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Freedom and Privacy

Doug Casey comments on the death of privacy.

Here are some excerpts:

International Man: In practically every country, the allowable limit for cash withdrawals and transactions continues to be lowered.

Further, rampant currency debasement is lowering the real value of these ridiculous limits.

Why are governments so intent on phasing out cash? What is really behind this coordinated effort?

Doug Casey: Let me draw your attention to three truths that my friend Nick Giambruno has pointed out about money in bank accounts.

#1. The money isn’t really yours. You’re just another unsecured creditor if the bank goes bust.

#2. The money isn’t actually there. It’s been lent out to borrowers who are illiquid or insolvent.

#3. The money isn’t really money. It’s credit created out of thin air.

The point is that cash is freedom. And when the State limits the utility of cash—physical dollars that don’t leave an electronic trail—they are limiting your personal freedom to act and compromising your privacy. Governments are naturally opposed to personal freedom and personal privacy because those things limit their control, and governments are all about control.

International Man: Governments will probably mandate Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as the “solution” when the next real or contrived crisis hits—which is likely not far off.

What’s your take? What are the implications for financial privacy?

Doug Casey: CBDCs are proposed as a solution, but in fact, they’re a gigantic problem.

Government is not your friend, and CBDCs are not a solution.

If they successfully implement CBDCs, it would mean that anything you buy or sell, and any income you earn, will go through CBDCs. You will have zero effective privacy. The Authorities will automatically know what you own, and they’ll be in a position to control your assets. Instantly.

They’ll be able to add CBDCs to the accounts of favored people and subtract from or block access to the accounts of those who aren’t. Digital dollars will be easy to implement since everybody already has a government ID and a Social Security account. Everybody has a smartphone. Soon everybody will have a CBDC account as well. If you lack any of these things, it will certainly ding your oncoming Social Credit Score.

I’ll go so far as to say that Central Bank Digital Currencies and digital “health passports” may be the most dangerous threats to the freedom and independence of the average human being in modern history. They will allow the State to easily control where you can go, what you can do, and what you can own. They’re both very big deals, and they’ll be daily facts of life.

In today’s world, it’s increasingly dangerous to say things that run counter to what’s considered politically correct. If you can’t say something, it’s much harder to do something. And indoctrination through education and the media are making it hard to even think. We will soon be living in a society where you can neither think, say, nor do anything that isn’t PC…

Read the rest…

“Oh, They Wouldn’t Do THAT!”

Here is an article on Life Site about a former Pfizer exec who says that the mRNA drug injection fraudulently called “vaccine” was deliberately formulated to harm the recipients. Now, I’m sure that many people are in denial and are brainwashed to believe whatever pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and CDC tell them. For the past year we have been hearing almost every day about someone in his or her teens, 20s or 30s who had a heart attack and/or “died suddenly,” or older people who “died unexpectedly.” Young people having heart attacks? Sure we have heard about that all the time prior to these past two years.

And this article on Children’s Health Defense asks if the World Health Organization is a “front organization” to take over the U.S. government. This is in regards to the “pandemic treaty” in which the health decisions of Americans will be overruled by the global bureaucrats.

Fascism in Amerika: Congress Might Mandate E-Verify on Citizens to Push Vaccine Mandates and “Social Credit” Conformity

Ryan McMaken at the Mises Institute discusses the immigration bill going through CONgress that many there will probably vote for.

McMaken writes:

Since implementation, only nine states have mandated the use of E-Verify for all employers. Florida is poised to be the next to impose these mandates on employers. Governor Ron DeSantis has repeatedly pushed to further regulate and surveil private businesses with universal E-Verify. Some states, such as Colorado, have implemented alternative, but similar, state-administered programs.

The Border Security and Enforcement Act of 2023, however, would mandate nationwide use of E-Verify for all employers, and remove state-level authority to approve or decline participation. In other words, Congress is now considering one of the largest expansions of federal employment regulation in years.

What is it with these fascist Republicans? Some of the conservative talk radio personalities are calling Florida the “free state,” but it looks like De Santis opposes contract rights and the free market. What is it with CONgressional Rethuglicans who agree with De Santis on this issue?

McMaken continues:

As if often the case, however, conservatives and Republicans are happy to embrace more federal power and regulation when it suits their political agendas. It’s an old trick. Beginning in the days of the “War on Terror,” conservatives and the GOP often promoted and approved new “antiterrorism” legislation creating vast federal spying and prosecutorial powers. Supporters often supposed such powers could only possibly be used against Islamic terrorists and other official enemies of the Bush Administration. A federal spying apparatus has since been erected and deployed against virtually all Americans.

