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The China Spy Balloon

The “China Spy Balloon” hmmm, what about the “China Spy Balloon.”

First of all, don’t these big regimes, including the U.S., China and Russia, all have satellites up there already spying on each other’s military installations and missile silos? So what’s the point of having a balloon fly over the U.S. to do the spying that China no doubt has already been doing? Hmmm.

And also, the U.S. regime, military and CIA are keeping track of EVERYTHING in the whole damn world! They would know when China has launched a balloon that’s then heading over the Pacific toward the U.S. So, duh. While the balloon was flying or floating over the Pacific heading closer to the U.S. the Washington regime could’ve told the China regime to make the balloon turn away or it will be taken down. But noooo.

The U.S. regime, military and CIA would have shot down the balloon over the Pacific if they were seriously concerned about it. But they weren’t. So I don’t believe this narrative of the Washington gubmint and their media stenographers. I don’t even totally believe that China launched the balloon, and it’s very possible that U.S. gov created it and made it all up to stir up fear and panic, like they’ve been doing with other matters in recent years.

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