In Memory of Becky Akers

Another important libertarian writer has died (of cancer), Becky Akers, who was very prominent on the blog. Lew Rockwell posted this message from, apparently, Becky’s husband:

My darling Becky went very peacefully at 1:10 Monday morning. She made a beautiful little sound of goodbye and a tear formed in her eye. She is at peace.

Becky wrote for several different organizations, but many readers knew her as Becky Akers of Thank you so very much for your support of her efforts to promote liberty for over twenty years.  

God bless you. 

She was a Bible-believing Christian and advocate of liberty, and a passionate opponent of government interventionism in both domestic affairs and foreign policy. LRC readers especially knew her for her anti-TSA blogs and articles and more recently her anti-face mask and anti-CovidCon blogs as well.

I remember going to as I do every day, and delighting in seeing another new Becky Akers blog. Her writing was clear, clever and creative and, of course I agreed with much of what she had to say.

Here are her article archive and blog archive on LewRockwell.Com.

Her writing has also appeared on the Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, Barron’s, the New York Post, American History Magazine, the Independent Review, Military History Magazine, and the Ottawa Citizen. 

And she’s written for The New American, and the Foundation for Economic Education as well. On her FEE article archive page, it states that her writing has also appeared on,,, and And she’s also had articles on the Daily Caller as well.

There was no more passionate opponent to the CovidCon, as she called it, or the Covid scamdemic, than Becky Akers. (Except ME, of course!) And she certainly opposed the fascist mandates, whether they were mask mandates, vaccine mandates  (mandates for dangerous, experimental mRNA drug injections fraudulently referred to as “vaccines” that are not vaccines), or testing mandates and forcing people to have swabs shoved up their noses.

Oftentimes Becky referred to “Parson Goat,” which I think refers to Christian ministers who obediently complied with mandates and required their congregations to muzzle and suffocate themselves or get drug injections for no good reason, or who closed their churches for no good reason.

Her article, The Church of Covid, is a typical example of her such writing criticizing the betrayals by church people. She wrote:

The plandemic has unleashed poltroons, fiends and mountebanks on us, but few are more contemptible than Parson Goat.

Why? Because we expect evil from politicians and bureaucrats. Tony “Can’t Keep My Story Straight” Falsi behaves according to his nature; anyone who trusts this lifelong Marxist is as ludicrous a fool as he is. Ditto for the other bureaucrats in “Public Health.”

As for that roll of criminals ranging from Governor “Nuisance” Newsom in Californiastan through “Killer” Cuomo in The People’s Democratic Republic of New York, they’re politicians. ‘Nuff said.

But Parson Goat—graduate of seminary, preacher of the Word of God, supposedly devoted to Jesus Christ and His Gospel—well, much was given him, and so we require much from him.

Alas, he’s failed to deliver. To us and to the Lord, that is.

But he’s cooperated handsomely with Our Rulers to spread COVIDCon ever since he closed God’s house in direct violation of Scripture. Then, when politicians permitted him to re-open, he forced his sheep[le] to muzzle themselves, despite the Bible’s injunction to honor differing convictions.

Now comes his worst offence, if that’s possible: he’s turning our churches into Jab Joints.

All to enthusiastic if demonic applause from the corporate media: “…perhaps no one has been more effective at reaching older Black Virginians than pastors, preaching the lifesaving benefits of immunizations from the pulpit.” Yeah, why waste time on the Gospel when you can spout Marxist propaganda instead? One cleric even blasphemes “the blood of a lamb that kept the angel of death away” at Passover—and prefigured our Savior—by comparing it to The Jab: “This vaccine could be seen as putting blood on the doorpost,” he said. “We’re hoping and praying to get this plague to move on.” (Seriously, Buddy? I guess we can lay the myth of “systemic racism” to rest once and for all if you’ve led such a cushy life you dignify the flu as a “plague.”)

Parson Goat is never more infuriating than when he dabbles in politics. First off, he’s almost always illiterate in the subject; I’ve never met the cleric who can morally distinguish taxation from theft or explain why bureaucrats may properly steal from us but we sin if we rob them.

Second, Goats are intractable in their ignorance.

But we’ll give this heretic the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s obtuse rather than crooked—so obtuse he hasn’t considered his culpability when The Jab’s victims begin dying, losing vision, suffering paralysis, and convulsing. Yo, Parson: the government granted Big Pharma an exemption from liability—which leaves you as the chump holding the bag.