The GOP is known as the “Stupid Party.” They vote to implement more fascism and more intrusions into people’s private lives, such as after 9/11 and during the Covid scam, in the name of “protecting us” from terrorism or from a cold or flu. Then their stupid policies are used by the gubmint to crack down on non-conformists, dissenters, constitutionalists, critics of the Regime, critics of transgender irrationality, gun owners, vaccine refusers, and on and on. (Just ask January 6th political prisoners, people whose credit card companies or banks closed their accounts for non-conforming views, etc.)

The First Amendment Authorizes Assange et al. to Possess and Release Government Docs That Expose Government Crimes

So says Rutgers law professor Bruce Afran. Here are some snips from his Consortium News column:

In the most open-ended terms, the Espionage Act says any “person” with “unauthorized possession” of “information relating to the national defense…” that “could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation…” is guilty of a crime. 

All that is required to prosecute is that the defendant possesses defense information without authorization and/or “communicated, delivered or transmitted” such information to any other person — the very work of daily journalism. 

But what does the Espionage Act mean by “unauthorized possession?” To any journalist the First Amendment itself is authority to possess and to publish. 

What serious member of the press would not feel “authorized” under the First Amendment to publish defense information such as the “Collateral Murder” video as evidence of American war crimes? Nevertheless, they could face prosecution, as Assange does, under the Espionage Act.

In other words, it can be argued that the First Amendment, which prohibits the government from making any law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” authorized Assange to possess and communicate the information leaked to him by Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.

The phrase “relating to the national defense” is also so broad that publication of any government document that exposes military abuses could lead to prosecution.  Nor does any clearer meaning attach to “injury to the United States” or “advantage of any foreign nation,” standards that could lead to conviction for publication of any government document touching on military or foreign policy.

Read the whole article.

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And Daily Caller ( Families Sue School District After Daughters Were Allegedly Coaxed Into ‘Secret’ Club That Hid Gender Transitions

Doh! Joe Biden: “Journalism Is Not a Crime”

At the White House “Correspondents” dinner, i.e. Government Groupies and Propagandists Dinner, Biden told a few jokes some of which were actually slightly funny. He didn’t sound his usual confused, comatose and disoriented self.

But one thing Biden said was extremely hypocritical. He said that “journalism is not a crime.”!! Can you believe this? And at the same time his administration is chasing after Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, the most prominent journalist of our time, attempting to either throw Assange in prison or kill him for the crime of … journalism!

Assange and WikiLeaks in 2010 published the Iraq War Logs and the Afghanistan War logs, the diplomatic cables including those of then-Sec. of State Hillary Rotten Clinton, and the notorious Collateral Murder video of U.S. military shooting at unarmed innocent civilians in Iraq. The War Logs revealed more war crimes of the U.S. regime who started the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which was involved in 9/11 or was of any threat to Americans.

And while U.S. government wants to prosecute Assange for his acts of journalism, they do not seem to want to go after the New York Times or other publications who published the same material released by WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks also published in 2016 Democrat DNC emails that showed collusions and corruption between Democrat politicians including Clinton and “journalists” i.e. government flunkies and hangers-on like New York Slimes reporters Maggie Haberman and Mark Leibovich.

Some people don’t like my referring to Hillary Clinton as Hillary Rotten Clinton, but so be it. And some people don’t like my referring to the New York Times as New York Slimes. But the “Paper of Record” really is slimy in that it lies and makes stuff up about conservatives and about Trump, and makes stuff up about the “1619 Project,” promotes wars with Iraq and warmongers against Russia, and its “reporters” really do collude with bureaucrats in Washington.

But the fact that Assange’s WikiLeaks also published those DNC emails in 2016 has caused the partisan-motivated Feds to want to get that Assange even more.

So Biden didn’t mention Julian Assange when saying “Journalism is not a crime.”

Additionally to the non-mentioning of Assange, Biden and his Obama-Biden regime 2009-2017 went after and prosecuted Bradley Manning (now known as Chelsea Manning) for his leaking to WikiLeaks the aforementioned material in 2010, none of which threatened or harmed any U.S. military or other personnel overseas.

Obama-Biden did this against Manning in the same way that Richard Nixon tried to prosecute Daniel Ellsberg for the Pentagon Papers leaks in 1971. Exposing U.S. government war crimes, lies and corruption is a crime to our overlords like Biden.

