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More News and Opinion Not from Regime Media

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Joseph Mercola ( What Safety Studies Have Been Done on mRNA Swine Vaccines?

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Patrick Eddington ( The FBI’s Anti-Encryption Campaign

Doug Casey ( On the Growing Wave of Corporations Committing Suicide

And James Howard Kunstler ( The Smell of Goose Cooking

News and Opinion (Not from Regime Media)

Jacob Hornberger ( The U.S. Military’s Recruiting Crisis Is a Positive Sign

Joseph Mercola ( How Pfizer Bribes Led to Vaccine Mandates, and One Health’ — The Global Takeover of Everything

Lee Fang ( Pfizer Quietly Financed Groups Lobbying for Covid Vaccine Mandates

Brian McGlinchey ( America’s First Black President Left A Legacy Of Slavery

Peter McCullough ( Prostate Cancer in Men Who Became Transgender Women

Ted Galen Carpenter ( Washington’s Egregious Deceptions About the Russia-Ukraine War

Cullen Linebarger ( REPORT: Rupert Murdoch and Son Lachlan Secretly Met With Ukrainian Dictator Volodymyr Zelenskyy Before Ousting Tucker Carlson – Were “Disturbed” By Tucker’s Stance on Ukraine

Naomi Wolf ( Pfizer, FDA, Dr Walensky Knew Fetuses, Babies Died

Ted Snider ( Russia’s Military Performance Doesn’t Match the Propaganda

Charles Burris ( Superlawyer Robert Barnes — The Real History of Robert Kennedy Jr.

And John Whitehead ( Disarm the IRS, De-Militarize the Bureaucracy, and Dismantle the Standing Army

More Reasons Why I Refer to the “Regime Media”

In that discussion between journalists Glenn Greenwald and Tucker Carlson, Greenwald notes how the corporate media’s role used to be entrusted to investigate and document the facts about “The Powers That Be,” about government officials and corporate executives, and to expose the elites’ corruption and wrongdoing.

But now, what corporate media have become is just another branch of the government. They work for the government, essentially, and carry the water for bureaucrats, lie for them and obediently promote their agenda and disseminate their propaganda.

They are the Regime Media, in other words.

So when Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Bradley Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden come along and publish documents and videos that expose the regime’s corruption, the regime media condemn, smear, and lie about these alternative media journalists who tell the truth about our Rulers.

It was the same with Covid. Those honest journalists who exposed the truth about oxygen-depriving bacteria-collecting face masks, fascist lockdowns, the absurdity of quarantining healthy people, the faulty PCR tests, and snake-oil mRNA “vaccines” that are not vaccines, the Establishment medical community and the regime media went after those truth-tellers, smeared and libeled and censored them.

This change in how the media work and how those in various industries such as the medical cartel work coincides with the growing authoritarianism among the masses, in their obedience to the government. Mainly that’s it.

Deference to authority, regardless how corrupt, ignorant, foolish and criminal those in authority are now.

Here are some more recent articles on the 21-year-old National Guard airman Jack Teixeira who allegedly mishandled “classified” documents, and the corporate “news” media’s involvement in this possibly pre-set-up “national security” psy-op. And other recent articles on related issues.

Larry Johnson ( More Unanswered Red Flags Regarding Jack Texeira, and More Discussion About the Leaked Intelligence Documents

The Last Refuge ( About that New York Times Story Concerning the “Online Leak” of U.S. Ukraine and Geopolitical Plans

Joe Hoft (Thegatewaypundit.conm): NYT Shares Story of How Journalists Found Ukraine Leaker Before the Deep State – Leads to More Questions than Answers

Elizabeth Vos ( Corporate Media Are the Anti-WikiLeaks

Thomas Knapp ( Mainstream Media Turn Coats on ‘National Security’ Leaks

James Bovard ( Endangering Washington’s Divine Right to Deceive

Alexandra Bruce ( Leaks, Clotshots, and Tranny Psyops

Martin Jay ( Pentagon Leaked Papers Are Probably Fake. So Who’s Behind Them?

