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The Latest Covid/Vaccine/Medical Freedom-Related News and Commentary

Jordan Schachtel ( 3 Years to Slow The Spread: Covid Hysteria and the Creation of a Never-Ending Crisis

Joseph Mercola ( Epidemic of Sudden Adult Deaths Finally Made News, and The Biggest Covid Question: What Will Happen in 10 years?

Steve Kirsch ( UCSF Orders Their Doctors to Ignore Covid Vaccine Injuries

John Leake ( Young Pilot’s Heart Damaged Right After Vax

Michael Kane ( Accusations of Psychosis for Freedom, and NY Red Alert: Recently Passed Bill Clears the Way for a Mandatory Adult Vaccine Database

Bobbie Anne Flower Cox ( Governor Hochul Files Appeal in Quarantine Camp Lawsuit

20 Years of Iraq War, and Other War, Military and “National Security” Related News and Commentary

Responsible Statecraft ( Symposium: Aside from Bush & Cheney who is at fault for the Iraq War?

Ray McGovern ( Iraq 20 Years: The Uses and Abuses of National Intelligence Estimates

Thomas Knapp ( Iraq War Anniversary: Never Back Down on the Only Important Fact

Jeremy Earp ( 20 Years After the Invasion of Iraq, Will the Media’s Complicity Be Flushed Down the Memory Hole?

Chris Hedges ( The Lord of Chaos

Caitlin Johnstone ( Stop Calling The Iraq War A ‘Mistake’: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, and Empire-Funded Think Tanks Are Not Valid Sources: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Scott Horton ( Iraq War II – 20 Years Later

Laurence Vance ( Oversight of Billions for Ukraine Is Not What Is Needed

David Knox ( Major U.S. Outlets Found Hersh’s Nord Stream Scoop Too Hot to Handle

Ryan McMaken ( No, We Don’t Need More Nuclear Weapons

Charles Burris ( Operation Mockingbird 2023: The CIA and the Media, and The 1980 October Surprise Scandal Proven True

Taibbi with Twitter Files #19: Covid Lie Machine, Virality Project, Censorship of “True Stories”

Matt Taibbi on Twitter has another Twitter Files release, #19. In this thread, Taibbi shows how TPTB on social media platforms were coordinating their censorship of those who contradicted the official narrative on Covid.

Even if what people were saying was TRUE, regarding the mRNA drug injection erroneously labeled “vaccines,” detailing instances of people sickened by them and dying soon after being injected, the Twitter et al. “fact checkers” were instructed to nevertheless suppress those stories as “misinformation,” “disinformation,” etc. The same Orwellian treatments for other Covid related issues, natural immunity, “breakthrough infections,” etc.

Important News and Commentary (Not from Corporate Regime Media)

John Whitehead ( Geofence Surveillance: First, They Spied on Protesters. Then Churches. You’re Next

Andrew Napolitano ( What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws?

Jacob Hornberger ( Why Not Let Banks Fail?

The Last Refuge ( The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection

Joe Hoft ( “They Lied about Everything” – 96-Page DC Police Report Uncovered – Shows Govt Knew MAGA Was Coming on Jan 6 and Entrapped Them ALL

James Bovard ( Pro-Censorship Democrats Whitewash the Federal Government’s Iron Fist

Lawrence Wilkerson ( The Tragic Reality of Rachel Corrie’s Death

Alexandra Bruce ( Silicon Valley Bank – Trump and The Cartel Drug Money Bank

Brenda Baletti ( Exclusive: Mother Sues D.C. Doctor Who Gave Kids COVID Vaccines Without Consent

Jim Hoft ( Japanese Officials Urge Government to Tell the Truth About Excess Deaths Following Vaccine Mandates – Reporting Shows 210,000 Excess Deaths, the Highest Number Since World War II

Gary Barnett ( The Homily of Obedience: A Curse on America

Matt Taibbi ( In FBI Case, the First Amendment Takes Another Bizarre Hit

Seymour Hersh, Ray McGovern, and Michael Welch ( “Deconstructing the Obvious” – From My Lai to Nord Stream