The one who turned Manning in to the Feds was now-deceased Adrian Lamo who had some sort of relationship with Kevin Poulson of Wired. Wired published only a partial version of the chat logs between Manning and Lamo, omitting certain parts in order to present a false narrative of Manning’s motive in his leaking the material to WikiLeaks.

To get a good idea of the early years of the U.S. gubmint going after leakers and using “journalists” as informants, see Glenn Greenwald on the initial aspects of the relationship between Manning, Lamo and Wired, Greenwald’s take on the “journalistic disgrace at Wired,” and his follow-up regarding Wired finally publishing the full Manning-Lamo chat logs.

What was then revealed was that Lamo lied to Manning, promising journalist-source protections, in effect acting as a de facto government agent to entrap Manning into eventual arrest and detention. Manning stated that he believed all the leaked information was in the public domain and that the American people had a right to know the truth.

Obama-Biden also went after journalists including James Risen then of the NYT, and James Rosen then of Fox News, as well as AP journalists. Risen had revealed that the Bush administration (and Obama-Biden, as revealed later by Edward Snowden) was spying on Americans. So Obama-Biden wanted to prosecute Risen for telling the truth about the “national security” apparatchiks, not prosecute “national security” traitors for their illegal intrusions into the lives of Americans.

By the way, after being sentenced to prison for truth-telling by the Obama-Biden administration’s military flunkies, Manning subsequently wrote an op-ed for NYT telling how much control the U.S. military had over embedded members of the Press in Iraq. “Journalists” whose “journalism” flattered military were granted access, but those who wrote stories that embarrassed the military were terminated and blacklisted.

And we now know about the current Biden administration’s collusions with Big Tech, Facebook and Twitter and others, as we have seen recently from Elon Musk and Twitter Files, in Government/Big Tech censoring any information on especially Covid and Ukraine that refuted or contradicted the official government narrative (i.e. censoring truth-telling that contradicted the lies and misinformation repeated by Biden’s propagandists in the corporate media).

To Biden and his fellow government fascists, real journalism is a crime, exposing government criminality and corruption is a crime, but propagandists who prop up government fascists are A-OK. That’s “journalism” to Biden.

Besides News Journalists, Show-Biz Celebs Also Get Heave-Ho for Dissing Our Overlords

I have been discussing Tucker Carlson being fired from Fox News because of his objective non-FBI-protecting coverage of January 6th and his criticizing of Big Pharma, and/or for other reasons. And there have been others in the “news” business being let go for straying from their required regime-media stenography obedience. Nowadays the corporate media must be propagandists for the Regime in Washington and for all the Mini-Me regimes of all the state capitols and city halls all across America.

But besides “news journalists,” there are others such as those in show business who have been tossed aside regardless of high ratings, such as Jay Leno a few years ago. As I wrote in my 2014 article on, On Criticizing Our Dear Leader and Speaking Truth to Power,

Besides the sycophantic and propagandistic news media and journalists, the entertainment industry is also plagued with government infiltration and censorship. Hollywood’s propagandizing on behalf of Obama’s reelection and excusing torture with Zero Dark Thirty was one example, and the Obama Administration’s openly teaming up with Hollywood to promote ObamaCare is another.

But Jay Leno’s termination from NBC may have been an even more blatant example of elitists’ punishment for criticizing the Regime.

Despite continually high ratings, Jay Leno’s many years as Tonight Show host was ended by NBC. Some people actually believe that his being canned was to do with his stinging criticisms and mocking of President Barack Obama in this past year.

Infowars, suggesting recently that Obama is attempting to seize control of the entertainment industry, provided several video excerpts as examples of Leno’s Obama jokes which could have provoked a possibly overly sensitive President.

Besides those videos on Infowars, here is another excerpt of Jay Leno telling jokes mocking the Obama Administration:

Even Johnny Carson’s longtime head writer, Raymond Siller, weighs in on the controversy, apparently agreeing with the view that Obama or his close minions directed Leno’s heave-ho, stating that, “With his pen and phone, our selfie-absorbed president is one whacked uncle away from appointing himself Supreme Leader.” Siller also speculated that other late-night comedians are soft on Obama out of fear of being called a racist.

Well, I guess the late-night comedians really have curbed their Obama jokes, but it’s probably not as much to do with fearing the “racist” label as with being unthinking, obedient leftist sheeple.

