More News and Commentary on Orwellian USSA

Brian Shilhavy: 142 New Cases of Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries in Babies Added to VAERS as CDC Now States “Unvaccinated People Have Same Guidance as Vaccinated”

Meryl Nass: How the Monkeypox Scam Mirrors the Covid Scam

Gateway Pundit: Sperry: FBI Agents Involved in Trump Raid are Under Criminal Investigation by Durham for Abusing Their Power in Trump-Russia Probe

Natural News: IRS Annual Report Shows Heavily Armed Agents Training to Shoot People-Shaped Targets… IRS Is Building a Massive Paramilitary Force Armed with “Weapons of War”

Ludwig von Mises: Economic Causes of War

And Jennifer J. Schulp and Norbert Michel: Government Surveillance Doesn’t Stop at Your Bank’s Door

Mercola on Covid Patients Being Treated with HIV Drugs

Joseph Mercola has another very informative article on the Covid scamdemic and the “vaccines,” the experimental mRNA drug injections. Mercola discusses the “evidence suggesting SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon augmented with parts of the HIV virus.” The information provided in the article can make one reach the conclusion that government madmen are using homosexual men as not only guinea pigs but as sacrificial animals. If you believe in science and evidence but you don’t want to believe that “doctors” (and worse, government “doctors”) can be really evil people, then read this article.

Another Anniversary of the U.S. Government’s Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

It’s another anniversary of the U.S. government’s murderous atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Most people believe the myths about the bombings, that it was necessary to mass murder innocent civilians to save a million U.S. soldiers, etc., etc. But here are some articles that give some very detailed information that debunks those mainstream myths.

Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb, by Ralph Raico

The Hiroshima Myth, by John Denson

Hiroshima, Mon Amour, by Justin Raimondo

Why Aren’t Hiroshima and Nagasaki War Crimes?, by Jacob Hornberger

And The Satanic Nature of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, by Edward Curtin

Monkeypox Is a “Public Health Emergency,” and Other Moron Aspects of Society Now

The World “Health” Organization says that Monkeypox is a “public health emergency,” and that everyone better watch out!

No one is being hospitalized for it, and no one is dying of it, but it is definitely an “emergency.”

The government bureaucrats and media people are constantly saying that Monkeypox is being seen in “men having sex with men,” because I think they just like saying, “men having sex with men.” Like that is why they have been repeating the phrase over and over.

Well, Monkeypox is being spread by prolonged “skin to skin” contact with someone who has Monkeypox. So, it can be spread by homosexuals as well as heterosexuals.

Officials are rushing a vaccine so that even more people can be sickened and hospitalized by more vaccines like they are now with the Covid mRNA snake oil poison. What a society of idiots, in my view.

Hey, here’s an idea. How about just not having promiscuous sex with strangers? Ya think? Did you idiots out there ever think of that? I don’t know what is wrong with people who have casual sex with people not only they are not involved with but that they don’t even know. And that applies to men going to prostitutes, by the way. You have no idea where they have been, or what diseases they have been in contact with.

But the society now is a degenerated one that glorifies dangerous behaviors, and that glorifies and celebrates homosexuality especially. And “drag queen story hour.” And transgenderism, promoting male college athletes fraudulently winning the women’s competitions, and people ordering others to have to use incorrect pronouns. Everything seems to be sexualized, and the sex-obsessed are preying on the kids, sexualizing their childhoods and exploiting their innocence. Sexualize everything, and politicize everything. It’s not a healthy way to live one’s life.

So, that’s what I have to say about that, for now.

More News and Commentary

John Whitehead: Digital Authoritarianism: AI Surveillance Signals the Death of Privacy

Gateway Pundit: Why Does NY Governor Kathy Hochul Want Government-Mandated “Quarantine” and “Isolation” Camps Despite This Recent Court Ruling?

Joseph Mercola: Big Pharma Wants to Put an End to Vitamins and Supplements, and How Pfizer Profited From the Pandemic

Andrew Napolitano: Why Keep a Government That Fails Us?

Marty Makary and Tracy Beth Høeg: U.S. Public Health Agencies Aren’t ‘Following the Science,’ Officials Say

Jordan Schachtel: Scamdemic: NY Gov. Hochul Awards Megadonor with $637 Million in No-Bid Covid Contracts

Jeffrey Tucker: Dr. Birx Praises Herself While Revealing Ignorance, Treachery, and Deceit

Dave DeCamp: Mexican President Renews Offer to Grant Asylum to Julian Assange in Letter to Biden

Laurence Vance: Transform NATO Without U.S. Help

Pat Buchanan: Is a US-Russia War Becoming Inevitable?

