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News and Opinion (Not from Corporate Media Regime Stenographers)

John Whitehead ( Raging Bulls in Blue: The Deadly Toll of Warrior Policing on Steroids

Jacob Hornberger ( What Does “Unprovoked” Mean?

Caitlin Johnstone ( U.S. Surrounds China With War Machinery While Freaking Out About Balloons

James Bovard ( The Federal Dietary Wrecking Ball

George Ford Smith ( Does Government Create a “Level Playing Field” or Does It Make the Field More Uneven?

Hal Snarr ( The Price-Gouging State

Daniel Larison ( Nikki Haley Would Return to the Hardline Policies We Want To Forget

Donald Boudeaux ( Be Grateful that First Responders and Teachers Earn Far Lower Incomes Than Sports Stars and Hollywood Actors

David Swanson ( The Monroe Doctrine Is Soaked in Blood

And Daily Wire ( ‘I Feel Like I Am Leaving A Cult’: Mother Regrets Transitioning Her 4-Year-Old Son

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