And during the 1970s, comedian Rich Little made fun of, impersonated and mocked Richard Nixon, on the Tonight Show, Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, even Hollywood Squares. Nothing particularly controversial there. No firing, no blacklisting, etc. (Although it is true that Nixon had an “enemies list,” but Rich Little wasn’t on it.)

And Lenny Bruce was arrested several times for violating “obscenity” laws, and was banned from several venues. Unlike Rich Little and Lenny Bruce, however, it may have been Jay Leno’s popularity nation-wide and his influence with the younger crowd in which his stinging criticisms may have troubled the Dear Leader.

But there may be more to this than just a possible Obama influence in the firing of Jay Leno, on the corporate side. NBC, which had been employing Leno for may years, is now fully owned by Comcast, as of March, 2013.

Apparently, Comcast employees and Comcast Corp PACs contributed over $300,000 to the Obama for President 2012 campaign, according to Infowars and But that could be the case with most big corporations. (Wait, it might be more than that.)

Also according to, “86 out of 107 Comcast Corp lobbyists in 2013 have previously held government jobs.” Talk about a revolving door. And NBC itself does have a history of acting as shills for the Obama agenda.

Now, I don’t know if NBC’s terminating of Jay Leno was a direct influence by Obama who doesn’t like being criticized by a popular celebrity, or a move by corporate honchos acting as Obama flunkies. It may have been just another stupid TV exec decision. (TV execs make a lot of stupid decisions, you know.)

As we can see now, in my view, despite Tucker Carlson’s very high ratings, Fox decided to let him go anyway in its State-licking obedience to the regime, its loyalty to crooked FBI false-flaggers and Big Pharma, and its deference to supreme gubmint authority.

Fox Firing of Tucker Carlson Reflects Today’s “News” Media as Government Water Carriers

While there may have been internal conflicts at Fox News leading to the network’s firing of Tucker Carlson, I still believe the heave-ho is much to do with his discussing various regime corruption stories, particularly with the “national security” apparatus such as FBI and its possible involvement in January 6th.

I happen to believe that the FBI instigated and planned the whole January 6th fiasco, in collusion with Antifa agitators. It was most likely a set-up. We now know as revealed at trial that much of the “Proud Boys” is FBI infiltrated, and there have been articles detailing how the Oath Keepers organization may be entirely an FBI op to entrap those in law enforcement or military who actually are loyal to the U.S. Constitution.

We have seen in recent years that FBI and other elements of “law enforcement” (and national security (sic) bureaucrats in general) do not particularly like the Constitution and are not particularly loyal to it, or particularly ethical for that matter. (See Ruby Ridge, Waco, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, the Hillary email scandal, the “Plot to Kidnap the Michigan Governor,” “Russia collusions,” etc.)

Tucker Carlson is an actual journalist who believes in government transparency and truth-telling. Some of his journalism has involved going against the Regime. Sadly, current corporate media journalists (sic) no longer subscribe to those views.

Much of the “mainstream” media are not only not in practice of the traditional adversarial relationship they would have with government bureaucrats, you know, questioning and challenging bureaucrat assertions, doing actual investigative research and presenting findings that might contradict bureaucrat lies and propaganda.

Nope. Much of the media now are water carriers for the bureaucrats, intentionally and knowingly disseminating bureaucrats’ lies and a false government-approved narrative, and helping bureaucrats to go after alternative media who do tell the truth and who reveal documents and communications that expose the government’s lies.

As I wrote in this post 10 years ago regarding the suspicious car crash and death of Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings,

Well, I’m sure there were plenty of people who didn’t like Hastings and wanted to see him dead. He’s the investigative journalist who did this extensive report on Gen. Stanley McChrystal, which then led to McChrystal’s resignation amid much embarrassment. Hastings also did this report on the “runaway general,” Gen. William Caldwell, who ordered “special ops” soldiers to use psy-ops methods on visiting U.S. senators as a means to get them to vote for increased military funding.

Psy-ops are really supposed to be used on the “enemy,” which I put in quotes now because these days everyone is the enemy to the U.S. government.

There were even people in the media who had a disliking toward Hastings, as Glenn Greenwald shows in this article from 2011. Some of the media hacks really didn’t like Hastings’s work of actual journalism in his aforementioned articles, including John Burns of the New York Times, Lara Logan of CBS News, Norah O’Donnell then of MSNBC, and Julian Barnes of the War Street Journal, who were all quoted in that article by Greenwald. (Here is a list of many other articles by Greenwald showing the subservience to the U.S. government by news media hacks, so-called “journalists,” and their apparent symbiotic enmeshment with the State.)

