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About Scott Lazarowitz:

Age: Over 39

College: Majored in Psychology

Music: I’m a classical music listener.

Admire: Pope John Paul II

Pronouns: He/him/his/himself/they/them/their/theirs/themselves/she/her/hers/herself/it/its (not “it’s”)/itself/that/these/this/those/what/which/who/whom/whose/you/”youze”/your/yours/yourself/yourselves/we/me/my/mine/myself/us/our/ours/ourselves/thou/thy/thee/thine/ye (not that “Ye”!)/whomever/whoever/whatever

Contact Scott Lazarowitz and Reposting Permissions:  scottlazarowitz “at” gmail “dot com”. Please be specific in the subject line, such as the title of a post or article that you want to comment on.

Permission is given to anyone who wants to repost articles from this blog, but please attribute it to me and provide a link to this blog. Thanks.

About Me:

I am a voluntaryist, individualist, libertarian, social and cultural conservative, and believe in traditional moral values, self ownership and private property which I associate with promoting peace, freedom, and the principle of non-aggression.

The purpose of my writing and cartoons is to inform and entertain, and convince people that freedom is good and government isn’t, and that a genuinely voluntary society is the only system that coincides with freedom.  Freedom creates prosperity for the greatest proportion of the population while compulsory government (the “State”) mainly commits criminal aggression and coercion against innocents and causes impoverishment of the masses.

I started the writing and this website/blog in Spring 2009. The blog moved to the URL, and now it is moved over to at the URL

After over 13 years of this, I have learned a lot about what’s really going on in the world. I’m hardly an expert on economics, but I do understand the basics. However, foreign policy and international affairs are not as complicated as many people seem to suggest. U.S. foreign policy has been made complicated by the Rulers, the stupid bureaucrats of the U.S. government who have been interfering with other countries’ affairs, and who have been provoking foreigners and trespassing on foreign lands. More and more people are realizing that much of what they learned from government-controlled schooling (or what their parents told them) just isn’t true. I happen to believe that the truth is important.