John Vaughn: A Veteran Explains Why People Aren’t Joining the Military

Mike Maharrey: New Documents Reveal the Extent of Federal Location Surveillance

Alex Berenson: Stunning Official Canadian Data Show Vaccines Now RAISE the Risk of Death from Covid

Karen Kwiatkowski: What Are We Looking At?

Ron Paul: Inflation Even Hurts the Penguins

Just the News: Mystery Solved: DOJ Secretly Thwarted Release of Russia Documents Declassified by Trump

And Alan Macleod: Meet the Ex-CIA Agents Deciding Facebook’s Content Policy

Time for Another … Covid … Update

Throughout the Covid scamdemic, I have tried to document all the various aspects of the scam, especially the mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine. But there are still True Believers out there, and I guess that’s just the way it is.

There are still face mask cultists despite the uselessness and harmfulness of the damn masks. Deaths and injuries directly caused by the experimental mRNA injection have skyrocketed, but we are not hearing about all this from the corrupt “mainstream” “news” media, many outlets of which receive mega ad revenue from the pharmaceutical companies.

In fact, Covid itself has been a lie, consisting of one lie after another. The CDC guidelines starting March 2020 to count non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths,” simply based on a positive PCR test result, regardless of the guarantee of false positives when using overly-high cycle thresholds, which has been the norm for over two years now. “Social distancing” was totally bogus and very negatively affected kids’ immune systems. Shutting down businesses for no good reason and putting people out of work, destroying lives.

And all for a flu/cold with a .1 to .2 percent infection fatality rate. That means that only one-tenth to two-tenths of one percent of those who had the Covid infection actually died from it. It’s a FLU! And NOT “1 million people in the U.S. died from Covid,” because most of the people who did die were dying anyway, of whatever they were already dying of, kidney disease, heart disease, cancer and so on.

So yes, Covid has been a scamdemic, or more accurately a dempanic since most of the bureaucrats, “doctors” and media inflicting the scam and panic-terror campaign onto the masses have been Democrats or their ilk.

So here are the latest articles and blog posts on the results of the corrupt Pfizer/Moderna/FDA/CDC/NIH “vaccine” scam to compromise people’s health and immune systems:

Joseph Mercola writes about his interview with pathologist Ryan Cole on the huge increase in cancers Cole has been seeing in his diagnostics firm. There have been recent complaints against Cole by other doctors to licensing or medical boards but not by patients, so he says the complaints are political and for his outspoken criticism of the Covid “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine.

I googled a little and found articles about Cole by local news outlets that included interviews of disgruntled patients complaining about misdiagnoses, but I’m skeptical. The article by Mercola gives a lot of specific information regarding Cole’s seeing a huge increase in cancers in patients who had had the Covid “vaccine.” As I have said previously, I know someone well who has cancer now and I don’t believe for a second that she would have the cancer had she not had the 2-shots mRNA “vaccine,” the 3rd booster shot and the 4th booster shot. And I hope she decides not to get a 5th one. She won’t listen to me, after all, what do I know? (The entire medical and pharma industries are extremely corrupt now. Doctors and nurses are not allowed to say what’s going on or they will be fired, or doctors will see their medical license gone. It seems to be beyond hope.)

And related to that, Alex Berenson wrote in “Thanks, Pfizer!” recently,

My mom, a devotee of Saint Anthony Fauci – America’s Doctor! – found herself in atrial fibrillation following her booster last fall. The afib passed, so come spring she dutifully lined up for another booster.

Guess what came back?

And guess what has now appeared on her counter – what she’ll now be taking for the rest of her life?

(photo of pharma drug Xarelto)

Coincidence, of course, given her history of heart problems – oh, wait, she had NO history of heart problems ever?

Well, whatevs, stuff happens.

I believe Big Pharma calls that a win-win!

Not that I needed more incentive to chase the truth until the sun explodes and swallows the earth, but now I have it.

And in this next article, Mercola asks, Will Pfizer Be Charged for Mislabeling Vaccine Side Effects?

And now corrupt Pfizer/FDA are getting the kids. Steve Kirsch notes that

Two and 3-year-old kids with seizures is “the new normal”

I’m getting multiple reports from my nurse friends about kids 2 and 3 years old having seizures. It is ONLY happening on vaccinated kids, and symptoms start 2 to 5 days after the COVID vaccine.

Doctors are mystified by a rash of seizures, rashes, etc. happening to 2 and 3-year-old kids.

The only thing these kids have in common is that they were given the COVID vaccine just days earlier (two to five days earlier).