Strategic Culture Editorial ( Collateral Murder 13 Years On… Julian Assange Persecuted for Truth-Telling

Paul Serran ( ‘Reign’: New Israeli Spyware Targeting Journalists All Over the World

And here are some past articles on similar issues of media corruption and their enmeshment with government. (I have previously posted this same list of links.)

Former New York Times Editor Lauren Wolfe: “I’m a Biased Journalist and I’m Okay With That.”

Report — Clinton Campaign: NYT’s Maggie Haberman “Friendly Journalist” Who “Never Disappointed”

New York Times a “Propaganda Megaphone” for War, Says Former Reporter

LEAKED: NYT Asks Clinton Staff For Permission To Use Parts Of Interview

Here’s A List Of The 5 Biggest NY Times Screw Ups This Year (2017)

Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA

The Civil War at The New York Times

Bari Weiss NYT Resignation Letter

Washington Post retracts story about Russian hack at US utility

CNN Director Reveals That Network Exaggerates Covid Death Numbers Because “Fear Drives Numbers” (TV Ratings)

7 Times CNN Botched The News In 2017

Three CNN Employees Resign Over Botched Trump-Russia Story

ABC News Suspends Brian Ross After Fake Bombshell Story

The List: 32 Lies and Disputed Stories NBC News Let Brian Williams Tell for a Decade

It Would Appear NBC Buried Some Key Details About Their Medical Expert’s ‘Coronavirus Battle’

Bob Schieffer  and journalistic “objectivity”

Sharyl Attkisson resigns from CBS News

Questions About the FBI’s Role in January 6th Are Mocked Because the FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media

White House ‘Flagging’ Posts for Facebook to Censor Over Covid ‘Misinformation’

Project Veritas Obtains New Insider Tape Revealing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Top Executive Heidi Swartz Prioritize Punishing Truth Seekers Over Acknowledging Secret Censorship of ‘Actually True Events or Facts’

Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News

Google Treats Six Conservative Media Sites as Fake News, But Zero Liberal Ones

Shocking Proof How Google Censors Health News

Google Is Taking Censorship of Health Websites to The Next Level

Twitter Censors Famed Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff

Twitter purges accounts, and conservatives cry foul

Media Suppression of 8 Key Stories ‘Stole This Election’ for Joe Biden

How the media covered up the Hunter Biden story — until after the election

Revolving Door: Obama Staffers Who Joined NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, Now Headed to Biden Admin

Much of Your “News” Is Government Propaganda and Corporate Propaganda

Some important articles today:

A Handful of Companies Control Global Propaganda by Joseph Mercola

The U.S. Could Use Some Separation Of Media And State by Caitlin Johnstone

And this:


A Mental Health Crisis in USSA America

There is a mental health crisis in America, in USSA now. In New York we have a DA making things up to go after Donald Trump on behalf of the establishment elites in government, the corporate world, academia and the media.

Many brainwashed sheeple all over the place love Leviathan in Washington. And they love the evil establishment that controls it. This is why people have been going after Donald Trump: because he dared to criticize, provoke and unmask the criminals of the establishment (at the same time of being one of them?).

One mental health crisis is the cult of sheeple who worship the State and its water carriers. But another mental health crisis we have now is the transgender cult. And it is a cult.

Look, I don’t care if someone is a biological male but thinks or insists he is a female and wants to live his life as a female. But when people want to compel others to have to accept such a thing openly and in a conforming, obedient and compliant kind of way, that’s a problem.

One example is the athletes who are insisting on competing on the teams of the opposite sex. Especially with the biological males who want to compete against the biological females, claiming that they also are females when clearly they have the biological and physical advantages over females that males obviously have. So they win all the competitions. Is this “fair”? No, obviously not.

But the activists clearly insist on letting biological males compete with females in athletics. NCAA swimming champion Riley Gaines was speaking out on behalf of protecting women in sports. But an angry crowd tormented her and held her hostage, and she was “hit multiple times by a guy in a dress.”

So, what is it with those so-called trans activists? I guess they are against women’s rights. I guess they are also against treating others decently. 

