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I Am Anti-War, Pro-peace

Libertarian activist Thomas Knapp has this article on why he is antiwar, and what he says applies to me, too.

I am not a pacifist or an “isolationist.” Just a non-interventionist. The government shouldn’t intervene in other countries’ business or their conflicts. (And the government shouldn’t intervene in its own country’s domestic business and economic affairs as well.)

Knapp writes:

Non-interventionism is the belief that regimes (or at least some particular regime or regimes) shouldn’t intervene in disputes between other regimes…
…War is organized, violent conflict between nation-state regimes. To be antiwar is to oppose such conflict, period, end of story.

And my antiwar position is, in turn, a product of my position on nation-state regimes as such. In my view, they are simply violent criminal organizations. Their disputes are of a piece with turf wars between mafia “families” or brawls between street gangs – the difference is one of degree, not kind.

Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Vladimir Putin are just Corn Pops or Tony Sopranos with bigger crews and better public relations departments.

They’re no-goodnik psychopath crooks, and my sympathies are reserved for their victims, not for their turf claims or their lame excuses for calling out their hired – or conscripted – guns.

I don’t and won’t support them. Or their wars.

And this means certainly not supporting the U.S. government’s stealing money from the workers and producers of America and redistributing it over to the Zelenskyy parasite cronies, or the U.S. government sending weapons over to Ukraine to further enrich the merchants of death Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, etc., etc.

That does not mean supporting Russia in that current war. There’s no obligation to take sides in other countries conflicts.

By the way, I’ve linked to articles showing how the bureaucrats of the U.S. regime do not support the people of Ukraine, as U.S. bureaucrats are not pushing for diplomatic talks, and they have shown that they oppose diplomatic talks and peace. As I have said before, today’s “liberals” are warmongers, they are pro-war, they are pro-violence, anti-peace.

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