm innocent civilians will protect people from psychopath shooters. And the solutions also include to repeal all gun-free zone mandates (And also repeal all “zero tolerance” laws and policies, as well as abolish government schools!) Those are the real solutions.

Unfortunately, the “conservative” authoritarians, who deep down really do love the police state, are suggesting armed guards and all that crap in the schools. Such as Sean Hannity. As Radley Balko notes, “putting more cops in schools won’t make schools safer, and it will likely inflict a lot of harm.”

Just let the teachers be armed. The hystericals react emotionally against such a suggestion, and it seems as though they are immediately inferring that we are suggesting that teachers MUST be armed — NO, only if they want to be, it should be voluntary.

Finally, Carey Wedler points out that one thing that many of these mass shooters have in common is a military background. The rise in militarism in Amerika since 9/11 is a result of how sick our culture had already become.

Frauds, Fake News, False Narratives

Justin Raimondo says that “special counsel” Robert Mueller’s fraudulent indictment of Russians in their click-bait marketing scheme as “defrauding the United States” is actually what Mueller and his cohorts are doing themselves. Raimondo writes, “Russia-gate is a hoax – I’ve told my readers that from the very beginning. This ‘indictment’ underscores the extent of the hoax – and the contempt that the government officials and their journalist collaborators who thought this would bring down a President have for the American people. They expect us to swallow this fraud whole. Well, guess what – it’s not happening, folks. A child could see through this nonsense.”

I believe that many news media “reporters” and writers are also complicit, not just clueless useful idiots in their repeating word-for-word what bureaucrats and government lawyers have been telling them (that members of the Trump campaign had been “colluding with Russians” and that the “election was hacked,” and so on), but I believe that some of these people in the news media have been knowingly and willfully spreading false information to further that false narrative, and even making some things up themselves. It’s beyond cluelessness, and beyond unethical, in my view. (I’ll bet the NSA knows for sure, if you know what I mean.) If I am right, I hope that such media phonies and co-conspirators are outed forthwith.

As I wrote here, “I think that when the New York Times and the Washington Post are overly dependent on ‘anonymous sources’ or ‘unnamed U.S. intelligence sources,’ it is safe to call those news setups ‘government lapdogs,’ ‘stenographers,’ and ‘groupies,’ no?” (For instance, is this “fake news”?)

The other item of fake news, or frauds and false narratives, that I wanted to mention is that several students from that Florida high school, where a psychopath murdered 17 people last week, made several media appearances this week, on the Sunday news TV shows, and held a rally at their state capitol. Several of the young speakers were very “articulate,” as described by Chris Wallace or Chuck Todd, whichever one that was. I hear those shows on Bloomberg Radio. Some of the speakers were very emotional, but they all seemed very determined to disarm innocent people, like that’s going to prevent future shootings or mass killings. They also seem very indoctrinated and the rally was obviously well-organized (like, by George Soros front-groups?) One of them mentioned his “theater class” so we get an idea of how well trained these clueless kids are.

Someone on the radio — it might have been Rush Limbaugh, not sure — compared this over-hype with the Paul Wellstone memorial service that turned into a hysterical, screeching campaign rally. It was really sick, and that’s what I think we are hearing and seeing this week with the useful idiots in Florida. (Sorry.) UPDATE: Yes, it was Rush Limbaugh.

Well, you can ban the “semi-automatics” and then criminals who want to kill a lot of people will get something else to kill them, as I mentioned previously. But until this society changes or reverses what it’s doing to today’s young, these things will continue to happen. So the ignorant young people (and older people as well) have a choice: Let psychopaths get in the school and shoot up as many people as possible without any resistance (like, in a “gun-free zone”?); Or, let teachers who are licensed and trained be armed if they want to be, in which no one would know who actually is armed and who isn’t. The armed teacher would disable the shooter and save many lives. That’s the choice.

Gun Rights Attorneys: “What If There Were Serious Gun Controls?”

FFF recently linked to this important article by David Kopel and Joseph Greenlee that proponents of stricter gun control really ought to read. Here is an excerpt:

For people convicted of domestic violence, even a misdemeanor, how about a lifetime prohibition on firearms possession?

Further, a government license should be required for anyone who wants to manufacture, import, or sell firearms. The license should be mandatory not only for formal businesses, but also for individuals who make repetitive transactions for the purpose of profit. This would cover people at gun shows who put up signs declaring themselves to be “unlicensed dealers.” …

Manufacturers, importers, and dealers who are granted a federal license should have to keep meticulous records of every transaction. Their records and inventory should be subject to warrantless, random inspections by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)…

Before a gun store can sell a firearm to an ordinary citizen, the citizen should have to get government approval. This should apply not only to storefront sales, but also if the retailer rents a table at a gun show. As for the Internet, retailers can be allowed to advertise there, but the actual transfer of a firearm should only be allowed at the retailer’s place of business.

