Who Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipe Lines?

Pepe Escobar has this enlightening analysis of the sabotage of the Nord stream pipe lines, and to find motive he brings up some important historical facts, including the zeal of the neocons and the ‘Straussians.” Is this the beginning of an intra-NATO war now? Is it possible that the warmongering Swamp in Washington will do anything to preserve its empire and hegemony overseas, including starting new wars against Germany (and Japan)?

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Another 9/11 Anniversary

Sunday is the 21st year of 9/11, and we’re having the usual memorials now. Many people now weren’t even born at that time. I’m sure the young people have been getting the usual government propaganda in the schools on 9/11, but not the truth. Just like the older people have been getting from TV/media/government/Hollywood, etc.

I posted an overview of the whole 9/11 thing in 2019, and reposted that in 2020 and 2021, so now I will repost it again for those who are craving for the truth and maybe have a feeling that the official government/media/academia/Hollywood narrative of 9/11 may not be totally truthful, especially after 5 years of Russia-collusion lies and 2+ years of Covid lies, hypocrisies and counterproductive and harmful mandates imposed by fascists.

Here is the post from 2019:

Today is the 18th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the New York World Trade Center, the Pentacon, and in Pennsylvania. Where was I on that day? Well, I was here in this same apartment sitting at my table doing some writing and my father (now deceased) called at around 10 am saying that their trip that they were going to go on that day was canceled and he told me why. Hmm.

The government’s propaganda began immediately on that day and after. 99% of the news media were the White House press spokesmen. There was no discussion of the attackers stated motives, or the history of U.S. government and military’s invasions, bombings and occupations of the Middle East in the 10 years prior to that time. Anyone who did mention those things was labeled “Anti-America,” or “blaming America” for the attacks. Sean Hannity has been especially bad in that regard ever since that time. He is the worst of the worst as far as apparatchiks for the national security state are concerned. I just thought I’d mention that.

However, given that Hannity and all the other radio ditto-heads are accepting of the idea that actual U.S. government FBI, CIA etc. abused their powers including FISA spying in the Russiagate fiasco, maybe now some of these obedient worshipers of the national security state can at least consider the possibility that the official 9/11 narrative isn’t what the government has been telling us for 18 years. (But, I am not holding my breath.)

So, I’m sure that a lot of people reading this post will just skim it and not really take it seriously or click on any of the links for further information. This is because they are satisfied with what the government and its spokespeople of the mainstream media have been telling us since September 11, 2001. All these things they haven’t heard about must be merely whack-job “conspiracy theory” and all that. But there are still some people who are open to the truth.

In the years prior to the attacks, Congressman Ron Paul had several times warned that the U.S. government’s interventionist policies and war that it started against Iraq and elsewhere and Iraqi sanctions would cause blowback and retaliation within our shores. (And the response? Crickets.)

Addendum: For information on the U.S. government’s pre-9/11 sanctions on Iraq throughout the 1990s and their effects, see Jacob Hornberger, Sanctions: the cruel and brutal war against the Iraqi people, and James Bovard, Iraqi sanctions and American intentions: blameless carnage?

It’s amazing just how brainwashed so many people can be by daily propaganda, watching the TV news, listening to chickenhawk warmonger conservative talk radio, and so forth. “Al Qaeda.” “Osama bin Laden,” and “Islamic” were words that people heard over and over and over, but they rarely heard about Saudi Arabia and blowback.

I don’t know what else to write so I will post links to some new and old articles on the subject, and maybe some videos.

James Bovard on the 9/11 Commission, a bootlicking national disgrace.

Paul Sperry from the New York Post writes this week how Robert Mueller helped Saudi Arabia cover up its role in 9/11.

Related to that, a year ago “28 Pages,” which documents Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11, had an exclusive article on FBI telling a counterterrorism agent not to help 9/11 victims build their case against Saudi Arabia because that might harm U.S.-Saudi relations. (Doh!)

Prior to 9/11 the FBI were told by the Bush Administration to lay off the bin Laden family and Saudi connections to terrorism.

Paul Craig Roberts writes today:

Over the years I have reported the findings of scientists, engineers, and architects that indicate that the official story is false.I had an open mind for two reasons.One is that having been an engineering student, I could tell the difference from a building falling down from asymmetrical structural damage and a building blowing up.The other is that having been involved in policy issues in Washington for a quarter century I knew that such a humiliating defeat suffered by the world’s only superpower at the hands of a few Muslim terrorists would have brought instant demands from the White House, Congress, and media for investigation into how every aspect of the American national security state failed simultaneously on one morning.Instead the White House resisted the 9/11 families demands for an investigation for one year and never delivered a forensic investigation.Instead, the country was given a 9/11 Commission Report that was merely the government’s official story of what happened.No heads rolled.No one was fired or even reprimanded.To hold no one accountable for such a massive failure and humiliating defeat is not a believable response if the official 9/11 story is true.