Most recently the New York Slimes leading FBI to the National Guard airman Jack Teixeira who allegedly leaked Pentagon docs that tell us how U.S. gov bureaucrats are lying about Ukraine and other issues.

I’m surprised Seymour Hersh isn’t in jail for his detailing of how the U.S. government blew up the Nord Stream pipelines and committed war crimes not just against Russia but Germany and other countries who were relying on the pipeline for their energy needs. The corporate “news” media refuse to cover the explosive story, as Ted Galen Carpenter has noted.

Here, a courageous fella confronts editors of the New York Slimes and the Washington Pest on their subservience to the Regime in Washington and their silence on the Nord Stream bombing.

In the early 1970s when it used to be the “New York Times,” the Times helped then-Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg to publish those papers that told us the military was lying to us about the Vietnam War, revealing that the military bureaucrats knew as early as 1967 that the war was not winnable yet they continued to send young Americans to their deaths and slaughter innocent Vietnamese civilians, all for no good reason.

But now the American “news” media participate in the government’s lies and war crimes and help the government go after truth-tellers. “News” media “journalists” are now de facto government employees and apparatchiks.

The media lie and smear actual journalists who are truth-tellers, such as Julian Assange, Matt Taibbi, Tucker Carlson and others. Today’s “news” media especially don’t like it when actual journalists expose and criticize government fools, nincompoops, hooligans, thieves, psychopaths and mass murderers.

Can we reverse this horrible and shameful trend?

Freedom of Speech Includes the Freedom to Criticize Fascist Government Bureaucrats and Their Lunatic Apparatchiks

I know that my rhetoric like in that title can be rather harsh. But governments worldwide especially the U.S. government really are fascist.

Some important recent articles on the importance of freedom of speech:

The War on Free Speech Is Really a War on the Right to Criticize the Government by John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute

No More Truth from Fox News, and Fox News Decision to Settle Dominion Lawsuit for More than Three-Quarters of a Billion Dollars Makes No Sense by Paul Craig Roberts

Win for Artistic Freedom’ as Court Reverses Frankfurt Ban on Roger Waters Concert by Brett Wilkins

An Insider’s Guide to “Anti-Disinformation” by Andrew Lowenthal

News and Opinion (Not from State-Controlled Media)

Jonathan Turley ( Antony Blinken and the ‘Made Men’ of the Biden Administration

Joseph Mercola ( How Americans Prevented the Covid Jab Mandate

Jim Hoft ( New Study Suggests Carbon Dioxide Buildup from Wearing Face Masks Increase Risk of Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, & Cognitive Deterioration

Per Bylund ( Are Libertarians Abandoning Free Trade?

Ron Paul ( Did Biden Steal The Election?

Igor Chudov ( Coronavirus-HIV Mutants Were Discussed in NIH-Funded Work That Led to COVID-19

Branko Marcetic ( Why Is Facebook Censoring Sy Hersh’s NordStream Report?

Ted Galen Carpenter ( A Bad Idea Resurfaces: Using the U.S. Military Against Mexico’s Drug Cartels

And The Post Millennial ( Trans Teen Died from Vaginoplasty Complications During Landmark Dutch Study Used to Justify Child Sex Changes


Thomas Knapp provides some more info on what the totalitarian RESTRICT Act, that is going through CONgress that Democrats and Rethugs support, would do to us if signed into law. But instead of the nazis in Washington restricting us, WE should restrict them. Can’t we do that?

More News and Commentary

Craig Murray ( Snowden and Teixeira: Ten Years of Disaster

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Doug Casey ( Rising Crime, Legalized Shoplifting, and Other Disturbing Trends in U.S. Cities

And Neena Payne ( Most Important Questions Now of Covid Era

More Reasons Why I Refer to the “Regime Media”

In that discussion between journalists Glenn Greenwald and Tucker Carlson, Greenwald notes how the corporate media’s role used to be entrusted to investigate and document the facts about “The Powers That Be,” about government officials and corporate executives, and to expose the elites’ corruption and wrongdoing.

But now, what corporate media have become is just another branch of the government. They work for the government, essentially, and carry the water for bureaucrats, lie for them and obediently promote their agenda and disseminate their propaganda.

They are the Regime Media, in other words.

