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Contributors to the Immigration Problem: War on Drugs, Foreign Aid

For many years two main causes of the immigration problem have been foreign aid and the drug war. So, while ending U.S. government foreign aid to corrupt governments and ending the war on drugs might not resolve the problem completely, nevertheless doing those two things will help a great deal.

The conservatives don’t want to legalize drugs because they believe in the nanny state, and the police state that goes with the unwinnable war on drugs. They certainly don’t want to prohibit alcohol, God forbid. They need their booze.

But conservative statists believe in the nanny state as much as the “liberals.” Both sides believe that the government owns your body.

And it’s really the two choices: If you own your body, then you decide what you will or will not put into your own body, and obviously take responsibility for the consequences of your decisions. If the government owns your body, then of course the government will decide what you may or may not put into “your” body, and enforce its control at gunpoint.

As far as the consequences of statist government policies are concerned, drug prohibition causes a black market or underground market in the drugs, which raises the prices and thus incentivizes lowlifes to get into the business and exploit people’s weaknesses, etc. We don’t see alcohol pushers on the street trying to get people on booze, do we? Duh.

End drug prohibition and you will end the police state, the pushers and traffickers, the cartels, the drug lords and turf wars, and you will be on the way to greatly reduce the people fleeing those Central and South American countries run by corrupt governments that are infiltrated by the drug racketeers.

And no foreign aid to those governments. Government handouts are merely feeding the machine that causes those countries’ inhabitants to flee to the U.S.

In fact, there should be no forced redistribution of wealth schemes in a free society. There should be no forcible taking of one’s wealth or property or income by the government or by anyone. In a free society all transactions are voluntary. To be legitimate all transactions must be by way of voluntary contract. No income “tax,” i.e. government stealing your earnings.

If we didn’t have the income tax/involuntary service to gubmint/enslavement, there would be no FBI entrapment schemes as we saw in Michigan recently. And many of the government’s crimes against the people would not occur, because such crimes require such agencies and bureaus being funded to run them. Who in his right mind would voluntarily pay for these kinds of things? Who in his right mind would voluntarily donate to corrupt foreign governments?

And this applies to government schools as well. I’ll discuss that in my next post.

Our Struggle Against Fascism (or Communism) in the West

February 24, 2022

I have been using the words “fascist” and “fascism” a lot recently, especially in my previous essay referring to the Covid fascists. And I wanted to clarify what I mean by fascism.

Fascism is very similar to socialism, which is considered to be government ownership of the means of production, industry, and property.

There is little difference between socialism and fascism, and between socialism and communism. I didn’t want to get into the technical details on all that here. For that you can read Socialism and Communism by Ludwig von Mises, Fascism versus Capitalism by Lew Rockwell, Socialism: an Economic and Sociological Analysis by Ludwig von Mises, and maybe even Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman, if you are interested.

But as I explained here, one of the important means of production is the people. So when you have government ownership of the means of production, which includes the people, you have enslavement of the people.

Some like to define socialism as “public ownership” of the means of production etc. but really the government is the ultimate owner. So, it’s government ownership.

And who is “the government”? Politicians and bureaucrats really, who have acquired their ownership certainly not based on legitimate means of acquiring ownership, as you well know.

But fascism is really a form of socialism, in which the bureaucrats are the ultimate owners of the means of production, industry and property (and the people), but supposedly in a system of officially private ownership, not collective ownership. But such private ownership is only on paper, because when the ultimate decision-makers and authorities are the bureaucrats, then really the bureaucrats are the ultimate owners.

That means that all government-imposed regulations, zoning rules, mandates and prohibitions involving people and their alleged “private” property, are examples of fascism.

One obvious example of fascism is the collection of Covid policies over the past two years now. When a bureaucrat like your corrupt  governor orders a business to be closed down, without any actual legal complaint against the business, without a reason to suspect the business to be engaged in some criminality, fraud or theft, without any semblance of due process, yes, that’s fascism.

In a free society, regardless of a virus going through the area, if a ruling bureaucrat wanted a business to be shut down, the bureaucrat would have to by law respect the business’s right to due process: there would have to be a legitimate reason to order the business shut down, such as a reason to believe the business to be a “threat to the public health,” with evidence to back up that allegation, or a reason to suspect the business of some actual crime against an actual victim, with evidence to back up the allegation.