And then there is this guy in his mid-20s Dylan something, who is a biological male pretending to be a female and now being promoted by Budweiser and Nike to be in their ads highlighting his transgenderism.

But in his videos he is apparently mocking women and sounding obnoxious. So why are Budweiser and Nike promoting this person? What is wrong with the people at Budweiser and Nike?

And then we have a high proportion of recent mass killers being alleged self-proclaimed transgender. Most recently was Audrey Hale a biological female who claimed to be male who shot little kids at a school in Nashville.

Incidentally, why haven’t the Nashville police released Hale’s “manifesto” that might give us more insight on her motivation? What are they hiding?

Anyway, the latest one is a 19-year-old biological male who identifies as a female who was just arrested for plotting to bomb and shoot up 3 schools in Colorado Springs. Luckily, his sister acted upon his threatening her and being violent and she called the police on him.

And what’s going in in the schools now? The LGBT activists have gone far beyond advocating for “gay rights” or “trans rights,” in their pushing sexual stuff in the schools, pushing the “drag queen” stuff onto the kids and no wonder people are being accused of being “groomers,” and pedophiles. You see what these sex-obsessed activists are doing to kids now. Sexual stuff is NOT for little kids. Children are not sexual, they are just children. Leave the kids alone!

So the pushing of sexual stuff onto little kids is a form of molesting, in my view. The children who are subjected to this invasive crap know deep down that it is invasive, because sexuality is a private thing. They know deep down that the invasive “adults” who are pushing the sexual crap are in fact being invasive and intrusive. This invasiveness will affect these innocent little kids at some point. (But later on psychologists and psychiatrists will be making a lot of money, obviously.)

And this has been going on for years now, in addition to the post-9/11 government terrorists of the Bush administration with the TSA child molesting and school “terrorism drills,” the “climate change” terrorists terrorizing the kids throughout the 2000s and 2010s, and more recently the Covid terrorists locking little kids in their homes and suffocating them with oxygen-depriving face gags, that people are STILL doing, for crissakes!

No wonder little kids are growing up (well, getting older, not exactly “growing up”) living in fear, not knowing what their actual gender is, not wanting to live a normal life, and in many cases suffering from depression and anxiety.

And besides the transgender cult now, we have that “climate” cult. And that is a cult as well. Everything now is about “climate change,” even though there is no scientific evidence to prove that human industrial activity is causing the climate to actually change. The climate has been changing, warming trends and ice ages, for hundreds of millions of years, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

But the fanatical cultists — and there are millions and millions of brainwashed fanatical climate cultists — insist that we no longer use fossil fuels and must use battery-operated vehicles that will not be able to run on wind and solar in the long term, it’s just impossible as Perry Como would say. And no more regular light bulbs, they insist we must use the light bulbs that emit poisonous fumes and must be recycled for no good reason.

I was going to conclude there, but I just heard that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is saying that the government should use eminent domain to take private property away from its owners in the name of solar and green projects, and saying there’s no time to lose now. Hmm, isn’t that what communists do, Jamie? They steal property from others.

Dimon said, “we simply are not getting the adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives,” according to the Daily Caller.

“Massive global investment in clean energy in technologies must be done and must continue to grow year-over-year…To expedite progress, governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations need to align across a series of practical policy changes that comprehensively address fundamental issues that are holding us back.”

So now Jamie Dimon turns out to be another one of those brainwashed by the climate cult to believe that the entire society must get involved in, well, climate communism, quite frankly. That is what these lunatics want. Everything is based on the religious cult of climatism. And now we can say Commie Jamie is all in.

JPMorgan Chase, by the way, has assets of $3.67 trillion — that’s “trillion” with a “T” — (all of which will be gone after the Biden administration totally wrecks the economy, which they appear to be doing deliberately, on top of intentionally provoking a nuclear war with Russia).

Yes, there is a mental health crisis in America, USSA.

20 Years of Iraq War, and Other War, Military and “National Security” Related News and Commentary

Responsible Statecraft ( Symposium: Aside from Bush & Cheney who is at fault for the Iraq War?