Fiona Harrigan ( No, the U.S. Shouldn’t Wage War Against Mexican Cartels

Douglas Macgregor ( The Gathering Storm

Simon Elmer ( “One Health”, ESG & “Sustainable Development”: Inside the WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty”

And Joseph Mercola ( Fake Meat Dangers

More News and Commentary and Opinion

Andrew Napolitano ( Spying in Plain Sight

Michael Shellenberger ( EXPOSED: America’s Secret Censorship-Industrial Complex

Jacob Hornberger ( The Cold War Racket Is Back

Daisy Luther ( MSM, Politicians, Desperately Attempt Damage Control Over Jan 6 Videos

Gabe Kaminsky (Washingtonexaminer): FBI Worked Secretly with Hospitals to Strip U.S. Citizens’ Gun Rights, Documents Show

Doug Casey ( The Rise of “Climate Brats” and Other Useful Idiots

Ted Snider ( Why Is the U.S. So Unhappy That China Offered a Peace Proposal?

Seymour Hersh ( My Fifty Years with Dan Ellsberg

Karen Kwiatkowski ( Explaining the Unexplainable

Joseph Mercola ( Pandemic Treaty Will Usher in Unelected One World Government

And William Jasper ( Biden’s ESG: The BlackRock-Davos-UN Agenda Gets Smacked by Congress, States, Markets

The Real “Big Lie”: The “Insurrection” That Wasn’t

Kevin McCarthy and Tucker Carlson have released many hours of previously hidden surveillance video showing a more truthful and factual view of what really happened on January 6th, 2021. The “insurrection” that wasn’t.

Why was the video footage previously hidden? Why did Nancy Lugosi and Adam Schiff and Liz Cheney and the other Swamp creatures demand that the video by suppressed?

Well obviously, because they knew that much of the suppressed video would have contradicted many of their lies about the January 6th “insurrection,” and would have exonerated many of the people who are still being held in prison without trial for wandering around the Swamp creatures’ sacred First Congressional Church of criminality.

Much of the new video will be used by January 6th political prisoners’ attorneys as exculpatory evidence to clear them. When prosecutors intentionally withhold exculpatory evidence from defendants and their attorneys, that is clearly criminal, in my view.

Meanwhile, Ray Epps and other FBI agents provocateurs continue with their lives, even though THEY are the ones who were clearly attempting to incite “insurrection,” or at the very least, incite a riot.

But the people who are really being exposed here are the corporate “news” media, who aren’t mistaken about what happened on January 6th, they have been LYING about it intentionally. That is what corporate media are now, liars, propagandists for the Regime, and government apparatchiks themselves.

The lying media lied about “Trump-Russia collusions” for 4 years, they lied about the 2020 Antifa/BLM rioting-looting-arson-billions of dollars in damage, they lied about Covid, they continue to lie about “vaccines” that are not vaccines on behalf of Pharma profits, they lied and continue to lie about the 2020 election, and on and on.

If you are a member of the corporate “mainstream” “news” media and you actually tell the truth about something, you will be ostracized, suspended (not from Twitter but from your “news” outlet employer), and fired, just as the NBC reporter in San Francisco was fired for the truthful telling of the story on the Paul Lugosi attack, that was based on police officers’ own body cam.

You can see already how Swamp creatures Mitch the Turtle and Upchuck Schumer et al. are disputing Tucker Carlson’s showing of the actual Capitol video. The Swamp and the corporate “news” media HATE whistleblowers who expose the Swamp and its criminality and its made-up false flags and psy-ops. So they will hate on Tucker Carlson in the same way the have hated on Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley (Chelsea) Manning.

Anyway, the January 6th FBI-led false flag psy-op was effective and has gotten many people to believe the January 6th Committee Liars’ spliced and cut-up video excerpts and manipulated “evidence” and biased witness testimony.

But this false flag distraction was on the day of certifying the 2020 presidential election, in which several U.S. Senators were going to present evidence from the election to dispute the legitimacy of Biden’s alleged win.

Do I want to rehash the stolen election stuff?

But that is what this is all about. January 6th was all about distracting the country away from the challenges to the stolen 2020 election.


Now, here are some of my comments, posts and links from 2021 and 2022 regarding the “Insurrection” that wasn’t, and the stolen election.

