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Some Additional Thoughts on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Here are some further points I wanted to make on the overturning of Roe v. Wade that I didn’t get in my earlier post.

In the overturning of Roe v. Wade by 6 to 3, the majority opinion was written by Justice (sic) Samuel Alito, who clearly stated that this decision was only to do with abortion and the main point being to protect the life of the unborn baby. Alito noted that the decision was not meant to affect other High Court decisions such as regarding gay marriage or contraception.

But in a separately written concurring opinion Justice (sic) Clarence Thomas wrote that this overturning Roe v. Wade decision should be used to reconsider past rulings favoring contraception and gay marriage.

I don’t know what it is with these fascists on the “Supreme” Court such as Thomas who do not believe in individual liberty and self-ownership and private property rights. Of course private people have the right to use contraception to prevent a pregnancy if they want to. The individual owns one’s own body. If the community in which one lives wants to impose a rule of no contraception, they could do so in a condition in which the community owns the life of that individual. But that is not what we have in a free society.

And individuals have a right to freedom of contract, in their personal lives as well as their economic lives. So that would include marital contracts. If a community or one’s neighbors don’t like private individuals’ contracts and associations, they would legislate against certain kinds of contracts such as gay marriage, that is, if the community or neighborhood owned the lives of said individuals.

But in a free society one’s community does not own one’s life or body. Right? In a free society recognizing self-ownership, private property rights and contract rights, when others in the community who don’t agree with the private people’s private contracts and relationships, those others may not interfere or intrude. “MYOB,” we used to say. I have addressed the “right to marry” in this earlier article.

Regarding the exceptions to anti-abortion laws, such as when the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother, or cases of rape or incest: I am mostly in agreement with the exception of when the mother’s life is in danger. However, the point is to protect the unborn baby from being killed — how does that change just because of the circumstances of the conception, such as a rape or incest? The unborn baby is not responsible for the violent actions of the father.

Incidentally, we would have far fewer rapes or attempted rapes if more women would arm themselves. That is another reason to preserve everybody’s right to keep and bear arms. You would think the feminists would advocate for the repeal of gun control laws that infringe upon the right of women to defend themselves against attempted rapists.

And on this overturning of Roe v. Wade, why so much hysteria? At many of those pro-abortion rallies we are hearing screaming activists behaving like abortion is now totally illegal. All the decision does is send the issue back to the states, and each state will decide what to do. I’ve never seen so much hysteria and irrationality. And the old biddies of “The View” have suggested going on a “sex strike.” (Like that’s a bad thing?)

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A Sad Day in the Violent States of America

This is Andy Ngo’s twitter. I just looked at all the tweets from today going back to two days ago, June 25. He covers many “Pride” events this week, some of which don’t seem to have as much to do with “pride” as they have to do with openly displaying grotesque sexual perversion. That’s a lot to be proud of.

But mostly in the past two days as seen on that Twitter Ngo has been covering protests and riots in response to last week’s Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade, these riots Ngo says which began mainly in 2020, and abortion is the rioters’ “latest excuse,” and that this is a  “long-term insurrection.”

And that’s exactly right. These groups and rioters who are assaulting innocent people and destroying businesses that have nothing to do with abortion, just want to commit acts of violence against others. They are merely thugs and marauders, and that is all.

And the “Pride” stuff. That used to be called “Gay Pride,” and “Gay Pride parades,” and so on. Why did they take off the “gay”? I guess that was to add the latest fad, the “transgender” stuff, to be more “inclusive.” Yech.

In Ngo’s twitter you can see some of the “Pride” activists showing their hatred toward feminists who are rational and who refuse to accept that biological males are females. Some of the more enraged thugs among the “Pride” activists openly call for the murder of those rational feminists, who the haters refer to as “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.” Who knew?

Besides the hated “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” the violent activist thugs also call for the murder of Ngo himself, as well as the conservative Supreme Court justices (sic) who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. (Not exactly the most pro-peace people of common decency, these activists, no?)

A lot of the abortion protests are showing how self-centered and narcissistic the pro-abortion robots really are. And this is all a cult, by the way, just like the Covid cult, the Climate cult, etc.

Many among the millions of millions of brainwashed abortion cultists are locked in their infantile immediate gratification narcissism — their religious rite of passage (of killing their offspring) is being threatened by the High Court’s recent ruling.

Some of the talk radio people have been playing excerpts of shrieking women expressing their outrage at the High Court, and their rage directed toward men of course. They sound like 2-year-olds having a temper tantrum, quite frankly.

The screaming abortion-promoters say they want “control over my body,” and all that. So control your body, and prevent it from getting pregnant and conceiving a child. That’s what “control” is.

How about not having promiscuous sex? And if they’re married, how about telling Hubby to use a condom? But noooo, it is extremely important to have the “right” to kill the inconvenient baby, which is a living human being, by the way, whether you’re in denial of that or not. The science backs that up. (But the people on the left have shown that they are anti-science when it comes to biology, and when it comes to things like Covid, “vaccines” that are not vaccines, face masks, “climate change,” and on and on.)