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Chris Hedges ( The Lord of Chaos

Caitlin Johnstone ( Stop Calling The Iraq War A ‘Mistake’: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, and Empire-Funded Think Tanks Are Not Valid Sources: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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Laurence Vance ( Oversight of Billions for Ukraine Is Not What Is Needed

David Knox ( Major U.S. Outlets Found Hersh’s Nord Stream Scoop Too Hot to Handle

Ryan McMaken ( No, We Don’t Need More Nuclear Weapons

Charles Burris ( Operation Mockingbird 2023: The CIA and the Media, and The 1980 October Surprise Scandal Proven True

What Do I Mean by “Brainwashed”? Who Is Brainwashed?

Every now and then I refer to some people as being “brainwashed,” and I just wanted to clarify that.

By “brainwashed” I am not talking about someone waving a watch in front of your face and hypnotizing you, and planting suggestions into your head in that kind of way.

Many people are brainwashed, or indoctrinated is another word, by hearing the same things over and over repeatedly for weeks and months and years, and believing what they’ve been hearing over and over.

For example, many people sit in their government school classrooms with the “Pledge of Allegiance,” a.k.a Pledge of Obedience to the State, and made to recite that every day for 12 years. They also hear about how wonderful and awesome and important the President of the United States is, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

So a lot of the brainwashing or indoctrination in government schools is drilling into the kids over and over just how awesome and great the government and its employees are in Washington, and in the State House and local City Hall. (Not.)

By my observation, America’s schoolchildren go to the government schools a.k.a. indoctrination prison camps, to get the brainwashing of State worship drilled into them, so they graduate at age 18 not particularly knowing how to read and write and do math and to think critically, but how to be good little slaves, i.e. citizens.

12 straight years of statolatry, in other words. As Ludwig von Mises put it, “the worship of the State is the worship of force.” People tend to love, worship and obey an institution of force, compulsion and violence, (the State) rather than devote themselves to peace, freedom and voluntary action. The crazed frothing to go to war with Russia is a good example. Millions of brainwashed Americans support war for no good reason.

Only brainwashed sheeple supported the U.S. going over to foreign lands like Korea and Vietnam and bombing and murdering their people, even though neither Korea nor Vietnam had ever attacked or threatened the U.S. And only brainwashed Americans supported “the war effort” after the publication of the Pentagon Papers!

The same thing with U.S. military invading and bombing Iraq in 1991, and its starting new wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq (again) in the early 2000s.

The Democrat and Republican parties are two branches of government in the U.S. And that is why third parties never get their foot in the door in politics and government. The two major parties have by law restricted the rights of other parties and candidates from getting their names on the ballots in elections. And because of the mass brainwashing — from 12 years of government school indoctrination prison camps as well as from mass media, entertainment and Hollywood — the non-government parties have been ignored by the “mainstream” corporate “news” media. (The government media, in other words.)

And this is why most people among the population reject the idea of Libertarian Party candidates getting into office, and reject the ideas promoted by the Libertarian candidates. Those ideas including non-interventionism in foreign policy and ending all tax-funded foreign aid, ending all government-run “schools” and letting private and voluntary education programs flourish, recognizing that involuntary taxation is nothing but theft and thus ending all income taxes and closing down the IRS, etc. And those are the main policies that are needed to be enacted in a free society.

Alas, many people reject the idea of a free society, because, yes, they are brainwashed. They are brainwashed to accept being slaves of the government and of bureaucrats, slaves of thieving sniveling political apparatchiks, and the sheeple love their slave masters and love being enslaved. Oh, well.

Articles, News and Opinion You Won’t Get from MSM

Ryan McMaken ( Secession Is Inevitable. War to Prevent It Is Optional.