The doctors cannot figure out what is causing the seizures (since it couldn’t be the vaccine since those are safe and effective). The medical staff is not permitted to talk about the cases to the press or on social media or they will be fired.

One nurse posted something to the effect of “how is this legal????” I had to paraphrase to protect the poster.

This is why you are hearing these reports from me. They can’t fire me.

There is nothing on the mainstream media about this since the nurses and doctors aren’t allowed to talk about it.

This will all come out some day, but for now, everyone is keeping quiet about it and the doctors are instructed to convince the parents that it isn’t vaccine related and that they are the only ones having the problem.

Because that’s how science works.

And Gateway Pundit has an article on a study finding that young Moderna mRNA victims have a “44X higher risk” of developing myocarditis than the unvaccinated.

I think I’ll do a post with a collection of all or most of the many links I have posted up to now just on the mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine. If you believe all the above is just “anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory,” especially without actually reading linked articles, then that would be because you would rather believe what government bureaucrats like those of corrupt CDC/FDA/NIH and corporate “news” media outlets have been telling you.

Happy 4th of July!

Here are some links:

Jim Davies: Wrecking Crew

Lew Rockwell: The Covid Plot Against Humanity

Thomas DiLorenzo: Lincoln’s Repudiation of the Declaration of Independence

Jason Whitlock: The DNC and the Black KKK Shocked That I Would Photoshop LeBron James in Outfit They Designed for Him

Michelle Malkin: The Cowardly American Corporation

J.D. Tuccille: Julian Assange’s Case Is a Frightening Omen for Press Freedom

Gateway Pundit: Internal Memo Reveals Capitol Police Were Warned BLM from Baltimore Was Bussing in Rioters Disguised as Trump Supporters on Jan. 6

Jon Rappoport: FDA Equals Terrorism: When Will Homeland Security Inform Us?

Brian Shilhavy: Two Thirds of All Americans Fully Vaccinated with Covid-19 Experimental Shots as Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Increase 2000% – 56X More Deaths

Tom Woods: Surgeon General Displays Medical Elitism

Joseph Mercola: Former Pfizer Exec Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional

Dave DeCamp: Julian Assange Appeals U.K. Decision to Extradite Him to the U.S.

And Legal Insurrection: A Unanimous SCOTUS Lifts the Fear of Prosecution for Physicians Prescribing Pain Medication in Good Faith

News and Commentary on the Reality of the Government Racket

Carl Watner: Every State a Police State

Caitlin Johnstone: Imperial Narrative Control Has Five Distinct Elements

Sheldon Richman: Parents Should Govern Their Kids’ Education

Marjorie Cohn: Julian Assange Is Enduring Unbearable Persecution for Exposing U.S. War Crimes

Mike Maharrey: To the Governor: New Hampshire Bill to End State Enforcement of Federal Gun Control With Big Loophole

Children’s Health Defense: Pfizer, Moderna Covid Vaccines May Increase Risk of Infection, Study Shows

David Gordon: Guns and Self-Defense

Michelle Malkin: Red-Flagging Red-Flag Law Abuse

Murray Rothbard: The Consumption Tax: A Critique

Epoch Times: Police Report Proves Plainclothes Electronic Surveillance Unit Members Were Embedded among Jan. 6 Protesters

Victor Davis Hanson: What The January 6 Committee Might Have Been

William Anderson: Back to the Future: Progressives Imagine the Good Old Days of Price Controls

Jonathan Cook: Shireen Abu Akleh: U.S. Media Probes One Killing But Not Countless Other Israeli Crimes

Emerald Robinson: The GOP Wants To Lose The Mid-Terms

Brian Shilhavy: Why are the Nation’s Pharmacies and Retail Outlets Refusing to Give the New FDA-Authorized Covid Shots to Babies?

And Jonathan Turley: “That’s Now in the Hands of the FBI”: Newly Obtained Texts by Hunter Biden Shed Light on Gun Controversy

News and Commentary

Life Site: Catholic Advocacy Group Launches Map Tracking Attacks against Churches across America

Tucker Carlson: Red Flag Laws Will Not End Mass Shootings But Will End Due Process

John Whitehead: Red Flagged Nation: Gun Confiscation Laws Put a Target on the Back of Every American

Jacob Hornberger: Julian Assange Should Put the Pentagon and the CIA on Trial

Alex Berenson: URGENT: OMG the Pfizer Data for Kids under 5

Megan Redshaw: FDA Advisors Unanimously Endorse Pfizer, Moderna Covid Shots for Infants and Young Kids, Ignore Pleas to “First Do No Harm”

Children’s Health Defense: Two Judges Step Down From New York Covid Vaccine Mandates Lawsuit Over Financial Conflicts of Interest, Third Judge Will Stay

Jeremiah Johnson: Apparently, the WEF Wants to Track Our Children with RFID Tags

Laurence Vance: Is the Second Amendment Absolute?

