Joe Biden: “MAGA Republicans” Are a Threat, Trump Supporters Are “Semi-Fascists”

Last night apparently was Joe Biden’s speech on how bad “MAGA Republicans” are, that they are opposed to democracy and are a threat to democracy and to the country and how the MAGAs are promoting violence.

Hmm. So everything Biden is accusing republicans of is what he and his fellow democrats are guilty of. In 2020 there was riot after riot by BLM and Antifa, billions in property damage, dozens of people murdered and hundreds of people injured including cops, businesses burned to the ground (businesses which employed black people and other minorities — so much for “black lives matter”!). Public office holders and pols especially democrats promoted and approved of the riots, looting, arson, etc. Kommiela Harris said the rioting, looting and arson “will not stop” and “should not stop.”

And regarding January 6th, like the Michigan governor kidnapping plot that was concocted and advanced by the FBI in an attempt to entrap hapless right-wingers, there is plenty of evidence to show that January 6th was an entrapment scheme instigated by the FBI with the help of Antifa. We know the timeline shows that Trump was still speaking at his rally when the rioting had already begun at the Capitol, and when actual attendees to Trump’s rally made their way to the Capitol they were let in voluntarily by police.

Meanwhile, Biden’s fed goons have been holding many January 6th prisoners in indefinite detention, in some cases solitary confinement, people who merely “wandered around the Capitol in a daze” and committed no violence. Biden’s FBI and DOJ goes after Peter Navarro and Roger Stone (not two of my favorites, that’s for sure), for “process crimes” but the gubmint goons dare not touch Ray Epps and other FBI instigators, or the 2020 violent rioters, arsonists, looters, and murderers.

Now, Biden has also called Trump supporters “semi-fascists,” i.e. fascists because “semi” means nothing here. Meanwhile, Biden imposes executive orders on this, that and the other thing, totally unconstitutional (but then, so did Trump!).

Many democrat (and some republican) governors and mayors imposed Covid-related orders on businesses to close down, with no due process whatsoever. There was no scientific evidence at that time to support lockdowns. And already by March 2020 officials knew that “The Virus” had a very low infection fatality rate like seasonal flu, and that many people with “The Virus” had NO SYMPTOMS! Businesses were ordered shut down with no evidence that their being open was any threat to the public or the “public health”! Governors and mayors ordering businesses shut down with no due process was outright FASCISM in no uncertain terms! Biden himself called for shutdowns, mandatory mask and vaccine orders. Total fascist!

However, Biden is sort of right about the republicans, conservatives or Trump supporters being fascists, because some of the policies many of them support are fascist policies.

For instance, many of those people support the war on drugs, and the vicious police state that goes with it. Laws prohibiting the people from ingesting, possessing, buying or selling a drug are fascist laws. The government presumes to own your body when it says you may or may not ingest a particular substance. In contrast, if the individual owned one’s own body, it is the individual’s right to decide what substances that individual will or will not ingest.

And the government has no moral or constitutional authority to forbid people from owning or possessing something, or from buying or selling something from willing and consensual buyers or sellers, whether that be drugs or guns, or booze or chickens. Prohibitions of these kinds are fascist prohibitions. As Leonard E. Read would say, “anything that’s peaceful.” As long as you are peaceful and don’t violate the persons or property of others, don’t steal or commit acts of aggression against others, the government must leave people alone. (Unless, of course, the people want a fascist government to tell them what to do or what not to do. Only idiots want that, in my view.)

And the republicans and conservatives are also fascists in their supporting the current system of immigration controls. When a business is privately owned, the businessperson decides whom to hire or not to hire, including immigrants. Who owns the business? The owner. Ownership is control. Under fascism, the government has the ultimate control and is the ultimate decider of who may or may not get to work at whatever particular business. When a business owner has to get permission from a bureaucrat to hire someone, or to do anything really, that’s a fascist kind of relationship. (Actually, that’s socialism, when a business owner has to get the government’s permission to do something or hire someone, but fascism is actually a form of socialism, ultimately.)

If conservatives, “MAGA” people and republicans want to end the immigration crisis, rather than support fascism and a police state on the border, they can try ending support for the war on drugs, which is a major cause of the immigration problem. And end support of U.S. government’s foreign aid to corrupt governments, like those in Central America, whose corrupt governments are fused with the drug cartels which wouldn’t exist were it not for U.S. government’s prohibition and the dreaded “War on Drugs.”

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