Washington’s Blog: Everything we’re doing now was planned before 9/11. And Washington asks, Will the mainstream media ever report on the numerous admitted false flag terror attacks? Many examples given. And another post about U.S. government’s foreknowledge and aiding and abetting the terrorists.

The Guardian: Osama bin Laden had ties to CIA

David Ray Griffin asks, Where is the evidence that Osama bin Laden had responsibility in 9/11? (Remember, Hannity et al. have been complaining ad nauseam, and rightly, that people accusing Trump of “Russia collusions” do not have any evidence, and so on. Evidence is important.) The FBI’s 10 most wanted list included Osama bin Laden because of the African embassy and USS Cole bombings, but NOT because of 9/11 because they had no evidence linking the two. Further info from the Muckraker Report. Read Griffin’s book, Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive?

In 2009 the Daily Mail asked, Has Osama bin Laden been dead for 7 years?

An early 2002 Dan Rather CBS News report on bin Laden’s serious illness:

A December, 2001 Fox News story, still online: Bin Laden already dead.

Of course, how could Osama bin Laden have been killed and thrown out to sea by SEAL Team 6 in 2011 if bin Laden had already died in 2001 or 2002? Paul Craig Roberts again with some questions.

Another question to ask is what caused the helicopter crash in Afghanistan that killed several SEAL Team 6 members who were involved in the Osama bin Laden “killing” just a couple months before that.

And Paul Joseph Watson on the Bin Laden fable shortly after he was “killed” in 2011. While Steve Watson explains the U.S. government’s history of fake bin Laden tapes.

Former CIA asset Susan Lindauer, a whistleblower who was railroaded and labeled a psychiatric case by USGov, explains more truth about 9/11, and the missing security tapes for the World Trade Center.

Here is an interview in which Lindauer tells about her experiences:

James Corbett with an hour-long discussion on who was really behind the 9/11 attacks:

And here is a video documentary from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth explaining the evidence that explosions brought down the World Trade Center, and not the fire caused by planes crashing into the buildings:

I admit it. I’m a “truther.” That’s because the truth is important. And as the late Justin Raimondo wrote, the opposite of a “truther” is a “liar.”

More Truthful and Factual Information Not from “Mainstream” Media

Gary Barnett: Trump Worshipers, Trump Lies, Election Idiocy, and the Truth About Collectivist Political Madness

Steve Kirsch: Exclusive: Proof That Israel Found Serious Safety Problems with the Covid Vaccines Then Deliberately Covered It Up

Michael Boldin: A Dangerous Strategy

Peter Rykowski: Nullification: How States Can Rein In Federal Spending

Life Site: Big Tech Met Regularly with Biden Officials to Discuss What to Censor, According to Court Documents

Lew Rockwell: Everything You Love You Owe to Capitalism

Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve Wants You Fired

Dave DeCamp: Ultra-Hawk Liz Truss to Be Next British Prime Minister

Veteran Intelligence Professionals: Ukraine Decision Time for Biden

Jacob Hornberger: Mysterious Falls from High Buildings

Pepe Escobar: Which Crime Syndicate Murdered Darya Dugina?

Daniel Horowitz: Do We Still Need a Federal Government?

Andrew Napolitano: Why Donald Trump Will Soon Be Indicted

James Bovard: Lessons from Biden’s Disinformation Board Debacle

Joseph Mercola: Finance ‘Guru’ Reveals Financial Collapse and Covid Jab Data

David Gordon Reviews Thomas DiLorenzo’s Book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Economics

Connor Freeman and Will Porter: Saudis Use Orwellian App to Identify Dissidents, Imprisoning Some for Decades

And J.D. Tuccille: New York Set to Hobble “Legal” Cannabis with Taxes and Regulations

Joe Biden: “MAGA Republicans” Are a Threat, Trump Supporters Are “Semi-Fascists”

Last night apparently was Joe Biden’s speech on how bad “MAGA Republicans” are, that they are opposed to democracy and are a threat to democracy and to the country and how the MAGAs are promoting violence.