So when Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Bradley Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden come along and publish documents and videos that expose the regime’s corruption, the regime media condemn, smear, and lie about these alternative media journalists who tell the truth about our Rulers.

It was the same with Covid. Those honest journalists who exposed the truth about oxygen-depriving bacteria-collecting face masks, fascist lockdowns, the absurdity of quarantining healthy people, the faulty PCR tests, and snake-oil mRNA “vaccines” that are not vaccines, the Establishment medical community and the regime media went after those truth-tellers, smeared and libeled and censored them.

This change in how the media work and how those in various industries such as the medical cartel work coincides with the growing authoritarianism among the masses, in their obedience to the government. Mainly that’s it.

Deference to authority, regardless how corrupt, ignorant, foolish and criminal those in authority are now.

Here are some more recent articles on the 21-year-old National Guard airman Jack Teixeira who allegedly mishandled “classified” documents, and the corporate “news” media’s involvement in this possibly pre-set-up “national security” psy-op. And other recent articles on related issues.

Larry Johnson ( More Unanswered Red Flags Regarding Jack Texeira, and More Discussion About the Leaked Intelligence Documents

The Last Refuge ( About that New York Times Story Concerning the “Online Leak” of U.S. Ukraine and Geopolitical Plans

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James Bovard ( Endangering Washington’s Divine Right to Deceive

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Martin Jay ( Pentagon Leaked Papers Are Probably Fake. So Who’s Behind Them?

Strategic Culture Editorial ( Collateral Murder 13 Years On… Julian Assange Persecuted for Truth-Telling

Paul Serran ( ‘Reign’: New Israeli Spyware Targeting Journalists All Over the World

And here are some past articles on similar issues of media corruption and their enmeshment with government. (I have previously posted this same list of links.)

Former New York Times Editor Lauren Wolfe: “I’m a Biased Journalist and I’m Okay With That.”

Report — Clinton Campaign: NYT’s Maggie Haberman “Friendly Journalist” Who “Never Disappointed”

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Google Treats Six Conservative Media Sites as Fake News, But Zero Liberal Ones

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Twitter purges accounts, and conservatives cry foul

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How the media covered up the Hunter Biden story — until after the election

Revolving Door: Obama Staffers Who Joined NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, Now Headed to Biden Admin

Time Magazine’s 100 “Most Influential” People for 2023

The irrelevant Time magazine has a list of 100 “Most Influential People” of 2023, and it includes former Rhode Island Democrat governor and current commerce secretary Gina Raimondo, a.k.a. Gina Raimoonbat.

Clearly, Raimoonbat has had a lot of positive influence on society.

The list also includes King Charles a.k.a. King Tampon (and who had a lot of influence on Princess Diana, of course), Brittney Griner (the hero of LGBTQ+++), Hakeem Jeffries (Are you serious?), Janet Yellen (influencing the increasingly sinking ship), and the extremely influential Mitch McConnell. I’m sure the Chinese agree with that one.

Regarding Gina Raimoonbat, Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed wrote, “Gina’s brilliance, skill, and work ethic fueled her meteoric rise, while her family keeps her grounded. She has always been a fierce competitor, unafraid to tackle thorny issues and willing to sacrifice her own political fortunes for the greater good.”

Yech. Gag me with a spoon.

As a blue state governor during the earlier months of the Covid scam, Raimondo would target cars from New York with her gestapo police troopers, supposedly after people from New York in “second homes” in Rhode Island, ordering them to stay in quarantine for 14 days, without due process.

I am not. Making. This. Up.

Excuse me, Governor Moron, since when do we quarantine healthy people who have no symptoms? The whole fascist scheme of lockdowns and quarantines was based on the myth that asymptomatic virus carriers are contagious. Nope.

Raimondo also sent police and National Guard troops door to door looking for “non-Rhode Islanders.” (Hmm. Is she German?)

That is our current “commerce” secretary. One of 100 “Most Influential” people. Yes, influencing people to be like Nazis, or course.

You see, today’s “liberals” are no longer liberals. They are anti-civil liberties, anti-freedom of movement, anti-peace, pro-war, pro-violence, pro-police state. They are ignorant totalitarians, and that’s just the way it is now. Sad.

And by the way, while I do pay attention to the news and current events, but not so much show biz or pop culture, I have not even heard of at least 80-90% of the people mentioned on Time magazine’s list of 100 “Most Influential” people. (They haven’t influenced me, though, obviously. Thankfully.)