The remainder of this post is from previously posted material at this blog:

In this article, Glenn Greenwald explains the FBI’s role in the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Wretchen Whitmer, the FBI’s long history in concocting “terrorist plots” to entrap patsies and thwart its own plots, and why we can easily conclude the FBI played a major role in the January 6th trespass and riot, the “insurrection” that wasn’t an insurrection. And Tucker Carlson made a great case how FBI may have helped organize the “Insurrection” that wasn’t.

So the truth is that January 6th was not an “insurrection.” Sadly, Democrats and leftist activists continue to lie about what it was and continue to go after not just Donald Trump but the “deplorables” who support him.

No, the truth is January 6th was not an insurrection but it was a riot and trespass, as well as a set-up by the Swamp’s lowly creatures lurking Inside the Beltway.

One group involved in January 6th consisted of actual Trump supporters who were at Trump’s rally and who then walked “peacefully and patriotically” over to the Capitol, in which many of them just wandered around not knowing what to do.

Additionally, see these articles on Revolver: Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open, Decision By January 6th Commission to Ignore Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes Just Unmasked Their Entire Investigation, and Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears to Have Led the Very First 1/6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol

[March 8, 2023: I know, I know, Stewart Rhodes was prosecuted and convicted of “seditious conspiracy” and will be sentenced in April 2023. But the circumstantial evidence shown on Revolver indicating he is a “fed” is compelling.]

But Nancy Lugosi and Adam Schiffty and lying Liz Cheney will not go after their beloved FBI gestapo for their very possible involvement, while the non-violent Trump supporters who happened to be at the Capitol that day continue to be held and abused in solitary confinement, without charge. Even Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin have come to their defense. That’s quite a big step for the fake Indian.

Yet, while Trump and Republicans have been criticized for their challenging the 2020 election results, Democrats protested the 2000 and 2004 elections, and the 2016 election as well.

During vote counting on election night it seemed obvious that Trump was winning by a lot, and then the vote counting just stopped, mainly in the swing states. Further, many Republican poll observers were made to leave the premises. And then suitcases and coolers with alleged fake Biden ballots were brought in. I’m sure Trump was lying about all that.

Did you see the article in Time as though admitting all the election shenanigans? The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election (Although it should read: “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Stole the 2020 Election”! Some analyses of that article here and here.)

[And here is the long list of articles I have reposted before that I’ll post again now regarding the election rigging and stealing]

Breitbart: August 30, 2020: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ and September 1, 2020: Bloomberg-Funded Group: Trump May Win Election Night, But Joe Biden Will Win Days Later Due to Mail-in Votes.

PJ Media: Ronna McDaniel Presents 131 Affidavits, 2,800 Incident Reports of Alleged Voter Fraud in MI: Media Still Demands ‘Evidence’

Newsmax: ‘No Evidence of Vote Fraud!’ At Least 400 Affidavits Swear Otherwise

Rumble videos: Election Night Facts.

The New American: Data Scientists Show More Than 432,000 Trump Votes Removed in Pennsylvania.

Project Veritas: Michigan USPS ‘Insider’ Delivers Testimony Of ‘Shady’ Postmark Scheme To Handstamp ‘Nov. 3’ On Late Ballots.

Project Veritas: Texas ‘Ballot Chaser’ Pressures Voters to Change Vote.

Zero Hedge: Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States?

The Last Refuge: Michigan GOP Identifies Software “Glitch” in Voting System – One County Had 6,000 Wrongly Assigned Biden Votes Corrected To Trump When Fixed…

Gateway Pundit: “This Felt Like a Drug Deal!” – Asian-American Ballot Observer in Detroit Describes Mysterious Van Dropping Off 61 Boxes of Ballots at 4 AM

Town Hall: Paper Warned About the Software Company at Center of Ballot Glitches in Swing States

Big League Politics: James O’Keefe Releases Video Exposing Ballot Destruction in Pennsylvania, Immediately Gets Censored by Twitter.

Zero Hedge: In 30 States, A Computer System Known To Be Defective Is Tallying Votes, and “It Defies Logic”: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data.