Jonathan Turley ( Yes, Hate Speech Is Protected Under the First Amendment

Jacob Hornberger ( RATO and NATO

Jonathan Cook ( How Social Networks Became a ‘Subsidiary’ of the FBI and CIA

George F. Smith ( The Last Lie Government Will Ever Tell

Alfred de Zayas ( Lessons Not Learned From the Pentagon Papers

Peter Van Buren ( Ukraine Is Afghanistan All Over Again

J.D. Tuccille ( SCOTUS Says Domestic Spying Is Too Secret To Be Challenged in Court

Matt Taibbi ( Twitter Files: GEC, New Knowledge, and State-Sponsored Blacklists

James Bovard ( Disastrous Waco Raid 30 Years Ago Still Fuels Extremism

Gary Barnett ( The Uselessness, Risk, and Extreme Danger of Physical Mass Protest As a Solution to Tyranny

Joseph Mercola ( Fake Meat Has a Real Problem

James Murphy ( New Paper Debunks Claim That Hurricanes Are Getting Worse Due to Climate Change

William Astore ( The Military-Industrial Complex and American Fascism

Charles Burris ( The Fascist Origins of the EU

RT ( NBC Journalist Added to Ukrainian ‘Kill List’

Michael Snyder ( Food Industry Insider Warns Of Contaminated Crops As A Result Of The East Palestine Environmental Disaster

And Jason Sorens ( Treating Adults like Children

Kamala Harris Continues U.S. Government Hypocrisy with War Crimes Accusations

Kamala Harris appeared in Munich, Germany at a “Security Conference,” and accused Russia of war crimes, and said that the “United States has formally determined that Russia has committed crimes against humanity.”

Well, talk about “the pot calling the kettle black,” with all the war crimes and “crimes against humanity” committed against innocent civilians by the U.S. government!

We can start with various crimes committed against Americans by their own U.S. government, such as mandating dangerous and harmful experimental drug injections by fraudulent calling them “vaccines” that are not vaccines.

And, while withholding Americans’ own oil and natural gas for their energy needs, the current administration destroying the Nord Stream pipelines and wreaking havoc for the energy needs of Europeans.

But as far as war crimes, the U.S. government gets away with whatever it wants. And by “It” I mean it really is a single entity, a blob, a Leviathan, a monster, in Washington.

In 1991 President George H.W. Bush started the first war of aggression against Iraq, in which the U.S. military bombed and destroyed the Iraqis’ civilian water and sewage treatment facilities, and then imposed sanctions and no-fly zones preventing the Iraqis from rebuilding.

This caused the Iraqis to have to use untreated water, and it went on for years throughout the 1990s, with sanctions and no-fly zones continued by President Bill Clinton. This led to widespread disease and at least 500,000 deaths by 1995, and another half-million by the year 2000.

U.S. government refused to undo its continuing sanctions and no-fly zones throughout the entire 1990s. Totally evil, war criminal, crimes against humanity. But H.W. Bush and the U.S. military get away with it. Right, Kamala?

“Why, of course ‘we’ get away with it. ‘We’ are the United States!” Ruler of the world!”

No wonder there was a 9/11.

Millions of Americans are ignorant about what their own government was doing to foreigners prior to 9/11, and really believe that it was an unprovoked attack by terrorists.

And if any of us point out actual history, and cause and effect, they will say we’re “blaming America.”

Nope. Blame the U.S. government in Washington. They are NOT America! They are psychopaths.

And the psychopaths in Washington will lie about anything and everything. Foreign alleged “threats,” balloons and flying objects, train derailments and chemical leaks, “vaccines” that are not vaccines, the lethality of viruses that are not lethal to 99.9% of the people.

You name it, they will lie about it.

And then after 9/11, besides his war of aggression against Afghanistan, George W. Bush the younger, started a whole new war of aggression against Iraq (that had literally nothing to do with 9/11), and caused the deaths and ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands more innocent civilians. But Bush is living the good life in retirement. Not in jail which is where war criminals should be.

And years prior to Iraq in the 1990s, the U.S. military murdered millions of innocent civilians in Vietnam and Korea. Remember now, U.S. military went over there to those places and bombed those people. Vietnamese and Koreans did not come over here and bomb or harm anyone over here in the U.S.

