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Nashville School Shooting Elicits More Calls for More Gun Control That Doesn’t Stop School Shootings

Once again the fascist in the White House and his ideological cohorts are calling for more gun control in response to the Nashville school shooting.

We know gun control laws don’t work, they don’t stop criminals and psychopaths from getting their weapons.

Criminals don’t obey the law and they don’t care that it’s against the law to shoot and kill innocent people! So obviously they don’t care that certain guns are illegal, and they don’t care about following the petty bureaucratic rules that fascists have set up for them to follow. They will get the guns anyway — illegally! Duh, Biden.

New Hampshire has very low violent crime per 100,000 population compared to the states of Massachusetts and New York that have much stricter gun laws.

All these gun control laws do is disarm law-abiding citizens, because they are the ones who obey the law.

The way to disarm criminals and psychopaths is to let the law-abiding citizens be armed. And that includes repealing any and all “Gun-Free Zone” laws.

The schools put signs up: “This Is a Gun-Free Zone!” In other words, “Please Come And Shoot Us Up!” Because that is the message that criminals and psychopaths understand when they see that school is a “gun-free zone.” Many of the mass murderers have said so themselves.

Do gun control advocates (the ones who want to disarm innocent people and make them defenseless) put up signs at their homes that read,”This Is a Gun Free Zone!”? Of course not!

So at the schools, let teachers and staff be armed if they want to be, like it used to be. As soon as it is obvious that a violent intruder is in the school shooting, a staff member can quickly take out the shooter, saving lives. In Nashville 6 lives could have been saved.

And let the students be armed as well, if they want to be. In the old days, students brought their guns to school, there were rifle teams and gun clubs. And there were NO school shootings! (That’s because there was no xanax, zoloft or prozac as well, as I mentioned in my other post.)

Unfortunately, when I listen to those “conservative” talk radio personalities like “Clay and Buck” and Sean Hannity discussing these issues, they get all police-state on us. So far on the Nashville school shooting discussion, I haven’t heard one of them say that teachers and staff members should be armed.

No, it’s all “resource officer” i.e. police, or “former police or military” at the schools. These talk radio ditto-heads are mainly police statists, and they have a love affair with official armed government authorities. And god forbid that they might talk about the young people being given those horrible psychiatric drugs. The ditto-heads don’t want to offend the corporate sponsors.

Were Psychiatric Drugs Involved in Recent Nashville School Shooting?

There was another school shooting, this time in Nashville at a Christian private school. The shooter killed three 9-year-olds and three adults. The shooter named Audrey was killed by police, and was a 28-year-old “transgender,” a biological female identifying as a male. She had severe mental health problems supposedly, and was being treated for them.

So, once again, while I don’t know whether the shooter was taking psychiatric drugs, we can make a safe bet that she probably was. And we know that such antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs increase symptoms of depression and anxiety, increase suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and increase the likelihood that the person taking them might become violent.

But because some of the corporate “news” media’s main sponsors are pharmaceutical companies, we do not hear about those things.

Many of the mass shooters in recent times were taking those kinds of psychiatric drugs leading up to their crimes of violence, including the Columbine shooters, the Aurora Colorado shooter, the Sandy Hook shooter, and others.

I have just recently written about those issues and listed and linked to more information about that. The pharmaceutical industry has blood on their hands with many kinds of snake oil crap they and their drug dealer “doctors” are giving people.

Now, I’m not saying that the psychiatric drugs are causing people to go out and kill others. But I am saying that the drugs are contributing factors.

I think those psychiatric drugs, in some neurological way, weaken the individual’s sense of conscience and inhibition, and if those killers had not been taking those drugs they probably would not have gone through with such violent crimes.

(By the way, if someone wanted to stop taking antidepressants, to prevent dangerous withdrawal symptoms see Dr. Peter Breggin’s book on psychiatric drug withdrawal, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families.)

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People Still in Denial, Propaganda Continues, on the mRNA “Vaccine” Drug Injection

The propaganda continues with government and media pushing the Covid “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine, the experimental mRNA drug injection. The latest I have heard on iHeart radio stations is Martha Stewart telling people to get the “vaccine” and get the booster. She’s either very ignorant or being paid a lot by the pharma companies.

But, we also have a lot of people still in denial of this horrible mRNA drug injection that’s causing people so many problems, because people just don’t want to acknowledge to themselves that they’ve been duped, misled, lied to by regime bureaucrats such as Fauci and Walensky.

Being in denial of the truth is easier for people than accepting something horrifying like public officials having provided them with an injection that makes their health worse off.

