Queen Elizabeth II Has Died

Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. She carried herself with dignity and class. But really I have never really been a fan of the British royal family. Now, Queen will be replaced by Prince Charles, who will now be referred to as “King Charles III.”

I think I will refer to Charles as “King Tampon,” given his disgraceful embarrassment during the time in the early 1990s that he told Camilla that he wanted to be her tampon or some such thing. Another disgrace was Charles’s openly cheating on Diana during those years. It is possible that the royal family were behind Diana’s “accident” and death and for ritualistic wacko reasons.

Another reason to dismiss Charles as an unworthy is his climate change kookery. He’s a climate kook and a depopulation wacko. Charles is totally unworthy of being “King” and really ought to step aside and let Prince William be the next King.

In the meantime, regarding Queen Elizabeth, I think that Carol Burnett’s parody of the Queen was spot on, on The Carol Burnett Show during the 1970s. Carol had the Queen’s voice and gestures to a T. She was hysterical. I found several of those skits on YouTube, here and here.

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