Evil Fascists Mandating Experimental Drugs to Be Injected into You, Involuntarily

The latest in Crazy Covid is the retarded fascist mayor of New York City Bill Duh Blasio now wanting to impose an unconstitutional vaccine mandate on private sector workers. And it’s because of the “Omicron” variant that has so far killed no one and caused probably zero hospitalizations. Now, only really dumb, or evil, bureaucrats would force others to have a dangerous, harmful and deadly drug injected into them for no good reason.

The Covid scam has been going on for close to two years now. Government and media are desperate to terrorize the sheeple, this time with the seemingly harmless “Omicron” variant.

So far Omicron hasn’t put anyone in the hospital. Therefore it isn’t news and there’s no reason to have it on the front page, and there’s no reason to mandate anything.

Some people are saying that this Covid con has to stop and the only real way to stop it is through non-compliance and civil disobedience. But look at Austria and Australia, those two fascist societies now, ruled by very stupid people. They’re either very stupid or they emulate Nazis. Or both.

Those fascist countries have concentration camps for “the unvaccinated,” even though the “vaccines” that are not vaccines aren’t preventing infections or preventing the spread of Covid, and they weren’t even intended to. But the mRNA drugs are killing and injuring people.

That reminds me, Rand Paul has been going after Fauci although mainly for the “Wuhan-lab-virus” experimentation and its funding, but why isn’t Paul going after the pharmaceutical industry? The drug makers are falsely calling their deadly experimental drug injections “vaccines” when they do not qualify legally as actual vaccines.

People including Fauci have been telling the masses to “get vaccinated” and that people should be “vaccinated,” when Fauci himself knows that when people hear “vaccinated” they assume you mean “getting immunity” and that the shot “protects you from getting Covid or from spreading it,” when it does not do those things. Fauci said early on that the mRNA drugs weren’t intended to prevent infections or transmission but were intended to reduce symptoms in those who had the virus.

And why isn’t Rand Paul going after Pfizer for fraud? Is Paul afraid of the pharma companies? And it’s the same issue with the talk radio personalities, like “Buck and Clay,” and others. They in some way criticize the vaccine push and mandates, but they still promote them such as with Buck saying he got the J&J vaccine and the two of them urging elderly people to get the Covid vaccine and to get boosters, including the father of one of them.

And when I hear Rand Paul going on the air with “Clay and Buck” and with Sean Hannity, Paul seems to be promoting the “vaccines” as well, at least he’s not discouraging their usage. Doesn’t Paul know the mRNA drug injections are killing thousands of people and injuring hundreds of thousands?

So, this is getting very frustrating for me. As for Hannity, he repeatedly promotes people’s right to choice and the freedom to not get the injection if they don’t want to. But why isn’t he discussing the dangers of the mRNA drugs? I think Hannity is a shill for the pharma industry, but that’s my view on that. I think that the talk radio personalities have gotten the memo from iHeart, Premier Networks and so on that we had better not dis the drug companies or the deadly “vaccines,” but that’s my own conclusion. Pfizer and its comrades in the drug-killing industry are important sponsors for the radio and TV business. Sad.

Read about all the billions of dollars in settlements and fines that Pfizer had to pay for its killing people and for fraud from this article by Michelle Malkin and another article by F. William Engdahl on Pfizer and other drug makers.

And now thanks to a FOIA request the FDA was forced to release documents revealing that Pfizer knew of serious adverse reactions to and deaths from their mRNA “vaccine” ahead of its emergency use authorization.

The other pharma company involved in these deadly mRNA drugs that are screwing people up, Moderna, states on its own website how the mRNA drugs are not as much vaccines as they are like a computer operating system:

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

Generally, the only thing that changes from one potential mRNA medicine to another is the coding region – the actual genetic code that instructs ribosomes to make protein. Utilizing these instruction sets gives our investigational mRNA medicines a software-like quality.

So these mRNA drugs really take over your whole system, like a foreign invader occupying your biological territory, as I have concluded. How could this be a good thing?

Lara Logan was exactly right, comparing the corrupt, evil “Doctor” Fauci to the Nazi doctor Mengele who did horrible experiments on innocent people. What is it with these people?

And why are Rand Paul, “Clay and Buck” and Sean Hannity apparently showing support for these “vaccines” that are not vaccines and that are killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of people? And for a cold/flu with a 99.9% survival rate? That’s totally NUTS!

I think that after decades and decades of pharmaceutical companies’ stranglehold on the minds of generations of people, so many people now are just brainwashed to blindly accept the alleged legitimacy of the pharma drugs and not question them.

And that situation is similar to these school shootings and the link of mass killers to many of their having been taking psychiatric drugs. I have addressed that many times, especially here. Listing one mass shooting or murder incident after another in which the killer had been taking psychiatric drugs.

The reason why “public health” agencies, prosecutors, and the brain-dead “news” media don’t want to mention the psychiatric drug aspect of those incidents is, as in the Adam Lanza-Sandy Hook shooting case, “it would cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.” And I don’t know if it’s as much because those people are concerned about people stopping their drugs as it is out of a loyalty to the pharmaceutical drug industry. People worship the drug makers and their dangerous snake oil.

For example, was the recent Waukesha SUV-mass murderer on some sort of psychiatric drugs? What about the recent Oxford, Michigan school shooter? That’s more likely, because the schools and the “mental health” industry are feeding the kids these terrible psychiatric drugs like candy, screwing them up completely.

So, I see it as the same kind of situation with “vaccines,” whether people are taking drugs orally or with that ritualistic needle in the arm. We may NOT discuss the harm that the “vaccines” are causing people, or you’re just a tinfoil hat-wearing “conspiracy theorist.”

The vaccine cult is a religious cult, and people don’t want to know that vaccines or other pharmaceutical drugs are causing a lot of harm. They’d rather their officials and government “protectors” lie to them.

As I wrote in a previous post, Fauci and his fellow drug cultists and mad scientists were openly saying they wanted to implement their mRNA in a flu vaccine. But society doesn’t fear the seasonal influenza so they decided to make the perception of the seasonal flu as more deadly (and frightening) than it really is, in order to impose their experimental mRNA flu “vaccine.” Hence, “Covid” (and all the things government bureaucrats and media have been making up about it).

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