Government and corporate propaganda and fear-mongering are very effective. There are still a lot of people who promote “getting vaccinated” with the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA drug injection, that we know doesn’t prevent virus infections or transmission of virus and it wasn’t intended to. It’s intention was to reduce symptoms, and it’s actually a treatment for a disease, not a preventative measure. And that’s the truth, now.

The mRNA drug injection does not provide “immunity,” you are not “immunized” from anything, you are not “inoculated.” And because many people see as synonymous “vaccinated” and “immunized,” neither are you “vaccinated” when being injected with the mRNA drug. In fact, it is not legitimately a “vaccine,” because it does not meet the medical and legal definition of “vaccine.”

I wrote about all that in this extensive post last September.

The reason Pfizer and Moderna are referring to their therapeutic drug injection as a “vaccine” is to evade immunity from lawsuits. During the 1980s CONgress gave pharmaceutical companies immunity from liability but only for vaccines, not for other drugs. I think someone in CONgress has recently sponsored legislation to take away that immunity from liability, maybe Rand Paul, maybe MTG, not sure.

So anyway, colleges and places of employment are still ignorantly and fascistically mandating “getting vaccinated,” even though not only does the mRNA drug injection not prevent infections or the spreading of virus it has already been shown to be causing a lot of people to develop new sicknesses, cancers, heart inflammation, etc.

Is there any other explanation why so many young athletes in their teens and 20s are collapsing on the field, some of them dying? Since when do young people have myocarditis and heart attacks?

The mRNA drug injection has also been clearly shown now to make it more likely that people would get Covid, and/or would be more seriously sickened and hospitalized with Covid, because the mRNA drug injection weakens the immune system, it certainly doesn’t strengthen it. And it actually makes people worse off the more boosters they have. The drug injection invades every organ in the body and it causes a spike protein going crazy out of control. And we know those things now. (See all the links below for sources.)

But the corporate “news” media are suppressing the information of what’s happening, and the studies confirming what I just wrote, because the corporate media are whores for the pharmaceutical industry. $$$$$$$$, etc.

The corporate “news” media are also obedient authoritarian sheeple, by and large, and blindly follow whatever their corporate masters and government bureaucrats tell them. They dutifully suppress truthful information if it doesn’t repeat the official government-approved narrative on Covid and “vaccines.”

As we have seen most recently from the Twitter Files, bureaucrats had been pressuring the Twitter censors to suppress information that contradicts the government’s official propaganda, even if the contradictory information is true and legitimately sourced. (Besides that linked Matt Taibbi Twitter thread, see Alex Berenson: Pfizer Board Member Scott Gottlieb Secretly Pressed Twitter to Hide Posts Challenging His Company’s Massively Profitable Covid Jabs)

As I wrote in my long post linked above, Naomi Wolf and attorney Aaron Siri analyzed thousands of internal Pfizer documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act, revealing that Pfizer knew of the problems with their mRNA drug injection during the trials and before the “vaccine” rollout.

I think that pretty soon the Fauci worshiping “liberals” and progressives are going to learn the truth along with the rest of the people, because “mainstream” corporate “news” media will be forced to have to cover the truth about “the vaccine” that’s not a vaccine.

I’ll conclude this post with many links to articles with information that the misinformation spreaders of corporate media have been suppressing or referring to as “misinformation.”

And I have noted before, I’m sure a lot of people are prejudiced against Mercola because of the media smears and false labels, even though his articles are the most well-written and sourced articles on what’s really been going on with this Covid scam for 3 years, and the actual truth about the mRNA “vaccines” that are not vaccines.

Here are somewhat recent articles on these subjects:

Mercola: Covid Jab Gets Permanent Liability Protection as Predicted, Why Has Covid Spared Africa? and Autopsies Confirm Covid Jab Hazards in Youth

Kirsch: New Zealand government data shows that the COVID vaccines make you MORE likely to die from COVID (not less)

Chudov: FDA advisors are angry at Moderna for hiding data showing that people getting the bivalent booster are “68%” more likely to get Covid.