Pregnant teenage girls and women should view their unborn babies via ultrasound, and then they should view a video of an ultrasound showing an abortion procedure. Even medical doctors changed their minds about abortion after viewing it. The pregnant girls and women might also view “Silent Scream” produced by Bernard Nathanson, an OB/GYN who also changed his mind about abortion after seeing what happens to the baby during an abortion. (What really happens during an abortion?)

But on those abortion rally speeches I heard on the radio, and seeing in some news stories and on Andy Ngo’s twitter, the obscenities, the vulgarity, as well as the violence and lack of inhibition to commit acts of aggression against innocent people is quite frightening. Abortion activists have been bombing pro-life pregnancy centers and burning them to the ground, and they’re getting away with it. Beating up pro-life demonstrators holding signs? Activists trying to break into the Arizona Capitol building and hurt legislators? Where is attorney general Merlin Garlic? He just wants to use the DOJ and FBI for political reasons and go after Donald Trump and his supporters! What a bunch of schmucks who control our “justice” (sic) system!

Anyway, given that many of these activist hooligans are very young and were raised in the 2000s, I am not surprised to see the influence on them of our society’s violence and aggression, for example the two wars of aggression started by President George W. Bush against Iraq and Afghanistan, the hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings slaughtered over there by the U.S. military, and the enthusiastic support the American sheeple gave these policies of violence and aggression.

So, with the acts of aggression and violence (as well as the vulgarity and indecency) we are seeing committed by the abortion activists, it’s no wonder the aggressors promote the horror of aggression committed against the unborn baby in the womb.

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Some of My Recent Thoughts and Complaints

I haven’t had much time to do my writing here. So this is one of those times in which I will rant about several topics that have been on my mind recently.

So, because of the “crisis” that both Democrats and Republicans have caused, we have a shortage of baby formula, so the corrupt pharma/FDA/CDC complex will replace the needed baby formula with mRNA poison “vaccines” that are not vaccines, to already destroy the little kids’ immune systems and all their organs. Corrupt, evil FDA approves death jabs for babies and toddlers.

There are Republicans now supporting federal gun control laws and “red flag” laws that would not have prevented the massacre in Uvalde Texas, but such laws will violate the “right of the people to keep and bear arms,” the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,” the right of the people to not be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” (2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments) and I’m sure other natural, inherent rights that government thugs wish to violate, when known or anonymous “informants” sic the police on their neighbors, ex-spouses, coworkers, and others they don’t like.

The victims of such “red flag” law enforcement will experience not only possible illegal firearms confiscation but other property and money confiscation, vandalized homes and damaged property, terrorized kids and dogs killed by incompetent police thugs. In such cases, the victims of government criminality inflicted by neighbors, ex-spouses, coworkers and disgruntled family members, should get those informant instigators arrested for harassment and endangerment.

Democrats and leftists love gun control because they love disarming law-abiding citizens and making innocent people utterly defenseless. The Democrats and leftists are the real bullies who prey on the lives of others, they side with criminals and aggressors and violent thugs.

And then, on the “other side of the aisle,” I hear the talk radio retards saying what “imbeciles” and “losers” people are who vote for libertarian candidates rather than Republicans. “It is the most important election in my lifetime and we must get the Republicans back in control, blah, blah, blah,” as the True Believers go on and on and on.

Well, the Republicans took some control back in 1980 with Reagan, who signed the biggest tax hike ever at that time, expanded the size and bureaucracy of the FedGov, expanded the drug war and police state, and did other terrible things.

The “Republican Revolution” in 1994 was a really big takeover in CONgress. Ooooh. Did they do anything to reduce the size and control of FedGov? Nope. And after the “Tea Party” was swept in after Obama’s health care intrusions in 2010? Why do we still have federal budgets in the trillions? Why is there still a war on drugs? Why do the income tax, IRS and Federal Reserve still exist?

And regarding the energy crisis and high gasoline prices, why don’t Republicans insist that oil-rich states nullify federal control over their oil-rich lands? If Biden shut down the drilling in January 2021, open it all back up again! What is Biden going to do, send the military after you?

And besides nullification, those states need to seize those federally owned lands, which are owned illegitimately, by the way. And “drill, baby, drill.”

Libertarians are the ones who would implement nullification, certainly not Republicans.

No, Republicans don’t do those things because they are authoritarians who pray to the federal DC gods, and are obedient nationalists and centralists. Republicans are unprincipled wimps.

And now we have Republicans all across the country who say the 2020 election wasn’t stolen even though they know it was, and that Biden is legitimate, that Covid is a deadly virus even though the CDC, NIH, FDA, hospitals and media have been lying about the death counts, the testing, the PCR test results, the mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine, and Republicans go right along with all of it.