But in our fascist society, the bureaucrats have been ordering businesses shut down (and giving some loony-tunes rules like in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in which you can be open until a certain time and can only provide beverages but not food or whatever crap the governor wants to make up). Governors and other madmen (or madpeople, I should say) have also been ordering churches to be closed down. Now that’s a fascist.

Such bureaucrats are violating the people’s Fifth Amendment rights as well as their First Amendment rights. So as you can see, here in the U.S. the bureaucrats and their enforcers are violating their Constitutional oaths constantly. Do they even have a Constitution in Canada?

In Canada, the bureaucrats up there have been arresting ministers who have kept their churches open in disobedience of the bureaucrats’ fascist orders. Some of the crap we have been seeing by openly fascist bureaucrats has been utterly absurd.

I think that whether you call those government criminals (sorry for the redundancy) “fascists” or “communists,” those words mean the same thing, in my view.

The war on drugs is another example of fascism in Western society (and the “East,” the Middle East, and all points between).

In a free society the individual’s right of self-ownership is a given. You own your own life and your own body and you will put into your own body or ingest whatever foods or drugs or chemicals you decide to do. That’s self-ownership in a free society.

But in a fascist society, which is what ours is, the government owns your body. The government will decide what you may or may not put into “your” body. You must obey.

And the bureaucrats’ police will enforce those edicts and prohibitions with guns, clubs, tasers, and all the rest, and they will be rubber-stamped by the judicial morons in the government courts, including the Harvtards of the Supreme Court.

And in a fascist society not only do we have government-imposed prohibitions of bodily ingestions, but government-imposed mandates of bodily ingestions such as vaccines (in today’s case “vaccines” like mRNA drugs that are not vaccines).

And many hospitals and businesses may still be “privately” owned on paper, but are really de facto government owned because of all their tax-funded handouts and government-imposed regulations.

In that regard of Covid fascism, if someone mistakenly finds oneself in the hospital “with Covid,” and requests (or even demands) to be given alternative medication rather than the hospital’s own protocol of killer remdesivir and ventilators there are many Nurse Ratcheds and Joan Crawfords now who refuse to let the patients have their requested alternative.

In our fascist society, the Government/Pharma/Medical complex has been breeding medical “professionals” to be authoritarian, mindless robots obediently following the orders of the Regime. What do they think this is, Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union?

Hmm, why do many conservatives oppose vaccine mandates or hospital/government prohibitions of alternative treatments, but support prohibitions of drugs? (After all, I guess they do love their booze, so we can’t prevent them from getting drunk, god forbid.)

And in our fascist society we have millions of people who demand that you use certain pronouns even if such pronouns are incorrect. There are many zombies now who must have control over what other people say and how they say it. Yes, those people. “I own you and order you to say this or that, and you may not say what I don’t like,” is what the speech fascists say.

And then there’s the more blatant police state. In a free society, the people’s right to their privacy is not violated by government agents. If there is a government, it must follow rules for respecting the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects. In the Constitution those rules are covered by mainly the Fourth Amendment.

If the bureaucrats or their enforcers want to enter or search or seize property, there must be a reason to suspect someone of something criminal with a high probability that their intrusion or seizure will find evidence against the accused.

So, with freedom the government may not pry or spy without cause, and also there is government transparency. In a free society there are Freedom of Information Act requests galore and they are granted without question. Government does not have secrecy, but the people have their privacy.

The individual owns one’s own life and one’s “effects” and others may not intrude, pry, invade, trespass. And the government we have in a “democracy” is a publicly owned government, not a privately owned entity with property rights, etc.

That is in total contrast to the way things are now in the fascist West, in Amerika and Kanada as we have seen now. Everything is in the reverse now. The government owns you and your life and body, your earnings, “your” property, and so on. And you don’t have a say as to what goes on in the government. And you don’t have a right to know what the bureaucrats and their government minions are up to. “Tough noogies,” they say.

The Government is The Authority. You must be quiet, and obey!

In current fascism, the government may pry into your private life, your bank account, your home, your car, and spy on you without any reason to suspect you of anything, and steal your money and property based on whatever made-up stories the FBI, Canadian Mounties or local government police can concoct.