Hmm. So everything Biden is accusing republicans of is what he and his fellow democrats are guilty of. In 2020 there was riot after riot by BLM and Antifa, billions in property damage, dozens of people murdered and hundreds of people injured including cops, businesses burned to the ground (businesses which employed black people and other minorities — so much for “black lives matter”!). Public office holders and pols especially democrats promoted and approved of the riots, looting, arson, etc. Kommiela Harris said the rioting, looting and arson “will not stop” and “should not stop.”

And regarding January 6th, like the Michigan governor kidnapping plot that was concocted and advanced by the FBI in an attempt to entrap hapless right-wingers, there is plenty of evidence to show that January 6th was an entrapment scheme instigated by the FBI with the help of Antifa. We know the timeline shows that Trump was still speaking at his rally when the rioting had already begun at the Capitol, and when actual attendees to Trump’s rally made their way to the Capitol they were let in voluntarily by police.

Meanwhile, Biden’s fed goons have been holding many January 6th prisoners in indefinite detention, in some cases solitary confinement, people who merely “wandered around the Capitol in a daze” and committed no violence. Biden’s FBI and DOJ goes after Peter Navarro and Roger Stone (not two of my favorites, that’s for sure), for “process crimes” but the gubmint goons dare not touch Ray Epps and other FBI instigators, or the 2020 violent rioters, arsonists, looters, and murderers.

Now, Biden has also called Trump supporters “semi-fascists,” i.e. fascists because “semi” means nothing here. Meanwhile, Biden imposes executive orders on this, that and the other thing, totally unconstitutional (but then, so did Trump!).

Many democrat (and some republican) governors and mayors imposed Covid-related orders on businesses to close down, with no due process whatsoever. There was no scientific evidence at that time to support lockdowns. And already by March 2020 officials knew that “The Virus” had a very low infection fatality rate like seasonal flu, and that many people with “The Virus” had NO SYMPTOMS! Businesses were ordered shut down with no evidence that their being open was any threat to the public or the “public health”! Governors and mayors ordering businesses shut down with no due process was outright FASCISM in no uncertain terms! Biden himself called for shutdowns, mandatory mask and vaccine orders. Total fascist!

However, Biden is sort of right about the republicans, conservatives or Trump supporters being fascists, because some of the policies many of them support are fascist policies.

For instance, many of those people support the war on drugs, and the vicious police state that goes with it. Laws prohibiting the people from ingesting, possessing, buying or selling a drug are fascist laws. The government presumes to own your body when it says you may or may not ingest a particular substance. In contrast, if the individual owned one’s own body, it is the individual’s right to decide what substances that individual will or will not ingest.

And the government has no moral or constitutional authority to forbid people from owning or possessing something, or from buying or selling something from willing and consensual buyers or sellers, whether that be drugs or guns, or booze or chickens. Prohibitions of these kinds are fascist prohibitions. As Leonard E. Read would say, “anything that’s peaceful.” As long as you are peaceful and don’t violate the persons or property of others, don’t steal or commit acts of aggression against others, the government must leave people alone. (Unless, of course, the people want a fascist government to tell them what to do or what not to do. Only idiots want that, in my view.)

And the republicans and conservatives are also fascists in their supporting the current system of immigration controls. When a business is privately owned, the businessperson decides whom to hire or not to hire, including immigrants. Who owns the business? The owner. Ownership is control. Under fascism, the government has the ultimate control and is the ultimate decider of who may or may not get to work at whatever particular business. When a business owner has to get permission from a bureaucrat to hire someone, or to do anything really, that’s a fascist kind of relationship. (Actually, that’s socialism, when a business owner has to get the government’s permission to do something or hire someone, but fascism is actually a form of socialism, ultimately.)

If conservatives, “MAGA” people and republicans want to end the immigration crisis, rather than support fascism and a police state on the border, they can try ending support for the war on drugs, which is a major cause of the immigration problem. And end support of U.S. government’s foreign aid to corrupt governments, like those in Central America, whose corrupt governments are fused with the drug cartels which wouldn’t exist were it not for U.S. government’s prohibition and the dreaded “War on Drugs.”

Important Information and Commentary Not from Corporate Media

John Whitehead: The American Kleptocracy: A Government of Liars, Thieves and Lawbreakers

Matt Agorist: New Law Punishes Doctors Who Challenge the Established Narrative on Covid-19

Jordan Schachtel: New Docs Confirm Pentagon Unlawfully Forced U.S. Service Members to Take Unlicensed Covid Shots

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David Stockman: Europe’s Coming Winter From Hell: Thanks for Your Sanctions War, Washington!