And here are some of the many links that I included in my long post from September:

Mercola: Covid-19 Vaccines Are Gene Therapy, and Why Children Should Not Receive the Covid Shot

Mercola: Data Leak Reveals Disturbing Facts About mRNA Instability and What They’re Not Telling You About the New mRNA Boosters

“Fully Vaccinated” Make Up Majority of Covid Hospitalizations in Ontario, Gov’t Data Show, by Life Site

Silenced healthcare workers speak out publicly for the first time, by Steve Kirsch

Life Site: Gov’t Database Reveals 10,000% Increase in Cancer Reports Due to Covid Vaccines, and mRNA drug interfering with people’s natural immune system

Brian Shilhavy: FDA had Data Showing 82% – 97% of Pregnant Women Injected with the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Lost Their Babies Before Approving the Shots

Male Fertility Drops “Significantly” in Months Following Pfizer’s Covid Jab: Study, by Life Site

My interviews with Ryan Cole, Deb Conrad, and Gina Doane: Why aren’t docs seeing vax deaths? by Steve Kirsch

mRNA jab samizdat among physicians, by Alex Berenson

Swedish Study: Pfizer Jab Installs DNA into the Human Genome, by Alexandra Bruce

The CDC Is Sacrificing Kids for Big Pharma, and How Pfizer Profited From the Pandemic, by Joseph Mercola

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Statistics indicate COVID jab is the ‘elephant in the room’ when it comes to excess mortality rates, by Joseph Mercola

Fourteen Young Canadian Docs Die after Getting the Shot. Normally Would Be ~0 Over 30 Years, by Steve Kirsch

Here’s how the vaccine is causing those weird “blood clots” by Steve Kirsch

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And ViroLIEgy ( 20 Undeniable Facts about PCR Tests

The “RESTRICT Act” Sounds Like a Digital PATRIOT Act…Is CONgress Really Going to Pass This?

It looks like the nazis in Washington want to access, control, restrict and possibly punish whatever communications or transactions we may have now. Sounds like another act of legislation to further erode our 1st, 4th and 5th Amendment rights especially.

U.S. Out of Syria

U.S. military is bombing in Syria again, and Iranian forces are bombing U.S. bases or other U.S. apparatus in Syria. U.S. military is illegally occupying Syria and its bases shouldn’t be there. The U.S. Constitution doesn’t authorize the U.S. government to have its military bases on foreign territories that aren’t U.S. territories.

Why is Biden provoking a new war with Iran? Biden is a neocon. Today’s “liberals” are the new anti-peace warmongers. That’s Biden and Blinken and Yellen. With this Syria and Iran crap, along with the Ukraine money laundering scheme.

Why Are Activists Pushing Intrusive, Sex-Related Issues and Behaviors onto Little Kids?

All Democrats in the House voted against the Parents Bill of Rights bill in Congress. That is because they don’t want parents to know what their kids are being “taught” in school by the leftist social activists known erroneously as “teachers.” Democrats don’t want parents to even know what books are being assigned and the content of the books, or what books are in the school library.

And the Democrats for some reason insist that kids ages 5, 6, 7, 8 be “taught” about LGBT experiences and about homosexuality and transgenderism. I’ve heard in many discussions now about “trans kids,” which is a fake issue, because there is no such thing as a “trans kid.”

The problem with that is that some children go through phases in which they either question their gender and/or express an interest in being the opposite sex. It’s actually just a phase and they eventually grow out of it. But sadly, and unfortunately for those kids, some of them have ignorant parents who see such behaviors and interpret that as meaning the kid “really is the opposite sex” and should be encouraged to continue such an interest, despite being in the early stages of childhood growth and development. And so those parents start dressing the child as the opposite sex, renames the child, and treats the child as though being the opposite sex. Thereby ruining the child’s life emotionally, probably permanently.

And that is what we have now. It’s a whole movement, this regressive child mistreatment agenda. It’s actually a cult. And the reason it’s more of a cult than just another ideological movement is that those who disagree with this evil form of child abuse and speak out against it are smeared, slandered, censored, falsely accused of “hate speech,” fired from their jobs, taken off social media, etc.

In other words, the cult cannot tolerate anyone who disagrees, and it forcefully excommunicates any non-believers.

Another aspect of this is how the activists are zealously trying to push sexuality and sexual deviancy onto the kids. And that includes this “drag queen” stuff. Please tell me, WHY is it sooooo important to these people to have to push “drag queen” stuff onto kids? “Drag queen story hour” at the libraries? Why is it important that “drag queens” read to the kids? “Drag queen” stuff is KINKY related stuff, it is nightclub, adult entertainment stuff. i.e. NOT for kids! I can’t believe that these “adults” are pushing for little kids to put dollar bills into the undergarments of the so-called “drag queens.”

And I heard Clay on “Clay and Buck” say that it’s mostly the moms who are taking the kids to these things, not the dads. I wonder why that is. And also I’ll bet it’s mostly the moms who are pushing the little kids to be “transgender” as well. As I mentioned above, a parent senses that the child is expressing interest in being the opposite sex, and therefore IS the opposite sex, and I wonder if many of those particular moms doing that to their little kids are single moms. (And did they grow up in dysfunctional families? Did they have an abusive father, step-father, uncle, or otherwise adult figure? etc., etc. Those are legitimate questions here.)