Breitbart: DOJ Official Linked to IRS Investigations of Conservative Groups Resigns When Ordered by Barr to Investigate 2020 Vote Fraud.

Gateway Pundit: System ‘Glitch’ Also Uncovered In Wisconsin – Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden.

Unlimited Hangout: Suspect AI Software Verified Mail-In Ballots With Little Human Oversight in Key Battleground States.

Big League Politics: Brave Poll Worker Goes Public about Ballot Irregularities in Detroit in Affidavit, and Supposed Stop the Steal Organizer Ali Akbar Is A Convicted Fraudster, Accused of Plotting Voter Fraud as McCain Operative in 2008.

Gateway Pundit: Michigan AG Dana Nessel Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training — OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. (It appears the article in question by Big League Politics was taken down, here it is on the Wayback Machine, and the voter fraud training session audio link from that page is actually still there.)

Big League Politics: Former ‘Dominion’ Project Manager Executed $25 Million Contract with State of Michigan While Serving As Dem Vice Chair.

Gateway Pundit: Denver Business Owner: Dominion’s Eric Coomer Is an Unhinged Sociopath — His Internet Profile Is Being Deleted and Erased.

Gateway Pundit: Wayne County, Michigan Election Board Republicans Rescind Votes Certifying Results, File Affidavits That Their Families Were Threatened.

Big League Politics: Illicit $25 Million Dominion Deal Set Up in Michigan by Former Democrat ‘Voter Protection’ Czar is Listed as Evidence in Kraken Lawsuit.

Gateway Pundit: Video Shows Georgia Operative Gabe Sterling Admitting He Helped Set Up Drop Boxes and Promoted Far Left Activists as Absentee Ballot Counters.

Big League Politics: COVER-UP: Whitmer Admin Says ‘Records Do Not Exist’ Pertaining to $25 Million Dominion Contract Set Up by Democrat Official.

The Blaze: Pennsylvania Lawsuit against Universal Mail-In Ballots.

Newsmax: Pennsylvania GOP Introduces Resolution to Dispute Election

Zero Hedge: Powell: Dominion Server Removed From Fulton County While Lawyers Sought Restraining Order.

Big League Politics: Twitter Suspends Election Whistleblower After Giving Riveting Testimony in Arizona about Mathematical Fraud.

Big League Politics: COVER-UP: Michigan Secretary of State Orders Deletion of Crucial Election Records to Halt Investigation.

Gateway Pundit:  Michigan and Pennsylvania Secretaries of State Gave Far Left Rock the Vote Activists Access to Sensitive Data on All Voters.

The Federalist: No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close

Gateway Pundit: YouTube Announces New Censorship Rules – Will Take Down Videos Alleging Fraud and Disputing 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Results.

American Thinker: Google/YouTube is Erasing All Evidence of Election Fraud.

Zero Hedge: Crucial Logs Missing From Some Michigan Dominion Voting Machines: Forensics Report.

Big League Politics: Michigan Judge Allows Democrats to Conceal Findings of Dominion Forensic Audit From the Public.

Newsmax: Outspoken Georgia Poll Workers Barred From Senate Runoffs.

Gateway Pundit: Georgia Supreme Court Slow Walks President Trump’s Lawsuit Claiming Election Fraud – Case Yet to Be Assigned a Judge.

Gateway Pundit: Biden Got Fewer Counties Than Obama — How Did He Get Most Votes Ever?

Big League Politics:  Scared Democrats Begin Accusing Vote Fraud Whistleblowers of ‘Sedition and Treason’

Big League Politics: Federalist Society Favorite Brags about Organization’s Hand-Picked Judges Killing Election Fraud Cases in Court.

And The Epoch Times: Georgia Data Shows Over 30,000 of Trump’s Votes Removed, Another 12,173 Switched to Biden: Data Scientists.

Additional articles since I had previously linked to the above:

Did Stacey Abrams’ Firm Hire a Weak Uninspired Temporary Workforce to Hide Election Fraud with Process Nightmares?

Antrim Co Attorney Sends BLISTERING Response To Gutless MI GOP Senators Who Recommend Dem AG Nessel Investigate “Those who spread unfounded [election] conspiracy theories or false information”

Fulton County Hires CRIMINAL Attorneys to Stop Election Audit.