The purchaser should be required to answer dozens of questions certifying her background information. It is important that the government know the purchaser’s race, and whether or not she is Hispanic. Before the sale is consummated, the Federal Bureau of Investigation or a state counterpart ought to be contacted for a background check on the purchaser.

Any customer who purchases two or more handguns in a week should be automatically flagged and reported to the federal government and to local law enforcement.

Every handgun manufacturer should require handgun buyers to purchase a safe storage device for every handgun. Even if the buyer owns a gun safe, the buyer should always be forced to buy a separate locking device.

The Continuing Military-CIA-Media Complex

The Daily Caller has an article on the CIA arguing that the public can’t see classified information it has already given to favored reporters. No shock there.

That reminds me of the time when Edward Snowden released his NSA documents to his own favored reporters, such as Glenn Greenwald.

Bradley Manning, on the other hand, just released the documents he had to WikiLeaks in bulk and let the members of the public — reporters, editors as well as readers and everyone else — sift through all the material to decide for ourselves what is important and what isn’t. Regarding “classified,” the military and CIA make just about everything classified mainly to “CYA” and to hide their embarrassment over the incompetence, corruption or criminality that has been exposed.

But here is an excerpt of a post I wrote about Arthur Silber’s analysis of the difference between Edward Snowden giving information to his own favored reporters and Bradley Manning releasing documents to WikiLeaks.

In Silber’s latest post, he points out how Establishment news writer Richard Cohen of the Washington Post now praises Edward Snowden as “careful” by releasing the NSA information to “responsible” news organizations such as the Guardian and the New York Times, as opposed to “tossing it up in the air” as WikiLeaks had supposedly done. (See Arthur Silber’s post comparing Snowden-Greenwald to WikiLeaks.)

Greenwald’s slowly and “carefully” releasing the redacted documents is being approved by the Ruling class, which also consists of the Rulers’ gatekeepers including Richard Cohen. And now we know whom the “Guardian” is guarding.

As Silber noted, and as I have seen on various blogs now, such as the comments on this post on EPJ, some people seem to have a problem with criticizing Greenwald for his “control” over document releases. “At least he’s informing us as to what the NSA has been up to,” etc., so we shouldn’t criticize him. Well. I happen to believe in calling out those who on the surface are on our side, but who nevertheless give clear signs that, ultimately, the State and the Rulers (and their surveillance agenda) matter most.

In contrast to the “careful” and “responsible” Edward Snowden and Greenwald who do not seem to believe that the information in question belongs to the people but rather to the Rulers, Bradley Chelsea Manning had stated, correctly, that the information is in the “public domain.” And Manning also noted, “… Washington Post sat on the video… David Finkel acquired a copy while embedded out here. . . . – i want people to see the truth . . . regardless of who they are . . . because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”

The people don’t need the State’s gatekeepers to sift through material to decide for us what we can or cannot (or may or may not) see. Let it all out now and let the people sift through it all. We own it.

“Let’s Have a Conversation” (About Hysterical, Irrational Gun Control)

Well, it looks like many people are following the lead of the mainstream media and ignorant young people in their hysteria over school shootings and calling for more gun control. The constant mantra we are being bombarded with now is “Let’s have a conversation,” and “It’s time to talk … about guns.” So obviously the same people calling for a “conversation” are not allowing for any of the rational arguments against gun control that I tried to make a few days ago.

Arguments such as letting teachers or other staff be armed in the schools if they want to be. I’m hearing this nonsense rhetoric in the media, “the gun lobby and the NRA have blood on their hands,” and so on. No, if anyone has blood on their hands it’s the supporters and enforcers of gun-free zones in the schools, who have prevented adults at the school from being armed. Why do you want to disarm innocent people and make them defenseless?

An armed teacher there in that Florida school last week could’ve disabled the shooter and saved many of those victims from their deaths. That’s just common sense. (The same thing applies to gun-free zone Sandy Hook school, gun-free zone Orlando night club, gun-free zone Ft. Hood, etc.)

So repeal the federal mandatory gun-free zone law to actually save lives. There are millions and millions of law-abiding citizens in the U.S. who have guns, they are licensed to carry, they are trained and responsible and know how to handle a gun. And many of them are teachers, by the way.

Hysteria and irrationality are not good. They are bad, so I want people to stop being hysterical, stop unthinkingly shouting for more gun-grabbing to make it more difficult for someone to get a gun, stop disarming innocent people by calling them “mentally ill” (Who is to decide who has “mental illness”?), stop calling for the police state with armed guards and metal detectors in the schools. That’s nuts.

If he can’t get guns, a psychopath who wants to kill a lot of people will then get knives, or get in his car and run over a crowd of spectators at a ball game. You can’t stop such criminal violence in the irrational and hysterical ways that short-sighted folks are calling for.

Hey, here‘s an idea: How about telling the schools and psychiatrists to stop giving the kids those damn psychiatric drugs, the SSRI anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-psychotics. Those drugs are in many cases exacerbating people’s depression, their anxiety and their psychoses.

The alleged recent Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz, had a history of issues, and was diagnosed with ADHD and depression and had a history of being on medication. I heard on the radio that he was said to have “stopped taking his medication” recently. It’s not just the drugs themselves that poison the brain and affecting mood, behaviors and judgment, but someone withdrawing from those drugs after stopping the medication can also cause aggression and violence. Read Dr. Peter Breggin on that.

Given that many of the mass killers in recent history had been taking those psychiatric drugs, as Brian Wilson observed recently, the psychiatrists giving out those drugs are complicit in the violence in my view. Especially when dealing with kids whose brains and bodies are still in the early developmental stages.

But another thing that’s on the talk shows we hear people saying, “You don’t need an ‘assault rifle,’ or an AK- or AR-15 and so on. Only the military should have those things.” Nope. Read Judge Napolitano on that. And people are saying there are no possible scenarios in which someone would need a gun of that type, to kill a lot of people. Well, I personally don’t promote weapons of that sort, but I have written about such scenarios and in that article I linked to another article that gave a hypothetical scenario. If there is economic collapse and civil unrest, and a mob of people are breaking into your home to steal your food (and probably kill you and your family), then you might wish in those circumstances that you had something more than just a pistol. (I know, it’s uncomfortable for many people to consider, but people need to “have a conversation” about those possibilities in which it’s either you and your family be killed, or your attackers be killed. Sorry if that’s a “triggering” thought.)

And by the way, I am not a gun person, just a freedom person. So, I don’t have any of those things. The right to keep and bear arms also includes the right to not keep and bear arms if you don’t want to. And I don’t want to.

But, I will say that the kinds of people I want as neighbors are NOT the hysterical sheeple who call 911 and sic police on someone who happens to be seen with a gun somewhere. No, the people I want as neighbors are those responsible, law-abiding citizens who have guns and who carry them, and even wear holsters. They are much less dangerous and much less of a threat to us — and to school children — than the hysterical sheeple who disarm innocent people and make innocent, vulnerable people defenseless.

The Kangaroo Mueller “Investigation” Has Indicted Russians

So besides entrapping Mike Flynn and getting him to plead guilty to lying to the FBI (even though he didn’t actually lie), “special counsel” Robert Mueller has now released new indictments against Russians for “conspiracy to defraud the United States” and “conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud.”

Moon of Alabama writes:

The published indictment gives support to our long held believe that there was no “Russian influence” campaign during the U.S. election. What is described and denounced as such was instead a commercial marketing scheme which ran click-bait websites to generate advertisement revenue and created online crowds around virtual persona to promote whatever its commercial customers wanted to promote. The size of the operation was tiny when compared to the hundreds of millions in campaign expenditures. It had no influence on the election outcome.

The indictment is fodder for the public to prove that the Mueller investigation is “doing something”. It distracts from further questioning  the origin of the Steele dossier. It is full of unproven assertions and assumptions. It is a sham in that none of the Russian persons or companies indicted will ever come in front of a U.S. court. That is bad because the indictment is build on the theory of a new crime which, unless a court throws it out, can be used to incriminate other people in other cases and might even apply to this blog. The later part of this post will refer to that.

Moon goes into lengthy description of how the whole Russian operation really was just a click-bait scheme. There were no “Russian influence on the U.S. election” and no “collusions” with the Trump campaign. And chances are that no Russians will see any trial as they will probably not be extradited to the U.S.

And these indictments were so important that Mueller’s team announced their catch on a Friday afternoon. That should tell us something. The whole Mueller “investigation” was a sham from the very beginning as there was no actual crime that was being investigated — it was a fishing expedition in search of a “crime” or something to make up (like Mike Flynn “lying” to the FBI) to justify an illegitimate investigation.

The fact is, Donald Trump went through a long campaign constantly trashing the national security state (a.k.a. “deep state”) and trashing the Iraq war and other foreign policy blunders, and the apparatchiks of the “deep state” (CIA, FBI, NSA, the Pentacon, etc.) didn’t like that, in the same way they didn’t like JFK saying he wanted to “splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds” and all that.