Andrew Napolitano: Twitter and the Freedom of Speech

Tom Mullen: When Libertarians Won Landslides

Ron Paul: Out of Desperation, Democrats Resurrect ‘Insurrection’ Theater

Gateway Pundit: The Definition of Dirty: Bill Barr Tells Congress He Was Not Interested in Investigating ANY Ballot Trafficking in the 2020 Election — And Laughed about It Openly During Testimony (VIDEO), and “Bill Barr, We’re Coming for you, Bro!… We’re Going to Come after You Legally” – Steve Bannon ON FIRE After Bill Barr Chuckles about Ballot Harvesting at Jan. 6 Hearing

Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch Lawsuit Forces Release of DOJ Memo Declining Criminal Prosecution for Ashli Babbitt’s Shooter

Alexandra Bruce: “The Truth About January 6th”

Joseph Mercola: Wood, Mercola: It’s Crucial to Understand What We’re Up Against

And Jonathan Cook: Israel Calls the Nakba a Lie. So Why Do Its Leaders Threaten a Second One?

Clueless Clinton

Here is a tweet I came across regarding the Clueless former President Bill Clinton.

Congressional Comrades Present Their January 6th False Narrative

The U.S. CONgress now has its January 6th committee hearings underway, with the networks giving the congressliars live coverage in prime time. Eventually the American people will see how these apparatchiks are editing texts and emails and videos to present their false narrative of the “Insurrection” (or, as Chuckles Schumer called it, the “Erection,” because these wackos on the left seem obsessed with those kinds of things, don’t they?). Incidentally, any “news” journalist who is actually calling January 6th, 2021 an “Insurrection” doesn’t know what an insurrection is, or is just a liar.

But I don’t have time to go over the issues involved in the kangaroo January 6th committee of CONgress, so below I will repost an earlier post that gives just some of the information with links (that I don’t have time to check, so I hope they all still work), to give people an idea of what really happened on that day in which some people trespassed on the Satanic Temple of Statism Worship.

But before I repost that post, there were two important earlier articles on the subject of possible FBI involvement in the January 6th trespass and riot. In this article, Glenn Greenwald explains the FBI’s role in the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Wretchen Whitmer, the FBI’s long history in concocting “terrorist plots” to entrap patsies and thwart its own plots, and why we can easily conclude the FBI played a major role in the January 6th trespass and riot, the “insurrection” that wasn’t an insurrection. And Tucker Carlson made a great case how FBI may have helped organize the “Insurrection” that wasn’t.

Now, here is the post I did this past January on the whole thing, with some cuts just to shorten it. And at the end of it I then reposted a bunch of links to many, many articles showing how the 2020 presidential election was indeed stolen, which I will repost again here. (Are you an election-steal denier?)

Here is my January 4, 2022 post on the January 6th Whitewash Committee and election stealing, with some cuts:

The corporate “news” media have been getting worse and worse these days as far as their suppressing the truth about things and their promoting fear incitement and propaganda, for political reasons and for ratings and profits. Russiagate, Covid, and the 2020 elections are good examples.

Another example: January 6th. The Soviet-like January 6th committee has their kangaroo hearings now and they continue to lie about January 6th riots and trespasses, while at the same time calling Donald Trump’s assertions of election fraud “The Big Lie.”

Now, why is there even a January 6th committee with hearings, when these people had already impeached Trump for “Incitement of Insurrection”? An incitement allegation for which there was no evidence and that is why the Senate acquitted him.

So the truth is that January 6th was not an “insurrection.” Sadly, Democrats and leftist activists continue to lie about what it was and continue to go after not just Donald Trump but the “deplorables” who support him.

No, the truth is January 6th was not an insurrection but it was a riot and trespass, as well as a set-up by the Swamp’s lowly creatures lurking Inside the Beltway.

One group involved in January 6th consisted of actual Trump supporters who were at Trump’s rally and who then walked “peacefully and patriotically” over to the Capitol, in which many of them just wandered around not knowing what to do.

And that was the larger group for whom Capitol police seemed to just cordially open the doors and let them in.

Another group were the antifa rioters who were there to “counter-protest” the Trump supporters’ protests. The Antifa riots were already under way while Trump was still speaking at his rally and well before Trump’s rally attendees walked down to the Capitol to wander around in a daze. See the timeline.