Here is a blog she wrote on the religious exemptions to mandates for the “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine.

Here is one of her many blogs on the masks, sharing some of her readers’ comments on the useless self-suffocating devices.

Sometimes she was quite overt in her criticism of the sheeple complying with the unnecessary mask diktats: “Yo, Masked Morons: take a lesson and give up your security-blanket before it becomes a long-standing practice.”

Sadly, I think the masks are now becoming a long-standing practice among the True Believer sheeple.

And she continues in this blog: “And the Stockholm Syndrome prompts many of our fellow hostages to prattle that after all, the government has our best interests at heart, so we should obey its commands, however ludicrous or even harmful they may be.”

And this blog is titled, “More on Masks, Unfortunately,” in which Becky wrote:

Meanwhile, most of the Masked Morons apparently overlook this detail about their newest toy as well: “Masks get saturated with moisture from the mouth and nose after about 20 minutes. Once they’re wet, they no longer form a barrier against viruses trying to come through or exit.”

“Or exit.” Think about that. The gentleman who sent me both these stories boasts a scientific background; he’s so knowledgeable in his field of “injury biomechanics” that he’s testified in court as an expert witness all over North America. And he phrased that idea this way: “The face mask is a petri dish for growing pathogens. Why should people be required to wear biomedical waste on their face and expose others to this toxic brew?”

He also “checked the CDC website. They warn that any employee must immediately wash hands after even touching the mask. I see employees of supermarkets fiddling with their masks all the time. They are transmitting viruses and bacteria to everything they touch thereafter.”

Eeeewww. So all you clerks can quit giving the Great Unmasked dirty looks.

At this point, studies abound proving the dangers of constantly sporting a mask, both to the wearer and to others. The politicians issuing these decrees prize their own power above all else; they couldn’t care less about imperiling us, so long as their reign continues. And the folks who obey their edicts despise facts and logic; they run on emotion, as Our Rulers well know. The serfs want to feel good about themselves. Politicians’ ceaseless injunctions to “protect others” resonate far more loudly with them than do any pleas to respect freedom. Then, too, masks are a very visible and relatively simple way for a True Believer to broadcast his Marxist faith in Leviathan.

Besides the CovidCon scamdemic, “vaccines” that are not vaccines and masks, Becky had also written many blogs and articles on the fascist TSA.

I searched for “Becky Akers TSA,” and there are just too many articles and blogs by Becky on the “Thieves and Sexual Assailants,” as she would call them. For example, in this post Becky described how TSA whistleblowers are treated, and how TSA is a hostile work environment.

And I wanted to quote from a particularly good one. In “NFL, DHS, TSA (Apologies To the Few Members of the Alphabet I Left Out),” Becky wrote about the TSA wannabes of the NFL:

Sure, I’m a sexist: I expect men to be men. And I expect men who tackle and fight other men on fields as drenched in testosterone as the NFL’s to exhibit that manliest of virtues, courage. But no: the NFL’s fraidy-cats bleated in 2011 that the police-state should grope “all fans … from the ankles up … to improve fan safety.” Right. Why don’t such Nervous Nellies admit that sexual assault of every attendee is far more dangerous than whatever peril they’re pretending to prevent? Instead, they treat folks who’ve shelled out megabucks for tickets as criminals rather than customers. Then they pull the same scam the TSA does, with that Satanic agency as their accomplice: they sell fans the right to enter stadia as they used to, free of manhandling, just as the TSA sells “PreCheck” to passengers fed up with its groping.

Moreover, according to an article TK forwarded me, the busybodies at the Department of Homeland Stupidity  inflict themselves on hapless fans in yet another way: “…federal agents who usually fight terrorists [sic for ‘who usually gate-rape innocent passengers’] are stalking [Minneapolis’] skyways and scrutinizing shopping tags to figure out if they can seize” the “fake Super Bowl merchandise … flooding into the Twin Cities this week…”

It’s a big problem, according to the National Football League.

“Before last year’s Super Bowl in Houston, agents [sic for ‘thugs’] with the Department of Homeland Security [sic for ‘Insecurity’] — working [sic] with local law enforcement — confiscated more than 260,000 counterfeit items worth more than $20 million, court records show. A total of 56 people were arrested for selling illegal merchandise, including fake tickets to the big game.

“And that wasn’t the biggest haul. That happened in 2016, when 450,000 illegal items worth $39 million were seized.”