The Last Refuge: President Trump Releases US Attorney Letter Notifying Him of Bill Barr Efforts to Block Investigation of Election Fraud, and Natalie Harp Does a Deep Dive into Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Operations, The Obama Team Coordinated With Big Tech to Install Joe Biden

The Last Refuge: Internal DOJ Emails Show Career Left-Wing Officials Fighting DOJ and FBI Efforts to Review Allegations of Election Fraud in Georgia

The Last Refuge: President Trump Releases US Attorney Letter Notifying Him of Bill Barr Efforts to Block Investigation of Election Fraud

The Last Refuge: White House Extends National Election Emergency Granting Authority for Federal Intelligence Agencies to Enter State Election Databases for Mid-Term Election

Gateway Pundit: The Same Suspicious SQL Software Discovered in Michigan Dominion Voting Machines Was Just Found in Pennsylvania Dominion Voting Machines.

Gateway Pundit: Printing Companies that Supplied Ballots in the 2020 Election May Be Guilty in Potentially Altering the 2020 Election Results.

The Last Refuge: Michigan Secretary of State and Dominion Corp Warn Local Officials Not to Audit any Election Results.

The Last Refuge: Windham, New Hampshire, Ballot Audit Forensics Finds CCTV Cameras of Ballot Counting Machines in Audit Room Mysteriously Disabled for 90 Minutes.

Remember now, there was NO election fraud or cheating in the 2020 Presidential election! The January 6th committee’s whitewash will make sure we are reminded of that.

More Non-Corporate Media News and Commentary

Ryan McMaken ( Roald Dahl and James Bond Books Are Getting Woke Rewrites. Copyright Law Ensures You Can’t Stop Them.

Eli Clifton ( Ukraine War Is Great for the Portfolio, as Defense [sic] Stocks Enjoy a Banner Year

Brett Wilkins ( ‘You’ll Be Hearing From Me as Long as I’m Here,’ Daniel Ellsberg Vows After Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

Jim Hoft ( South Africa Faces Collapse – Warnings of “Civil War” Conditions Amid Possibility of Total Power Grid Failure

And Jonathan Turley ( More Trout Than Milk: Twitter Releases More Evidence of Government Censorship Operations

Articles, News and Opinion You Won’t Get from MSM

Ryan McMaken ( Secession Is Inevitable. War to Prevent It Is Optional.

Jonathan Turley ( Yes, Hate Speech Is Protected Under the First Amendment

Jacob Hornberger ( RATO and NATO

Jonathan Cook ( How Social Networks Became a ‘Subsidiary’ of the FBI and CIA

George F. Smith ( The Last Lie Government Will Ever Tell

Alfred de Zayas ( Lessons Not Learned From the Pentagon Papers

Peter Van Buren ( Ukraine Is Afghanistan All Over Again

J.D. Tuccille ( SCOTUS Says Domestic Spying Is Too Secret To Be Challenged in Court

Matt Taibbi ( Twitter Files: GEC, New Knowledge, and State-Sponsored Blacklists

James Bovard ( Disastrous Waco Raid 30 Years Ago Still Fuels Extremism

Gary Barnett ( The Uselessness, Risk, and Extreme Danger of Physical Mass Protest As a Solution to Tyranny

Joseph Mercola ( Fake Meat Has a Real Problem

James Murphy ( New Paper Debunks Claim That Hurricanes Are Getting Worse Due to Climate Change

William Astore ( The Military-Industrial Complex and American Fascism

Charles Burris ( The Fascist Origins of the EU

RT ( NBC Journalist Added to Ukrainian ‘Kill List’

Michael Snyder ( Food Industry Insider Warns Of Contaminated Crops As A Result Of The East Palestine Environmental Disaster

And Jason Sorens ( Treating Adults like Children

More Truthful News and Commentary

Naomi Wolf ( The Pain of Listening To Twitter Censorship Testimony

Daniel Horowitz ( We Must Stop the Feds from Tracking Immunization Status and Imposing Medical Apartheid

Joseph Mercola ( Bill Gates Makes 10x Investment on mRNA Vaccines

Ryan McMaken ( Universal Rights, Locally Enforced

Jacob Hornberger ( Ike Was Right about the Deep State

Joseph Solis-Mullen ( So Much Hot Air: The (Fake) China Threat Strikes Again!