And U.S. military bombed and murdered many more prior to those years, in Tokyo, Dresden, and dropped atom bombs and slaughtered tens of thousands in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

To this day, many Americans defend the mass slaughter by their government in those places.

But the U.S. military bureaucrats, soldiers and bombardiers, and their commanders in chief, all get away with it, because “WE’RE the UNITED STATES!”

But we all had better condemn Vladimir Putin and Russia, and other designated “Bad Guys,” like Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, Muammar Gaddafi, etc., etc, whoever the designated monster of the day is at whatever time.

How about a campaign to add the two Bush war criminal presidents, and Clinton, Obama, Trump and Biden to the list of war criminals, Kamala?

Some Thoughts on the News of the Day

What a coincidence, U.S. military shoots down another “object,” a high-altitude, “small car”-sized object that was flying at 40,000 feet over Alaska, just days after the “China spy balloon” incident. So, as usual, I’m reeeeeally skeptical about this one.

Why should we believe this one, and not conclude, when it’s only days after China spy balloon, that they’re making it all up? After all, we heard Biden tell lie after lie after lie in his state of the onion address last week. They lie about everything. Russia-Ukraine, Trump-Russia collusions, “insurrections,” all the lies that went into promoting Iraq war and the first Iraq war as well, they lied about various aspects of 9/11, and there’s plenty of reason to believe that Obama’s 2011 Osama bin Laden raid was another made-up false flag.

And I think it’s all for distraction purposes, like the “classified documents” fiasco. Like bureaucrats really care about protecting “classified” material. We saw with Hillary’s handling or mishandling of so-called “classified” material, how then-FBI commissar James Commey let Hillary get away with it, at the same time they were making stuff up about Trump for frame-ups.

That’s another distraction, so the “news” media, the regime media will spend all their print and air time on “classified” documents and China spy balloons, rather than the Hunter Biden laptop that’s being investigated by CONgress that allegedly is loaded with evidence implicating Joe Biden of one criminal act after another.

Distractions also needed to suppress the truth about the 3-year Covid scam, and the deadly mRNA drugs that Pfizer and medical bureaucrats have been lying about and continue to lie about.

By the way, Marjorie Taylor Greene may have some issues, but she has sponsored HR 7308 “Justice for Vaccine Victims Act of 2022” that “requires an investigation into adverse events associated with a COVID-19 vaccination,” and HR 2317 “We Will Not Comply Act” that “prohibits discrimination based on an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status.” Go, Marjorie, go!

Why are so many young people “dying suddenly”?

So besides today’s “liberals” being the warmongers of our time, with their anti-Russia crusade with Ukraine, today’s “liberals” are also the real FASCISTS of our time, with fascist mandates to compel people to have drugs injected into their bodies involuntarily and wearing the face masks and other examples of Covid fascism.

The China Spy Balloon

The “China Spy Balloon” hmmm, what about the “China Spy Balloon.”

First of all, don’t these big regimes, including the U.S., China and Russia, all have satellites up there already spying on each other’s military installations and missile silos? So what’s the point of having a balloon fly over the U.S. to do the spying that China no doubt has already been doing? Hmmm.

And also, the U.S. regime, military and CIA are keeping track of EVERYTHING in the whole damn world! They would know when China has launched a balloon that’s then heading over the Pacific toward the U.S. So, duh. While the balloon was flying or floating over the Pacific heading closer to the U.S. the Washington regime could’ve told the China regime to make the balloon turn away or it will be taken down. But noooo.

The U.S. regime, military and CIA would have shot down the balloon over the Pacific if they were seriously concerned about it. But they weren’t. So I don’t believe this narrative of the Washington gubmint and their media stenographers. I don’t even totally believe that China launched the balloon, and it’s very possible that U.S. gov created it and made it all up to stir up fear and panic, like they’ve been doing with other matters in recent years.

Informative News and Commentary

Gary Barnett: Social Contract Theory Idiocy: What Contract?