In a free society, the people may of course exercise their right to dissent and openly disagree with government policies, as well as criticize them, and even mock and satirize them, without fear of punishment or retaliation.

In contrast, in our current fascism, look what happens to a presidential candidate who promises to “Drain the Swamp!”. The apparatchiks, government spies and the Fourth Estate go after that guy, that’s for sure.

Look what happens to journalists who do actual investigating of the regime or reveal its crimes or incompetence. Sharyl Attkisson, James Risen, James Rosen, Michael Hastings, Bradley Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Andrew Breitbart. (And why is it that mainly Democrats are going after journalists? Hmmm?) And in fascist Amerika we have the CIA, the FBI, NSA, and on and on.

A fascist world is a bizarro world, where up is down, down is up, in is out, male is female, and a world in which craziness rules. “The inmates are running the asylum” comes to mind.

So, some call it fascism but others call it communism. I say, let’s call the whole thing off.

And I think that none of this fascist or communist crap would be going on now if there were no income tax or IRS, or any system based on such involuntary contracts or transactions. Who in his right mind would voluntarily let someone take away one’s earnings or wealth with no contract involved, no voluntary agreement on what the taker will do with such earnings or wealth?

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2021 Election Roundup: Boston and New York Races for Mayor

I have been spending a lot of time here on the Covid/vaccine scam racket, so it’s time to return to politics. There are races for mayor in some cities and for governor in some states, you know. Let’s discuss.

I’ll address the races for mayor in Boston and New York here.

The race for mayor of Boston is down to two female candidates, both Democrats, with no third-party alternatives. Fascist city councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George. As usual, the people of Boston have a choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Oh, well.

Like their Democrat President Joe Biden (D-Shady Pines), both Wu and George are Covid vaccine fascists, as both support government-imposed vaccine mandates. The mask crap is bad enough, you two. Wu wants to mandate vaccine “Your Papers Please” at all city restaurants, gyms and performance halls.

I can’t believe just how ignorant today’s politicians are now. There is no reason for any of these “vaccines” that are not vaccines, or lockdowns, mandates, or masks. Covid has a 99.9% survival rate, and asymptomatic carriers are not spreading the virus. So all those fascist policies have been based on a lie.

Anyway, both candidates, Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George, are also climate crusader kooks. True believers in the climate stuff. Don’t they understand that the Earth’s climate has been changing ever since it began, like for hundreds of millions of years now. Climate change has been happening naturally, and not at all influenced by human industrial activity, or human-caused carbon emissions. And there’s nothing humans can do to “end climate change.” There is no actual science or evidence to back up the assertions that humans are causing “worse and more intense storms, worse hurricanes,” and so on. The True Believers only have computer models, that have been wrong. Oh, well.

Now, the “news”casters have been saying that with either fascist the people of Boston will be electing their first elected “person of color” as mayor. I don’t see why Asians or oriental Asian Americans are considered “people of color.” I guess because ethnically they are considered “non-white.” Michelle Wu is of Taiwanese heritage.

And Annissa Essaibi George says she identifies as a “woman of color,” even though when I search her name and click on images I see … a WHITE person! Shouldn’t you have some “color” if you are a “person of color”? I know, technically white is a color. But I think being “of color” supposedly means “non-white.”

But does it really matter what someone’s skin color or race is? A fascist is a fascist. Or communist, however you want to put it. They aren’t freedom advocates, that’s for sure.

Let’s get out of Boston, and move on to New York now. I mean that figuratively, of course. I would never actually move to New York. I am not a masochist.

In the current election for mayor of New York City, there are two major-party candidates, and several other candidates. The Democrat is former cop Eric Adams, who supports, you guessed it, Mayor Bill Duh Blasio’s government-imposed Covid vaccine mandates. The Republican is radio talk show personality and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, who is against the mandates.

I had the unfortunate circumstance to be listening to Bloomberg Radio later yesterday and heard Joe Mathieu (pause much?) interviewing Sliwa and Adams.

Unfortunately, even though he is against the vaccine mandates, Sliwa is ignorant about the Covid and “vaccine” situation. And he said that he has three kids in “public” schools, a.k.a. government indoctrination prisons, and he says he wants his kids “vaccinated” (against Covid) and that the school kids “need to be protected,” by “vaccinating” them (with experimental drug injections that are already causing young people heart inflammation and other adverse reactions and death?).