Chris Hedges, Matt Taibbi ( Hamilton 68: How Former Intelligence Officials and Democratic Operatives Conspired to Manufacture ‘Russiagate’

Robert Bridge ( ChatGPT: Who Will Guard AI From the Woke Guardians?

And Daily Signal ( 10 Woke Offenders: These Companies Push Radical Left Agenda, Fire Conservative Staff

Critique of the “News” Media, the Regime Media and Its Lies on the Russiagate Narrative

Patrick Lawrence at the Scheer Post has an essay about the lengthy exposé by Jeff Gerth at Columbia Journalism Review on how the corporate “news” media for years repeated the propaganda and false “Russia-Trump collusions” narrative and on behalf of the Democrat party.

Here are some excerpts form the Patrick Lawrence article:

As Gerth puts it, he is investigating “an undeclared war between an entrenched media and a new kind of disruptive presidency.” In this war Mueller let the troops down.

I do not know why Gerth chose to characterize the media circus of the Trump years as undeclared. Go back to the coverage of such amateur reporters as Maggie Haberman, a nepotistic hire at the Times who wouldn’t know the principle of objectivity if she bumped into it on the street. Haberman thought nothing of resorting to base ridicule of a sitting president, playground stuff.

Undeclared or otherwise, it is media’s war not only against a president but against democratic process, America’s public institutions, American law, and public discourse altogether — the dark heart of all the Russiagate years — that makes the core of all Gerth’s pages.

It began with the generals, who were alarmed by Trump’s foreign policy platform and stood very visibly against it — open letters in the Times, speeches at the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, and so on — all this in the name of national security.

When Democratic Party email was pilfered in mid–2016, party leaders made common cause with the national security state and set in motion the Russiagate garbage to cover up the profound embarrassments found in the mail.

Gerth went after the all the media coverage fabricating Trump’s nonexistent ties to the Kremlin. But he left untouched the fabrication that served as the foundation of the Russiagate edifice. This was the now-disproven contention that it was Russians who broke into the Democratic Party’s email servers in mid–2016 and pilfered mail that was eventually made public via WikiLeaks.

It was the former intelligence analysts and technologists of Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity who first exposed this harvest of fallacies. Working with other forensic specialists, VIPS demonstrated in late 2016 that it was technically impossible for Russians or anyone else to compromise the Democrats’ computer systems. It was logically an inside job executed by someone with direct access to the servers — a leak, not a hack.

Gerth being who he is and his methods being his methods, he asked 60 journalists with unclean hands for comment. A minority of them responded; none accepted his or her culpability. No major publication or broadcaster Gerth approached would reply to his questions during his reporting. It was “no comment” straight down the line.

Here are the four parts of the Jeff Gerth Columbia Journalism Review investigation: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

The “news” media really have shown that they have no problem with lying, lie after lie after lie, in service of a particular narrative, or in the name of taking down a public figure they hate.

Here is Glenn Greenwald’s overview on Rumble of this investigative report. Begins at a little past 15:00 into the video:

In my view, we don’t have a “liberal” media, we have a State-worshiping media. And the more centralized the better. They love the Regime in Washington. The Swamp. So, even though Trump stupidly surrounded himself with Swamp creatures, he was declaring, “Drain the Swamp!” and the Regime media reacted reflexively, as though someone had insulted their mommy and daddy.

The Regime media are really the propaganda wing of the gubmint, most of the time repeating word for word whatever bureaucrats tell them. No real investigative research. No challenging of official narratives. They are government groupies, quite frankly.

And it’s not just Russia, and now the Ukraine-Russia narrative (Was Zelenskyy playing footsie with NATO? Maybe provoking Putin?). The Regime media also act as official press releasers for gubmint on the Covid narrative, and the “vaccine” narrative with Pfizer et al. The pharmaceutical companies are big sponsors for many of the corporate “mainstream” “news” outlets.