And, I believe, another group were the FBI-involved fake “Trump supporters” who were trying to provoke the ones who wandered over to the Capitol to get involved in rioting. If you see some of the videos you’ll see some of the Trump supporters easily detecting who the fakes were, calling them “feds” or agents provocateurs, etc…

Additionally, see these articles on Revolver: Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open, Decision By January 6th Commission to Ignore Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes Just Unmasked Their Entire Investigation, and Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears to Have Led the Very First 1/6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol

And I had found this video documentary interesting, which alleges that the riots were planned, staged and rehearsed. The video on Bitchute is titled “Everything Wrong With the Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less.”

But Nancy Lugosi and Adam Schiffty and lying Liz Cheney will not go after their beloved FBI gestapo for their very possible involvement, while the non-violent Trump supporters who happened to be at the Capitol that day continue to be held and abused in solitary confinement, without charge. Even Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin have come to their defense. That’s quite a big step for the fake Indian.

Roger Stone was called before the Soviet-inspired apparatchiks of the January 6th committee and Stone cited his 5th Amendment right to not answer any of their questions. Good for him!

Yet, while Trump and Republicans have been criticized for their challenging the 2020 election results, Democrats protested the 2000 and 2004 elections, and the 2016 election as well.

Regarding the whole 2020 election stealing issue, a lot of people just don’t know the truth about what happened because the corporate media suppress stories that contradict the narrative they want to promote. For instance, hundreds of witnesses had signed sworn affidavits testifying to election day illegalities they witnessed, including over 100 witnesses in Michigan alone.

During vote counting on election night it seemed obvious that Trump was winning by a lot, and then the vote counting just stopped, mainly in the swing states. Further, many Republican poll observers were made to leave the premises. And then suitcases and coolers with alleged fake Biden ballots were brought in. I’m sure Trump was lying about all that.

Did you see the article in Time as though admitting all the election shenanigans? The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election (Although it should read: “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Stole the 2020 Election”! Some analyses of that article here and here.)

And I have in the past linked to the following articles that show the 2020 Presidential election outcome was not legitimate, and the Alzheimer’s patient in the White House is also not in power legitimately (I didn’t check all these links now, so I hope they are still good):

Breitbart: August 30, 2020: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ and September 1, 2020: Bloomberg-Funded Group: Trump May Win Election Night, But Joe Biden Will Win Days Later Due to Mail-in Votes.

PJ Media: Ronna McDaniel Presents 131 Affidavits, 2,800 Incident Reports of Alleged Voter Fraud in MI: Media Still Demands ‘Evidence’

Newsmax: ‘No Evidence of Vote Fraud!’ At Least 400 Affidavits Swear Otherwise

Rumble videos: Election Night Facts.

The New American: Data Scientists Show More Than 432,000 Trump Votes Removed in Pennsylvania.

Project Veritas: Michigan USPS ‘Insider’ Delivers Testimony Of ‘Shady’ Postmark Scheme To Handstamp ‘Nov. 3’ On Late Ballots.

Project Veritas: Texas ‘Ballot Chaser’ Pressures Voters to Change Vote.

Zero Hedge: Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States?

The Last Refuge: Michigan GOP Identifies Software “Glitch” in Voting System – One County Had 6,000 Wrongly Assigned Biden Votes Corrected To Trump When Fixed…

Gateway Pundit: “This Felt Like a Drug Deal!” – Asian-American Ballot Observer in Detroit Describes Mysterious Van Dropping Off 61 Boxes of Ballots at 4 AM

Town Hall: Paper Warned About the Software Company at Center of Ballot Glitches in Swing States

Big League Politics: James O’Keefe Releases Video Exposing Ballot Destruction in Pennsylvania, Immediately Gets Censored by Twitter.

Zero Hedge: In 30 States, A Computer System Known To Be Defective Is Tallying Votes, and “It Defies Logic”: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data.

Breitbart: DOJ Official Linked to IRS Investigations of Conservative Groups Resigns When Ordered by Barr to Investigate 2020 Vote Fraud.

Gateway Pundit: System ‘Glitch’ Also Uncovered In Wisconsin – Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden.

Unlimited Hangout: Suspect AI Software Verified Mail-In Ballots With Little Human Oversight in Key Battleground States.

Big League Politics: Brave Poll Worker Goes Public about Ballot Irregularities in Detroit in Affidavit, and Supposed Stop the Steal Organizer Ali Akbar Is A Convicted Fraudster, Accused of Plotting Voter Fraud as McCain Operative in 2008.

Gateway Pundit: Michigan AG Dana Nessel Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training — OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. (It appears the article in question by Big League Politics was taken down, here it is on the Wayback Machine, and the voter fraud training session audio link from that page is actually still there.)