Ron Paul: The Real Disinformation Was The ‘Russia Disinformation’ Hoax

Jacob Hornberger: End the Welfare-Warfare State

Laurence Vance: Freedom of Conscience

Andrew Napolitano: The Legacy of George W. Bush and His Torturers

Gary Galles: Concentrate Where the Murders Are Concentrated

Matt Taibbi: Move Over, Jayson Blair: Meet Hamilton 68, the New King of Media Fraud

John Leake: Team Halo: The UN’s Medical Goon Squad

Andrew Earvolino: Beware the ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Phonies

Joseph Mercola: The Most Important Topics of Our Time

Mark Oshinskie: Steven Spielberg and the Other Unsmart Coronamaniacs

Thomas Knapp: Lies, Damned Lies, and George Santos

Campus Reform: SUNY to Require DEI and Social Justice Courses in Fall 2023

And Mike LaChance: Scientist Tapped By Biden For Intelligence Advisory Board Suffered ‘Acute Mental Health Crisis’ After Trump’s 2016 Win

Will Government Bureaucrats Finally Acknowledge the Truth about “Operation Warp Speed” and mRNA Drug Injections?

The White House Covid czar i.e. propagandist “Dr.” Ashish Jha has been saying that, “The most important thing Americans can do is to go get their updated COVID-19 vaccine right away,” when he knows that’s just not true.

What is wrong with these people? Is “Dr.” Jha really ignorant, or is he just a liar? (Well, he is a bureaucrat, after all.) “Doctors” Fauci, Walensky, Murthy, et al. are just as dishonest.

Why do these people constantly use the words, “vaccinated,” “inoculated,” especially “immunized,” when referring to the mRNA drug injection? If you get that two-shot drug injection, and boosters, you will not be “immunized.” And not only does it not provide “immunity,” we know from all the reports of adverse reactions, all the cancers, myocarditis, heart failure and other unexpected illnesses following receiving the mRNA drug injection, that the mRNA destroys people’s immune systems.

I’ve linked to many articles on this just in the past few months. Here is the latest one, a young guy dying at age 35 and once again the authorities are silent about the cause of death!

Those “doctors” know the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “vaccine” (that’s not a vaccine but is a therapeutic or treatment for already existing disease) does not prevent infection of Covid and it does not prevent transmission of the virus. They know this.

I have a lot of information about that in this article with many links to more articles (some of which I will paste in below) if you want to know the truth. We are not being told the truth about any of this by government “public health” bureaucrats and certainly not by corporate media. They are shills for the pharmaceutical companies.

“Oh, they wouldn’t lie to us, telling us the vaccines are ‘safe and effective,’ if they aren’t ‘safe and effective’! My doctor wouldn’t say that the vaccine couldn’t possibly be responsible for my new illness if it could have been,” many people exclaim.

Well, on this new rushed experimental mRNA injection many doctors are in denial. (Although some of them are corrupt, and can’t wait for their next government handout, or their next kickback from the pharma merchants, no doubt.)

But no, the official government and media narrative is the misinformation that these “vaccines” will protect you from Covid. And colleges are requiring that the young students entering or returning to college get these mRNA drugs injected into their bodies.

Meanwhile, the younger people are the ones most adversely affected by the shots, especially with heart problems. Especially the young athletes.

Naomi Wolf spoke at Yale recently to the youngins about these dangerous shots. She wants the young people to know about the adverse effects caused by the mRNA drug injections. And she discussed the tens of thousands of documents, obtained through Freedom of Information Act request, documents that Pfizer wanted hidden from the people for decades. The documents reveal that Pfizer and the FDA knew prior to the “vaccine” rollout about the adverse effects and the deaths that they had already caused.

So, contrary to what “Dr.” Jha-Jha, who I mentioned at the top, says about getting your “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine and booster that’s not a booster, some of the best things to do to protect yourself are staying healthy and taking vitamin D and zinc every day to keep your immune system strong.

And here are some older but still relevant articles for further reading (I’ll just paste in the URL rather than type out the titles, etc) And no, these are not from “conspiracy theory” websites, as they are not published by the CDC, HHS, NIH or FDA: