The Revival In Covid Panic and Hysteria, and the Mask Psy-Op

I’m trying not to let this revival in hysteria and panic get to me. But the “public health” officials and governors, and sports and business people, under the direction of the ignorant and senile Biden, are stepping up their fascist authoritarian restrictions, such as mask mandates, more calls for “passports” to prove you’ve had an experimental drug injection that has already killed and injured tens of thousands and which has still not prevented many people from nevertheless getting “Covid.”

Biden and his propagandist underlings are lying when they say that the experimental drug injections are “effective,” or even “100% effective.” How can they be effective if the drug-assaults’ victims are still getting Covid? Are the people really getting Covid?

The health officials and their “news” repeaters say “cases are up,” which is still based on the “New Normal” redefinition of a “case” as being anyone who tests positive for Covid, regardless of having any symptoms.

The “Old Normal” definition of a “case” was someone who was actually sick and had symptoms of the Covid cold/flu. The “New Normal,” however, is a lie, just as the rest of this whole scam of a “pandemic,” hence scamdemic.

And also the higher number of positive “cases” is based on mostly false positives, which is based on the too-high cycle threshold numbers. Dr. Fauci himself early on said that if the testers use a cycle threshold of 35 or over then you are guaranteed false positives. Supposedly it should be lower than 28. However, the numbers they have been using throughout this scamdemic have been 40 and above.

But most of all, in my view, this whole scamdemic is based on the lie that people who may be carriers of the Covid virus, but who have no symptoms, are still contagious and can pass it on to Grandma and kill her. Sorry, that is a lie. The reason that asymptomatic “carriers” are not contagious is that they do not have enough of a viral load to be contagious, which is a main reason why they don’t have symptoms.

And I wanted to link to this must-read article on American Thinker by Brian Joondeph, Are Masks About to Become Permanent?

He asks some very good questions regarding the surge in hysteria: “Whatever happened to the basic concept of herd immunity?…Why are we told that vaccination is the only path to herd immunity?… Why are we going backward with mask mandates by masking up again despite most of the country having some degree of immunity?…If the vaccines work as advertised, why the masks for everyone? The unvaccinated can wear masks if they are at higher risk or concerned about exposure to COVID. But the vaccinated are protected. Do we walk under an umbrella on a clear day because it might rain, and one can never be too careful?”

And he makes some further points, some of which I have been wanting to make here:

Is this about public health, protecting the LA population, most of whom already have COVID immunity? Or are there other motives at play? Given how so much of the pandemic has been politicized, it is appropriate to look at any new guidelines through a political prism.

…Election audits, nearing completion in Arizona and ramping up in other states, may reveal electoral fraud with election winners declared losers and vice versa. If this turns out to be true, how will the American people react? Especially when it was the pandemic that provided cover for last-minute changes in election law and processes that may have facilitated the fraud.

Special Counsel John Durham may be releasing not only a report but also indictments, on Spygate conspirators in the near future, with prison time for some, according to Rep. Devin Nunes…

Lastly, Trump rallies are a thing again, drawing magnitudes more than Biden or Harris could even dream of at any of their events. Trump is in campaign mode and is the GOP kingmaker ahead of both the midterms and next presidential election.

What better way to stop the Trump rallies and distract from unpleasant news than by returning to the COVID glory days of 2020, masking up and locking down. Wait until fall when seasonal influenza kicks in and the calls for masks will become deafening. Tweak the PCR test cycle threshold upward and viola, more cases, more masking and distancing, more mandates. Totalitarianism on demand….

So, if more people are getting sick now, in July of all times, and more are testing positive for Covid, then chances are the test results are false positives. And if it’s true that hospitalizations are up, and the ages of the patients are younger on average than during the 2020 scam, it seems to me that all the continued “news” 24-7 of “Covid, Covid, Covid,” and those corrupt lying government “public health” officials reviving their terrorizing the masses with “the new Delta variant and more cases and more hospitalizations,” the terrorized sheeple are panicking again.

Because of all the mask-wearing the terrorized are making themselves sick from the bacteria and germs and viruses they normally expel out their lungs but now are breathing back in along with the exhaled carbon dioxide while breathing in less oxygen than they need. Thanks to those goddamn masks!

Not just the extra stress and masks that are contributing to making people sick, but their immune systems have been weakened over the past year or more by staying inside and avoiding other people!

So, in my view, many frantic victims of government propaganda and misinformation have weakened their immune systems and are making themselves susceptible to a cold and they immediately think it’s Covid, they rush to the hospital and are given a false positive diagnosis, and then the hospital makes them more sick with the usual hospital poisons, infections, and ventilators.

The psychopath rulers are calling for more useless, counter-productive face mask mandates because the masks are a psy-op, just as this whole damn scamdemic is one big psy-op!