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Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Communications Regarding Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story

New Twitter owner Elon Musk has released some of the communications among Twitter flunkies and execs and bureaucrats including the Biden campaign, as tweeted by Matt Taibbi and provided by Gateway Pundit. The communications show the real reasons why Twitter censored the Hunter Biden “laptop from Hell” story. Some damning revelations there.

By the way, Glenn Greenwald tweets here and here about how corporate “news” “journalists” hate Matt Taibbi now because he dared to do actual journalism in his covering the Musk-Twitter-Hunter Biden Laptop story. Today’s corporate “news” “journalists” are mainly regime stenographers and social activists who believe in suppressing the truth if the truth exposes their beloved government apparatchiks, henchmen, stooges and toadies.

UPDATE: Jonathan Turley has an article on the familiar name of James Baker in all this. Baker was a lawyer with the DOJ and FBI and was prominent in the Russia investigations and his conduct was found to be biased and criminal, according to Turley. Baker then became involved with Twitter ans its censorship regime.

I’m sure there will be more updates on this controversy, so I will probably post them here.

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