Well, I am not sure that the Rethuglicans in Congress (such as Trey Gaudy, Devin Nunes, etc.) are really serious in getting the WHOLE TRUTH about this sham kangaroo investigation out there, and going after the real colluders and conspirators against the U.S. and the Constitution. And that is because those Rethugs LOVE the national security state so much, they love the police state and the surveillance state so much, that telling the whole truth about what criminals we have working for those agencies would mean possibly the end of such a racket in Washington. They don’t want to do that. And so they will not do anything this year. If the Democrats regain control over CONgress in November, they will impeach Donald Trump based on made-up crap and install the bloodthirsty warvangelical Pence, for an increased police state, more unconstitutional surveillance, more criminal wars, and more bankrupted Washington.

Amerikan Sheeplebots’ Iran-Hate

Laurence Vance writes:

An overly pro-Israel conservative Christian magazine I receive is spreading lies about Iran. “Iran is growing into a nuclear power, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into developing nuclear weapons and spreading terrorism around the world.” All lies, as has been documented on LRC and other places many times over the years. But here is something that is true: The United States is the world’s only nuclear power that has actually used nuclear weapons, pours hundreds of millions of dollars into maintaining its nuclear weapons, and engages in wars around the world that create terrorists.

Dishonest News Media and Dishonest Judges

Sharyl Attkisson gave a TEDx talk presenting her investigation on the origins of “fake news” during the 2016 Presidential campaign. She found that it began with the mainstream news media’s attempt to expose “fake news” in conservative media, and has its origins in a nonprofit organization largely funded by Google’s Eric Schmidt. Here is the video of her talk.

And Becky Akers has this post on New York City property owners having to pay millions to graffiti “artists” who vandalize the property.

Charlie Callas as an Apparent Military Person

In my recent posting of a comedy video of Don Rickles, I also found some other old comedy acts. Here is Charlie Callas doing his routine as part of a celebration of Frank Sinatra. (Doesn’t he look like our “defense” secretary, James Mattis? There’s definitely a resemblance there.)

Another School Shooting, More Irrationality from the Gun Control Crowd, and Calls for More Police State from the Conservatives

Another school shooting, another day of emotional, irrational calls for gun control. I would like the gun control advocates to answer some questions:

1 If criminals don’t obey laws against murder, assault, rape and theft, then why would they then obey gun control laws, or government-mandated “gun-free zones”? (Schools are government-mandated gun-free zones, and those Las Vegas hotels are also gun-free zones, and the Orlando night club was a government-mandated gun-free zone.) “Oh, it’s against the law to bring a gun to that school and shoot people, so I better not do that,” is what the typical mass shooter is thinking, according to today’s gun-control advocates.

Gun control doesn’t prevent these shootings, it only disarms law-abiding citizens.

2 At the Florida school where there was another school shooting yesterday, if a teacher or other school staff member there was armed, that person could have disabled the shooter early on and saved many of those 17 murdered kids from an early death. WHY do so many people have a problem with that? Are they that propagandized?

Not only the adult school staff members, but the students should be allowed to have firearms if they want them. That would’ve added extra chances of saving lives yesterday. Some people reading this think that’s extremely absurd, because they are conditioned by our nanny-state society now to be dependent only on government police, and so on.

In the old days, kids brought guns to school, and no one thought anything of it. They were responsible and had some common sense, and they knew how to handle guns. And there were NO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS then!

Even the so-called “2nd Amendment conservatives” are propagandized. On conservative talk radio, the socialist conservatives are obsessed with “more security,” “more armed guards,” when it comes to these school shootings, because they LOVE the police state. That is their solution to everything.

The nanny state/police state has infected our society, and I don’t know if we can recover from it.

And socially our society and the social activists are screwing up the kids’ minds and their emotional stability, with falsely labeling them as “transgender,” ADHD or whatever other made-up condition, and drugging them up on prescription drugs. As I’ve written before, most of the mass shooters in recent decades had been taking those psychiatric meds, many of which have terrible side effects including exacerbating their depression and suicidal behaviors, their aggression and violence. But the news media don’t report on those aspects of the mass killings because many news media outlets are sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies. Disgusting.

And another thing, a bad thing, about our society in America: It’s a militaristic society, as Jacob Hornberger observed recently. Our government has started many wars overseas, including Iraq in 1991 followed by murderous sanctions, and again in 2003 and Afghanistan, and the U.S. government bombs and murders innocents in those countries for decades as well as its CIA drone strikes killing mostly innocent people. And the current President, in love with his generals and the military, is expanding the U.S. aggressions and belligerence abroad. He’s a moron, drunk on ignorance. These scum in Washington do not believe in peace, and they make that perfectly clear. So, expect the impressionable young people to get that message.