Big League Politics: Former ‘Dominion’ Project Manager Executed $25 Million Contract with State of Michigan While Serving As Dem Vice Chair.

Gateway Pundit: Denver Business Owner: Dominion’s Eric Coomer Is an Unhinged Sociopath — His Internet Profile Is Being Deleted and Erased.

Gateway Pundit: Wayne County, Michigan Election Board Republicans Rescind Votes Certifying Results, File Affidavits That Their Families Were Threatened.

Big League Politics: Illicit $25 Million Dominion Deal Set Up in Michigan by Former Democrat ‘Voter Protection’ Czar is Listed as Evidence in Kraken Lawsuit.

Gateway Pundit: Video Shows Georgia Operative Gabe Sterling Admitting He Helped Set Up Drop Boxes and Promoted Far Left Activists as Absentee Ballot Counters.

Big League Politics: COVER-UP: Whitmer Admin Says ‘Records Do Not Exist’ Pertaining to $25 Million Dominion Contract Set Up by Democrat Official.

The Blaze: Pennsylvania Lawsuit against Universal Mail-In Ballots.

Newsmax: Pennsylvania GOP Introduces Resolution to Dispute Election

Zero Hedge: Powell: Dominion Server Removed From Fulton County While Lawyers Sought Restraining Order.

Big League Politics: Twitter Suspends Election Whistleblower After Giving Riveting Testimony in Arizona about Mathematical Fraud.

Big League Politics: COVER-UP: Michigan Secretary of State Orders Deletion of Crucial Election Records to Halt Investigation.

Gateway Pundit:  Michigan and Pennsylvania Secretaries of State Gave Far Left Rock the Vote Activists Access to Sensitive Data on All Voters.

The Federalist: No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close

Gateway Pundit: YouTube Announces New Censorship Rules – Will Take Down Videos Alleging Fraud and Disputing 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Results.

American Thinker: Google/YouTube is Erasing All Evidence of Election Fraud.

Zero Hedge: Crucial Logs Missing From Some Michigan Dominion Voting Machines: Forensics Report.

Big League Politics: Michigan Judge Allows Democrats to Conceal Findings of Dominion Forensic Audit From the Public.

Newsmax: Outspoken Georgia Poll Workers Barred From Senate Runoffs.

Gateway Pundit: Georgia Supreme Court Slow Walks President Trump’s Lawsuit Claiming Election Fraud – Case Yet to Be Assigned a Judge.

Gateway Pundit: Biden Got Fewer Counties Than Obama — How Did He Get Most Votes Ever?

Big League Politics:  Scared Democrats Begin Accusing Vote Fraud Whistleblowers of ‘Sedition and Treason’

Big League Politics: Federalist Society Favorite Brags about Organization’s Hand-Picked Judges Killing Election Fraud Cases in Court.

And The Epoch Times: Georgia Data Shows Over 30,000 of Trump’s Votes Removed, Another 12,173 Switched to Biden: Data Scientists.

Additional articles since I had previously linked to the above:

Did Stacey Abrams’ Firm Hire a Weak Uninspired Temporary Workforce to Hide Election Fraud with Process Nightmares?

Antrim Co Attorney Sends BLISTERING Response To Gutless MI GOP Senators Who Recommend Dem AG Nessel Investigate “Those who spread unfounded [election] conspiracy theories or false information”

Fulton County Hires CRIMINAL Attorneys to Stop Election Audit.

The Last Refuge: President Trump Releases US Attorney Letter Notifying Him of Bill Barr Efforts to Block Investigation of Election Fraud, and Natalie Harp Does a Deep Dive into Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Operations, The Obama Team Coordinated With Big Tech to Install Joe Biden

The Last Refuge: Internal DOJ Emails Show Career Left-Wing Officials Fighting DOJ and FBI Efforts to Review Allegations of Election Fraud in Georgia

The Last Refuge: President Trump Releases US Attorney Letter Notifying Him of Bill Barr Efforts to Block Investigation of Election Fraud

The Last Refuge: White House Extends National Election Emergency Granting Authority for Federal Intelligence Agencies to Enter State Election Databases for Mid-Term Election

Gateway Pundit: The Same Suspicious SQL Software Discovered in Michigan Dominion Voting Machines Was Just Found in Pennsylvania Dominion Voting Machines.

Gateway Pundit: Printing Companies that Supplied Ballots in the 2020 Election May Be Guilty in Potentially Altering the 2020 Election Results.

The Last Refuge: Michigan Secretary of State and Dominion Corp Warn Local Officials Not to Audit any Election Results.