And what is Our Rulers’ response to the “big problem” troubling their cronies at the NFL? “On Monday, a Hennepin County judge granted the league and its agents permission to seize all suspected contraband without the notices typically required in court.” Ah! Do I smell the TSA’s rank stench as it coaches the NFL on ditching such niceties as search warrants and other constraints on badged bullies?

I despise sports nor ever attend a game, so it’s easy for me to ask why anyone in his right mind not only tolerates but actually pays –and pays a lot — for such abuse. But then I wonder the same thing about passengers on airlines.

Besides her articles on the TSA, CovidCon and the suffocation devices, Becky also wrote about the FBI’s concocting terrorism plots in order to thwart them, such as when the CIA and NYPD helped in such a noble effort.

As a historian, Becky was also enthusiastically interested in the American Revolution and the Founding of America, which she termed more recently, Amerika. She had written two novels, Halestorm and Abducting Arnold.

Her first novel, Halestorm, is available at Amazon, which has this description:

Handsome, brilliant, memorable: he was the wrong man for the wrong assignment. No wonder his first mission behind enemy lines was also his last. But from his failure came the hope and determination that birthed a new nation.

The name’s Hale, Nathan Hale, the most endearing hero of the American Revolution. Halestorm presents the true—well, mostly true; OK, partially true—story of the legendary 21-year-old spy who hanged after regretting he had only one life to give for his country.

Early death ought to be enough disaster for any guy, but Nathan also has a spirited sweetheart, a penchant for puns—and a deadly rival for his lady’s hand.

Filled with love and conflict, murder and betrayal, Halestorm stirs our deepest emotions as it transports readers to the exotic world of Revolutionary America and asks, “What would you choose: love, honor, or freedom?”

And her sequel to Halestorm, Abducting Arnold, is also available at Amazon, which has this description:

Benedict Arnold is the archetypal traitor—or was he? Abducting Arnold is historical fiction at its best, richly dramatizing the American Revolution’s most brilliant officer while turning little-known history into an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Cry, laugh, exult and rage as you read of General Arnold’s attempt to betray the Patriots’ Cause. When his fellow officers foil his treachery in the nick of time, Arnold flees to British lines in New York City, the most wanted man in America.

Now, three months later, a young woman joins him. Clem Shippen is as skilled in the kitchen as she is homely, a cousin-in-law with scarce prospects for marriage who has previously served as Arnold’s cook. But this time there’s an added ingredient: she is also a spy for General George Washington. He hopes to kidnap the traitorous Arnold and smuggle him back to American lines for trial and execution with Clem’s enthusiastic help. Enthusiastic, that is, until she realizes that Arnold may be a hero after all—and uncovers explosive information tying her fate and that of the new country to his…

A novel of espionage, heartbreakingly close calls, and profound betrayal, Abducting Arnold will entrance you from its opening pages to its surprising denouement!

And I wanted to repost this April 13, 2020 interview here that Becky did with Patriot’s Lament radio, regarding the Covid hysteria and the Soviet Amerikan churches closing down in their obedience to their real god, the State. She was a knowledgeable Bible-believing Christian who defended civil disobedience. In the interview she also addressed the TSA (“Thieves and Sexual Assailants”) and the parents who willingly bring their precious children to airports to be criminally assaulted by TSA thugs and rapists.

I sure did look forward to Becky Akers’s blogs and articles, and found her and her writing to be inspiring. She definitely had an influence on me, that’s for sure. Her passing is quite a loss, and is truly a loss for the liberty movement.

Covid Hysteria Another Way in Which Democrats Embrace Fascism

In the name of Covid hysteria, the new Democrat mayor of New York City Eric Adams is keeping former mayor Bill Duh Blasio’s vaccine mandate for private businesses, and is considering a booster mandate as well.

Watch as former mayor Duh Blasio’s NYPD goons go after innocent, non-threatening people in restaurants to arrest them and take them off to the hoosegow for not showing “Your Papers Please” vaccine cards (or “vaccine passport”). This was in late December just before Eric Adams was sworn in as mayor. It looks like Adams will do the same thing now.

Well now we have Boston’s new fascist/communist mayor, Democrat Michelle Wu sending police after restaurant customers as well.

Actually, the problem in this instance is more the manager of a restaurant who calls the police on some ladies at the pizzeria having a meal. Nevertheless, it is the mayor, Maochelle Wu who is creating the problem with her fascist anti-health vaccine mandate.