I tend to not believe what the government and its media flunkies tell us, and take more seriously the actual reporters and investigative researchers of alternative media.

Freedom of Speech on Medical Issues, and the Biomedical Security State

Joseph Mercola has an article featuring his interview with physician Aaron Kheriaty, who was suspended and then fired by his employer, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, merely because he filed a lawsuit challenging vaccine mandates on behalf of people with natural immunity.

And now Kheriaty and some other physicians are suing California and Gov. Gavin Nuisance on that state’s new law banning doctors from giving professional medical advice specifically on Covid that contradicts the official government-approved narrative.

The government labels the non-official narrative as “misinformation.” But ironically, it’s the government’s official narrative that is the actual misinformation, whether it’s about vaccines especially the mRNA drug injection, face masks, asymptomatic virus carriers and lockdowns, Covid testing, etc. You name it, the bureaucrats are wrong on facts, science and morally wrong in their harmful fascist orders and diktats.

This is another reason why I link to Mercola’s articles, besides that they are very well written and sourced. If you google Mercola you’ll see how the “fact-checkers” slander him as a “quack,” because his high quality investigative research and reporting uncovers many truthful things about the pharmaceutical industry and the establishment medical cartel, and goes against the government and media’s official narrative on all things medical.

In reality, the bureaucrat “doctors” including Fauci, Walensky, Collins, Murthy, and Jha-Jha are the real quacks, as well as liars and propagandists, and shills for the snake oil salesmen of the pharmaceutical industry.

Again, WHY a Federal Government?

Jonathan Turley: Congress is Set to Expose What May be the Largest Censorship System in U.S. History

Caitlin Johnstone: They’re Not Worried About “Russian Influence”, They’re Worried About Dissent

Ron Paul: (Sales) Taxation is Theft

Kurt Nimmo: Communist Doomsday Balloon Nonsense

Dave DeCamp: Former Israeli PM Bennett Says US ‘Blocked’ His Attempts at a Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal

Bryce Greene: Facebook Protects Nazis to Protect Ukraine Proxy War

Jim Hoft: Japanese Researchers to File Lawsuit Against Japan Government for Covering Up the Side Effects of the Covid Vaccine, and UK Regulator Finds Pfizer Guilty of Violating Three Sections of the British Pharmaceuticals Code of Practice

Life Site News: ‘Never Again’ Documentary Takes Deep Dive Comparing Covid Propaganda with Nazi Germany

Brett Wilkins: Top Bush Lawyer Admits Guantánamo Military Commissions ‘Doomed From the Start’

And Doug Bandow: Pompeo and the Prince

Informative News and Commentary

Gary Barnett: Social Contract Theory Idiocy: What Contract?

Ron Paul: The Real Disinformation Was The ‘Russia Disinformation’ Hoax

Jacob Hornberger: End the Welfare-Warfare State

Laurence Vance: Freedom of Conscience

Andrew Napolitano: The Legacy of George W. Bush and His Torturers

Gary Galles: Concentrate Where the Murders Are Concentrated

Matt Taibbi: Move Over, Jayson Blair: Meet Hamilton 68, the New King of Media Fraud

John Leake: Team Halo: The UN’s Medical Goon Squad

Andrew Earvolino: Beware the ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Phonies

Joseph Mercola: The Most Important Topics of Our Time

Mark Oshinskie: Steven Spielberg and the Other Unsmart Coronamaniacs

Thomas Knapp: Lies, Damned Lies, and George Santos

Campus Reform: SUNY to Require DEI and Social Justice Courses in Fall 2023

And Mike LaChance: Scientist Tapped By Biden For Intelligence Advisory Board Suffered ‘Acute Mental Health Crisis’ After Trump’s 2016 Win

U.S. Government Wants to Imprison Journalists for Exercising Their First Amendment Rights

Daniel Ellsberg: Using the Espionage Act against Journalist Julian Assange in Blatant Violation of the First Amendment Means the First Amendment Is Essentially Gone. This article includes Ellsberg’s address to the Belmarsh Tribunal.

Marjorie Cohn: Prosecution of Assange Would Lead to End of the First Amendment, Advocates Warn. This article gives some background on the Julian Assange case.