The Last Refuge: Windham, New Hampshire, Ballot Audit Forensics Finds CCTV Cameras of Ballot Counting Machines in Audit Room Mysteriously Disabled for 90 Minutes.

Remember now, there was NO election fraud or cheating in the 2020 Presidential election! The January 6th committee’s whitewash will make sure we are reminded of that.

More Non-State-Promoting News and Commentary

Just the News: Trump Pentagon First Offered National Guard to Capitol Four Days before Jan. 6 Riots, Memo Shows, and Jan. 6 Bombshell: Schumer Team Received FBI Intel about Possible Violence, Frontline Cops Didn’t

Gateway Pundit: Two Utah Moms File Open Records Requests on Election Records – State Lt. Gov. Tips Off Reporter, Blocks Them from Access, and Feds Are Called In

The Last Refuge: The FBI Maintains a Workspace, Including Computer Portal, Inside the Law Firm of Perkins Coie – The Ramifications are Significant

James Kunstler: January 6th Committee: Your Show of Shows

Brian Shilhavy: Doctors “Baffled” by Sudden Increase in “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” Despite Government Data Linking Increased Deaths to Covid-19 Vaccines

Jacob Hornberger: What If the U.S. Government Had Invaded Ukraine?

Doug Casey: Why Woke Corporations Will Go Broke

Naomi Wolf: Rethinking the Second Amendment: Can We Indeed Have Peace and Freedom Without Guns?

Ryan McMaken: Why Progressives Love Government “Experts”

Steve Kirsch: Twitter Banned Me for Saying the Covid Vaccines Cause Prion Diseases. I Was Right. They Were Wrong.

James Bovard: Will Punch-Drunk Biden Take America Down with Him?

Aaron Maté: On Ukraine, “Progressive” Proxy Warriors Spell Disaster

Norman Solomon: Biden Refuses to Mention the Worsening Dangers of Nuclear War. Media and Congress Enable His Silence.

Jefferson Morley: Nixon’s Plan to Threaten the CIA on JFK’s Assassination

Laurence Vance: The Fair Tax Is the Tax That Will Not Die

Richard Ebeling: The Centenary of Ludwig von Mises’s Critique of Socialism

Andrew Napolitano: Bloody Gina and Her Team of Torturers

Ray McGovern: 55 Years Ago Israel Admitted to Killing 34 U.S. Sailors, But ‘By Mistake’

And Judicial Watch: Ordering Sex-Change Surgery for Trans Cop, Obama Judge Equates It to Mastectomies for Cancer

Some Important Points on the Uvalde School Shooting and Gun Control

Libertarian “Black Guns Matter” activist Maj Toure makes great points against gun control.

And talk radio personality Michael Savage also brings up important points on the Uvalde Texas school shooting. He even mentions his high school rifle teams.

Sadly, we don’t hear any of these points being made in corporate media outlets. No, corporate media are mainly activists for an agenda.

And both commentators above mentioned the psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs that many mass killers had been on up to their killing sprees. Those are points we won’t hear about from the CBS Newsbimbo on Fake the Nation or Upchuck Toady on Meet the Fake. Corporate media are shills for the pharmaceutical companies.

More Truthful News and Commentary (i.e. Not from Corporate Media)

Jon Rappoport: The Censorship Trend

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Further Comments on Preventing School Shootings

There is still a lot of talk about the most recent school shooting, and I have some further comments in addition to my posts here and here on this issue.

The first issue regarding the suggested solutions for how to prevent these school shootings, some people including the talk radio so-called “conservatives” I listen to, are suggesting the the schools should only have one door to enter or exit, and it should be locked during the day, which are both absurd suggestions.

Why don’t “conservatives,” including the ones on talk radio and the ones in CONgress, repeatedly remind people that “Gun Free Zone” laws, particularly the 1990 federal mandatory gun-free zone law, be repealed? Those laws essentially make the schools say this: “We do not allow guns on this property, and therefore we are sitting ducks. Psychopath shooters welcome.”

Not only should the people who supposedly believe in the right to self defense and the right to keep and bear arms be repeatedly telling CONgress to repeal those gun-free zone laws, but they should also be suggesting that the schools’ teachers and staffs should be armed if they want to be armed.

All gun-grabbing and gun restriction laws do is disarm law-abiding citizens, and that’s it. If someone wants to go shoot up a place and can’t legally obtain a firearm then that person will steal the guns and ammo, or use knives or use his car to run over kids in the playground. Criminals don’t obey the law, duh gun-control people. Criminals don’t care that it’s illegal to shoot and assault and kill people, why would they care that having a gun or stealing it is “against the law”?