Joseph Mercola: CDC Backtracks on Covid Guidance as Damning Studies Mount

Mike Masnick: The Public Paid For Moderna’s mRNA Vaccine Tech; the Fact That Moderna Is Suing Over the Patent Is a Travesty

Douglas Macgregor: Joe Biden’s Demand of ‘Unconditional Surrender’ to Russia Will Fail

Rhoda Wilson: Surveillance Reveals Which Side Intelligence Agencies Are On

Doug Casey: The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Brian Shilhavy: Studies Show Fertility Rates Plummet Worldwide Following Covid-19 Vaccines

Chris MacIntosh: Is the Food Crisis Over or Just Getting Started?

And Gateway Pundit: FBI Caught in MAJOR LIE in Indictment of Oath Keepers Attorney Kellye SoRelle — They Arrested Her One Week after She Secretly Agreed to Testify in Support of Oath Keepers Leaders

More Info on Civil Liberties, Freedom of Speech and Other Matters, Not from Corporate Media

John Whitehead: Weaponizing the Bureaucracy: Who Will Protect Us from the Government’s Standing Army?

Andrew Napolitano: On Government Invasions of Private Property

J.D. Tuccille: Mandatory National Service Is a Morally Bankrupt Idea

Sheldon Richman: Jefferson on Not Trusting the State

Jonathan Turley: Twitter’s “Tricky” Timing Problem: Lawsuit Reveals Back Channel with CDC to Coordinate Censorship

Marjorie Cohn: Mike Pompeo and CIA Sued for Illegal Surveillance of Julian Assange’s Visitors

Eve Ottenberg: The Biden-Trump Persecution of Julian Assange

James Bovard: Ruby Ridge, 30 years ago, helps explain the FBI’s ‘Gestapo’ image

Anthony Gregory and Lloyd Billingsley: Ruby Ridge Remembered: Militarized Central State Versus Individual Life and Liberty

And Ryan McMaken: Falling Military Recruitment Is Another Sign of Waning Faith in the Regime

Important Information Not from Corporate Media

Madhava Setty: Must-Read Book Asks: Why, After 7 Decades, Don’t We Have Proof Vaccines Provide More Benefit Than Risk?

J.D. Tuccille: Something Upon Which Americans Can Agree: The FBI and the IRS Suck

Brian Shilhavy: White House Orders 171 Million Doses of “New” Boosters for the Pro-Vaxxers Still Alive as Covid Vaccine Market Dwindles

Paul Sperry: FBI Unit Leading Mar-a-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Discredited Trump-Russia Investigation

Jon Rappoport: The Psychiatric Drugs Scam

Jordan Schachtel: Biden Admin Officials Scramble to Escape Blame for Unlawful Pentagon Order Mandating mRNA for Troops

Michelle Malkin: Beware of Big Bathroom Brother

Brett Wilkins: CIA ‘Blatantly Violated’ Rights of Journalists and Lawyers Visiting Julian Assange: Lawsuit

Natural News: Covid Vaccine Trials Led to Birth Defects and Terminated Pregnancies, FOIA Requests Show

Sheldon Richman: The Coming New and Improved IRS

Jonathan Cook: Why Is Amnesty International Apologizing for Telling the Truth About Ukrainian War Crimes?

Andrew Napolitano: Trump and the Department of Justice

Steve Watson: Report: FBI Raid Targeted Docs Trump Collected To “Exonerate” Himself From Russiagate Hoax

Joseph Mercola: Who Is Behind the Trusted News Initiative?

And Walter Block: How the Government Exacerbates Cancer

Important News and Commentary

John Kiriakou: J. Edgar Hoover’s Evil Brainchild

Jon Rappoport: Did Dr. Mengele Know He Was Dr. Mengele?

Mike Maharrey: The Federal Government Is Too Big; George Mason Warned Us

Douglas Young: Secular Political Fanatics

Joseph Mercola: United Nations Penalizes Criticisms Against Elitist Takeover

Margot Cleveland: FBI Director Calls Legit Criticism Of Corrupt FBI ‘Violence,’ But We Weren’t Born Yesterday

Jim Fitzgerald: American Hegemony and the Politics of Provocation

Thomas DiLorenzo: Alexander Bidenton’s Standing IRS Army

Naomi Wolf: American Massacre. Steve Kirsch Claims “Hundreds of Thousands” of mRNA-Vaccine-related Deaths, “Millions” of Injuries. Is He Right?