And Trump, with his deadly Operation Warped Speed “vaccine”? Who are the real imbeciles here?

One of the useless Republicans is Rand Paul. Why is he afraid to tell the truth about the deadly mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine? He must know the truth, he must know about the tens of thousands of reported deaths and millions of injuries after the mRNA drug injection, given that his father Ron Paul has discussed the issue several times in his Ron Paul Liberty Report videos. When I hear Rand Paul on with Sean Hannity on the radio I have heard Rand say that if people think they need the vaccine they should take it, such as if someone is elderly, and so on. Even though the mRNA takes over one’s whole immune system and invades every organ, as it is an experimental drug that seems to be designed to harm and not protect people. There is someone I know well who is elderly and I do not believe for one second that she would have the cancer that she has now if she hadn’t had the mRNA injections, especially when we know that Covid is no more serious than seasonal flu for most people, including healthy elderly people!

However, I believe that Sen. Ron Johnson has been one member of the Senate who has discussed these issues quite a bit now, and he should get reelected. Rand Paul, not so much.

Another thing about Rethuglicans, they drool and foam for war, war, war, and supported the horrible wars of aggression started by the Bushes, and they’re doing it again now with the Russia-Ukraine conflict that was started by Ukraine and NATO’s provocations of Vlad Peeeutin.

So while Rethugs are warmongers, domestically they implicitly side with Antifa/BLM terrorists and arsonists and rioter/looter thugs with silence. I think Republitards are afraid to criticize the 2020 rioters and the rioters having caused $billions in damage and dozens of murdered innocent people, out of Republicans’ fear of being called “racists” (even though many members of Antifa and BLM are white). Instead, they are letting the FBI gestapo go after Trump supporters, conservatives and constitutionalists who speak up at school committee meetings, or who went to the U.S. Crapitol to wander around and take selfies and who didn’t harm anyone. (That is the real reason for the “red flag” laws, by the way. Harass and incarcerate the Trump supporters and conservatives.)

Will FBI investigate this apparent Trump hater and possible Antifa member who allegedly intentionally crashed his car into a Trump memorabilia store? Probably not. The FBI gestapo is totally consumed with its political agenda of going after anyone who criticizes the FedGov Swamp, or who opposes the LGBTQ+++ and “woke” agendas.

The FBI and feds side with the rioters, and with criminals who assault and murder, and that is why they aid and abet the rioters, arsonists and looters. When the Supreme Bureaucrats release their already-leaked abortion opinion that overturns Roe v. Wade, the feds and FBI will side with the hysterical post-ruling rioters and marauders, because the “right” to kill your offspring is, to this cult, a “rite,” as in “rite of passage” for women. This is why a wackjob was arrested in an attempt to kill “Justice” (sic) Brett Kavanaugh.

They hate Kavanaugh for those kinds of things, not things that actually matter. “Dr.” Ballsey-Ford self-hypnotized and made things up about Kavanaugh because of abortion-related issues, not because as a lower court judge Kavanaugh was a rubber-stamper for the police state, the drug war, the national security state, the CIA and torture and Gitmo, drunk-driving roadblocks, ALL the civil liberties-crushing policies inflicted on the people by the State.

And then there’s the Climate Change cult. LRC writer Donald Miller has a good summary of the whole issue there. Millions of brainwashed sheeple believe that the climate is changing and/or that Earth is warming because of human activity and industry, even though there is NO EVIDENCE to prove that.

The Earth’s climate has been changing for the hundreds of millions of years that it has existed, with ice ages and warming periods, well before human industry and carbon emissions. But many brainwashed sheeple really believe those things.

But the higher-ups don’t really believe those things. They just want a lot of power and want their bureaucracies to steal more money from you. They don’t care about the climate, or about future generations. If you think so, I have a bridge to sell you.

Do you really think that John Kerry flying in the private jets cares about pollution, carbon emissions, or “climate change”? Or Obama with his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, right on the ocean? Like he cares about “rising sea levels”?

And Biden and his fellow cultists insist on stopping oil and gas and coal, and not only to lower our standard of living but to bring us totally back to the Dark Ages. It’s part of their depopulation agenda. “There are too many people in the world, and we have to reduce the population to save the world.” That’s what the WEF is all about. These people are eugenicists. And they are totally NUTS!

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Clueless Clinton

Here is a tweet I came across regarding the Clueless former President Bill Clinton.

Ron Paul on the Kangaroo January 6th Committee

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the January 6th Inquisition.

On the YouTube page:

Marx tells us that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce. We may be at that stage with the ridiculous January 6 Committee prime-time hearings – staged for television by a former news producer. Chairman Benny Thompson swears “no criminal referrals” will be handed down while Pelosi’s hand-picked Republican ranking member Liz Cheney rebuts him with “not so fast!” Far from justice, these hearings demonstrate that DC Dems are in a box of their own making. Also today: Poland demands new weapons to replace the old weapons they shipped to Ukraine.

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