News and Commentary

Ryan McMaken: Police Botched the Uvalde Standoff. Now Gun Controllers Want to Give Police More Power.

CJ Hopkins: Monkeypoxmania

Jon Rappoport: Hideous Liars Lying about Guns: What People Don’t Know, Don’t Want to Know, Are Too Naïve to Believe, and Are Too Scared to Say

Sheldon Richman: Glenn Loury’s Collectivist Immigration Policy

David Stockman: Perpetual Debt, Perpetual War

Dave DeCamp: Arms Makers Press Congress to Increase Military Budget

The Post Millennial: Mother Trying to Save Children at Uvalde Was Handcuffed by Federal Marshals

The Last Refuge: Texas DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez Explains Law Enforcement Waited One Hour to Enter Uvalde School Because They Were Afraid of Being Shot

Frank Shostak: Government Spending Is the Real Tax; Deficits Are a Sideshow

Joseph Mercola: Yikes: The Brave New World of Genetically Modified People

And Matthew Ehret: A Brief History of Domestic Terrorism: From Cointel Pro to 9/11 and Beyond