Shane McCarver: In Rebuke of the Dishonorable David Petraeus

And Laurence Vance: The Problem with Marijuana Legalization

The FBI Invasion of Mar-a-Lago

Last week the FBI perpetrated a siege on the “Mar-a-Lago” Florida home of Donald Trump to search the premises for supposedly classified material from the White House to be used by FBI in a bogus “espionage” case against Trump.

The FBI told Trump and his attorneys they were not allowed to accompany the FBI goons in their search, and FBI ordered Trump to turn off surveillance cameras, which Trump didn’t do. The Trump people watched the search on surveillance footage and saw rooms being entered that FBI were not authorized to enter.

Hmm. Now WHY would the FBI feel it necessary to not allow Trump’s attorneys to be present during the search? What could the ONLY reason be? Because maybe the FBI were HIDING something? Ya think? Like planting false evidence to use to falsely frame Trump in some terrible things? Or to bug the place?)

This reminds me of election night of 2020 when the vote counting stopped in several states simultaneously (after seeing that Trump was winning in a landslide), and in many polling locations Republican observers were made to leave the premises. And then on subsequent video we could see, when the coast was clear, the cheaters and fraudsters bringing in boxes, suitcases and coolers and doing their ballot stuffing, and so on.

And that is what criminals do. And that is what the Swamp is.

Meanwhile, the feds are keeping Trump supporters and conservatives in jails and solitary confinement without trial after over a year since the January 6th Capitol chaos that FBI/antifa instigated.

So, here are yet further reasons to abolish the FBI (and the NSA, CIA, DHS, TSA, as well as the CDC, NIH, FDA, and the other corrupt gangsters and the IRS that redistributes your earnings to fund them).

I really hope that eventually the “MAGA” supporters who “love America” will finally come to realize that government central planning does not work, in ANY way, and that full decentralization is what is required to restore freedom and prosperity in our society.

And that is what I have to say about that.

More News and Commentary on Orwellian USSA

Brian Shilhavy: 142 New Cases of Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries in Babies Added to VAERS as CDC Now States “Unvaccinated People Have Same Guidance as Vaccinated”

Meryl Nass: How the Monkeypox Scam Mirrors the Covid Scam

Gateway Pundit: Sperry: FBI Agents Involved in Trump Raid are Under Criminal Investigation by Durham for Abusing Their Power in Trump-Russia Probe

Natural News: IRS Annual Report Shows Heavily Armed Agents Training to Shoot People-Shaped Targets… IRS Is Building a Massive Paramilitary Force Armed with “Weapons of War”

Ludwig von Mises: Economic Causes of War

And Jennifer J. Schulp and Norbert Michel: Government Surveillance Doesn’t Stop at Your Bank’s Door

News and Commentary to Counter the MSM Narrative

Mike Maharrey: Resistance is Crucial to the Advancement of Liberty

J. Bracken Lee: The Income Tax Really Is Evil

Jacob Hornberger: Invoking the Fifth, and Immigration Socialism, the Drug War, and a Police State

Larry Beane: Our Idiocracy Medical Establishment

Steve Kirsch: Fourteen Young Canadian Docs Die after Getting the Shot. Normally Would Be ~0 Over 30 Years.

Davis Taylor: Will ACAM2000 Be America’s New Vaccine Disaster?

Jonathan Cook: How the Pentagon Dictates Hollywood Storylines

Sharyl Attkisson: (CENSORED) Google Censors Factually Accurate Info about Covid and Donald Trump at SharylAttkisson.com

Gateway Pundit: Democrats Just Hired 87,000 More IRS Employees to Harass, Attack Americans — Here’s a List of the Conservative Groups the Obama IRS Targeted in 2012

Michelle Malkin: FBI: Feds Behaving Incorrigibly

James Bovard: FBI Trump Raid Exposes Washington’s Secrecy Shams

Mark Thornton: Thomas Piketty Wants to Bring Back Communism in the Guise of Democratic Socialism

Lew Rockwell: Robert F. Kennedy Jr Exposes Big Pharma’s Covid Plot To Destroy Us

Nicolas Gregoris: It Is Time to Put the Red Flag to Red-Flag Laws

Natural News: Researcher Who Helped Approve Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Was Recently Outed for Fabricating Data to Obtain NIH Grants

Doug Bandow: Did Nancy Pelosi Put the U.S. and China on a Path to War?

And Gregg Stanley: The First Armageddon: August 9th, 1945.

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