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Freedom of Speech on Medical Issues, and the Biomedical Security State

Joseph Mercola has an article featuring his interview with physician Aaron Kheriaty, who was suspended and then fired by his employer, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, merely because he filed a lawsuit challenging vaccine mandates on behalf of people with natural immunity.

And now Kheriaty and some other physicians are suing California and Gov. Gavin Nuisance on that state’s new law banning doctors from giving professional medical advice specifically on Covid that contradicts the official government-approved narrative.

The government labels the non-official narrative as “misinformation.” But ironically, it’s the government’s official narrative that is the actual misinformation, whether it’s about vaccines especially the mRNA drug injection, face masks, asymptomatic virus carriers and lockdowns, Covid testing, etc. You name it, the bureaucrats are wrong on facts, science and morally wrong in their harmful fascist orders and diktats.

This is another reason why I link to Mercola’s articles, besides that they are very well written and sourced. If you google Mercola you’ll see how the “fact-checkers” slander him as a “quack,” because his high quality investigative research and reporting uncovers many truthful things about the pharmaceutical industry and the establishment medical cartel, and goes against the government and media’s official narrative on all things medical.

In reality, the bureaucrat “doctors” including Fauci, Walensky, Collins, Murthy, and Jha-Jha are the real quacks, as well as liars and propagandists, and shills for the snake oil salesmen of the pharmaceutical industry.

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