And we’re not talking about actual “vaccines” either, regardless of the promoters of this whole medical fascism calling the experimental drug injections “vaccines.”

The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA drug injections are not preventing infections or preventing transmissions of infections. They weren’t intended to prevent such things, as they are gene therapy drugs, not actual vaccines. Their purpose is only as a therapeutic, to treat symptoms, and that’s it.

So, this has NOTHING to do with “public health,” regardless of what the nazi bureaucrats tell us.

So at the Boston pizzeria a lady Boston cop, who was suspended and her badge and gun removed because she would not comply with the city’s “vaccine” mandate, was among the 6 people eating inside the restaurant.

The employee let them in and let them eat there regardless of not showing “Your Papers, Please.” But the manager came along and wanted to act as a stasi and report them to the authorities.

See Robert Gellately’s book, Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany, on how the ordinary folks of 1930s and ’40s Nazi Germany would “rat” on their neighbors, coworkers, ex-boyfriends, strangers for not complying with the daily fascist crap. This pizzeria restaurant manager reminds me of that, calling the police on innocent people who were obviously not sick and not exhibiting any symptoms of Covid and therefore were not a threat to anyone’s health.

The lady cop and her eating companions were not afraid to speak up against the fascist policy of having to show proof of belonging to the vaccine cult. One of them even compared the cops to Nazis, “just following orders,” etc. The fired or suspended lady cop, Sgt. Shana Cottone shames her colleagues for attempting to enforce unconstitutional laws or Mayor Wu’s authoritarian edicts.

Both the mayor of New York City and Boston mayor Maochelle Wu are Democrats. What on earth has happened to the Democrats? They used to be the party of “civil liberties” and “civil rights” and the Bill of Rights. But now they are OPPOSED to those things.

In fact, in a Rasmussen Poll recently, 55% of Democrats want to fine people who don’t get a dangerous drug injection for a Covid virus that has a 99% survival rate. Additionally, 59% of Democrats want to impose a house arrest on “The Unvaccinated,” 48% of Democrats want to fine or imprison people who “publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines,” 45% of Democrats want to forcibly relocate “unvaccinated” people to internment camps in the same way the U.S. gubmint relocated Japanese Americans during WWII, and 47% of Democrats want to track people who don’t get the dangerous drug injection. Why are so many Democrats such fascists, and extremely ignorant as well?

People in NYC and the Boston area should take their dinners and lunches out to other communities that aren’t imposing fascist, anti-health mandates. Not just dinners and lunches out, but museums, shows, the symphony, and shopping as well.

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Separation of Education and State

Jacob Hornberger: The Critical Race Theory Controversy.

Some excerpts:

Conservatives and progressives are at it again. They are attacking each other big time over whether Critical Race Theory should be taught in secondary schools and colleges and universities. The fundraising appeals are flying, as each side exhorts people to send in their donations to support whichever side is sending out the fundraising appeal.

What’s the freedom response to all this statist silliness? Get government out of education entirely! Separate school and state at the state and local level. No more public (i.e., government) schools. No more licensing of private schools. No more elected school boards. No more school districts. No more compulsory-attendance laws. No more school taxes. In other words, a total free market in education.

By the same token, no more state-supported colleges and universities. No more education grants. No more grants to build college and university buildings and facilities. No more state financial aid to students. No more taxes to fund colleges and universities. A total separation of colleges and universities at both the federal and state government levels. Colleges and universities would be voluntarily funded through donations and tuitions.

A separation of education and the state would depoliticize the CRT controversy. All the hype would disappear. At the secondary level…

Full article

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And The Last Refuge: Dept of Labor and OSHA Reverse Course, Will Not Enforce Employer Responsibility to Report Covid Vaccination Injuries.

And finally, this blog post by Thomas DiLorenzo was on the blog:

The Public is Just Plain Dumb

That’s Lord Fauci’s latest declaration. He now claims that “the public is misinterpreting” the latest ever-changing, non-scientific, all-about-politics-and-the-CDC-budget, Hitlerian dictate about mask wearing. It’s not that we’re sick and tired and fed up with Fauci, the CDC, all the mini Mussolinies, lockdowns, serial lying about the planned-demic, and throwing the Constitution in the toilet. We’re just so dumb we don’t even know how to follow Lord Fauci’s orders.