So of course parents have a right to know what’s going on in the schools. As I have mentioned previously, get government out of the education business, and get rid of the taxes such as property taxes confiscated to run those schools, and we will probably find fewer and fewer sex-obsessed perverts in your kids’ schools.

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New Article: Are There Any Candidates for President Who Want a Free Society?

Here is my latest article on Activist Post, Are There Any Candidates for President Who Want a Free Society?

March 20, 2023

There do not seem to be any candidates for President, or politicians in general, quite frankly, who are promoting freedom and an actual free society.

Besides Marianne Williamson (and potentially Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) on the Democrat side, joining The Donald and Nikki Haley on the Republican side is the young hotshot entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy who has announced his run for the dreaded 2024 Republican Presidential nomination. Ramaswamy is the other one with the high forehead, like Matt Gaetz. (Are they related?)

Ramaswamy is a conservative anti-woke America Firster. Therefore, I oppose his candidacy, and here’s why.

I agree with the anti-woke stuff, but Ramaswamy is just another American nationalist and militarist. In some of his interviews he seems to want to tell us what America is and what being American should be all about. But like most other politicians and nationalists he doesn’t really get what America is all about.

I am not an America Firster, I am a freedom firster. America was supposed to be about freedom, not about “Making America Great Again” (sic).

Freedom is based on the principles of self-ownership, the non-aggression principle, private property rights, freedom of association and freedom of non-association, freedom of thought and conscience.

Freedom before “America,” in my view.

This America First nationalism is just another form of collectivism, which is what nationalism is. It is group think.

In contrast, the American Revolutionary founders were not nationalists — the nationalists at that time were loyal to the British regime. That was their nation.

No, the Revolutionaries at that time were by and large individualists. They were secessionists.

And even among those Revolutionaries, the ones who wanted federalism and a central government were the ones who wanted a power structure over the states. The Anti-Federalists were the ones who believed much more in the individualist philosophy, private property and voluntary exchange.

So, in an interview with Axios, the young whippersnapper Ramaswamy promoted “a vision of American national identity that runs so deep that it dilutes these other religions, from wokism to Islamism.”

Yech. Are you sure you’re promoting nationalism and not fascism? This stuff sounds very authoritarian to me, getting into how people should think and view the world.

“American national identity” that is to “run deep”? As though the population needs to be brainwashed to believe in one particular “national identity”?

In the old days, pre-woke,  the government schools indoctrinated the kids to have this sense of nationalism, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, i.e. Pledge of Obedience to the State is really what that is. In fact, the government school kids were made to have their arm stretched out toward the flag in the same way the Heil Hitlers were doing in Nazi Germany. But Americans were offended that “fascists” were copying them, so the American school bureaucrats got rid of that.

And because the schools are run by the government, the cultural Marxists have gotten in and turned the indoctrinated authoritarianism of nationalism into other forms of collectivist authoritarianism promoted by the wokesters.

And while Vivek Ramaswamy is for abolishing the federal Department of Education (sic), how about abolishing ALL local and state government Departments of Education, all government school committees and bureaus and all the involuntary tax-thefts that are used to run them?

Conservatives oppose privatizing all the government-run schools, because, deep down they are authoritarians, and they like the idea of government having authority over kids’ education. It’s just a matter of “electing the right people” to try to control the curriculum.

There should be NO government involvement in kids’ education whatsoever!

What this society was really meant to be is a free society, as mentioned above.

So, besides promoting freedom in education, the kind of candidate I can see supporting for President would promote the following:

Abolishing the IRS, income tax, and all other forms of involuntary income and wealth confiscation and redistribution.

I have already written how the involuntary income tax-thefts are the enablers of all the government criminality that exists today.

Such a new President would by Executive Order abolish such criminal thefts on Day One, and/or not enforce it, and pardon anyone who is harassed or arrested by any federal agent attempting to steal one’s own wealth or property.

You see, if a serious, popular candidate proposes such a moral correction from the federal regime in Washington, you will see parasite Congresscriminals whining, “But without the income tax-thefts, how will we be able to fund all the horrible programs and intrusions that we inflict on the American people on a daily basis? Obviously American workers will not voluntarily give us the money because no one in his right mind would voluntarily pay to fund such crap! We MUST keep the income tax in place!!”

Sans involuntary tax-thefts, Americans would go back to paying for all of what they want or need voluntarily, trade among the people would all be voluntary, and charity would also all be voluntary. Like it used to be prior to the early 20th Century, which had been a time of the greatest increase in standard of living of all time up to that point.