Now, back to the suggestion of having only one door to enter or exit the school, and that it should be locked during the day, totally absurd suggestions.

So, you have the one locked door in the school. What will they do if there’s a fire in the building? What if the fire is close to that one door? Most people run to a door to get out. Sure, they may have to climb out windows. But in my view the more actual doors the better. And that also includes if there is an active shooter situation, is it better for potential victims to have the choice of multiple exits (doors) to get out, rather than staying huddled under a desk in a classroom?

In the “Station” nightclub fire in Rhode Island in 2003, 100 people were killed, mainly because most of them rushed toward the main entrance that was, if my memory of the story is correct, locked. They couldn’t get out the locked door, although, according to Wikipedia,

By this time, the nightclub’s fire alarm had activated, and although there were four possible exits, most people headed for the front door through which they had entered. The ensuing crowd crush in the narrow hallway led to that exit being blocked completely and resulted in numerous deaths and injuries among the patrons and staff.

And it doesn’t mention in that article that the door was locked, but I specifically remember hearing that in the story at that time.

As I already stated, rather than reconstructing schools and doors to accommodate the possibility of school shooters, how about repealing the laws that prevent people who are already there in the school from taking out such psychopath shooters?

And as I also mentioned in the previous posts, there’s no reason to have government police in the schools. (Getting any and all government out of education and abolishing government schools is obviously the best solution to this whole mess!)

And the second issue is, as far as what is causing these young “men” to want to go kill people? I have already discussed the common theme of psychiatric drugs being given to the youngins, including many of the mass killers of the past 20 years. There are also the video games these young people play.

Not only do they play video games, but apparently they literally plug themselves into them, with headphones and other head gear like their whole head is covered in gear so they are placing themselves (psychologically, or their senses and or their sensory perceptions) right into the scenes they are watching, so they are almost literally participating in the scenes. Unfortunately some videos include very graphic and realistic scenes of killing people, etc.

On the blog, a reader wrote:

Salvador Ramos [the Uvalde, TX school shooter] is reported to have been addicted to the Call of Duty military video game. As was the Sandy Hook shooter and do doubt others. This isn’t so much a Second as a First Amendment issue.

I’ve witnessed – alas in my own family – adolescents “playing” this sort of game that is clearly coordinated with the Pentagon in some manner and in which the participants gleefully delighted in getting extra points for, among other matters, “head shots.”

Now, the writer also wrote, “There are ‘realistic’ settings adjusted to the topography and costumes of the part of the world targeted at the time by the White House and State Department.” Hmm.

I don’t know if he was suggesting that somehow the gubmint was able to use the video games to implant suggestions into the player’s mind to go shoot up innocent people? That would be “tinfoil hat conspiracy” stuff. However, this article on the U.K. Guardian discusses information released by Edward Snowden nearly 10 years ago which details how the U.S. and U.K. regimes and their respective spy agencies infiltrate those games like Xbox to “influence” users and that especially can affect teenagers and young adults. And this Infowars article gives some further info on all that. 

And finally, “What is making these young ‘men’ commit these horrible acts of violence against innocent people?” Well, I have mentioned the Xanax and Zoloft, which includes the effect of reducing one’s inhibitions as well as possibly suppressing one’s sense of conscience. (Read Dr. Peter Breggin on all that.) And then there are those aforementioned kinds of video games.

But also, in the schools now we have this cult-like anti-gender activism, in which boys are made to feel bad or guilt for being a boy, and girls are being made to feel bad or guilt for being a girl. “Are you sure you’re a boy?” “Would you rather be a girl?”

Fred Reed wrote some articles on what today’s “teacher” activists are doing to the kids especially boys, their “feminization with fangs,” and this follow-up in which he says he dislikes the “feminized, therapeutic view of schools as places not to teach anything but to engage in Pavlovian conditioning of kids to female norms of syrupy goodness … conformity, and warm interpersonal glop. Learning anything gets short shrift.”

So, what we have in the schools is really just child abuse and emotional abuse. I don’t want to get into all that here like I did in this recent article.

But the boys are being conditioned to suppress their natural masculinity, and their individual personalities as well. Conformity and obedience to the “teacher” activists are required. And if the girls express their natural femininity and show their nurturing instincts and want to play with dolls, it sounds like they are discouraged as well.

It’s an anti-gender cult pervading the schools now, in my view. Add “Common Core” to the mix and we have real trouble.

And how is all that kind of irrationality and abuse, combined with the video games and psychiatric drugs, going to affect the kids? Hmmm?

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