We now have a new definition of “science.” Scientific knowledge is not derived from applied mathematics, the generation of testable theories and hypotheses, discussion, research, debate, and scholarship in general, but from the mouths of the likes of one Anthony Fauci and scores of other government bureaucrats and political hacks. All dissenters are to be libeled, slandered, smeared, and character assassinated. Furthermore, science is no longer knowledge that free people can utilize to make decisions for themselves about how to live their lives. It is now the justification for orders and dictates by the state about how you MUST behave — or else. Follow the science my ass.

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Becky Akers on the Churches Obediently Closing Down During COVID Hysteria

Patriot’s Lament Radio talks to Becky Akers regarding the COVID-19 panic and hysteria, and the churches closing down as they bow to their real god, the evil State. Becky is a knowledgeable Bible-believing Christian who defends civil disobedience. She also addresses the TSA (“Thieves and Sexual Assailants”) and the parents who willingly bring their precious children to airports to be criminally assaulted by TSA thugs and rapists. But the main topic here is the churches in today’s Soviet Amerika.

Government’s Coronavirus Restrictions on Daily Life: Will There Be Blood in the Streets? Resistance?

At the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, regarding the liberty-violating and Constitution-violating restrictions imposed by tyrannical government bureaucrats, Adam Dick says there might be blood in the streets, in businesses, in religious sanctuaries, and in homes, because the rulers’ enforcement of such fascism will increasingly involve violence.

And Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss resistance building to coronavirus “house arrest” orders:

Coronavirus Hysteria: Persecution of Christians on Easter in USSA

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear will have police record the license plates of those who are out and specifically those who are attending Easter services and violating his home imprisonment diktat and those who are caught will be ordered into 14-day quarantine. These power-mad control freaks are real nazis now, as I have already mentioned here. I don’t think the previous governor Matt Bevin would be doing this.

And Becky Akers writes:

A shocking daylight raid of a church service attended by many elderly congregants” featured cops “issu[ing] a whopping $500 fine to every person who refused to leave.” Worse, this persecution “didn’t happen in New York or California, but right in the middle of the Bible Belt — Greenville, Mississippi.” It also gave the lie to the State’s claims that it’s simply protecting us from bubonic plague–sorry, C-virus: the service was a “drive-in” one, “where worshipers were isolated in their own cars and listened to the sermon on the radio.”

Cheer the utterly courageous, defiant pastor with me: “I told them to get some more tickets ready because we will be preaching Sunday morning and Sunday night,” Pastor Arthur Scott said. “One of the police officers said the mayor wanted to make an example of our church…” Oh, yeah, that’s totally Constitutional, as Mark Carroll, who sent me this article, must be snorting.

Speaking of courage and defiance, here’s how one creative reader of LRC is defying the Catholic Church’s anti-Biblical order to shutter its chapels:

“I will be on the steps of my Catholic parish’s church just before 7am [tomorrow, Easter Sunday]. I will test the door, to see if it opens. If not, I will quietly sit on the steps. For how long, I don’t know yet.

“I have already set a minor stage for this by doing two things:

  1. Inform by email one of the priests–a long-time family friend–of my intention (his reply was, well, irritated; I clearly struck a nerve).
  2. Inform by email three good friends who are also parishioners (I intentionally included no RSVP).

“My wife will accompany me, but stand off the church property in the car, in case I am confronted or arrested. I don’t expect that to happen. To any police officer who approaches me, I will merely say that I am waiting for the church to open as the governor specifically exempted churches from any order to close (that order, sadly, came from the treacherous bishops, and the priests…obeyed). … I will not be on public property, nor will I be in spitting distance of anyone else. If no one (priest) duly asks for my removal, I’m not sure what any police officer could do to me, or what lawful order he could issue.

“I have no idea if anyone will join me, but I expect no one. … I did say–in the email read by my priest friend–that I consider my intended action a test to see what our parish priests are made of. They have been notified as a courtesy. I know they’ll be awake. I also know the security cameras will be on.

“As I write this, it occurs to me to wonder if the pastor will have the parish’s uniformed, armed private security guard on duty. He is a close friend, but I did not include him in my heads-ups. I guess it never occurred to me that a locked church campus would need extra security. … I will not confront him or defy his order to leave the premises, should he so order. If he does, I will be profoundly sad.”

Please join me in praying for this martyr-in-the-making as well as our brothers and sisters in Mississippi as they recover from the trauma—and expense—of Our Rulers’ tantrum.

And, while not really related to Easter, but still regarding the rise in coronavirus-related totalitarianism, police in Philadelphia are pulling people off public transportation for not wearing a mask.

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