If trades and transactions were made to be all voluntary, and all forms of stealing was made illegal, then illicit wealth accumulation (illicit because of being the receiver of stolen loot, i.e. from taxation) would also not exist. Except for outright robbers stealing from others, which would also be reduced because in a free society the people would not be disarmed and made defenseless by the government.

And when I refer to the illicit wealth accumulation i.e. from the stolen loot from taxation, I am more specifically referring to the “national defense” contractors and the pharmaceutical companies. Those two industries are the most troubling welfare recipients, in my view.

Abolish the immigration police state.

Like most “conservatives,” Ramaswamy supports the current police state socialist controls over the border, in which the central planners in Washington attempt to control the movements of millions of people, which is impossible!

And on the immigration issue, as I noted, Ramaswamy is like Trump and the other nationalist conservatives. They believe that the territory is all one big private club for which people have to pay their dues. “Citizens” own the territory and you can’t come in unless you have everybody’s (i.e. government bureaucrats) permission.

And you have to get the bureaucrats’ permission if you want to employ someone at “your” business. And I’m putting that in quotes because the businessman in America is not the ultimate owner of one’s business, the government is. If you have to get the government’s permission to hire someone, then that is an example of a socialist society. It certainly isn’t capitalism, or the free market.

In a free society that consists of a free market, the business owner is the ultimate decider of whom to hire at one’s own business. If you want to hire someone from Mexico, then you hire him (and take responsibility for the consequences, of course). If others disapprove of that, they don’t have to do business with you. That’s the American way.

And the anti-immigration crusaders say immigrants are coming into the country to “get on welfare” — but that’s a case for abolishing the welfare state, not imposing a police state on the border.

End the “War on Drugs.”

The anti-immigration crusaders also support the “War on Drugs,” which is for them a related issue. They are concerned about fentanyl being smuggled into the U.S. and killing people. As I have said before, drug prohibition is the main contributor to the fentanyl crisis.

The “War on Drugs” has resulted in more dead and miserable people than there has ever been from drugs themselves.

But authoritarians like the “War on Drugs,” a nanny state/police state, because they probably think that they are self-righteous and morally superior to those who want chemical enhancements to their lives, even though the anti-drug moralists need to have their BOOZE!!! But I digress.

Like Trump, Ramaswamy wants to militarize the War on Drugs. Take out those drug cartels, with “air strikes and drone strikes.” The prohibitionist authoritarians have been wanting to send the U.S. military into Mexico for years now. I’m sure using the military for non-defensive reasons will work in Mexico, just as that has worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and on and on.

However, the drug cartels wouldn’t exist were it not for the U.S. government’s 60-year-long failed “War on Drugs.” Prohibition causes the black market to occur which causes higher profits which incentivizes low-lifes to exploit people’s need to get high so the low-lifes can profit from their addictions.

This kind of authoritarian prohibitionism is NOT the kind of society America was meant to be.

End the military worship and support the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

And then there’s the military worship. Conservatives tend to like men in uniforms, especially with an officialdom and authority with their positions, like government police and government military. Especially “our” military. Most conservatives and Republicans (and liberals and Democrats as well) support the criminal invasions overseas by the U.S. military sent over there by lying, corrupt Presidents in the name of this, that and the other thing.

But as Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation has pointed out, the American founders were wary of having a standing army. The founders knew that past governments had used their standing armies to impose tyranny on their own people, and that is why the Anti-Federalists insisted on writing the 2nd Amendment into the Bill of Rights.

We know the people on the left don’t like the idea of individuals and the general population exercising their 2nd Amendment right to be armed. But I am not sure that most conservatives really understand that right.

Because most conservatives are authoritarians, if given the choice between an armed civilian population and disarmed government, or a disarmed civilian population and an armed government, when push comes to shove most of them would feel compelled to choose the armed government and disarmed civilian population, in my view.

But if society is to ban any weapons, the only form of weaponry that should be banned is nuclear weapons, which can only be used in an indiscriminate way. See Murray Rothbard on that.

Decentralize, eventually abolish the U.S. government, start with 50 independent states and further decentralize from there.

We saw from the “Civil” War that Lincoln’s goal was not “freeing the slaves,” but preserving a union and centralized power structure, whether the population wanted it or not. Most conservatives and nationalists agree with this priority, and that is why many of them worship Lincoln.

So, like most Democrats and liberals, I don’t see most conservatives and Republicans as being particularly concerned about living in a truly free society. As long as we are living under the rule of a powerful government in Washington, that is what authoritarians care about.

Activist Post – ALTERNATIVE INDEPENDENT NEWS – Creative Commons 2023