The Democrat and Republican Parties Are a Criminal Racket (Updated)

And both the Democrat and Republican parties need to be dismantled and abolished completely, root and branch. Perhaps we can use the “RICO” statute on them?

I have said here before that both parties are the one Government Party, the party of the regime, the party of the State, the party of war, the party of Prohibition, the party of theft and plunder.

One further reason why they are a criminal racket is that they have both imposed restrictions on the right of the people and candidates to get their names on ballots for elections, imposing petition signature requirements and other rules and restrictions, to make it difficult or impossible for third-party and independent candidates to get their names on ballots. This is clearly a violation of the people’s First Amendment rights.

In my view, if you want to run for a public office, then just tell the local election office and voila, there it is. (Or “viola” as some people tend to write.)

The only restriction should be that the town clerk or the town’s registrar of voters office must verify that the name to be on the ballot is a legitimate name of an actual living person.

“But if we do that, then election ballots will be absolutely cluttered with names, including those crazy people who shouldn’t have their names on a ballot!” critics whine.

You mean, like Crazy Kathy Hokum, the unelected governor of New York who compared herself to Jesus? Or Sen. Lindsey Graham, who never met a war he didn’t like? Or the madman Gov. Gavin Gruesome? Apparently, people vote for the crazies. 

Or, people complain that “too many candidates on the ballot might confuse the voters, etc., etc., etc.”

Well, that’s too bad, quite frankly. It’s the voters’ responsibility to study the candidates on a ballot in an election and select the one they think is best for the job.

In 2003 California had a recall election, the first question was “Shall Gray Davis be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?” and the second question was, “If Davis is recalled, who should replace him as governor?”

David was recalled, and there were 135 candidates on the ballot to replace Davis. Were the people of California confused? Were there a lot of crazy people on the ballot? Of course. But that didn’t stop Arnold Schwarzenegger from winning that election.

Now, how ironic that the most anti-democracy people are “Democrats” these days. In New York, Libertarian Party candidate for governor Larry Sharpe, who automatically qualified for ballot access in 2022 because he received enough votes in his prior campaign for governor in 2018, has had his ballot access removed now because then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a “Democrat,” signed a bill into law to further restrict third parties and independents.

According to this news story,

Prior to Cuomo’s rule change, Larry Sharpe had garnered enough votes in the 2018 election to qualify for automatic ballot access in 2022. This was rescinded after Cuomo raised the requirement from 50,000 votes to approximately 130,000 votes. Additionally, he tripled the petitioning requirement from 15,000 valid signatures to 45,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot without having automatic access. As a result, no independent governor candidate qualified to be on the ballot. Lee Zeldin petitioned for the Independence line, but was disqualified after over 13,000 signatures were disqualified after the New York Board of Elections determined that they were photocopies. Multiple election experts went so far as to suggest that Zeldin and his team committed fraud in order to capture another line on the ballot. As a result, the only candidates on the ballot will be Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin.

…The only objection to the Libertarian Party’s petitions came from John P. O’Connor of the Conservative Party, led by Chairman Gerard “Gerry” Kassar. Under Kassar’s direction, members of the Conservative Party acted as a proxy for the Republican Party in a battle to remove the Libertarian line from the ballot. According to Sharpe, in blocking third party candidates from appearing on the ballot, Gerry Kassar and Lee Zeldin have shown that they do not believe in democracy, free speech, or the US Constitution.

Candidates should not have to get people to sign petitions to get the candidates’ names on ballots. Get your name on the ballot, and if the people don’t want you for office they won’t vote for you.

But this pre-ballot access signature requirement just doesn’t make sense in a country that believes in the First Amendment and the right of the people to vote for whomever they want to vote for, not just people who are already well known, who are already popular, who are already established, who already have high name recognition, who can afford to pay petition signature gatherers, etc.

Sharpe had his appeals hearing with the NY Supreme Court on Friday, and we will see what their decision will be.

So, in their imposing restrictions to prevent “outsiders” from taking part in the government that rules over the people, as though it’s a private club, the Democrat and Republican parties really are a criminal racket.

UPDATE: Adam Dick at the Ron Paul Institute says the appeal failed and the court sided with the restrictionists.

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