And Adams told the pausing Mathieu that we should “follow the science,” which, unfortunately, to him means following the anti-science “advice” of the CDC and “public health” agencies, all those rubber-stampers for Pfizer and Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Glaxo and all points between.

Oh, well. So much for these two clowns, Sliwa and Adams.

Anyway, Sliwa actually supports the unconstitutional “stop and frisk” policy of government police goons stopping mainly minority youths and searching them, without a reason to suspect them of an actual crime that may have been committed.

But like it or not, government goons have to obey the LAW, which is the Constitution they swore to obey, which includes the Fourth Amendment. So it sounds like Sliwa doesn’t want to do that.

If you want to reduce crime in the streets, then repeal all the drug laws. Drug prohibition causes a black market which raises the price of drugs which incentivizes low-lifes to want to be drug pushers in playgrounds to get youths addicted, and drug prohibition creates the drug traffickers, drug lords, cartels and so prohibition contributes to the increases in the actual crimes of robbery, assault and murder in society.

Additionally, repealing all minimum wage laws will bring back many entry-level jobs in the cities so that the youths can have that important first job and getting their foot in the door of opportunity that statists have taken away from them with their bad government-compelled minimum wage policies. When the youths have a part-time job (or full time), that keeps them busy and more responsible, so they won’t get involved in drugs or criminal activity. There would be much less of an opportunity for Curtis Sliwa and other police-state fascists to stop and harass youths just standing around being black or Latino.

But sadly, the two statist party candidates, TweedleRepublican and TweedleDemocrat Sliwa and Adams don’t mention those necessary things.

Adams was endorsed by the conservative New York Post, and Sliwa was endorsed by talk radio personalities Sean Hannity and Frank Morano.

But unlike in Boston, there actually are more candidates from which to choose for mayor of New York. According to Ballotpedia, those candidates are: William Pepitone (Conservative Party), Quanda Francis (Empowerment Party), Raja Flores (Humanity United Party), Stacey Prussman (Libertarian Party), Skiboky Stora (Out Lawbreaker Party), Catherine Rojas (Party for Socialism and Liberation [self-contradictory much?]), and Fernando Mateo (Save Our City Party).

Sadly, Ballotpedia is showing how statist it is by giving only the initial “L” in parentheses after Stacey Prussman’s name, but it spells out all the other candidates’ parties in parentheses. I put the full word “Libertarian” in there.

According to the Forward, Libertarian candidate for mayor of New York Stacey Prussman is the “art, culture and food” candidate, the one who wants to be “the Jewish mother of New York City.”

Prussman is a recovering eating disorder sufferer and a vegetarian who wants to open more vegan kosher delis in New York. She wants to fight hate among the youth by teaching young students to cook. Quoted in the article, she says, “And then when they get older, they know how to make their own food and be healthy and to enjoy a meal together with someone from a different culture and background.”

So let’s fight all those anti-carrot juice bigots out there.

Anyway, Prussman’s platform is not particularly “libertarian,” such as promoting a “Universal Tax Equity” and “Equitable Basic Income” plan, to “provide 2,000 full time New York City residents who filed taxes from 2014 to 2019 with $2,000 a month for 2 years….”

No, you see as Murray Rothbard would say, taxation is theft. Taxation is theft because it is involuntary, and not based on a voluntary contract which any legitimate transaction would be based on.

So, because taxation is theft, the real libertarian plan is to repeal all forms of involuntary, coerced and compelled taxation-thefts and let people keep and do whatever they want with everything they earn or honestly acquire, and tell government thugs to stop stealing from the people!

And people have a right to their privacy and security, so no reporting anything to the government. If it is invasive to have to report your personal life matters to your neighbors then it is invasive (and thus criminal to coerce or compel) to have to report anything to the government.

However, Stacey Prussman does promote legalizing cannabis and decriminalizing sex work. Those are libertarian positions.

At least there are alternatives to the two statist party candidates, Tweedledum and Tweedledee. But at the end of the day, the city of New York needs to decentralize, as do all cities and towns, and the states of course, and especially, good ol’ United State of Amerika, USSA.

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